Afternoon Delight

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I came through the door of our tiny, newly rented house after an actually alright day at my shitty, newly acquired job. I rolled my eyes at the bloody boxes still in the hall way; why is unpacking so boring?! The house was quiet, but I knew that he was in. And I knew that he’d be waiting for me. What I didn’t know was whether he wanted me to just walk in on him; he sometimes liked that, or to announce my arrival. Then I realised that he would’ve heard me slam the door shut anyway so the surprise element was out of the window; I wasn’t disappointed about that though, there would be plenty more opportunity for all that.

So I called out, “Steve?”

“Emma, is that you?” came the instant reply. I followed the voice of the only man I have ever really loved but didn’t say another word. I crept up the stairs, and even though I knew he knew I was coming, it didn’t matter because I had been looking forward to something like this all day. Sometimes it feels like we know what the other wants without saying a word, and this day was one of those times and, as it happened, we had not communicated at all since I had kissed him goodbye that morning. Our bedroom door was slightly ajar and I knew that wasn’t just esmer porno a case of Steve carelessly leaving it like that so I peered through the gap and audibly gasped at the scene as it unfolded before me, but Steve did not react to my reaction, and I knew that that was for my benefit.

Steve was sitting upright on the bed, facing towards the window and away from the door, and me, with his feet on the floor and his rock hard dick in his hand. The curtains on the window were open slightly in the middle providing a good enough view for me, and I’m guessing perfect for Steve, of the master bedroom in one of the houses opposite ours. And in that master bedroom across the road there was an attractive enough, naked, forty something woman riding on the cock of an overweight, by the looks from where I was standing, forty something man. Steve was gently wanking while watching these two strangers fucking and pretending I was not there watching him watching them. I felt my pussy tingle and my nipples stiffen instantly and so quickly began to undo my blouse in order to release my tits from the constraint of my bra at the same time as taking a step further into the room. Steve was groaning fantazi porno a little now, playing up to his audience, and his head was jerking occasionally as he began to wank faster, and the woman’s fucking was becoming more ferocious. I was a little concerned about how much time I had because I didn’t know how long this unbelievably sexy scenario had been going on for.

My pussy was getting really wet by this stage and after quickly caressing my nipples I reached up under my skirt, pulled my soaking knickers to the side and felt the slickness and the heat of my cunt. I knew that I had some catching up to do by the way Steve was stroking his hard cock; really fast, and he was grunting more regularly now. The couple across the road were shifting positions when I looked over at them from Steve again, and Steve adjusted his masturbation accordingly by gently stroking his balls by way of taking a break.

The overweight man was now fucking the attractive woman from behind while she was bent over a piece of furniture- possibly a chair. He threw his head back in ecstasy as she did something with her hand; either grabbed something of his or something of hers! I was hoping porno filmler that this didn’t mean the end was too close as I was strumming my clit as fast but as gently as I could. I wanted to groan out loud but knew this would ruin the charade of me pretending not to be there so I sucked at two of my fingers on the hand that wasn’t flicking my bean instead.

The only sound in the room was Steve rubbing up and down his shaft and occasionally moaning in pleasure. I took the fingers out of my mouth and stuck one of them in my pussy and moved it gently in and out, meanwhile still strumming my clit. I felt like such a dirty bitch and really wanted Steve to see me like that; with my skirt hitched up, my blouse undone but not off and my tits exposed mostly but with my bra still on. The couple across the road finished and were now no longer of interest to me, and, so it would seem to Steve because he stood up and walked towards me all the time stroking his hard dick. I took my fingers out of pussy and sucked on them again, never taking my eyes off the man before me. I could feel the onset of an orgasm building as I knew just what was in store for a slutty little voyeur such as me. I went down onto my knees before Steve just in time for him to splash his beautiful, thick, hot, creamy come all over my bare tits and face. That was more than I could take and one last flick of my clit sent me to an amazing climax while Steve was rubbing the end of his cock on one of my come covered nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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