Allie… the Blind Date

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Susan walked up to me in the “quad” at Cal State Fullerton, midway through my senior year… “I have a friend that I want you to date,” she said. “Allie is a beautiful woman who guys ignore because of her ‘tiny titties.’ She’s only an A-cup on a university campus of girls that are stacked.”

“And you want her to date me?” I asked. “Like her tits are the main feature? That’s shallow!”

“You’ve dated small chested women before,” Susan responded. “You’re interested in a quality woman, for a relationship. Not a ‘booby queen’ to screw.”

“True, but what would Allie think of why you are setting us up?” I asked. “What are her interests? What is she majoring in? I know she is intelligent or she would not be a university student. but what about the rest of her?”

“She just moved here when her dad was transferred from Minneapolis,” Susan said. “Didn’t your mom grow up there? She went to U of M, after graduating from a private Christian high school.”

“Minnehaha?” I asked. “My mom went there.”

“That’s it!” Susan said. “Small world!”

“Does she like church? Music? Baseball? The beach? Photography? Travel?” I asked. “Do we have things in common?”

“Yes, to all,” Susan responded. “And neither of you are virgins anymore, though neither of you have had much bedroom action-from what you both have told me. Allie has only had two partners. You claim three.”

I eryaman escort blushed.

“Is Allie looking for sex? There’s plenty around here. She doesn’t need me,” I said.

“Allie is looking for a great guy to love, hold, and sleep with,” Susan confirmed. “I thought of you… Though we haven’t… She’s been on the pill for years… To prevent cramps… The flip side is she’s baby-safe…”

“I’d like to meet her,” I said. “Let’s meet, all three of us, for lunch, at the cafeteria. Better than a blind date’ If Allie and I hit it off, I will take her to dinner, tomorrow night, at the Huntington Beach pier.”

We met at the salad and wrap bar. Allie and I had salads with low-fat ranch dressing as well as turkey and cheese and bacon wraps. We have similar tastes in foods. She was a cute, short brunette with a dazzling smile and mid-back hair. Definitely attractive-despite her 32-A cups. The big-boob-loving thugs were missing out. Thank you Susan!

Within days, Allie joined me for dinner at the beach, a Saturday Dodgers game, and Sunday morning church. We had our first kiss on the pier, cheered our Blue Crew to victory, and walked through the CSUF Arbouretum after church. Within a week, Allie and I were committed into a relationship.

During the next few weeks, we French kissed and “petted.” I learned that Allie loved her breasts caressed and kissed escort ankara into orgasms. Though she wasn’t ready to show me what she called her “bushy” pussy, she, enjoyed me touching her clit and stroking her g-spot into more orgasms. Allie has tiny titties but she is hugely orgasmic-which i love!

About a month into our relationship, Allie invited me to a weekend at her family’s Newport Beach house. It was time to start sleeping together.

“My pussy wants your cock,” Allie said. “You have been a loving gentleman. Now I want a lover inside me!”

Allie gave me directions and met me at the front door in blue bikini bottoms and a blue tube top.

“This is it,” she said, pointing to the small bumps beneath the fabric. “If you want more, I’m not your woman. They won’t grow until I get pregnant-which won’t happen anytime soon with my little pills.”

I laughed as I kissed her and she pulled me inside the door. “The neighbors don’t get to watch,” as she pulled off the tube top, revealing tiny breasts with puffy nipples, that my mouth and tongue quickly greeted as Allie cheered. “Those are directly connected to my clit and I am soaking my bikini bottom. Please keep licking,” as I continued to worship her cute nipples with my mouth, confirming my adoration of her small breasts. “Oh my freaking gawd! Don’t stop, keep goooooing!!” Allie screamed, as I sincan escort licked her nipples into her orgasm. “Oh, oh, OHHHHHH!!’

I picked her up as she pointed me to a king-sized bed in a bedroom, laid her on the mattress, pulled down her bikini, and started my mouth and tongue on her toes, up her legs and into her black, furry pussy, as my finger stroked her g-spot into another orgasm. Allie is 100-percent woman, and I was loving all of her feminine body!

“You are overdressed compared to my nakedness,” Allie said. “May I have the honor of unwrapping you?”

“I don’t know if I can contain my excitement,’ I joked. My cock is jealous of my tongue and wants your pussy. Is that OK?” I asked.

“Please let me have you,” Allie said. “It’s been too long. You are kissing me into heaven better than I’ve ever been kissed! No man has worshipped my body as you are. i love everywhere you are putting your tongue and fingers!”

Gently, I slid my rock-hard cock into Allie’s soaking wet, tight, pussy. She felt like a virgin-without a hymen, and even bled a little.

“Oh my gawd, you’re so tight,” I said. “If you keep squeezing me, I am going to cum inside you too soon!”

“I feel like a virgin-it’s been about three years,” Allie responded. “Guys aren’t attracted to me. They call me a ‘carpenter’s dream’-as in ‘flat as a board.'”

“You aren’t flat-just small and beautiful and sensitive. Their loss is my gain! Now let me love you and fill your hairy, tight, pussy with my cock and cum! Right now, this is about us!!””

We spent the next hours making wonderful passion all over the house and shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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