Adventures of a Female Mechanic

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The Adventures of a Female Mechanic.

It was a hot summer and I’d turned 19 earlier in the year. I’d been working at the garage for 2 years of a 3 year apprenticeship, it was with a very high class motor dealership.

Everybody in the workshop had stopped wearing clothes under their overalls, just underwear, it was just too hot! We’d had a new workshop foreman start and he had worked there for a couple of months. He was 38 6ft 2 and married, he was gorgeous and very fit and had the biggest hands I’d ever seen. I’d had many a lustful dream with him in it.

We’d had a request to complete a parts stocktake from head office. Our parts guy was off on sick leave and I was the only other person who had covered the parts department and knew what had to be done. I started early, but still hadn’t finished by the time the garage and showroom was closing up, the foreman was still there and offered to stay late to help me. I told him what he needed to do and sent him off to another section of the department.

I was in the warranty cupboard, (a cupboard filled with nothing but metal shelves and faulty parts), when I suddenly became aware somebody was behind me. Before I could turn around I was pushed up against the shelves and kisses were being rained down on my neck, a pair of big hands snaked their way to the front of my overalls, all the time a lean hard body pinned me to the shelf.

It seemed like the foreman was in a mischievous mood and I düzce escort have to confess, as wrong as it was with him being married, I wasn’t complaining!

He pulled open the poppers on the top of my overalls and exposed my tits in their lacy bra. His hands started to caress and squeeze my tits, his fingers then slipped under the lacy fabric and I felt my hard nipples being squeezed, it sent shivers of pleasure through my whole body. I could feel his hard cock pressing into the cheeks of my ass. I reached back and started to stroke him through the thin fabric of his overalls, he must have been about 8 inches long. He moaned as ran my hand up and down his shaft.

He reached round the my back to the clasp of my bra and undid it, I allowed the top of the overalls and bra to slip off my arms. He started grabbing my tits more firmly which made my pussy spasm and I could feel my juices flowing. I undid the poppers where his hard cock seemed to be bursting out of his boxers and pulled it out. The girth took my breath away, I could barely get my hand around it, it was so meaty and far bigger than my ex boyfriends had ever been. He moaned with pleasure and whispered into my ear that I was a very naughty girl.

His hands had moved down and he was circling my clit with his massive fingers, he traced his finger down a little further and up until my now very wet pussy, I as he pushed the length of his finger up inside me, he told edirne escort me I had a nice tight cunt, his use of the c word just heightened my arousal.

He pushed a second finger inside me and I nearly

came on the spot.

His other hand kneaded and squeezed my tit and his kisses on my neck and shoulder became little bites and nibbles.

He used his knee to spread my legs, he withdrew his fingers from my pussy and bought them up to my lips and pushed them in my mouth, I was suddenly tasting my own wetness, he whispered how hot it made him to see me sucking my own juices of his fingers.

His hand slid from my tit and round to my back and he firmly pushed my upper body down so I was bent over the shelf.

He put one hand on my hip and used the other to stroke my pussy up and down with his cock, he went far enough up that it spread a wetness over the puckered hole of my ass, I shivered every time he did it as nobody had ever touched me there before. My desire was rising in me and I need to feel him inside me, I started to push my hips out towards him, he started to get the hint and very slowly pushed the tip of his cock in my pussy, it made me want to scream out, it was so big, but felt so good.

He pushed deeper inside of me, slowly so I could get used to his size, I felt my butt on his torso and realised he was all the way inside of me, I felt so full, he withdrew slowly leaving the tip elazığ escort inside me and then pushed back in harder and faster, I gasped and cried out.

He started to fuck me harder and faster each time, telling me what a dirty girl I was and what a tight little cunt I had, I could barely hold myself back, I started to lose control. He gripped my hips harder, his massive fingers digging into my flesh, his pace quickened even more and I knew he was close, the thought of feeling his hot cum being emptied out in me, sent me over the edge and a came harder than I had ever down, I screamed out as the pulsating climax raced through my body, I heard his guttural grunts become deeper before he came, I could feel his cum, flooding my pounded pussy.

He collapsed over my back, both of us breathing hard. As he started to catch his breath, he slowly withdrew his cock from my stretched and dripping pussy.

He told me to stand still, he pulled up my knickers and overalls. He told me he liked to think of our juices soaking into the fabric and when he saw me the following day he would be reminded of what we just did.

I turned around as he was re-dressing himself, he reached for my chin and pulled my face up and planted his warm mouth on mine and French kissed me, he told me he’d be wanting to do that since the day he started, and that the knowledge of me walking around in my overalls with just underwear underneath made him hot and bothered every day!

He walked away to finish his counting as he told me he couldn’t wait for the parts guy to be sick again and he would have to find an excuse for us to work late. I straightened my overalls and went back to my stocktake with the juices of our liaison soaking into my knickers and overalls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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