Affair of the Body 02

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Jerilyn woke up horny as hell. Her pussy was soaked and she practically humped her pillow in her sleep. Her dreams were fraught with images of being naked in public, about Antony making love to her, but especially of Rain. She hadn’t felt this aroused since her teenage hormones kicked in with a vengeance.

She had two choices, take a cold shower and push her lust out of her mind or finish what her body started. Her upbringing insisted on the cold shower. Upbringing be damned, she thought, as she threw the covers aside and pulled her nightgown off. She lay on the bed and caressed her lower belly with one hand while her other lightly traced the skin between her breasts. Time to let her imagination run wild.

In her minds eye Jerilyn imagined Rain giving her a massage with hot, oil slick hands. Rain caressed from Jeri’s knees to the tops of her thighs and each journey up her legs ended a little closer to her pussy. Jerilyn moved her hands down between her legs and mimicked Rain’s touch with her own fingertips. She ranged from her thighs up until she felt the tickle of pubic hair against her wrist. That light touch disturbing her hair flooded her with sensations. The touch was too intimate too soon, she wanted this to last longer. The next time she brought her fingers up her legs she changed their course and moved over her mons, barely missing her vagina.

Usually when Jerilyn got this aroused she brought herself to climax quick. The guilt instilled in her childhood warred against her desire. This time she ignored the negative feelings and threw herself body and soul into this fantasy. Her caress moved from her pubic hair to circle her navel. From there she trailed a line up between her breasts to the base of her throat. She reversed the order on the way back down. As the ethereal caress made her skin prickle and her nipples tighten, she imagined Rain’s hands sliding up and down her body. Sweat dotted her forehead; she combed her hair back from her face.

When the gentle tickle became uncomfortable, she rubbed her palm over the trail. The minor relief made her want to touch herself even more. In her imagination Rain looked down on her body with lust shining in her eyes. Rain wanted her and Rain meant to take her. Rain’s hands moved to Jeri’s breasts, rubbing them gently. Jerilyn gasped and took her fantasy in a different direction. A masseuse wasn’t supposed to touch her like that! She tried to push Rain’s hands away but they were tied to the bed. Jerilyn imagined being helpless, vulnerable to Rain’s desire, innocent of complicity.

Rain caressed Jeri’s breasts harder, squeezing them then flattening them against her chest. Jerilyn’s hands mimicked Rain’s imaginary touches. Then Rain made light circles on her areolas. Jeri’s nipples stood out even more. When the light touches weren’t enough, she pinched her swollen and sensitive peaks. Pleasure throbbed between her legs. The ache grew beyond her self control. She cupped her sex, her wetness slick against her palm. That one touch arched her back off the bed. The throbbing pleasure scattered her fantasy. Jeri moved her hand up over her mons and combed her fingers through her pubic hair. Even that touch sent waves of pleasure through her pussy. She clutched her hair and tugged, trying to use pain to push her orgasm back, but it didn’t work. It only served to amplify her ecstasy. Her pussy clutched and her breath came in ragged moans. She moved back to her breasts, squeezing them, pinching her nipples, imagining Rain biting her stiffened flesh. The slight pain made her hotter, wetter. Jerilyn released her flesh and knotted her fists in the sheets. Her pussy fluttered on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Grunting and gasping, she fought against the oncoming tide of ecstasy, balancing on the edge for a minor eternity. By sheer will she managed to hold her climax back.

At last her body cooled down enough to regain her self control. The next touch wouldn’t send her over the edge. Her breath still came in ragged gasps and her pussy still throbbed with need. Focusing on her fantasy again, she pictured Rain straddling her. When Rain leaned over Jerilyn she imagined Rain’s heavy breasts flatten against her belly. Her lover’s hard nipples burned against Jeri’s heated skin. Rain dragged her nipples across Jerilyn’s body like two hot fingers burning to Jeri’s core. Mimicking Rain’s nipples, Jerilyn ran a finger from each hand up and down her body. Her fingers glided over the sweat shining on her skin. She wanted Rain to lick at the little drops. The image of Rain’s tongue on her belly made her pussy spasm.

Jerilyn flattened one breast with her palm while she rolled and tugged the other nipple. Each tug increased her need until desire became painful in its intensity. She fantasized Rain leaving a trail of kisses and little bites down her body. Her overheated core demanded attention and Jerilyn couldn’t fight her lust any more. She released her breasts and pictured Rain between her legs, looking up along her body. Rain’s mouth covered Jerilyn’s pussy.

Jerilyn Maltepe Escort lost her fantasy and her thighs trembled. Her belly fluttered and her thoughts scattered as her vagina squeezed, tearing a cry of ecstacy from her. The next contraction made her cry louder. Her hips bucked, her spine arched. She sank two fingers deep into her hot channel. Jerilyn’s pussy gripped her fingers as she pulled them out. She ran her slick fingers feather light over her clit, barely feeling the touch against her swollen button. Her heart pounded into overdrive as her fingers played into her wetness. Pleasure built like a tidal wave as she imagined Rain’s mouth on her. The orgasm took Jeri’s breath away and made her arch off the bed. Hearing her cries echo off the bedroom walls and the sound of her fingers manipulating her sopping sex drove her to greater heights. A second orgasm hit her before the first abated. Then a third one conquered her until every ounce of energy flowed away. Collapsing on her bed, she gasped for breath as her body trembled with aftershocks.

Eventually she came back down to earth, her breathing slowed and her heart rate returned to normal. She pulled her sticky hands out from between her legs and basked in the afterglow. Would making love to Rain be anything like her fantasy? Jerilyn doubted it, reality never lived up to the fantasy. Regardless, now more than ever, she needed to try.

Jerilyn didn’t know how long it took for her to recover but a quick glance at the clock said more time passed than she expected. She forced herself out of bed, she had a lot to do today to get ready for dinner with Rain.

She never fantasized about a woman before. It left her wanting the real thing until she realized she’d have to reciprocate. Whatever Rain did to her, Jerilyn had to do in turn. Could she put her mouth between another woman’s legs? Not if she came first. If she released her sexual tension, she doubted she could go through with the act. That meant she had to make Rain come first.

When she got out of bed she decided to skip getting dressed. She enjoyed being naked with Rain. Staying naked now reminded her of last night.

Jerilyn spent the day working on the perfect seduction dinner. As the day wore on she became more apprehensive. Imagining sex with Rain made her come her brains out, but the reality was much more involved. It wasn’t just the sex, it was the infidelity too. She told herself sex with a woman wasn’t cheating but she reversed the roles and imagined her reaction if Antony had sex with another man. She couldn’t see it, but the pain would feel worse because their relationship would be a lie. Was she ready to do that to Antony? Sometimes she thought so but other times she wasn’t so sure. He stopped making love with her which hurt like a betrayal. In some ways it hurt more. She could understand if a sexier woman drew him away. A woman like Rain would be impossible to resist if she caught a man at the right moment. But Antony wasn’t cheating on her so did she have the right to betray him?

As she see-sawed from one answer to the other, she got dressed. When she lost her mind in sex it was fun, but now, with reality intruding, she felt ridiculous.

By the time she was due at Rain’s for dinner, her uncertainties made her feel sick to her stomach. It took her half an hour to decide if she should wear underwear and six tries to get her make-up right. She damn near tripped going down the stairs. The only reason she managed to knock on the door was knowing she didn’t have to have sex. She could have an enjoyable evening with a new friend.

It seemed to take forever for Rain to answer the door. When she did, every preconceived notion of this dinner flew out the window.

“Hi, Jeri. Come on in.” Rain stepped back but Jerilyn was frozen to the spot. Rain’s robe, sheer at the best of times, was wet, so she might as well not have bothered with it. She was the most beautiful woman Jerilyn ever saw. When Jeri’s body responded with spikes of lust, she decided she could have sex after all. “Sorry I’m not ready yet.” Rain gestured at her wet hair which still had shampoo in it. “A card reading client got a little needy so I ran behind.” Rain seemed to notice Jeri’s stupefaction. “What’s wrong?”

The sheer fabric clung to her naked skin. Jeri’s eyes wondered all over Rain’s body but became transfixed between her legs. The fabric stretched over the valley between her thighs making an opaque shield as if protecting her modesty. “You’re so wet.” The moment the words escaped, Jerilyn realized what she said and where her gaze was locked. Her face burned so bad she had to blink back tears.

A strained silence lasted just long enough for Jerilyn to decide she needed to lock herself in her apartment and never talk to anyone again. Then Rain’s tinkling laugh broke free. She covered her mouth with both hands, but that did little to hide her amusement.

“This will be an entertaining evening.” Rain stifled her laughter. “Get in here Maltepe Escort Bayan and make yourself at home while I finish my shower. I’m starving, I can hardly wait.”

“Not me,” Jerilyn muttered as she went to the small kitchen. “I just had a seven course meal of my own foot.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Rain closed the front door and walked to the bathroom. Jerilyn had an excellent view of her ass. Like the rest of Rain’s body, it was perfect. It just wasn’t fair. “Your honesty is refreshing.” Rain closed the door to the bathroom.

Nothing Rain said could be better designed to kill Jeri’s libido. The whole reason she was here was a study in dishonesty. Damn.

Rain came out of the bathroom and made a quick dash to the other bedroom, still wearing the robe. By the time she came out, Jerilyn finished setting up dinner. She even poured the wine and lit the candles. This time Rain wore a green silk blouse with a sequined black belt and black leggings. The shirt tails covered her like a short dress. The whole outfit made her look even more beautiful. Helen of Troy would have looked like an ugly stepsister next to Rain.

As depressing as it was, it relaxed Jerilyn. Rain was so far out of her league there was no chance of something happening between them. All day long she swung between having an affair and staying loyal to her husband. Now the decision was made for her.

Rain had her hair pulled into a ponytail. It was still wet but the long curls threatened unruliness. Jerilyn wondered how much energy it took to deal with it every day. She also wondered if the tight curls were natural or if Rain had it permed. It had to be natural, Rain didn’t seem the type to get permed.

“Wow, this looks wonderful. It must have taken you all day to put this together.”

“I wanted to make sure you got a fair payment.” Jerilyn smiled, it had been so long since someone complimented her cooking. “Go ahead and eat. I didn’t know what you liked so I made a bit of everything.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

“The fattening stuff is to your left.”

“Lets start with the salad and work our way across.” Rain looked up at Jerilyn who still stood. “Aren’t you going to eat?”

When Jerilyn walked down the stairs, she’d been too nervous to eat. Now that she knew nothing would happen she found her appetite. “I just wanted to make sure you got what you wanted first.” Jerilyn sat across from Rain and followed her example and started with the salad. She’d been so busy cooking she hadn’t bothered to eat.

“Seriously, this had to take all day.” They were about half way through the meal. Rain poured herself some more wine then topped off Jeri’s glass. “Where did you learn to cook like this?”

“I used to watch a lot of cooking show’s.” She had naively hopped cooking great meals would convince Antony to come home more. “It filled time.”

“It’s paying off for me.” Rain served herself the roast, the dish Jerilyn was least confident about. She wanted a meat course in case Rain liked meat but didn’t want to put too much effort into it in case Rain didn’t want it.

“I’d love to cook for you in exchange for your services. It seems like a fair trade.”

“Which services do you want.” Rain smiled provocatively. “Do you want another massage?” She changed her posture and made a seductive pout. “Or will my services involve foreplay?”

“Oh no.” Jerilyn set her fork down and covered her face. She laughed nervously as she fought to get her blush under control. “You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“Nope. But I like to roleplay.”

“Stop it! No desert for you.”

“You brought desert?” Rain’s mischievous smile turned into a hopeful grin.

“I meant to but I forgot.”

“Just as well, I don’t think I can eat another bite.” Rain’s expression turned serious, or at least less playful. “So, which services do you want?”

“Don’t be silly.” Jeri’s voice shook and her fork seemed to wiggle out of her hand. It clattered loudly on her plate. “Whatever made you ask?”

“This feels like a seduction.” Rain smiled as she gestured to the table. “If a guy put this much work making me dinner I’d think he wanted to get me into bed.” Rain leaned forward and grinned. “Chances are, I’d let him.”

“I’m not a guy.” Jerilyn retrieved her fork but her appetite vanished. She set the fork back down.

“No, you’re a beautiful woman who wanted to hire me for sex. Whatever drove you to that decision hasn’t changed so I’m curious. Since I’m not for sale, are you trying to seduce me?” Rain smiled, she didn’t look mad or offended although Jerilyn thought she had every right to be. “Did you see this night going a certain way?”

“No!” Jerilyn gulped half the glass of wine, then kept drinking, hopping the question would go away. Since it didn’t, she had to put the glass down. It looked dumb to keep drinking from an empty glass. “I, um . . . you . . . I thought . . . “

“It’s all right.” Rain reached across Escort Maltepe the table and rested her hand on Jeri’s. “If you’re trying to seduce me, it worked.”

“It did?” Jerilyn starred at Rain’s hand on hers and trembled. “I wasn’t trying to.”

“You weren’t?”

“I’m not sure.” It was harder than Jerilyn imagined to make that confession out loud. It was even harder making it to herself. She wanted to be made love to, but didn’t know if she was ready to try a woman or betray her husband. She didn’t know what to do or what to tell Rain. “I didn’t think you’d find me attractive. I didn’t think you’d be interested in me so I didn’t think about it. I’m sorry, it seems like no matter what I do I end up insulting you.”

“I’m not insulted.” Rain chuckled and got to her feet. “I’m interested.” She pulled Jerilyn to her feet and led her hand in hand to the couch. “Lets sit down and see where things go.” She eased Jerilyn down on the couch then sat next to her. Right next to her.

Rain leaned over so her face was inches from Jeri’s. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

Jeri’s heart lurched to a stop then pounded madly. Her eyes went wide as she stared into Rain’s. But Rain didn’t move, she stood there staring back at Jerilyn like she was waiting for something. Was she waiting for Jerilyn to do something? Say something? Was she waiting for permission? “Ok.” Jerilyn choked out the word. Rain smiled and closed the last few inches.

Jerilyn tried to meet her half way and they bumped foreheads. Rain pulled back a little and Jerilyn tilted her head and moved forward. She ran into Rain’s nose and both women jerked back. She tilted her head the other way and watched as Rain did the same. “Damn it!” It was a kiss not brain surgery. “This is a bad idea.” Jerilyn leaned away from Rain who laughed.

“Oh no you don’t!” Rain moved over Jerilyn before she got up. “You’re not running away now.”

“Are you kidding me? This is a disaster.”

Rain smiled. “It wasn’t one of my best moves, that’s for sure, but it was no disaster.”

“That had to be my worst move ever. My first kiss wasn’t that clumsy.”

“Your first kiss with a boy, you mean.” Rain slid off Jerilyn and returned to the couch.

“Yea.” Jerilyn thought back to her first real kiss with a boy. She forgot his name but she remembered she hadn’t been this nervous. “I guess I’m too nervous.”

“Maybe I should give you another massage to help you relax.”

“Like that’s going to work. If all the wine I drank isn’t helping, I doubt another massage will.”

“It won’t.” Rain grinned and raised her eyebrows suggestively. “I just wanted to see you naked again.”

Jerilyn shrunk back into the couch even more uncertain she could touch another woman like that. On the other hand, Rain wanted to see her naked which appealed to her vanity. She had such an androgynous body she doubted anyone wanted to see her naked.

“Relax.” Again, Rain’s tinkling laugh filled the room. “I was kidding.”

“Oh.” Jerilyn couldn’t deny the disappointment. Then something forced its way through Jeri’s confused mind. Rain wasn’t kidding so much as trying to hide her own uncertainties. Realizing Rain also had reservations gave Jerilyn a small measure of confidence. “Maybe you’re right, maybe a massage will help.”

Jerilyn stood up and unzipped her dress then let it fall to the ground. She didn’t bother with a bra, she rarely needed one. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pushed them down, letting them join her discarded dress.

Now Rain looked nervous. Her eyes went wide as she drank in the sight of Jeri’s nude body, starting at the juncture of her thighs then slowly traveling up Jeri’s body. Jerilyn responded to Rain’s look of desire with her own. When Rain got to Jeri’s eyes her gaze slid away and faint red patches formed on her cheeks.

Well, well, well, thought Jerilyn as she sashayed over to the table. Rain thought she was hot. She liked that. “Before you ask, I don’t want a towel.”

Jerilyn lay on the table and a few seconds later heard Rain oiling her hands. Then Rain manipulated her muscles into total relaxation. This time Jerilyn stayed awake and payed extra attention when Rain’s hands got near her private parts. As good as it felt, this time it didn’t relax her so much as turn her on. It felt like foreplay and it didn’t help when Rain stopped and slapped her ass. “Turn over, time to do your front.”

Jerilyn turned over, but now she wasn’t relaxed or turned on. She wanted to cover herself, laying on a table, naked, felt like being on display. Every private part of her was open to as much scrutiny as Rain wished to put her under. This was the difference between naked and nude. She was nude when she came to the table, she was in control and simply lacked clothing. Now she lay naked, defenseless, without protection. She wanted to close her eyes but couldn’t look away from Rain.

What she saw in Rain’s face relaxed her a bit. Rain looked as tense as Jerilyn felt yesterday when she first came down. Rain scrutinized her body and judging by her expression, she enjoyed what she saw. Naked lust shone from her face like a neon sign. Was this it? Was it time to have sex? Were Rain’s talented hands going to rub her private parts and give Jerilyn the release she longed for for so long?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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