Alex and Scott Have a Sexfight

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This is a continuation of ‘Two Dilfs Wrestle for a Younger guy’. In that story, Ged and Patrick had an erotic wrestle match with the student Alex as a prize. Now, it’s Alex’s turn to struggle. Patrick has arranged a game between Alex and his course mate Scott. This time, Patrick is the prize.

The Game

“Okay gentlemen, make me proud.”

Patrick leaned back on the sofa with his legs wide spread. He was so sexy. Short, silver-hair, blue eyes and a tanned, bulky body. He was in his underwear; white briefs that showed off his big bulge. Scott was practically drooling as he looked at him, and so was I. Let me tell you about Scott. We went to the same university and had many mutual courses. We didn’t have that much in common. Scott was a pretty eccentric and talkative guy, while I was more reserved. We would however hit the town once in a while and have a good time. I usually had to be drunk to enjoy his company since he tended to be a bit full of himself and very egocentric. He looked decent with his short blond hair and green eyes but his personality was a bit feminine for my taste. I would never have imagined the two of us in this situation. But here we were, standing in the middle of Scott’s living room and about to do what Patrick had requested. We had both been fucked by this fine man previously, and now one of us would get the opportunity to fuck his magnificent ass. It could only be one though. At first I thought that Scott and I were going to wrestle for Patrick, but he had something else in mind: a cockfight. The first to cum would lose, and the winner would get to fuck Patrick as the prize. I was ready for this. Scott was the horniest guy I had ever met and defeating that narcissist would feel absolutely amazing – just as amazing as having Patrick afterwards.

We had cleared the living room from all the furniture and covered the floor with a big plastic mat.

“It’s time to strip.” Patrick said.

Patrick looked excited as Scott and I got ready to get undressed. Scott was quick to remove his T-shirt and revealed a surprisingly athletic torso. He’d hit the gym for sure. I took off my sweater to show off my upper body too. Soon we were both completely naked. We glanced at each other. I could see why Patrick wanted us two fighting for him. We had similar bodies and in terms of strength it would be an even game. Patrick’s grin was bigger than ever.

“Okay, time for the grease.” he said.

We opened a jar of vaseline. The sensation of smearing it on myself was amazing and I had a huge boner already. I peaked at Scott to see what stage he was in, but he had his back towards me. His back was beautiful and he had a perky and round ass that was shining due to the vaseline. Eventually, we were completely covered in slippery matter and we were ready to begin. Scott smirked as he looked at me.

“You are so horny already, Alex.”

He was referring to my big hard-on, opposed to his cock which was only semi-hard.

“Comes from the wrong guy.”

I wish kayseri escort I had a better come-back but it was better to just show him who the top dog was. Patrick was eager to have things started.

“Scott, Alex. I will explain the rules one more time. You will have a cockfight where you will try to make the other cum. The first to cum, loses. The winner… well, can do whatever he wants.”

A picture of a nude Patrick, bending over, appeared in my head.The thought of getting to shove my cock into his hole aroused me even more, but that was not a good thing to think about at this very moment.

“Okay, guys. You may begin.”

We hunched and got ready. I looked into Scott’s green eyes. He looked serious and concentrated. He made the first move and got his arms around me. Our slippery bodies were pressed against each other, with my dick squeezed between our stomachs, while his dick had landed between my legs, tickling my grundle teasingly. I couldn’t help but give a little moan. Scott kept looking at me as we were grinding our bodies against each other. He proceeded to whisper in my ear in a surprisingly deep voice.

“You like it, Alex?”

“Not as much as you do, Scott.”

“Liar. You want my dick inside of you. I might let you have some before I fuck Patrick.”

Scott moved his hips more abrasively and his dick rubbed my grundle even harder. My dick was still pressed between our lower stomachs and couldn’t help but breath heavily. I could easily cum here and now if I wanted to. He was breathing in my ear.

“Don’t fight it, mate.”

I had to get out of this or the match would be over before it had even started. With all my strength, I tried to free myself from his arms. He was much stronger than expected and continued pressing our bodies together. I looked at his dumb smirk as he saw me struggling. Eventually I got out due to the slippery vaseline.

“We can’t let this end already.” he said and winked at Patrick.

Fucking dork. I decided it was my turn to make a move. I tried to grab his cock, but he quickly dodged it and we ended up in a test of strength, both trying to flip the other.

“So fucking hot!” Patrick cheered.

We struggled for a bit. I didn’t expect Scott to be this strong, but at least he had stopped smiling now and looked more tense. He was however getting the upper hand, and shortly I was down on my knees. I tried to get back up, but he pushed me down onto my back. One second later, he had placed himself on top of me and held me onto the floor with his body weight. The sensation of his warm, slippery body on top of mine was amazing. We held eye contact while our cocks were sliding against each other.

“Fuck yeah, Alex. You’re making this too easy.” Scott said with his grin back on.

“Don’t speak too soon, Scott.”

“It’s hard to believe you’ve been going to the gym longer than me.” Scott said in a louder voice so Patrick would hear.

It was true. I had been hitting the gym for years, kayseri escort bayan while Scott had been going for barely a year. Yet, he had no problem winning the test of strength and now keeping me down on the floor. It was yet another thing to feed his already huge ego. He started to whisper in my ear again.

“Seems like I’m the true alpha.”

I was pissed off now. I was already annoyed by his self-absorbed persona, and hearing that flamboyant guy saying that really ticked me off. I had to think of a plan to beat this fucker. Maybe I could roll the two of us so I would be on top? I held my arms around him. I then let my hands touch his back. Now I was tempted to just let them slide a bit further down. I had always seen Scott as this average-looking guy (I don’t know what Patrick saw in him). But lately, I had noticed that he had a really nice ass, which he always showed off in a pair of tight jeans. The image of him leaning by the bar desk at the club while sticking out those two beautiful buns popped into my head. I had to just touch them quickly. I squeezed his firm butt cheeks. When I won, I would fuck him before I continued fucking Patrick; the same plan Scott had. I just had to get out of this.

The game had lasted a few minutes and I was going to lose if something didn’t change quickly. Scott saw the struggle in my eyes and smiled. He loved this. I finally managed to push him off of me, or rather slide him off of me thanks to the vaseline. I got up and was about to crawl away from Scott. Scott, who was right behind me, took a grip around my waist and pulled me against him.

“You’re not going anywhere.” he said.

I felt his dick between my butt cheeks and his breath in my neck. This was not good. I decided to make the most out of it and pushed my ass harder against his hard dick. I was well-aware that I had a nice bubble-butt, and rubbing it against Scott’s cock could arouse him. Unfortunately, it was exciting for me too. Scott started to whisper in my ear again.

“Mmh… That feels so good. I’m getting closer, mate.”

He then licked my ear nod. What I dreaded then happened. He took a grip of my cock and started to jerk it off. I couldn’t stay in this position. I grabbed his wrists and pulled myself out of our position. I got up with some pre-cum dripping from my hard cock. Patrick looked horny as hell from the sofa with his shifty eyes. Scott didn’t look as cocky as he had done earlier. Maybe he was getting close to cumming too. I looked at his shiny body. I made a move and managed to get behind him and pressed myself against his body as I held my arms around him. My crotch was pressed against his smooth bubble butt. He started to bend forward, making my crotch pressing harder against it. I didn’t know what to do now. It didn’t matter. He somehow managed to grab me and threw me to the floor. I landed on my back.

“Nice, Scott!” Patrick cheered.

Scott was soon on top of me so we were in a 69-position. His spreaded ass escort kayseri was right by my face. Having seen this guy walking seductively in his tight jeans at the club, I would never have imagined seeing his ass from this angle. I felt how he started sucking my cock and I groaned, very loudly.

“That’s a nice ass.” Patrick said. “Don’t you think Alex?”

“Not as nice as mine. Don’t you remember?” I responded in a cracking voice.

I looked at Scott’s manhood hanging between his legs, jiggling as he was sucking me. I grabbed his hard cock and jerked him off. He was clearly enjoying it as his cock got even harder and his focused sucking started to dwindle. After some time, I felt his lips leaving my cock and and he crawled off of me. I felt revealed. Scott was in a doggy-position. His back was arched and his butt cheeks were spread. I had to look away. The sight of a now nude Patrick with his big dick standing up didn’t help either. Scott got up at last, and we were ready to continue.

The game carried on and we had been rolling around, back and forward. Besides having a load ready to come out, I was getting physically tired and so was Scott. We looked at each other for a few seconds in silence.

“Let’s finish this.” I said.

“I’d love that.”

We got up towards each other until our bodies were pressed against one another, chest-against-chest, stomach-against-stomach and crotch-against-crotch. We moved our hips as our cocks grinded against each other while we were still looking into the other’s eyes. We continued like that. I grabbed his ass to press our cocks even harder against each other. He did the same, and I even felt one of his fingers tickling my hole. Scott’s breathing was getting more rapid and shakier. He was biting his lips and frowned his eyebrows. He must have been close now. I kept humping my dick against him and with every hump he humped back. Was he about to cum? One thing was certain… I felt that tickling feeling in my lower stomach. What I was dreading was about to happen and there wasn’t much I could do about it. I cringed my face and Scott saw what was about to happen.

“He’s coming!” Scott yelled.


It was too late to do anything about it now. Cum sprouted like a fountain and landed all over me and Scott made sure to milk out every last drop with his hip movements. It was over. Scott and I got out of our position. Scott raised his arms in victory.

“Fuck yeah!” he cheered. “Alex, that was too easy!”

A nude Patrick got up and soon he and Scott were making out. All I could do was to watch the nude men embracing and kissing each other. Patrick then looked at Scott, clearly impressed by his performance.

“Nice job, Scott. What will you do now?”

Scott glanced at me. I knew what he wanted to do. A few moments after, I was being fucked by Scott, doggy-style.

“You like it, Alex?” Scott asked.

“I think he does.” Patrick said as he was watching us.

He was probably referring to my big groans. Scott continued.

“You didn’t think you could actually beat me? You should be happy though. Not everyone has the honour to get fucked by me. And soon Patrick will get to feel my amazing dick inside of him.”

All I could do was to lie there and take it. Again, I’d never imagine the two of us in a situation like this.

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