Alone at My Hotel

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I am sitting on my hotel bed still holding the telephone receiver in my hand. I do not want to put it down; I do not want to let go of you. I imagine you are doing the same although it has been a few minutes since I heard the click that ended our nightly talk. As you know I love my job, but I wish so there was a way that you could travel with me. Oh the fun we would have! There is something about making love in hotel rooms. I don’t know what it is, it is not quite dirty but close. Fucking in a bed that maybe only the night before another couple used. A bed that has maybe seen young lovers give each other their virginity. A bed that has maybe seen whores ply their wares. A bed that has been host to perhaps countless acts of wild unbridled sex. Or perhaps this bed is virgin and we are the first of a long line of couples who will soil its sheets with our erotic juices. What must maids think as they strip cum stained sheets from beds?

You would love this bed! It is a large king. The linens are luxurious. The headboard is detailed and so well made it appears hard carved. My company treats me well. The spindles on the head and footboards would make excellent tie-downs should we decide to play kinky games. My eyes close and you are on the bed, spread for me.

Your exquisite body displayed naked. You are helpless and I will have my way with you. Casibom You are mine, here to be used for my pleasure. I gaze at you. I know I will soon be treated to the moans of your pleasure as I lick your fully accessible genitals until your body convulses in passion. It is only through pleasuring you that I can truly achieve the heights of pleasure I seek.

The phone drops from my hand and I am startled. My other hand has been stroking my rock hard cock as if it had a mind of its own. My cock had already begun to grow hard as we talked earlier, your voice and laugh arousing me as only you can. Now my cock is fully erect and aching for your hot cunt as it stands displayed through the fly of my boxers. I retrieve the receiver and place it in its cradle. Then I stand and slide my shorts off. I catch a glimpse of myself in the large mirror over the hotel dresser. My balls have already begun to draw to my body. My cock is pointing to the ceiling and twitching slightly. I wish you were in the mirror image also. I wish I could watch in the mirror as you licked my tight balls and straining cock. I wish I could watch in the mirror as my cock disappeared past your lips. See as you swallowed all of me and your lips pressed into my pubic hair.

Instead all I see is my hand slowly sliding up and down my throbbing manhood. My other hand deftly caressing my Casibom Giriş ball sack as I imagine it is your fingers lightly squeezing my cum filled balls. Not wanting to make an obvious mess I grab the box of tissues from the nightstand before lying down on the bed. As I spread my legs, I bend my knees slightly. I now can easily manipulate my cock and balls. I can even tease my anal orifice the way you do when your passion overwhelms you. Oh god what I would give for your tongue to be on me now. I love the way you use your lips and tongue to pleasure me. I love the feel of your hot wet tongue as it travels the length of my cock, bathes my balls, crosses the tiny but oh so erotic patch of skin behind my scrotum, teases my anus and finally as you push it in to me. The pleasure I get when you tongue-fuck me is beyond description.

My hand moves more quickly up and down my cock, my precum lubricating my fist. I am imagining my cock is plunging deep into your warm, wet cunt now. I can almost feel your weight on me as I imagine your are atop me, riding me. My ears ring with the memory of your sensual moaning and the words you know I love to hear you say as you fuck me. I massage my tight ball sack as I pound my cock into my fist. I am lost somewhere between the reality of my masturbation and my fantasy of you riding my cock. You are wild and I am in agony Casibom Yeni Giriş to fill you with my cum. I actually cry out loud, “Fuck me! Milk my cock dry!” Then my entire body stiffens. My cock contracts and spurts of hot, thick cum shoot out of me in ribbons. The force of my orgasm is overwhelming. Cum shoots nearly to my neck. The feel of the warm goo landing on my body brings me fully to the reality of the situation. I continue to milk and stroke my now softening shaft.

Finally it is over. I let my semi-flaccid cock drop. I look down at myself. The last drops of cum leak from my cock slit. My cock looks puffy. I have small pools of thick white liquid dotting my chest and abdomen. I am surprised I have cum so much. Four days away from you has built up a reserve. I put my head down and rest. Savoring both the afterglow of climax and the memory of the fantasy of you. I close my eyes, turn my head and put my lips to my shoulder. I kiss you good night. Then as you disappear, a new thought comes to my mind.

Yes, hotels really do bring out the wicked thoughts. As I know you would do, I dip my finger into one of the cum pools. I bring my finger to my mouth and stick my tongue out. I taste myself tentatively. I remember tasting my cum many times on your lips and leaking from your pussy. It is different this time but not unpleasant. It is in fact strangely erotic. I suck the finger clean of the salty fluid then wipe the rest up with the tissues. I leave the soiled tissues on the nightstand and drift off to sleep with visions of you filling my senses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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