Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 09

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The men awoke from their afternoon nap still naked and entangled. The spurts of cum Gus had shot onto his chest had dried into crisp cocoons holding both his and Aaron’s chest and belly hair inside of them. Aaron lifted himself from on top of Gus pulling both of their hair out as they separated from one another. They both winced, then laughed at the spectacle of them peeling themselves apart.

“Don’t rinse off yet,” Aaron instructed Gus, “I like the idea of seeing your dried cum matted in your fur for the rest of the day.”

With each movement, Gus could feel the tugging of the dried cum pulling hairs, “Okay, I’ll give it a shot.”

They walked out to the front porch and each grabbed a beer, opened it, toasting one another as they looked out over the mountain peaks, and the stream in front of them.

“We were passed out for longer than I thought,” Gus said, “You really wore me out, Marine.”

“And I enjoyed every single second of it,” Aaron responded, leaning over to kiss Gus’ beard. “Bout time to start keeping some fish for dinner, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, trout does sound good for dinner – and I’ve still got a competition to win,” Gus replied.

Aaron stayed put on the porch, enjoying his beer and the view, while Gus made his way back to the stream to catch some dinner and get his tally up. By the time sun started to fade behind the mountain tops, Gus had pulled in two nice brown trout the men would have for dinner, and a three brook trout he released back into the stream. Aaron never picked up his rod to join and instead readied the fire, and watched the naked fisherman enjoy his favorite thing. He wanted to cook dinner for Gus, and wanted to give him a full body massage as well, he was also open to anything else Gus had in mind.

“11-7, you win Gus Wolfe.”

“You didn’t even get a line wet this evening, Aaron, everything okay?”

“Yessir, everything is just fine, I felt more like having a couple beers and watching you this evening – also, I want to cook dinner, and massage you – so, I was hoping you’d pull ahead.”

Gus smiled and set the two fish from his stringer at Aaron’s feet, “Well, you can have cleaning duty as well.”

Aaron took the two fish back down to the stream and removed their insides and gills. He used the dull back side of his knife to remove the small scales and rinsed the fish off in the stream and brought them back up to the campfire. He pulled out some lemons, fresh thyme and garlic from his cooler and proceeded to stuff their body cavities with chopped up ingredients until they were full. He scored each fish three times on each side, drizzled them lightly with olive oil, and threw them in his cast iron skillet and set it beside the fire to marinate until the men were ready for dinner.

“That looks amazing,” Gus said, “I’d usually just throw a couple filets on my grate. I guess its to both of our benefit you lost the competition. You enjoy cooking, huh?”

Aaron nodded and opened up his ice chest again to grab an onion, and two potatoes. He cut the onion into quarters, covered it with spices, and then wrapped it with aluminum foil. He wrapped the potatoes as well, after piercing them a few times, and tossed all three into the fire. They would be having a full meal tonight.

With the prep work all done, and the cooking started, Gus and Aaron continued drinking and talking around the fire as the sunset glowed oranges, pinks, reds and purples through the clouds atop the mountains. Gus grabbed his camera from the truck and snapped a few pictures of the sunset. The he turned his camera on Aaron.

“Stand up and flex for me, Marine.”

Aaron rolled his eyes and obliged. Gus snapped some pictures of him – standing naked in all his glory – before the mountains and the stream. “I’ve almost got enough for an Aaron Green calendar,” Gus chuckled, “Why don’t you bend over for me so I can get one of your sweet furry ass.”

Aaron again accepted Gus’ request, bending all the way over and using both of his hands, middle fingers extended, to spread his ass cheeks and flip Gus off simultaneously. Gus chuckled and walked over to Aaron, put his face down by Aaron’s ass, stuck his tongue out, and snapped a picture of himself. The men stood up and Gus took a selfie of the two of them looking at the camera, and then of the two of them kissing with the stream, mountains, and fading sunset in the background.

“I’m acting like a teenager in love,” Gus thought to himself as he set the camera down on the porch and moved back to the fire to watch Aaron cook for him, “Aaron’s a married man, and I’m falling for him. You’re not a ‘faller’ Gus, you’ve been down that road before, and it didn’t end well. Don’t let the heart strings attach. Enjoy the sex, you’re not a ‘lover’ Gus.” His inner monologue was at full tilt as he replayed the events of the day in his head. The way Aaron had arrived and left him peacefully sleeping. How he had startled the Marine, feeling him up. Their embrace in the stream, their sex in the grass. How good Aaron’s rus escort dick had felt inside him.

“You okay over there,” Aaron asked, “You look like you got something on your mind.”

“I’m good, just thinking about the day we’ve had.”

“It’s been a good one, eh?” Aaron smiled. Gus nodded in agreement.

“So is it your free-spirited nature, or something else, that’s kept you a single man at 40, Gus. You seem like a hell of a catch to me – am I missing something?”

“A little bit of both, I suppose,” Gus responded. “Not really the settling down type. I’ve tried it, and failed a couple times. Figured I’d spare myself the heartache and fly solo – I’m pretty good at it, and have had some pretty incredible adventures,” Gus said as he winked at Aaron across the fire.

“So what’s the craziest adventure you’ve had.” Aaron asked.

“Crazy in what way?” Gus replied. “Fun and sex-filled crazy, or almost dead crazy?”

“Well I wouldn’t mind hearing about both – but fun and sex-filled, let’s start there,” Aaron encouraged.

“Alright, what the hell, I’ve never really shared the details of my adventures with anyone, you’re not going to get jealous are you?” Gus chuckled.

“Hell no, I’m a married man, remember? I’ll probably just end up with a raging hard on, asking you to fuck me,” Aaron replied.

“Alright then,” Gus said, as he opened another beer and took a swig, “My craziest adventure:

It was about a year ago, late spring, early summer and I had taken a week off to camp out on Assateague National Seashore at one of the narrowest parts of the barrier island. I have a spot up there that’s about five minute walk from the open ocean and about a 15 minute hike over to the sound side. Brought my surf rods, and some of my lighter tackle for the bayside and was planning to make a week out of catching as many fish as I could and enjoying the coming summer before the crowds got too big that I’d be unable to comfortably wear my fishing uniform. I set camp and had two amazing days of fishing, pulling in some huge stripers and early season red drum from the shore side. On the third day, I’d planned to take a hike over to the sound side and see if I couldn’t bring in some flounder. I got up before dawn, packed up my gear and some supplies into my backpack and started toward the sound. I was wearing my pack, some water shoes, and holding a couple of my spin cast rods – that was it, naked otherwise.”

“I bet that was a site to behold,” Aaron said. Gus smiled and continued:

“From the top of a small dune, about a hundred yards from the sound I see a group of three tents down to my left, remnants of a campfire between them, a few odd beer cans and liquor bottles strewn about on the ground, and what looks like a naked man, passed out in the sand. This piqued my interest and I made my path toward the sound through their site. As I got there, I was right, it was a naked man splayed out in the sand. He was covered in dried cum and sand, snoring, and I could hear snoring coming from all the tents as well. Not wanting to wake anyone I moved past them down to the sound and started fishing, just 20 or so yards away from their camp. Eventually, they woke up and that’s where the craziness ensued. It was all men there camping, gay men as it turns out, three couples who enjoyed being nude, having group sex, and exploring taboos and fantasies with each other.” Gus paused and looked over at Aaron – who was focused intently on him and the story he was sharing.

“Ready for some fish?” Gus asked “I’m getting a little hungry.”

“Sure, I’ll throw them on,” Aaron said, grabbing the cast iron skillet and setting it on the grate over a bed of coals, “Keep going Gus Wolfe, I’m intrigued by what you and all these men got into.”

“Well, lets just say in involves a pile of men in the water, a pile of men in the sand, a pile of men in the sound, and a pile of men breaking two tents,” Gus laughed, “lots of sex.”

“I’ve never had group sex, believe it or not,” Aaron replied, “But I’ve sure as hell jerked off to group sex porn, and thought about it multiple times. Details, please!”

“You were in the military and you never had group sex, not even a threesome?”

“A threesome is not group sex, not like you’ve had. And, just so you know, there is little to no sex happening in the military, I know all you non-enlisted guys seem to have these fantasies about what happens in the barracks, at training, out in the field, and so on, but they’re just that, as far as my experience goes, fantasies. Mark and I had a monogamous relationship for the most part, a couple threesomes here and there, but definitely never piles of men, as you describe. On with the story Gus Wolfe!” Aaron instructed as he pulled the fish to the side of the grate for a more indirect heat.

“Okay. So these guys were all pretty good looking, and ranged in ages. One of the couples, was two guys about our age, both pretty solidly built, dads with facial hair and yenimahalle escort decently cut furry bodies. The second was a man in his fifties, daddy bear type and a younger guy, an otter, if you will, in his late twenties. It was the otter kid who was naked splayed out in the sand covered in cum when I arrived. The third was a couple in their thirties, both more of a swimmers build, and not much body hair, they were a couple though they looked like they could have been brothers. They were from Baltimore and had gotten to know each other through a nudist group they were all involved in. They spotted me fishing, bare-assed and smiling, a few minutes after they all woke up, and the daddy bear came down to say hello. Asked me what I was up to, why I was naked, and invited me over to meet all his friends. They all introduced themselves, all sitting around naked, drinking coffee, and we talked for a while. The first man pile started after the two guys around our age started making out over my dick.”

“Making out over your dick?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah, they both walked over to where I was sitting, got on their knees and started making out with the tip of my dick in their mouths, it felt awesome. Anyhow, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, one of them was riding my dick, the skinny guys had their dicks in my face, the otter kid had squeezed between my legs and was tonguing my ass and the daddy bear was laying with his face on my chest, sucking my nipples. It was a lot groaning, humping, grinding, groaning, yelling, slurping, and it naturally ended with a lot of cum all over the place. It was really hot, that was the pile in the sand. There were different iterations of that over the next couple of days, and one night, the guys our age came back over to my campsite for a little more intimate action with just the three of us. I came more that week without touching my own dick than I ever have.”

“Holy hell Gus, that sounds amazing,” Aaron said, sitting across the fire from Gus fully erect, “What was the best part of it all?”

“Well, fucking in the sand, and in the water, while fun, aren’t the most comfortable, I’d have to say when we broke the tents. The daddy bear suggested that we try a seven man daisy chain, and I let him know that I don’t bottom, so I’d take the back.”

“Haha, you don’t bottom? Since when?” Aaron snarked.

Gus looked over at him in silence for about twenty seconds.

“What? Are you okay?” Aaron asked.

“Actually, bottoming for you earlier was the first time in a long time that I’ve felt comfortable enough to bottom, it had been years until you, Marine,” Gus said, “So, no, normally, I don’t bottom.”

Aaron looked at Gus’ curiously, trying to make out if he was joking. The look in his eyes told him that he wasn’t and that it had meant a lot for Gus to open himself up like that this afternoon. His mind started to wander, he was having a wonderful time, but he was married, he couldn’t abandon Mark, he knew he was all he had, ’til death do us part.’ Was he falling for Gus’? He couldn’t, this was just sex, passionate sex, and a lot of fun, but love?

“You don’t have to go into any detail you don’t want to about your experiences, Gus.” Aaron said, “It’s really none of my business, but I do appreciate you sharing with me, it’s hot to think about you being pleasured.” Aaron smiled and reached down to check the fish, “Ready to eat?”

“I’m starving, and the fish smells amazing,” Gus replied, “Let’s eat.”

Gus grabbed a couple of plates and utensils from inside the cabin and brought them back outside around the fire. Aaron prepared the plates each with one fish, one charred potato, and half of the onion that had melted during it’s time in the fire. Aaron placed the onion over the potatoes and passed a plate to Gus. The two ate, enjoying each bite, and making small talk about the food. Both of them were playing back the day’s events in their heads, and battling their inner conflicted feelings about caring for each other too much after just meeting.

“So, will you be telling Mark about your weekend fishing trip?” Gus asked, breaking the silence.

“I tell him everything, Gus, even if he no longer understands what I’m saying to him,” Aaron replied, “It’s unlikely, according to every doctor we’ve seen, that he’ll ever be able to communicate again, but I like to think that he does hear me, and somewhere inside he knows that I’ll always love him. We never kept secrets, and I don’t intend to.”

“Tell me about him, Aaron, what was he like before he was injured.”

Aaron, with a smile across his face, recalled how they met at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. How, at the time, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ was the official government policy on gays in the military, and how they had built a life together. “Mark was a caring partner, I knew without one shred of doubt that he had my back 100%, I could tell him anything, and I’d always find the most peaceful comfort in his arms. He was a few inches taller than me, about your height, I suppose, high and tight haircut, clean shaven, built like a machine. His brown eyes captivated me. When we’d spend time together off post I’d get lost staring into his eyes. He was a caretaker, helped me through training, helped me through rough patches, he was my rock,” Aaron said as his eyes welled up, “It really is hard to talk about those times before the attack, because our shared reality was so different then. It pains me that he no longer knows who I am, but I will never leave his side, Gus. When we said our vows, I meant them, and I mean to stand by them until death do us part. Is that weird to hear?” Aaron asked.

“It’s admirable,” Gus replied, “You’re a good man. So good that I know I need to keep getting to know you, and keep spending time with you, if that’s something that you want.”

“I do want that, Gus, but I’m not yet sure what that looks like or what it means. I’m still wounded by the loss of the Mark I knew, but I don’t view him as a burden. He’s a warrior, a patriot, and I intend to stay by his side. What would you say if I asked you to come over sometime and meet him, have dinner with us at our house?

“Uh, I’m not sure Aaron. I honestly feel a bit guilty enjoying you so much, knowing that you’re a married man. I’ll consider it, definitely. Especially if it means I get to have more of your cooking.”

“Okay, I’ll cook for you again for sure, and we’ll see if there’s a good time for you to meet Mark. It would make me feel so much better if you met him, and I’m sure that sounds crazy, but I want him to see you, to shake your hand. Thank you for considering it.”

Then men sat in silence for a couple of minutes, drinking their beers and looking over the quickly darkening landscape in front of them. “So out of all of your adventures, you’ve never met a guy that you’d want to claim as your own, Gus?”

“I’ve met many sexy men, many married men, and a number of gay outdoorsmen too, but no, no one who I’ve felt drawn to enough to ‘claim’ them, as you say. It’s been about sex, about getting off, enjoying the outdoors, and being free. Never had the itch to get overly involved,” Gus responded, “until today,” Gus muttered softly almost under his breath.

“What was that?” Aaron asked.

“I said, until today.”

The two men looked into each others eyes, stood up, and embraced. Gus could tell the feeling was mutual, but couldn’t believe that he’d said that out loud. What the fuck was he thinking.

“I don’t know what that means, Aaron, and I know that your situation is complicated, but I’d be happy if this naked fishing adventure didn’t end like all of the rest, and if you and I could see each other again,” Gus said.

Aaron pulled back from their embrace and smashed his mouth into Gus’ using both hands to pull Gus’ head into his as he kissed him passionately. The men stood there in front of the cabin kissing one another as small grunts and moans escaped when their mouths parted enough for them to breathe.

Gus led Aaron into the cabin, and the two of them spent the remainder of the evening exploring each other’s bodies with their hands, lips, tongues, and cocks. The goal of this encounter wasn’t orgasm, though multiple were produced, but passion and exploration. Each man wanted to know every intimate detail of the other’s body. To touch it, taste it, know each contour. Each received a full body massage and then some. It had only been a 24 hours since Aaron arrived, and both men were falling fast.

They awoke on Sunday morning, bodies still entangled, and continued their soft and passionate exploration, quickly kissing away each other’s morning breath without a second thought. Rain had moved in overnight and they could hear the drops hitting the roof.

“We better check outside and see if we left anything out that shouldn’t be drenched in the rain,” Aaron said, getting up from the bed and heading out to the front porch. Gus watched as this sexy marine walked out of the cabin, enjoying the way Aaron’s body moved and flexed with each step he took, and then got himself up to join him. The men, still naked of course, went out into the rain to grab their gear and brought it back up onto the porch.

“Should we shower off?” Gus asked, grabbing Aaron’s hand and leading him back out into the rain.

The two men stood under the persistent natural shower and ran their hands all over one another, removing matted cum globs, saliva, and lube from each other’s bodies with the rain water, breaking often to reconnect their mouths and beards. Once satisfied that they were clean, the two headed back into the cabin to pack up. They had a five hour journey back home, and while neither of them batted an eye at fishing in the rain, they’d gotten their fill of fishing yesterday.

They didn’t speak much as they collected their things, loaded their trucks, and packed up for the haul home and finally it was time to head out. Each man was now fully clothed as they stood on the front porch ready to depart. Gus asked for Aaron’s number and put it in his phone, and the two agreed they both needed to see each other again sooner rather than later. They embraced for one last passionate kiss, parted, got in their trucks, and headed on down the dirt road, Gus following Aaron.

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