All Summer Long Ch. 02

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Anri Okita

Chapter 2 – Little Man in the Boat

The next day my Dad had to fly out for a promotional review with his publisher in New York. Mom wasn’t happy, but she knew that Dad had a book coming out and needed to review the marketing plan to make sure the book would be a success when it hit shelves.

Dad had told me one time that he’d almost killed his writing career trusting his agent to handle publishers. His plan was to drive in to Manistique, catch a puddle-jumper to Chicago, and from there to New York. Total trip should be two or three days tops, and this didn’t seem like too much work for an entire summer off.

So that left me, Sherry and Mom alone at the house for a couple days. The place still wasn’t totally set up after being boxed up for the winter, and one of the small bedrooms downstairs was stuffed with bags and boxes, spare mattresses and other assorted stuff. Since we only needed three rooms anyway, we had put all the suitcases in this spare room as well.

That morning, after my Mom drove my Dad out to the airport, I ran in to my sister coming out of the spare room. She was wearing one bikini top, and carrying another whole suit. She had on white gym shorts over what was probably the matching bikini bottom and beach sandals.

“Hey Danny,” she said a little absently. She was looking intently at herself and the suit in her hands.

“What’s up squirt?” I said yawning. Mornings start slow for me and it was past ten already. Everyone else had been up and moving, I was looking for coffee and cereal.

“Which do you think looks better?” Sherry asked, holding up a pink top to compare against the yellow top she was wearing. The yellow was kind of plain, covered a lot of space and was the kind of bathing suit Mom and Dad wouldn’t give her a hard time about. The pink suit was much smaller, showing about half of each boob and if I remembered right the bottom was practically a thong. I tried to shove that thought out of my head.

“I dunno. Haven’t you been wearing the yellow?” I asked. I knew the answer but this seemed like the best way to exit the fashion conversation. I had come up with exactly two suits, one to wear and one to dry while the other was being worn. I hadn’t counted, but I’m pretty sure Sherry had brought at least a hundred.

“I think I’m gonna wear the pink today. Dad’s not here and Mom won’t bother me about it.”

This was true. Our mother would probably get home and make a martini. I’m not saying she had a drinking problem, but “vacation times call for vacation measures, as momma used to say” was a phrase we heard often enough as she got pouring.

“Danny, will you take me out on the boat today? Just to sunbathe, I’m kind of tired of fish.”

“Yeah, I guess I can do that,” I said, trying hard not to think about my sister wearing her little pink bikini out in the sun. “I’ll row if you’ll pack lunch.”

“Oh, thanks Danny! That’ll be so much quieter than the engine, and it’s not like we need to go anywhere.”

Sherry went to change, and I went to get coffee. A few minutes later, I was sitting in the living room watching a sports show, drinking a huge cup of coffee and finishing a bowl of cereal. I was about to open up a banana to finish breakfast when Sherry came skipping in to the room in the pink bikini top and bottom.

“Ta-da!” She announced, striking a pose. “Don’t you love this suit, Danny?”

I did. I tried not to let my eyes pop, but she really did look amazing. About 5’6 and thinly muscular, with a taut belly, shaped thighs from cross-country running and long sandy-dark hair bleached by the last week or so of sun. Her tan was uneven from the variety of suits she’d been wearing, but those parts that got exposure were a deep even brown. She turned around in a quick circle and I saw that, in fact, the back was a thong, showing off a cute little ass as she gave a delicious wiggle just before finishing her turn.

“Very cute,” I said, turning my eyes to the sports show. Even in summer time, they seemed to like to talk hockey up here. I tried hard to think about hockey. Cold, smooth ice and toothless Canadian guys mashing each other into glass. Cold ice down my pants . . . a bucket’s worth . . . keeping the monster at bay.

“Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, if you get burned and can’t sit down Dad will throw that suit away.”

“He wouldn’t do that! Besides, that’s what I came in here for.” She hopped over to the couch and flopped down beside me, reaching for the bottle of sunscreen sitting on the table right in front of me. “See?” she said. Then, “so are you gonna eat that?”

I was still holding the banana up, waiting to unwrap it.

Sitting there, looking at her next to me in the tiny pink bikini, feeling her body pressed against me and holding this ridiculous yellow phallus between us, I started to feel very uncomfortable. What the hell was going on in my head lately? Like the wheels were turning but the hamsters were drunk.

“Here.” She took the banana out of my hands, and tore down Giresun Escort one corner. Unwrapping just a bit, she took a little bite off the top. “Small toll charge.” She said, smiled, and left after handing me back the banana.

I held the banana a second longer, stunned and watching her hips and hair sway as she went back to the bedroom. I looked over on the couch, and there was the bottle of sunscreen. She must have put it down when she took the banana and forgot it while making an exit.

Maybe I wasn’t the only one distracted?

We hit the water about a half hour later. Mom hadn’t made it home yet, so we left her a note about going out on the lake for a bit. I didn’t think she’d worry too much, and would probably be glad for some quiet time.

Hitting the lake, I took off my shirt and set myself to getting a good row on. The day wasn’t too hot yet, and my body was feeling under exercised lately. I’d been outside a good deal, but I hadn’t really exerted myself and was enjoying the tension in my arms, shoulders and back.

Looking towards the back of the boat, I was also quietly enjoying the view. Sherry sat in the stern, rummaging in the bag she’d packed for a hair barrette. She fastened her hair back, put on some too-big shades, and looked out over the side of the boat putting on some lip balm.

I admired again how pretty she’d grown up. Like most big brothers I felt pretty protective of my sister, and I knew guys had been trying with her for a few years now. I didn’t think any of them had made any real progress, but wasn’t too concerned about it either. She seemed squishy and sweet, but I knew deep down she was strong and could take care of herself.

I didn’t think anyone was likely to take advantage of her, and would have clapped any guy that tried to hurt her. That was one reason I was so confused over what had happened yesterday. Had anything really happened at all? Was I just oversexed and getting jumpy at every breeze that blew?

The confusion was killing me, and I turned my mind to the work. Drag the oars back, push ’em out, pull back hard, an endless cycle of wind and sweat and muscle. I didn’t bother really looking where I was going, the draw on the boat was all of 18 inches and the lake was miles across. I’d drop of exhaustion before I got anywhere we couldn’t get out of.

Sherry said something and I missed it.

“Danny?”, she said again. “I think we’ve gone far enough.” She looked at me with a little concern in her face.

Looking up, I stopped rowing and saw that we’d gone further than I expected. The shore was in sight, but the cabin was a smudge I could barely make out. Clear day and open lake, I must have taken us a mile or more out.

I stretched out my sore arms and took stock of just how tired they’d gotten. The muscles in my biceps were cramping a little and I took a swig from the water bottle at my feet.

Sherry moved up the boat beside me. “Turn around.”, she said. I did and she rubbed my shoulders and arms with a practiced solid touch. “Wow, you’re getting so strong! You really didn’t have to show off for me, you know.”

I laughed. “Well, I guess I should have asked.” I said, reaching over my shoulder to pat her hand. “Would have saved me some trouble.”

Sherry took the hand on my shoulder, and put it in both of hers. I thought I felt her lean her cheek against it for just a second, and then she kissed my fingers and let go.

“Ok, let’s bake.” She went back to the stern and stretched a towel out on the bench. Looking at the sun, she picked an end to lie on and let her feet hang over the edge of the boat. I did the same and for a couple minutes we just let the wind move us.

“Danny, can you put some lotion on my back?” Sherry said, turning over with her face pointed towards me. She held out a bottle of some lotion with a low SPF and pictures of palm trees. “I want to get the perfect shade of cocoa.”

“You do, huh?” I said, moving over to her side. “Well, you’re going to have to work at it. . . you’re kind of a mess right now. All brown and white and red, you look like a melted crayon box.”

I thought the phrase was a joke. I thought she’d laugh, or slap my hand, or something else like she’d done a million times. But I looked at her face, and she looked crushed. Her mouth hung open and her eyelids were heavy like she was holding back tears.

“Oh, you’re terrible! What a mean thing to say!”, she blurted.

“Hey, hey, I didn’t mean it like that. You’re beautiful, the prettiest sister a guy could hope for. I was just joking ’cause of all the different suits you wear and the different tan lines you get. That’s all.”

She looked at me for a second. Her eyes got steady and she stopped looking sad, but she didn’t smile. I thought she looked serious, and maybe a little nervous. Then she sat up, faced me, and reached behind and took off her top.

Still holding my eyes, she took her hands away from her breasts and slowly moved them down and took off her bottoms Giresun Escort Bayan too. My gorgeous sister sat there in front of me, totally nude and arching her breasts up in to the air.

My mouth dropped open and I couldn’t breathe.

“There.”, she said. “I’ll get an all-over tan instead.” My cock started to thicken along the side of my shorts, and she glanced briefly in that direction before leaning forward and giving me a little kiss on the cheek. She lay back down on the bench, chest down and facing me.

“So, can you put the lotion on me now, Danny?” The dare in her voice was undeniable.

I looked at her, stretched out from end to end, and took in every inch of my sister’s smooth, sweat glistened skin. I noticed details I never had before, like a little mole on her shoulder or the fine baby-pale fuzz at the triangle of her lower back just before it rose to the swell of her bottom. I studied the tan lines, brown, to reddish, to white easing in on either side of her firm, raised ass.

I admired the way her athlete’s thighs just came together in the crack of her crotch, showing the smallest trace of pubic hair between them. Easing apart, her legs turned in to firm calves and just slightly too-large feet. I noticed for the first time that she’d put pink nail polish on her toes, almost the same color as the bikini that was crumpled in front of me now.

At a guess I looked at her fingers as she smoothed some hair over her ears. She’d done her finger nails in the same color. She was looking at me now, studying my face and seeing how I’d react.

“Go ahead.”, she said, turning her face to the other side and adjusting in a way that raised her ass off the seat for a second. I watched her settle and fought down my nerves, thinking of all the reasons I should tell her to put her suit back on and row us out of there.

Instead, I picked up the lotion.

I started safe, moving her hair up over her neck and rubbing down her shoulders. Coating the arm closest to me, I then reached over her and coated the one dangling on her other side, stopping to put a kiss on her cheek as I did. She smiled contentedly and I worked my way down her back, coating with the fine oil and appreciating the softness of her body.

Reaching the base of her back, I skipped rubbing her ass for a second, moving instead to her legs. I had plans for that ass, and wanted to make sure she was cool before I went with it. Taking one leg at a time I rubbed them down, easing each thigh apart and giving myself a clear view of her pussy.

I moved my hands up her thighs, gripping with my full hands, one on the outside and one up on the inside. I let both hands move on her legs in ways a brother should never be touching his sister. My outside hand would circle up, squeezing the ass cheek and rubbing in lotion, and my inside hand would move up fingers first, not quite touching her pussy but letting her know I could any time I decided. Sherry’s breath was getting heavy, and I wasn’t even trying to hide my erection pushing at the edge of my shorts.

With my hands back on her calves, I put a last bit of lotion on my fingertips, and decided it was moment of truth time: I let my hand move all the way to where my palm cupped her left ass cheek, and my fingers were poised by her labia. Easing her open, I slid the tip of my middle finger along her lips to her clit, probing open her pussy as I did. I could feel how wet she already was, and when I touched her clit Sherry let out a deep, breathless moan.

I realized we’d both been holding our breath for several seconds. Up to this point, things might have been risque, but either of us could have played it off. Now we were over that line. I moved my finger inside her, and she arched her neck up, eyes squeezed shut and hands gripping the side of the boat. She pressed herself against my finger, forcing me deeper and showing me that the wetness wasn’t just from sweat.

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I reached my left hand across her, and lifted her hips so her ass pointed to the sky. Sherry held the position, and I gripped her far butt cheek with one full hand, pressing my mouth against the other and working my finger deeper in to her. She started to breathe faster and with every exhale another little moan escaped. She put one knuckle between her teeth, and bit down was biting down as she pressed herself against my hand.

Sherry’s face was getting red, and I tried to insert a second finger. Her pussy was too tight, so I worked one finger against the other, loosening up her slick wet cunny. Slowly, I felt the muscle relax and let my second finger in. With my middle and ring finger together, I pushed in and pressed my fingertips against the vagina wall, seeing if I could stimulate her g-spot.

I fingered her steadily for several minutes, moving my other hand up and down her back, in to her hair, and then back down to her ass. I kissed on her rear end some more, moving up to the peak point where her ass showed Escort Giresun a little curve to the sky and reaching behind to spread her open.

As I moved up, I felt her hand against my shorts, reaching for my cock. I pulled my shorts down and our eyes met. Sherry had the same red, excited smile I did, and I eagerly put my rock hard cock where her hand could grab it.

Sherry reached me and started to stroke my cock overhand, pulling a bit too much but exciting me just the same. I put my face back against her hip, looking at her while she looked at me over her shoulder, both of us using our hands on each other in ways I’d never imagined us doing.

Sherry came once, a short spasm that I felt from the inside with her pussy contracting strongly against my middle finger now two knuckles in to her. I let her have the orgasm, pushing my thumb in circles against her clit and working the inside of her pussy walls some more. I rocked my hips, moving my cock in her hand as she came, showing her how excited it got me to feel her cum on my hand. Eventually, her orgasm passed I moved my fingers out of her.

Easing her hips back against the bench, I took my shorts all the way off and straddled her. Her ass was dry, the lotion worn off, so I put some more on my hands. I rubbed her ass up and down, easing her crack open with my thumbs and then sliding a finger back against her pussy lips. I moved my cock up along the crack of her ass, and started to rub with my hips back and forth against her, dry-humping that delectable ass and letting the lotion lubricate my steaming prick.

My hands roamed free, moving along her spine, rubbing her shoulders and back all while I continued grinding my hips against her smooth, soft butt. I moved lower, easing her legs apart with my knees and getting ready to put my cock in. I didn’t care if it was wrong or not, I was going to fuck my sister face down on the bench of this ugly little rowboat.

“Danny, don’t.” Sherry said, rolling over a bit to look at me. “I want to, but we don’t have any condoms here. I can’t get pregnant with you.” She looked suddenly unhappy and distressed.

“Oh. Okay, yeah, you’re right.” I said, trying to calm down. My plan had hit a snag. “Sorry, stupid of me.” I moved off, and sat down in the bow, cross-legged in front of her. “You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“No, no Danny!” She sat up, and wrapped her arms around my neck, coming forehead-to-forehead with me. “After yesterday, all I could think about was you.” She kissed my forehead and held my face close to her neck. Her next words were muffled, but I thought I picked out the words “little man in the boat”.

“Well, I was working on it.” I said. “I can go down on you some if you want.”

“No, Danny! A little man, on the boat there!” she pulled away and pointed behind me. Sure enough, there was a sailboat tacking by about 150 yards away. A small man with a pair of binocs and a jaunty looking hat was staring at us, calling excitedly over his shoulder for someone else.

I didn’t think this was cool at all. Staring at my naked sister was wrong for me, but for some douchebag stranger it was just totally unacceptable. I stood up in to a half crouch and very clearly gave him the finger, with my still semi-hard penis punctuating the point, just as a young woman came over and joined the man. She didn’t think it was cool either, and slapped the stupid looking hat off his head and in to the water.

I reached the oars and turned us around, still steamed but glad that at least I didn’t have to set us right against the wind and try to out-row what he could do by tacking. I felt pretty sure the woman had just taken care of any problem he would cause.

Sherry refastened her top, and as we turned around she waved to the woman in charge, who waved back at us and then shouted some instruction to her imp of a man. As I rowed away, the sailboat tacked back, and soon moved off to a safe distance.

All this had interrupted what so far had been a very strange morning-afternoon for me. Going from being confused close-minded to confused-“I just jerked my sister off and got caught” while rowing naked back to shore was not a situation I understood well enough to put in to words.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to. After a hundred yards or so, I stopped rowing and started to reach for my shorts. Sherry stopped me.

“Hold up, big brother. I’m not done with you yet.” she smiled. Always a pretty girl, that smile just killed me and had me thinking of all the things I hoped she had in mind.

“You said you’d been thinking about me?”

“Uh-huh. Yesterday, I felt you come in my hands.” I think I blushed.

Sherry moved forward towards me on hands and knees. “I thought it was a shame that got wasted in your pants, wouldn’t want you to have another accident putting these on.” She held up my shorts and tossed them on the bench behind her. I knew where this was going. “Maybe you can let me take care of it instead?” She moved toward me, between my knees.

Easing back, I watched as my sister took my semi-hard cock in her hand. She brushed her hair back out of her face, and looked up at me as she put the tip between her lips and swirled her tongue around on the tip. As I watched, she moved her mouth down over me and started to suck.

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