All in a Day’s Work Ch. 01

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June 12th, 2014, Glendale Arizona.

“Good morning.” Tess had looked at the screen of her cellphone when it began vibrating. It was Gina calling her. Tess was setting at an outside table at ‘The Bean Bag’, her favorite coffee shop where she tried very hard to start each day. She had a copy of the Sun on the seat beside her, the entertainment section opened and a double shot latte with half cream and extra foam to sip on. Life was good.

“And, to what do I owe the pleasure of this early morning call?” Tess asked.

Gina giggled into the phone. Gina sometimes came across as a little immature but Tess knew she had become a valuable and actually irreplaceable member of her business. “I was worried about the new client last night.” Gina said. “You don’t normally take last minute appointments with people you don’t know.” She added. “I was worried.”

“Am I missing something?” Tess said teasingly. “I believe it was you that called me with the lead.”

“Hey.” Gina said. “That’s what you pay me to do.” She protested.

Tess smiled. “It is, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Gina said. “So give.”

“This is a cell phone.” Tess said. “It was fine and I sent you the credit card information late last night.” Tess explained. “So perhaps you should be processing that instead of being so nosey.”

“Well crap.” Gina said. “I’ll just stop worrying about you then. You’ll be on your own.”

Tess hesitated. “No you won’t.” She whispered.

“No.” Gina said. “I won’t. But you shouldn’t be so snotty in the mornings. And besides, I already processed the charge.” Gina offered.

“I know sweetie.” Tess said. “You know I check the accounts every morning.”

“Oh, yea.” Gina said. “Hey, then why did you?”

“Relax.” Tess instructed. “I haven’t had my coffee yet.”

“Yea, I know how that is.” Gina agreed.

“Yes, you do.” Tess smiled. Gina had greeted the morning sunshine from Tess’s bed more than once, for sure. In fact, that is where it all started three years ago.

November, 8th, 2011. Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Tess saw the long line of hopefuls cued to enter the ‘Cherry Stem’ as she stopped her BMW convertible at the valet stand. Her good friend. Gretchen was at the head of the line. One elbow resting on a small podium with her clipboard in hand as she was every night of the year. Gretchen was the one who regulated both the quantity and quality of the occupants of the bar. The bar, in fact, was the most popular lesbian nightclub between Los Angeles and New York City. She handed her key and a folded five dollar bill to a girl dressed in a white blouse, short black tie and even shorter pleated black skirt. “Thanks.” Said Tess.

“My pleasure.” She offered and slid in behind the wheel. Tess closed the door and saw that her skirt had slid up to her crotch, revealing a magnificent pair of legs.

Tess smiled at her. “I think maybe my seat is the winner here.” The girl giggled as she dropped the car in gear, heading for the valet lot.

When Tess stepped onto the curb, Gretchen gave her a smile. “Well, where the hell you been?” She said.

“Some people work for a living.” Tess offered.

Gretchen waved her clip board. “So what the fuck you call this?” Gretchen was a very tall muscular dike with tattooed covered arms and enough facial piercings that her nickname was ‘Tackle Box’.

Tess looked down the line of waiting women. They stood there, every size and shape. Young, not so young, rich, not so rich, but all of them had one thing in common. They all ranged from pretty to drop dead gorgeous. They were dressed as sexy as legally allowed in Phoenix, which was about anything a woman was brave enough to leave her house wearing. “I’d call this Gretchen’s outdoor buffet.”

Gretchen laughed. “I sort of is, right?”

Gretchen nodded toward the door. “Go on in. I’ve filled the place with eye candy just for you.”

“You didn’t know I was coming.” Tess teased.

“Fuck you, I was just hoping.”

“I’m flattered.” Tess said as she headed to the door.

Someone in line called out. “What the fuck. How come she gets to go right in?”

Gretchen replied. “Someone help the blind chic. She obviously didn’t get a good fucking look.”

Gretchen was more than right. Tess was twenty seven, five-ten, and one hundred and twelve pounds of lovely. She was athletic and slim with smallish breasts. Her hair was a shiny black, short and curly. Her legs, in the short black dress she was wearing, were eye catching. She tanned daily for two hours and worked out for three.

Tess made her way through the crowd to the bar where a seat at the far end was vacant. She slid onto it as Rita, the regular barmaid approached. She placed a cocktail napkin down and slid a vodka martini with extra onions in front of Tess.

“Perfect.” Tess said.

“Sure.” Rita smiled and headed back to help a line of arms waving empty glasses.

“Sorry.” A voice spoke behind Tess.

Tess turned to see a perky young girl smiling at her. She was shorter than Tess but also slender and quite pretty. She was wearing a white blouse, dark pleated skirt and white knee socks with loafers. Tess smiled Anadolu Yakası Escort at the thought of such a cute thing looking like a catholic school girl in a lesbian bar. What the fuck was she thinking?

The girl hesitated. Then she said. “I was setting there.” Then she nodded to a table. “That woman asked me to dance so I did and, well.”

“I bet she did.” Said Tess “So, I took your seat?”

The girl nodded. “That’s alright,” She said. “I should have left a drink or something. Sort of marking my territory.” She turned to go.

“Hey.” Tess said. “I suppose we could share.”

“Excuse me?” She said.

Tess extended a hand. “I’m Tess.”

The girl hesitated and then shook Tess’s hand and said. “Gina.”

Tess held on to her fingers and gently tugged, urging her closer. The girl came without resistance. Tess turned sideways and pulled her in between her now widened legs. She turned Gina to face away from her and ran her hands around her waist. When Gina was settled onto the edge of the stool between Tess’s legs, Tess asked. “How’s that?”

Gina’s hand was resting on Tess’s thigh. “I like this.” She said. “It’s comfortable and I can see everything.”

Tess looked over the girl’s shoulder. Her small breasts were in view down the top of her blouse and without a bra to protect them. Her skirt had ridded up her legs and most of her upper thighs were in view. “So can I.” Tess said.

“What?” the girl asked.

“See everything.” She replied.

Gina laughed. She picked at the hem of her dress. “You can’t.”

Tess patted her thigh. “No.” She agreed. “But the night is young, right?”

Gina laughed again. “Yea.” She answered.

Tess knew at that moment that she was going to bring this girl home with her and that she was going to spend most of the night making love to her and she would even let the girl return that pleasure, something she rarely did. What she did not realize, could not, was that the two would become best friends, business partners and regular lovers for years.

Tess was, after all, a call girl. She was an escort. She was the most in-demand lesbian prostitute in Phoenix. She was earning in excess of three hundred thousand a year and she turned away new clients regularly. She was often forced to decline regular clients as well because of the haphazard way she managed her schedule. And that would sometimes disappoint a rich wife or corporate executive in want of a safe and discreet liaison with a beautiful and very talented lesbian.

“You should let me manage your schedule.” Gina whispered one night. Tess had just given her a second climax and she was laying on her back running her fingers through Tess’s hair as Tess placed soft kisses on her tummy.

“What would you know of my business?” Tess asked.

“Well, I know women call you and you have sex with them.” Gina said. “Oh, sure, there are details like when and where and how much and credit cards and concierges to pay but really, when you think about it. It’s just me doing all the things you’re really bad at.”

Tess laughed and ran her tongue into Gina’s navel. Gina giggled. “You’re right. I suck at that stuff.”

“So, I could do that and you could just do what you.” She started laughing and drew her knees up and her legs folded over Tess’s back as she continued to laugh.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Tess looked up from between Gina’s legs.

“So you.” Gina laughed more. “Can suck at what you really like.” She pulled a pillow over her head trying to muffle her sound.

Tess started to laugh too. Tess pulled herself free of Gina’s grip and rose to her knees. She ran her hands under Gina’s hips and pulled her down the bed. Tess crawled over the girl until she straddled her chest. “Maybe I’ll just make you suck a while.” She moved forward until she straddled Gina and Gina’s mouth found her pussy.

“I love pleasuring you.” She mumbled.

Tess ran her fingers through Gina’s hair as she started to rock in time with Gina’s tongue.

June 12th, 2014, Glendale Arizona.

“So, what’s my schedule look like?” Tess asked.

“You have an eleven o’clock with Ellen at the Breckenridge. Your key is waiting at the counter in your name so you should arrive about ten till.” Gina advised. “Oh yea, you probably remember, she likes to ‘top’ sometimes so be ready.”

Tess was making a few notes.

“At three, you are meeting a new client.” Gina said.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Tess said. “I thought we agreed that.”

Gina interrupted her. “I know but I met with her personally and I promise, you want to see her at least once.”

“Fine.” Tess said. “What?”

“Well, she is the new wife of Conrad Corning, the oil and cattle guy who owns about all of the dessert south of Phoenix that the government has not gotten their hands on.” Gina recited.

“About her?” Tess asked.

“Yea. I’m getting there. She is, well was, a ballerina. She is Spanish and speaks only broken English. As you might imagine, being a dancer, she has a body to die for.” Gina sounded excited. “I mean I met with her for over an hour yesterday and Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan she is just precious. Beautiful and, oh, yea, She’s twenty. Just turned twenty.”

“So I’m confused.” Tess said.

“I know what you’re going to say. He married her for his trophy wife. The guy is seventy four for Christ sake. She married him for the money. And get this. The only stipulation is.” Gina waited.

“She can’t be with another man.” Tess said.

“Bingo. Give the lucky lady a prize.” Gina said. “And I promise, this is definitely a prize you want. Hell, it won’t even be like working.”

“Alright. Details.” Tess said.

“You are meeting her at her home. Husband is traveling. Oh, and by the way. He is aware of this arrangement and yea, he’s fine with it.” Gina said. “I have texted you the details.”

“Alright. What about payment?” Tess asked.

“You see. This is why I do this job and not you.”

“What?” Tess said.

“She want’s two hours.” Gina said “And she agreed to eight thousand.”

Tess whistled into the phone. “Really?”

“Really.” Gina said. “This might be where you say thanks though.”

“Fuck you.” Tess said smiling to herself.

“That would do also.” Gina said.

“Fine, it’s a date.” Tess said.

“You mean for me or the ballerina? I’m confused.” Gina said.

“Both.” Tess said and ended the call.

Tess’s outcall with Ellen Cooper went as always. Ellen was a thirty eight year old partner at Blaire, Barns, Jackson, Hintz and Cooper. A prestigious area law firm. Tess pleasured her and she pleasured Tess and Ellen dressed, left ten one-hundred dollar bills on the table and before she left, leaned over the edge of the bed and planted a final soft kiss on Tess’s swollen bud. Tess was always expected to remain nude and lay quietly on the bed until Ellen had departed.

Tess showered and used a bit of flavored oil over her labia and a bit more inside her vagina just in case her new client might lean the same direction as Ellen.

She stopped for a quick lunch, brushed her teeth once more in the restaurant bathroom and called Gina. “I put the address in the GPS up it just shows a dot on the middle of nowhere.”

“Yea, she said they were off of the grid but there will be an enormous stone entrance with a fountain. She said you couldn’t miss it.”

“I think that’s what they said to the Donner party.” Tess said.

“Call if you get lost.” Gina said. “And enjoy.”

“What makes you think I’ll have a signal?” Tess asked.

“Then I suggest you drive till you get one.” Gina giggled.

“I should fire you.” Tess said.

“You wouldn’t.” Gina said.

“No, but I should.” Tess grinned. She loved their banter.

“Make sure you park well off of the highway now. I wouldn’t want you getting run over.” Gina advised.

“What are you talking about now?” Tess asked.

“Well, I figure after this little meeting you might want to pull over and take a nap. Maybe spent a few minutes getting yourself off.” Gina said. “And this is where you tell me. Fuck you. I know.” She hung up before Tess could do it.

The entrance was in deed un-missable, if that was a word. Huge described it. Outrageous or gaudy or gross or ridiculous may have also been appropriate. Once onto the ranch however, the relentless extraction of our subterranean aquifer was showing results. A mile of green pastures and fruit trees lined the drive. Nearer the house there was even a large putting green. “Fuck.” Tess mumbled.

Tess exited her car to be greeted by a young beautiful girl, tall and slender and obviously the dancer. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore spandex shorts and a matching sports bra. She literally looked delicious.

She smiled at Tess as she hurried to the side of the car. She immediately offered her hand. “Anna.” She said in very broken English.


“Please you come, please?” She pointed to the house. Inside, it was truly a magnificent structure although Tess could not imagine living in it. It was more a museum than a home. Filled with stuffed heads and full mounts and every possible Indian artifact, she tried to take it all in.

The girl said. “You wish some things, drinks?”

Tess shook her head.

She seemed a little nervous. “Then we maybe.” She hesitated searching for the right words. She shrugged and gave up. “Up.” She then said and pointed to the staircase that wrapped half way around the room.

“You wish to go upstairs?” Tess said.

“Please.” She said but then hesitated. “No.” She said. “Not me.” Then she added. “We.” She smiled as though she had accomplished a real task.

“Yes.” Tess said “We should both go.” She insisted on following Tess as they climbed the stairs. Tess thought she might be afraid that she would turn and try to escape leaving her all alone again.

At the top, the girl took her hand and led her down the hall. “Married seis, seis,” she though. “Six.” She exclaimed. “Meses.” She added.

“You have been married six months?” Tess offered.

The girl grinned. “Long time.” She said.

In the master bedroom, Escort Anadolu Yakası Tess smiled at her. She took the girls hand and pulled her close. “Very.” She said. “I understand and I promise you we are going to take care of that little problem today.”

“Take care.” The girl repeated.

“Exactly.” Tess said.

“Little problem.” The girl whispered. “Not so true, this little.”

Tess lifted her chin and kissed her ever so gently. They stood and as they kissed, Anna became supple in Tess’s hands. “I know.” She whispered.” It’s not such a little problem is it?”

“Not little.” Anna said. “You fix, please.”

Tess grinned and started unbuttoning her blouse. “It’s what I do.” She slipped it from her shoulders and tossed it aside. She reached for the button on her skirt.

“I do too” Anna said.

Tess shook her head. “No.” She whispered. “You watch.”

“Yes.” Anna said. “I should.”

She stood and Tess unzipped her skirt and eased it over her hips. She stepped free and tossed it. She unhooked her bra and it dropped into her hands. She tossed it out of the way. She motioned to Anna and Ann came right to her. “Take them off.” She instructed.

Anna reached for her top but Tess caught her hands. “Mine.” She said again. “Please remove them.” Tess looked down at her own panties.

Anna watched and then she seemed to understand. “I?” She asked. “I do?”

She didn’t wait. She knelt and reached for the top of Tess’s panties and began pulling them over her hips. When Tess’s sex came into view, the girl paused and just stared. After a few seconds, Tess wiggled her hips and the girl smiled, pulling them down to her ankles. She set still as Tess lifted one foot and then the other. The girl looked up with Tess’s panties in her hand.

Tess was nude and looking as beautiful as ever. She left the girl setting and went to a large chair and set down. She waited and watched the girl kneeling on the floor before her. Finally the girl spoke. “I not know.” She offered.

“Undress.” Tess said.

“Undress?” Anna repeated.

Tess thought. “Nude.” She said,

“Desnudo.” Anna grinned. She stood up and dropped the panties. She quickly pealed her top over her head. She had tiny breasts but Tess thought she looked marvelous.

Anna poked her thumbs into the top of her spandex shorts and worked to peal the tight fitting pants down her legs. When she was out of them, she straightened and looked at Tess as if wanting approval.

Tess slowly stood and went to the girl. She ran a hand around the back of her neck, eased her head forward until their lips met. The girl seemed starved for sexual attention. As they kissed, Anna’s tongue began searching Tess’s mouth. Tess let her explore. When Tess pulled her lips free of the girl, she whispered. “Bed.” Then she remembered. Her High school Spanish was finally paying off. “Cama.” Tess said.

A broad grin came on the girl’s face and she turned and went to the bed. She eased herself up as her eyes remained glued on Tess. When she was in the middle of the bed, she set and watched Tess come to the foot of the bed and smile at her. Tess waved her fingers and the girl leaned back. Tess continued and she lay back until she was completely flat. Then Tess turned both hand up and did small up and down motions. Anna slowly drew her knees up. Tess put her hands together but the girl needed no further direction. She lay her knees to the sides opening herself. Her small perfectly shaped labia lay exposed to Tess. She was smoothly shaved and she had no tan lines. Her body was to die for and Tess was about to explore it all. Tess eased up and moved between her legs. She was on her knees as she placed a hand on either side of the girl’s shoulders. She leaned down and kissed her lips. She ran her tongue over Anna’s lips. She licked her chin and kissed her way down her neck.

The girl moaned. “Long time.” Whispered Tess.

“Long.” Anna said. “So.” She added.

Tess’s mouth spread kisses over her chest and she sucked her nipples. The girl moaned and rolled her body slowly side to side. Tess began a trail of kisses along her ribcage and Anna’s hand came to the back of Tess’s head. Her other hand found her shoulder and seemed to be urging her on, ever so gently. Tess kissed Anna across her abdomen and when her fingers passed between the girl’s legs, brushing over her sex for the first time, Anna shivered and arched her back.

“Slowly, my love.” Tess said. “Lento.” And Anna’s hand pulled free of Tess and she lay there letting Tess pleasure her. Tess slid her hands under Anna’s ass cheeks and began kissing her inner thighs from side to side. Anna’s legs began to close, wanting to hold Tess hostage. Forcing her to finally touch her deepest desire. When Tess placed her first soft kiss onto Anna’s bud, Anna tossed her head and her hands reached up pressing against the headboard. Her feet came off of the bed, suspended in the air. Her legs fell wide apart.

The orgasm hit so fast it surprised both of them. Tess had become very adept at reading the signs and she always knew when her lover was ready but this girl. This girl had to have been in serious need. She closed her lips around the swollen clitoris and sucked down on it. Anna grunted and humped and whimpered as her climax continued. Tess slipped a thumb into Anna’s vagina and Anna’s ass lifted up. Tess’s other thumb found her entrance and jointed its mate. As Tess spread her sex, Anna had a second, just as powerful orgasm crash over her.

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