Afternoon surprise

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I met Ken at his apartment after work, as planned. Our occasional sexual encounters have become more frequent of late. And I like it. He is a very skilled and inventive partner and he makes the most wonderful noises when he’s aroused.

He was just pouring us each a glass of wine when I walked in. We kissed, toasted with the wine, and kissed again. I had been anticipating the afternoon. Ken took both glasses of wine and placed them on an end table next to an overstuffed chair. I followed. He turned to me, kissed me deeply again and started sliding his hands under my sweater. I dug my nails into his back just above the waist. I was so hungry for him. In a few quick moves, he had my sweater and bra off and was pinching my nipples just hard enough to tease me. I got his shirt off and trousers unzipped over his erection. He was totally accessible – no underwear – and hard. He stepped out of his jeans and sat on the edge of the chair. Then he reached for my hips and slid my skirt up to my waist and my panties down to my feet.

I quickly straddled his thick hard cock. As the head slipped just inside me, we both gasped, and I continued to slide down until I was sitting on his lap. The feel of him so thick and full inside me was incredible. I gently, slowly stood partway up, creating wonderful sensations for us both. I increased the tempo muğla escort and I could feel our wetness combining.

Ken grabbed my hips and shoved me back onto his cock. With one hand he reached around and under us to feel the spot where we joined together. I could feel his fingers sliding, exploring. He then put his wet finger on his lip and we licked the juice together as we kissed. It was such a sensual move that I almost exploded with orgasm.

He slid his hand down again and swirled more wetness, this time around my ass. He rubbed it lightly, teasing me. Then I felt his other hand reaching for something on the end table. He told me he had a surprise. While he kissed me again, deeply, he slid an anal plug in my ass.

I jumped and yelped in pleasure. The feel of his hard cock fully inside me, the taste of us on my tongue, and the fullness of the toy in my ass sent me over the edge. I shoved him back in the chair and rode him hard, rubbing my clit against his pubic bone. I immediately started cumming and stroked him harder. As I came down off my euphoric orgasm, I let him sit up more and he gently stroked my ass with the toy – slowly in and out, in and out. I shuddered with pleasure at every movement.

Ken told me to hold on as he stood up. He then walked us into the bedroom and placed me on the edge muş escort of the bed. Only then did he pull his cock out of my dripping pussy. He bent over me and kissed me quickly on the lips. Then he started sucking on one nipple. One hand rested lightly between my wet lips. He didn’t move his hand, just let the pressure arouse me. I could feel my clit throbbing still. I bucked my hips slightly and he slid his finger inside me and then out again, teasing me.

Ken continued to suck and bite my nipples and finger me. I was just about over the edge again when he asked if I liked my surprise – the plug. I assured him I did!! He then went to stand between my legs at the edge of the bed and began licking my pussy. He started first with my clit and then make larger and larger circles with his tongue. Then he began fucking my ass with the toy. In and out, in and out. Harder and harder. He was slamming the plug in me and sucking my clit so hard I knew it would be swollen and sore the next day. I started bucking my hips and told him I wanted his cock in me again. He knew I was almost at the point of orgasm so he slowly slid his hard cock in. I wanted him deep but he held back to prolong my cumming. I took his cue and slowed down as well, but when he slid all the way in and reached for my nipples again, I couldn’t stopped. I came again, nevşehir escort wildly, loudly. He increased the tempo and pressure until my incredible orgasm had subsided and I was trembling. Then he started stroking again.

I told him to wait, not to come yet, that I wanted something from him. I slid off the bed and bent over it, told him to remove the toy and fuck my ass. There was a stunned silence and then he slowly removed the plug. I felt the head of his cock stroking my ass and then felt him ease into me. Again, I yelped in pleasure. When he was all the way in, I heard him sigh with pleasure. He took his time fucking my ass. He slid almost all the way out and then in again. The sensation of him was much more pleasurable then the toy, and I told him so. My pussy continued to spasm as waves of excitement shot through me again.

He reached around and grabbed my breasts. I felt him get harder and bigger. I shoved my ass back towards him, encouraging him to get deeper if possible. He bit the back of my neck and started pumping me in short, hard strokes. I felt his fingertips digging into the soft tissue of my breasts, and then one hand reached for my clit. The pressure of his fingers on my clit and the friction of his cock in my ass quickly brought me to orgasm for the third time. Finally, his loud, slightly high pitched moan sounded in my ear as I felt him pumping his load in my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing as his thighs pressed rigid against mine. He gave a few more quick thrusts and then stood very still.

After a hot shower and the previously-poured glasses of wine, we relaxed in bed and told each other thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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