After His Shower

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I lay back on the bed, wearing just my panties and a tank top. The laptop sitting on my lap as he comes back into the room wearing only a towel after his shower. I try to pretend I don’t notice him, but he can tell that I’m watching him from the corner of my eye.

“Hey baby!” He states as he stands next to the bed.

I look sideways at him and take a quick glance, then turn my attention back to the computer. I know playing coy is something that drives him nuts, so I continue pretending to ignore him as he stands watching me. I realize he’s dropped his towel as he starts climbing onto the bed towards me. I still don’t turn to watch him until he picks up the computer from my lap as his lips press to mine and his tongue probes into my mouth. A moan escapes my lips, as he slides one hand between my thighs. His fingers gently rub against my clit, as his tongue presses harder into my mouth. My hips begin to grind against his hand, my clit throbbing.

“Suck my cock.” He states, laying quickly back as I smile.

He knows how much I enjoy sucking him off, though he rarely lets me finish him. I slowly take the tip of his cock into my mouth as I wrap my hand around his shaft. Kocaeli Escort My tongue gently runs around the tip of his cock, teasing him. He groans and his hand finds my hair, gently wrapping his hand in it in an attempt to pull my head down so his cock will slide deep into my mouth. I stop and look up at him, a coy grin on my face. I turn back to pay attention to his big throbbing cock, sliding it into my mouth, stroking his cock as I slowly take his entire cock into my mouth. He groans when he feels the tip of his cock touch the back of my throat and I begin sucking his cock deep into my mouth, then sliding back to the tip. My hand continues to stroke his shaft and rub his balls while I focus my attention on bringing him to the brink explosion.

As I continue my oral assault on his throbbing cock, he slides his hand down the back of my panties to find my aching pussy wet and waiting for him to penetrate me. He finds my clit with a fevered rush and begins stroking it, pressing lightly, then harder as he rubs. My hips begin to move in unison with his fingers when finally, he inserts one finger, then two and then a third in my tight wet wanting pussy. I can feel my juices Kocaeli Escort Bayan dripping onto my thighs as he continues fucking my pussy with his fingers. His hand still wrapped in my hair, pushing my mouth down onto his throbbing cock as he continues to fuck my pussy with his fingers.

“Do you want my cock in your pussy?” He asks, his voice hoarse.

“Yes baby, please!” I exclaim. He pushes me back and stands at the edge of the bed. He reaches for me and pulls me to the edge, surveying my soaking wet pussy as he pushes my legs apart. I look up at him, my eyes wanting. He knows I’m desperate for his penetration, but he stands staring down on me. He reaches down and runs his hand flat against my pussy, my clit throbs as he presses against it, he pushes two fingers back inside my pussy and allows his thumb to press against my engourged clit. My body shudders as he fucks my pussy with his fingers, my hips rising to meet his hand, as if begging him to finish me.

Finally, he pulls his hand away from my pussy and slides his rock hard cock deep inside me. My body shudders as he buries himself deep within me. My hands instinctively reach around to grab Escort Kocaeli his ass to pull his hips harder into mine. I want him deep, hard, the pleasure and pain combination shooting me over the edge.

“Please baby, I want you to bury it in me, fuck me hard!” The words escape from my lips as I continue holding his ass, trying to pull him into me. He smiles and grabs my legs, pulling them over his shoulders, his cock deepening it’s assault on my tight wet pussy.

“Um, I love your tight little pussy!”

He groans and he begins fucking me with all his might, within moments I can feel the pressure inside my pussy welling up, my body begins to tingle with each deep thrust, his groans of pleasure sending me over the edge as finally I can no longer breathe, my body shudders as I feel the intense orgasm overtake my body. I am near to passing out as my orgasm reaches it’s pinnacle, shooting him over the edge, causing him to being cuming. I feel his cock harden as his juices begin to flow deep inside my pussy, shooting me further over the edge, doubling my orgasm, my body spasms, and finally releases its juices all over his throbbing cock. He slams his cock deep inside me one last time and he finishes his release, my pussy still throbs releasing its juices. I grind my hips into his, keeping his throbbing cock inside me as I finish my release.

He slowly lays his body against mine, finding my lips with his and kissing me passionately as only he can do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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