Afternoon in Dept Store

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Dave walked purposefully towards the mall side entrance to the Dillard’s Department Store located in the local shopping mall. Dressed in his olive green suit and white button down shirt, he looked all of the confident mid-level executive for a financial services firm that he was. Of course underneath his suit pants he wore the gray, patterned silk boxer shorts that he knew his companion/slave, Carla, loved to rub her face over in preparation for whatever sexual escapade he could think up.

And his imagination was running rampant at the present time.

It was just after 5:30 p.m., and Dave knew that Carla would be waiting for him in the women’s department, lingerie to be exact. He had called her earlier in the day at her office (she worked for a local bank) and had instructed her to meet him there appropriately attired.

Of course having to work at a bank, Carla wore the typical pin-stripe suit, black hose and conservative shoes. What was not typical was that after Dave’s phone call, she went into the ladies room on the floor where she worked, slipped off all her undergarments (except for the lacy, black silk chemise she knew Dave adored), and exchanged her pantyhose for black, thigh high stockings.

One last chore she performed before returning to her desk (one she knew she had to do to stay in Dave’s good graces when she met him) was to pull out a medium-sized butt plug from her purse, and after lubricating it with some petroleum jelly, easing it into her asshole. Carla almost quivered when the plug was fully inserted, not only from the warm feeling that seemed to spread to her pussy, but also the thought that Dave might insert the “real” thing when she met him at the mall later on.

Carla smiled when she saw Dave approaching her around the racks of bras, slips and other assorted intimate apparel. She had already picked out a few things to take into the adjacent dressing room and had informed the salesperson that her boyfriend was going to meet her there to give his opinion on what she’d picked out.

Dave grinned as he wrapped his arms around Carla’s torso and gave her a deep, tongue stabbing kiss. His nostrils picked up the faint scent of Carla’s special perfume, one she wore especially for him (more especially because it tended to make his cock harden quicker than normal). The perfume seemed to work, since as Dave thoroughly kissed and sucked at Carla’s mouth, his cock hardened and ground into her crotch.

“Ohhhh!” Carla moaned into Dave’s mouth, as her own juices started flowing in response to the rubbing by his erection. Extricating her tongue from his mouth, she whispered into his ear, “Can we go into the dressing room, Master. I need to please you sooooo much!!!!”

“Of course, my darling slave,” he replied, taking her hand and entering the alcove where the dressing rooms were located. Carla quickly hung up the lingerie she was there to “try” on, while Dave closed and locked the door behind them.

“Take off your suit jacket, my sexy slave,” Dave instructed Carla, as she turned around to face him. She complied, revealing her breast cleavage that stood out from over the top of her chemise. “Now the skirt,” he demanded. Carla unzipped the back of the suit skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood before him, clad only in the chemise (which did not cover the trimmed hairs of her pussy), the thigh high stockings and her black shoes.

Dave reached Kartal Grup Escort into his coat pocket and pulled out a set of police style handcuffs. “You like these, don’t you,” Dave purred to Carla as he held the cuffs in front of her face. “Oh Yes! Lover, you know I love you to bind me and then play with my body,” she replied.

Dave pulled Carla’s arms around behind her back and attached the cuffs to her wrists. He then brought his hands around to the front and pulled her breast out and over the top of the silky bodice of the chemise. He flicked her nipples with his thumbs and then bent over to suck on her left one.

“Mmmmm,” Carla responded, as Dave sucked and teased her nipple with his tongue. He then moved over to her right tit and proceeded to suck and flick its nipple. He then leaned up and kissed Carla deeply, while pulling and pinching on both nipples with the fingers of his two hands.

“Time for you to use that lovely mouth on me, dearest,” Dave cooed into Carla’s ear after he’d completed his oral attentions to her mouth. With that, he stripped off all this clothing (including shoes and socks), with the exception of his silk boxer shorts. Then sitting down on the padded bench that was provided there in the dressing room, he guided Carla to her knees in front of his spread legs. He pulled his cock out of the fly of his boxers and grabbed Carla’s head, pulling her mouth towards the increase hardening shaft.

“Oh, let me suck your cock, lover!” Carla pleaded as her mouth approached the mushroom head.

“Of course, my dearest,” Dave replied, as he guided Carla’s face to his crotch. She opened her mouth wide and then closed her lips around the head of his cock. Using her tongue, she flicked at the hole on the end of the head and then accumulated saliva in her mouth to thoroughly wash the mushroom shape.

“Ohhh!!!” Dave exclaimed, as Carla gradually sank her lips down further along his shaft. She took about 2″ of the shaft into her mouth, and then pulled her lips back until they nestled around the flared head once again. She then eased her lips down his cock, taking about 4″ into her mouth, then back up. This routine continued two more times until all 7″ of his erection was nestled in her mouth/throat (fortunately Dave wasn’t enormous, so Carla could almost swallow him without gagging, but still make her mouth feel full).

Carla continued to suck up and down the complete length of Dave’s cock until it was hard and she could feel the veins along its length with the flat of her tongue.

“You suck cock so well,” David moaned, “Think as a reward will use it in your pussy to make you hot. And maybe another hole!”

With that statement, Carla moaned around his cock. She had so wanted David to fuck her up the ass, but they had not yet gotten around to doing it. Just the thought of his stiff prick eased up her tight asshole made her pussy start dripping with wetness.

Carla continued to slowly suck Dave’s cock in and out of her mouth for another couple minutes until he grabbed her hair and forced her head away from him.

“That’s good, darling slave; I’m hungry and desire to partake of your juice you’ve generated between your legs. Part your legs and rest you head here on this bench.” Dave instructed.

“Mmmmm.” Carla moaned as Dave rearranged her body so that her head and neck were supported by the cushion of the bench he had just arisen Kartal Manken Escort from, and slid his head underneath the space between her legs. He reached up and pulled her hips down to where her cunt lips were just a fraction of an inch away from his mouth. Using the flat of his tongue, he licked up in turn the lips of her opening, tasting the juice that had oozed out while Carla had so expertly sucked his cock.

It tasted delicious and Dave decided to get even more of the succulent nectar by firming his tongue and digging directly into the juicy hole. “Ohhhh!” Carla moaned, as his oral digit reamed all around her wet hole, causing more juice to flow out and into her Master’s mouth.

Dave then pulled Carla’s body towards his feet so that he could have easy access to her clit with his tongue and mouth. Taking the flat of his tongue again, he licked up and down her clit until it started to harden and become more sensitive.

“Mmmm, Master!” Carla exclaimed. “I know I don’t deserve this, but it feels soooooo good!” Dave continued to tease and lick her clit, this time with the tip of his tongue, until Carla’s body started to shiver and shake.

“No, my darling slut,” Dave cooed from underneath her legs, as he removed his mouth and tongue from her clit. “I want to fuck you with my cock and make you come the first time that way. That would be pleasant, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh, Yes! Master, I would love for you to fuck my cunt with your cock!” Carla answered, as Dave sat up on his knees and settled in behind her, his cock pointing directly at her now engorged and totally lubricated pussy.

“And if you please Master’s cock with your hot, wet cunt, he will want to shoot his come up your really hot, tight ass,” Dave said calmly as he thrust his hips forward and literally stabbed Carla’s cunt with his erect cock.

“Ohhhh,” Carla moaned as Dave’s cock complete its journey to the depths of her cunt. He slowly pulled the shaft from her hole and the immediately thrust it back in to the hilt. Carla’s juices flowed freely, coating Dave’s cock and providing lubrication for his insistent thrusting. In and out, slowly his shaft went in and out of her hole, giving him exquisite pleasure and making Carla’s cunt and clit reverberate with sensations that made her moan almost constantly.

Dave reached under Carla’s torso and pinched her nipples hard between thumb and forefinger; he then twisted the nubs and pulled them away from her body, causing Carla to squirm and make guttural noises deep in her throat. Her clit began to swell and become even more sensitive from this assault on both her cunt and nipples, and she began to swivel her hips in response to Dave’s thrusts.

After about five minutes of this treatment, Carla’s breath started to come in short spurts as her whole body started to rack in pre-orgasm. “Ahhh, I’m cummingggg!” she groaned as Dave thrust and kept his cock inside her and pinched and twisted her nipples even harder. Carla’s body shook all over as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her body, causing Dave’s cock to twitch and expand inside her. Through shear will power, he kept from coming himself, and slowly extricated his shaft when he felt Carla coming down from her initial pleasure.

“Time to put my cock up your sweet asshole, my Slave!” Dave told Carla, in an almost commanding voice.

“Oh yes, pleassse!” Carla responded, her Kartal Masöz Escort clit starting to swell again with the thought of Dave’s hard shaft up her rear channel. “Fuck my asshole with your cock! I want to feel your hard shaft up inside me!!!”

Dave grabbed the base of his cock and directed the head to the opening of Carla’s pucker. Pushing in gently, he eased the head just past the entrance and paused a minute to make sure Carla was not in any pain. As it was, enough lubrication had smeared her rear opening to where she felt nothing but fullness, no pain.

“Ohh, push it all the way in!!!” Carla exclaimed, “It feels soooo good!” Dave proceeded to push his cock up her ass slowly, not thrusting in and out, but a gradual impalement until his whole 7″ were totally imbedded.

“Mmmmmm!!!” they both hummed, almost in unison, as Dave’s cock reached deep into Carla’s asshole. He reached around again and pulled on her nipples, causing Carla’s pussy to become ultra wet again and start leaking juice down her thighs.

Dave undid the handcuffs binding Carla’s wrists behind her back. Immediately Carla reached underneath her crotch and started rubbing and teasing her clit as Dave started a slow fucking of her asshole.

This time Dave didn’t keep it slow for long (his cock was about to burst, and there were loads of cum in it ready to shoot up his slave’s ass). His hands pulled on Carla’s nipples when he pushed his cock deep into her ass, and pinched on them hard when he pulled his cock out. Carla’s fingers rubbed and teased her clit faster and faster, as another orgasm started forming in her cunt.

“OHHHH, CUM IN MY ASS, MASTER!!!!” Carla almost screamed, as Dave fucked his cock in and out in almost a piston motion. He pushed in with one final thrust, and his cock exploded inside her asshole, cum flooding up her channel.

The feel of his hot, creamy cum up her ass caused Carla to orgasm, starting at her clit and rising up to her breasts and then her whole body. She almost shook as Dave’s cock spurted load after load (5 or 6 spurts in all) up her hot anal channel. It made her orgasm continue on for almost three minutes, after which her body went limp as she sucked air into her lungs to come down from the orgasmic high.

Dave stayed impaled up her ass until he was sure she had finished her orgasm, and then pulled his softening shaft from her asshole. His cum started to flow out of the hole once his cock had exited, and flowed down into Carla’s cunt and along her thighs.

“Did you enjoy that Slave?” Dave inquired of Carla as he stood up and began to redress.

“Oh, Yess!! Master! It was better than I thought it would feel, your hard cock up my ass!” Carla replied, finally able to sit up and not feel light-headed. She reached down with her fingers and scooped up the cum that had leaked out of her ass. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she licked and sucked all of the delicious cream, making sure Dave watched her.

“Come my slut, time to get dressed and go purchase these undergarments you came in here to “buy” ,” Dave instructed Carla. She rose to her feet and began to put her clothes on when Dave reached over, grabbed her hair, and gave her a deep wet kiss.

After rotating his tongue all around her oral cavity, he broke off the kiss and whispered in her ear, “and then we’ll have a quick supper and you can suck my cock the rest of the night, while you fuck your asshole with your favorite dildo. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Carla smiled and her cunt started to ooze juice again, just thinking about Dave cumming in her mouth and her ass being full again. It was so nice to have a Master who treated her like the slut she always liked to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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