All Under Control Ch. 08

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Recap: Mina has asked Cam to put her into denial. Initially reticent, he has warmed to the idea. When Mina introduced the idea of hypnosis as a way to control her responses, they decided to see how far they could go in teasing and denying her. Through hypnosis, Bree, her sassy, sexy alter ego has emerged, leading to new possibilities.

In the final episode, we cross over with Hayley from Harbingers Home and Garden, and her peculiar habits. At last Cam has come to accept Mina’s need for domination and orgasm control. He makes a life-changing decision and puts his plan in motion]

I had to lean my back into the front door to open it since my hands were occupied with the grocery bags. I lumbered into the kitchen, passing Mina in the hall and gratefully deposited the bags on the table.

“Hi honey,” I called over my shoulder, “Did you miss me?”

I didn’t stop for an answer, not with the ice cream thawing rapidly, and spent the next few minutes putting the groceries away. When I was done, I walked back out into the hallway where Mina was standing. I smiled at her and gave her lips a soft kiss, feeling the warmth of her breath.

“Back in a minute,” I said, “Just need to get out of these clothes.”

I hurried into the bedroom, my manhood stirring in my underwear. I had been fighting off the urge for close to an hour, walking round the store doing the weekly shop, and I stripped myself bare. I wandered back out to the hall, stopping in front of Mina. I could feel myself coming fully erect.

Mina was looking directly at me, an expression of aching need on her face. She stood there naked except for a pair of dark stockings pulled up to mid-thigh. Here hand was between her legs, her fingers spreading her lips to expose a glint of wetness between her inner folds. The chastity device was where I’d left it, on the side table. As I watched, a droplet of clear fluid formed on the edge of her lips before dripping to the wooden floor and collecting in a tiny puddle.

I walked up to her, smiling, my hands tracing over one of her breasts, squeezing her engorged, darkened nipple. Mina didn’t respond. She couldn’t. Her middle finger was resting on the swollen nub of her clit, immobilised mid-stroke.

“Unfreeze,” I said.

Mina’s eyes blinked, her head turning until she locked eyes with me.

“Oh no. What did you do?”

My eyes travelled down her naked body, to where her fingers hovered over her clit. As I watched, she began to stroke herself again.

“The question is, what did you do?” I asked, smiling.

Mina leaned back against the wall, her face contorting as she started to build herself up to orgasm.

“Does it feel good? Do you like being unlocked down there?”

Mina was staring at her hand now as it moved faster over her exposed crotch. I could see how much she relished her ability to touch herself freely without the chastity device locking her pussy. I could see the sheen of her juices running down the insides of her naked thighs, soaking into her stocking tops, and frowned. She hadn’t been that wet before I’d left her to go shopping.

“Did you manage to play with yourself while I was gone?”

“Uh, what?”

I repeated my question. Mina looked confused, her fingers still burrowing into her pussy frantically.

“Um, uh… gone? When?”

“I did the groceries. I was nearly an hour.”

Mina blinked, grimacing, trying to concentrate on what I was telling her, but her thoughts were being drowned out by the waves of pleasure emanating from between her legs.

“Nnn. Oh. Uh. No, you were just here. Gone? I… oh… ohhhhh….”

Mina fell silent, her fingers suspended motionless as they pressed down on her clit. I stared into her blank, vacant stare for a moment, hunting for any spark of awareness in the soft, grey-blue eyes, but there was none. Mina was switched off again, empty. I kissed her on the cheek, because it seemed the gentlemanly thing to do, as I leaned forward and slid my throbbing cock inside her unresisting entrance. Gathering up her breasts in each hand, I began to rock my hips back and forth, driving into her frozen body, pushing her up against the wall with the force of my thrusts.

Mina felt slick, almost frictionless, her pussy walls fixed mid-contraction on the brink of an orgasm she was never going to have. She felt so tight around me that I knew I wasn’t going to last long, as I slid in and out of her helpless entrance. She’d been turned instantly into a frozen mannequin by a devious trigger embedded into her sex-starved mind: to freeze at the point of climax. Mina had come up with this herself, but I had worked on it, strengthening it with a number of deep hypnosis sessions. Now, the very thing she craved above all else was also the trigger to deny her, taking away the pleasure just at the instant that her body began to release, transforming my beautiful, vivacious girlfriend into a lifeless doll caught in the act of masturbating itself.

The thought turned me on hugely, building my bursa escort arousal to breaking point. I shouldn’t have left her standing helplessly in the hall for so long, I hadn’t even been sure she wouldn’t have just surfaced on her own while I was gone: the urge to obey and to deny herself was obviously very powerful in her head. Unlike Mina’s empty, blank mind, mine had been filled with the vision of her face, arrested at the moment of ecstasy. It had been torture for me. The very notion made me intensify my efforts, until every thrust was pure bliss, building me up to the point of release. I shot into her, still thrusting, pumping her full of my cum, revelling in the feeling of her body against mine.

When I was finished, I pulled out and then picked up the chastity device from the side table. I knelt down in front of her, parting her messy labia and wriggling the stainless-steel bar into place. She was slippery from my cum as it began to trickle out of her immobilised entrance, but I managed to thread the two rings through the piercing holes in her labia, locking them closed. Finally, I threaded the locking rod down through her clit into the body of the device, covering her swollen, sensitive nub in the little steel cup and clicked the lock shut.

I walked to the bathroom to clean myself up from Mina’s copious juices, calling out to my immobilised girlfriend over my shoulder.


As I closed the bathroom door, I saw Mina spring to life, frantically teetering on the very brink of a long-promised, earth-shattering orgasm. Her hand went to her crotch, straining to give herself just one more stroke to send her over the edge, but surprised to discover only unyielding steel now between her labia. I heard her groan loudly in frustration, her teeth clenched, her head tilted back against the wall, straining in defeat as I closed the door.

Jumping into the shower, I began to rinse myself off. After a couple of minutes, I heard the bathroom door open as Mina came in.

“I need to wash up too,” she said in a low monotone.

“Just finished,” I replied, stepping out.

Mina nodded as she passed me, not making eye contact. She looked weary.

I left her to it, drying myself off and heading to the bedroom. After a while, I heard the shower stop and then eventually Mina appeared in the doorway, standing awkwardly, looking at me as I sprawled naked on the bed. She was still wearing the dark thigh-high stockings, wet now from the shower. In my excitement, I had completely forgotten about the command that fixed the stockings in place, how she was programmed to feel the tight, sheer material enveloping her slender legs triggering arousal in her poor, imprisoned pussy. It was how we’d started, this morning, with Mina getting progressively hornier as she tried and failed to remove the thin, dark hose. I patted the space next to me and after a moment’s pause, Mina came and snuggled up to me on the bed.

I tapped each of her stocking tops, telling her, “Unlocked.”

Mina’s hands rolled the wet stockings down her legs, peeling them off her skin and dropping them to the floor.

“That was cruel,” she murmured.

“You sound exhausted.”

“Yeah, apparently I was standing in the hallway on the brink of the biggest orgasm in my life for an hour. I’m shattered.”

“Do you remember any of it?”

“No. Nothing. I just remember you unlocking me and telling me that I was free to try and orgasm, if I could.”

“Then what?”

“Uh, I was building up to the most wonderful orgasm I’d ever had and then I blinked and you were standing there in front of me, and your clothes had disappeared. And then I blinked again and I was suddenly back in chastity.”

“Uh huh. It’s a neat trick, isn’t it? And you came up with it yourself, so you’ve only got yourself to blame.”

Mina shifted against me, and I could tell she was still burning with arousal. I supposed leaving her like I had would do that to a person.

“I really thought you were gonna let me cum this time. You said I was free to.”

“I said you were free to try. Do you want me to let you?”

“Yes, more than you could possibly imagine, but I know you won’t. That’s why you activated the freeze trigger into my head, isn’t it? But it’s too cruel.”

Her face turned towards me, eyes pleading.

“Just once, please. I just want one. I’m so horny,” Mina whimpered as her hand drifted down to rest on my crotch, “Cam, please.”

Mina wrapped her arms around me, pulling her naked body closely against mine, her hand cupping my manhood. The need radiated from her, and I planted a soft kiss on her nose.

“I love you,” I said, “You know I’ll do anything for you and I can see how much this is tormenting you. I’m sorry it’s so hard. I’m really torturing you this time, aren’t I?”

I gave her an encouraging smile as I acknowledged her difficulties. Mina nodded and I could see the longing as she held herself tight against me, waiting, watching as I hesitated. I could detect bursa escort bayan a glimmer of hope there, in her lovely grey-blue eyes.

“Tell you what, I have a suggestion. Why don’t we do this?”

I felt Mina’s body stiffen with anticipation.

“Let’s get dressed and go out for dinner. Somewhere nice. We can open a bottle of wine and relax,” I said, “It’ll take you mind off this. I know your body is screaming for release right now, but after a couple of hours this’ll fade and you’ll go back to feeling normal.”

“But, Cam, wait, please…,” she begged.

“I want to help you get through this, you know that, right?”

“You’re not going to unlock me?” she gasped. “You said you loved me.”

“I do babe. There, all locked up tightly in your pussy, you can feel my cum, can’t you? I love finishing inside you. I love you so much. Which is why I’m not going to unlock you because we both know that, deep down, you never want me to give in.”

I kissed her upturned lips again, watching the realisation dawn in her expression that there was no way out for her, and at that moment I felt a powerful temptation to unlock her and make love to her. I could give her that orgasm, I could use the other triggers I’d managed to embed in her mind to make her climax over and over again with just a word, until she was incoherent and spent beneath me. The temptation was so powerful that I almost gave in.

Instead, I disentangled myself from her embrace and said, “Now, why don’t you pick out something nice to wear? We need to discuss what’s going to happen to you next.”

“You’re relentless,” she moaned.

“Yes Mina, I am. Finally, I’m just what you want me to be.”

I stood up.

“Cam, wait.”

It was the way she said it that gave me pause, the way she looked at me. There was something she needed to say, something portentous.


“Cam,” she hesitated, “That’s enough. Please, can you unlock me?”

I could see she was searching my face seriously, awaiting my response. I couldn’t read her mood.

“I’ve been thinking about this,” she continued, “About the way we are. Can you unlock me?”

“Are you asking, or are you telling, Mina?”

She drew in a deep breath. “Telling.”

My face flushed and I froze, experiencing a strange, unpleasant sensation as the understanding dawned.

“Oh Mina,” I stammered, “Okay. Yes.”

Mina didn’t respond, and I rummaged in the pocket of my discarded jeans to extract her key. My mind was racing, trying to pick up where I’d gone wrong, how I had missed the warning signs, but then suddenly her hands were on mine. I looked up in utter confusion to see her smiling.

“Stop. It’s okay,” she said.

“What?” I stammered, “I… don’t you…?”

She shook her head and said simply, “I just needed to see.”

“What? If I would stop? If I would unlock you?”


I shook my head slowly. “I’m lost,” I confessed.

Mina pushed the key away and kissed me instead.

“The look on your face. I needed to see how you felt, whether you would be pissed off or you’d be disappointed if I’d ended it. I needed to know what this meant to you.”

“And how did I look?”

She wrapped herself around me then, holding me tight.

“You looked like you were sorry,” she answered.

The next day was a slog. I had told Mina my plan at dinner, a plan that I needed in place to ensure that I never cracked, even when the temptation to unlock her was overwhelming. Mina had listened mutely, as if being handed down a sentence, but in the end had simply nodded agreement. Testing me had confirmed something to her and in return she appeared to have crossed a threshold of her own, as if seeing me react with contrition had given her the confidence to go on. In some strange way, I had proved to Mina that I was the man she thought I was, and not the monster I made myself out to be. She accepted the uncertainty of my plan with caution. She was trusting me. To make it work, though, we needed to go shopping.

It was nearly five o’clock when we reached the outlet mall. I pulled into the carpark in front while Mina fiddled aimlessly with her phone.

“We’re here,” I said, more to break the silence than anything.

“I can see that,” Mina replied, but there was very little emotion to it.

“We can just turn around.”

Mina puffed a quick breath through her lips. “No, let’s do it.”

She opened her door and was already half-way to the main doors of Harbingers Home and Garden before I could lock the car. I hurried across the deserted car park after her.

Inside, there were only a few customers. Soft music was playing. A middle-aged woman in the Harbinger’s store uniform was wiping down a checkout. I walked over to her.

“Excuse me, we’re looking for the Home Security section,” I said.

The woman looked up and gestured to one of the aisles.

“Aisle seven,” she said, “Just underneath that big sign that says Home Security.”

Embarrassed, escort bursa I muttered my thanks and followed Mina, who was already on her way.

When I caught up to her, she had already found the safes and was walking along the shelf, reading each description.

“Cam, this is it.”

Mina was pointing at a mid-sized grey box with a digital keypad on the front. For some reason, I tapped the steel with my knuckles to feel how solid it was. Mina cocked an eyebrow at me, and I shrugged.

“It’s a man thing,” I said.


“That feels pretty robust,” I commented. We lapsed into silence, contemplating the grey box.

“Can I help you?”

I turned to see a pretty woman with long auburn hair, dressed in the Harbingers uniform, standing behind us. I hadn’t heard her approach.

“I’m Hayley,” she said, tapping the name badge, “Are you looking for something specific?”

Her stance changed slightly, as she continued, “Or are you looking to Click and Collect?”

“Uh, no. I don’t think we are.”

Hayley gave me a nervous smile. “Sorry,” she said, “I just, uh, I saw you two standing there and assumed. Sorry. Um, anything I can help you with?”

“Yes,” Mina interjected, taking over the meandering conversation from me.

Hayley smiled brightly. “Shoot.”

“We’re looking for a home safe, somewhere to keep a few things. It needs to be fireproof and very hard to break open. We were comparing online and this one looked good.”

Hayley’s eyes flicked to the grey box on the shelf and I watched her drop into sales mode.

“Oh yes, that’s a very good choice, if what you’re looking for is something that’s not too big, but is very secure. In fact, that model would probably survive intact if your house fell down!”

Hayley laughed. I laughed. Mina didn’t.

“What about the access code?” she asked.

“Ah, now that’s really the downside of this model. It’s a three-digit code whereas this model here,” and she pointed to the next item on the shelf, “Is the next model up, same specs, but with multiple four-digit codes, so you could have a code each. It’s a little more expensive though.”

“No, let’s stick with the three-digit model,” Mina continued, “What about if someone tries to guess the combination?”

Hayley nodded. “Good question. You get three attempts and then the panel shuts down for one hour. So if you systematically tried to guess, it’s, uh, a thousand possibilities at….”

“Three hundred and thirty-three hours,” I interjected. I had already done the maths. I looked at Mina, meaningfully, and continued, “If you tried every hour you were awake, it would take twenty days to guess all combinations.”

I watched Mina’s reaction as I pushed a little further. “If you only tried guessing two or three hours a day, say at breakfast and in the evening, it could be as long as four months to go through all the combinations.”

“Or you could get lucky,” Mina countered, “You might only need a few tries.”

We stood there, looking at each other, with the sales assistant between us.

“Fine,” Mina said at last and turned to Hayley, “It sounds ideal, we’ll take it.”

“Good choice,” Hayley began, “I….”

“Just one thing,” Mina interrupted, “Before we take it could you please demonstrate how to set a code?”

“Sure. Let me just get you a new one.”

We both watched Hayley bend down to a lower shelf and retrieve a large shoebox-sized cardboard box. She opened it to reveal an identical safe, still in its plastic. Hayley popped the door open and began to explain.

“Press the key icon like this then your number.”

Mina wasn’t watching the demonstration, she was watching me. I heard the soft beeps as Hayley typed in a random code.

“Now just press the lock icon to set it.”

Mina nodded, taking the safe from Hayley’s hands before she could continue.

“Thanks,” she said. “I’ll take it up to the checkout.”

We walked up to the cashier I’d talked to earlier, Mina carrying the safe with its door open and me carrying the box it came in.

“You don’t want to put the safe in the box maybe?” the cashier asked.

I shook my head and paid, anxious to get out of the store. We crossed the car park in silence. At the car, Mina placed the safe on the car’s roof.

“Ready?” I said.

Mina nodded.

“Did you see the code?” I asked.

“No. Did you?”

“No. The door shuts and it’s going to be months maybe until we get it open.”

Mina stiffened when I said that. I pulled out my keyring from my pocket and detached a tiny key.

“Really ready?”

She turned to me, poking me with an accusatory finger.

“Cam, will you just fucking stop asking? This was your plan all along.”

I placed the little key inside the safe.

“Besides,” she said, “If I said stop, right now, what would you do?”

I clicked the door shut.

“That,” I said, “Regardless of whatever you said I was going to shut the key away. You don’t get a say because your pussy belongs to me. I’m going to make sure that the next time your clit sees daylight you’re going to have forgotten what it’s used for.”

Mina bit her lip, her cheeks flushing as she heard her fate. There was still a spark of defiance in her eyes though. I needed to deal with that.

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