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This happened not that long ago. Reflecting on that morning still sends shivers down my spine and tingling sensations to certain areas.

This was no ordinary gal, no Allie was something special. Such a cute sexy body, one that left me in a daze while watching her strut around. Her smooth, toned legs appearing out of her short black skirt. The way her t-shirt tightly hugged her ample breast and her blue eyes sparkling as she smiles and flirts with her customers at the sports bar she worked. Easily the biggest reason I would stop there for a beer or two on my way home from work.

Always hoping Allie would be serving me, in more ways than one. The sexy glow of her face while speaking to me had me hooked, although I knew it wasn’t to be. I was happily married for many years now and did not want that to change.

Then before I knew it Allie asked for my phone number. Very hesitant at first she begged and I gave in, we exchanged numbers and I entered Al, just in case someone happened to see my contacts. Looking back it makes so much sense now, but at the time I wasn’t even aware of what was happening.

It started with a text, a simple hello, what are you doing back and forth. Then it was, questions about clothes we had on, have you showered yet, will you think of me in the shower back and forth. Before I knew it, we were sending good night or good morning messages. Not knowing where she lived, I felt it was still safe and somewhat innocent. They say with age comes wisdom, I am not so sure about that now.

Stopping in for a quick beer one night I noticed a friend of mine watching a football game at the bar. Sitting down and chatting with him he asked me for a business card, so I handed one to him and he looked it over set it on the bar. Inevitably one, turned into more and an hour had passed. Suddenly my phone rang and I discovered that I had forgotten an event that evening and had to leave, as I turned to explain this to my friend I noticed Allie walking away from him. Thinking nothing of it, I said goodbye to my friend and left.

The next day started normal, everyone left for work and school to leave me with the dog and my computer. Logging into work and getting started my phone buzzed and I noticed Allie saying good morning, then something odd, she asked if wondering I was at home or out with clients. I simply replied I had many escort jigolo gaziantep things to catch up on and would probably be at home all day. She simply replied with a pic of what she had on and a smiley face.

Back on the phone and computer I hadn’t realized it but it was already almost 10:00 am, then something bounced off of my arm. Looking to the floor I looked down and recognized it was my business card. I leaned down to pick it up, as I sat back up I saw Allie leaning on the door with a lovely little sundress and flip flops. I was so stunned I simply grinned and relaxed in my chair. She said “Hello there gorgeous, what are you up to”.

Then I must have turned 50 shades of red, I could feel the nervous anxiety, as she walked over spun my chair towards her, pushed my legs apart and leaned down and gave me the longest, deepest, hottest kiss I have ever have received. As she stood back up she pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it away, I looked up to her face, smiled and moved my lips to her nipples. I could tell she had only the sundress on, as the thin fabric almost tore from me sucking on her wonderful hard nipples. Pulling her straps over her shoulders the dress drops and I trail my tongue down to her bellybutton, she giggles with her hands in my hair, so sexy she is.

I suddenly feel her knee seeking out my ever growing hardness, while her hands dance in my hair. She turns a little and sits on my lap, another long deep kiss moaning a bit in her mouth as I feel her hand grabbing my hardening cock through my shorts. Moving my mouth to her ear I whisper how good her hand feels, then begin kissing her neck, while one hand moves up and down her back and the other massages the soft skin on her inner thigh. Flexing my cock into her hand, out of the corner of my eye I see my work spread out on my desk and move my arm out pushing the contents on the floor. My mind is on autopilot now.

She stands in front of me then, her hands on my shoulders, I alternate from nipple to nipple with, my teeth, tongue, and lips as she rubs my shoulders. I feel her long hair tickling my skin and feel her breath moving my hair. She grabs my hand and pushes it down, I move it between her wet swelling lips and run it from the back to front, gathering her sex, then bring the finger to my mouth sucking escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen it in while looking up at her and winking. I slide off of my chair to the ground as she lifts a leg onto it. I see my target, a freshly waxed, lovely looking pussy. My tongue runs up and down the length of it while she steady’s herself, placing one hand on the desk, the other on the back of my head. I feel her rocking herself on my face, sucking in air between her teeth. Soft whimpers coming out of her mouth.

I pull away from her pussy, and she lets out a disappointing moan. Moving my hands to her waist and standing I bend down to share the taste with her while she grabs the back of my head and our tongues dance. I pick her up and place her on my desk, she slides up farther while moving her legs over my shoulders as I sit back on the edge of my chair and run my tongue from her knee down back to what I needed. I rub my nose through her and inhale the scent, stopping my nose on her clit and gently massaging her clit while my tongue tastes more of her. I move my hands in to help with the feast and open her a little more, causing soft moans to echo off the walls.

Now I feel her hands in my hair, and her sucking in air between her teeth. I look up and our eyes meet, she bites her lower lip, and has that look of complete ecstasy in her eyes! I know the time is near, and push her knees back to her chest, but wider than her shoulders, opening her up for what she needs. She holds her legs back and I slide two fingers into her wetness and she moans and tightens her stomach muscles while pulling her pussy up and into my face. I can feel her happiness, so wet, hot, and tight.

She is now so hot that her hands are on my head, pulling me into her as she is almost sitting up. Rocking her hips into me, my mouth moves to her clit, making out with it while my fingers plunge deep in her. Her head starts to move back and forth like she is saying no, biting her lip I feel a wave of her orgasm hit my mouth, slip past my fingers onto the desk, then her mouth reacts with and ohhhhhhhh my god, and she rocks her hips a few last times signaling the end of her orgasm.

Now completely turned on and rock hard I get up and lean over her, kissing her hard nipples, trailing my tongue up to her lips and giving her gaziantep escort masaj salonları a deep longs kiss she feels me push my hard cock against her sensitive pussy and giggles in my mouth while moving her hands to my chest and pushes me up. She drops to her knees and pulls my shorts down was she goes freeing my swollen tool. She looks up at me running her lips and tongue over the head, spreading the pre cum, then pops the head in. Feeling butterflies in my stomach, looking down as she looks up and slides her lips all the way down. The feeling is so exquisite my knees almost buckle, gasping putting one hand on the desk, the other on her head I simply smile and groan. Oh Allie that is amazing, as she continues to look in my eyes and slide all the way down my shaft over and over. I can feel the volcano building and she senses it as well , stopping and pushing me down to me chair.

Allie turns around then, spreads my legs wide and back up, grabbing my cock and sitting back rubbing the head in her still sensitive and very wet pussy. She looks back at me as her pussy slide over my cock and her hands move to my thighs. We both let out groans as I don’t think I have ever felt that turned on in my lifetime. She know is lifting and sitting on my, taking me all the way in and out of her, basically begging me to fill her. It won’t be long. I move my hips to her waist, a sexy small waist that my hands can nearly completely wrap around. This only increases my need to cum, then I feel one of her hands move off of my thigh and gently wrap around my balls. Oh my, that is it; she has me, my hand squeezing tighter around her waist as I slide down my chair a bit so that I can thrust up. I am now moaning and moving her up and down on my cock, while thrusting up, almost so that her feet lift off of the floor. As it hits I freeze, butt off the chair, just looking into her eyes as my cock flex’s back and forth inside of her. She is biting her lip and looking so innocently over her shoulder at me. I sit down on my chair completely relaxed and spent, she simply sits on my for a minute, rubbing my hands still on her waist.

I feel completely relaxed as she stands and my softening cock slides out and slaps back against my skin. She bends down grabbing her sun dress and slides it on, while stepping back into her flip flops. She comes over and bends down to give me a deep kiss with her hands holding my face, she tastes so good, smells so good. She pulls away slightly just looking into my eyes and smiling. I begin to open my mouth and she puts her finger on my lips and says “sssshhhh”. She giggles then stands up turns around and walks out the door, down the hall, and I hear the front door open and close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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