Alone At The Beach… Ch. 02

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Alone At The Beach-So I Thought Ch. 02

Driving home, I replayed the afternoons events in my head. The beach and the sun had done their jobs of turning my tanning booth brown a deep bronze. It had relaxed and turned me on at the same time, as laying naked in the sun always did. Thinking of stroking my oiled up cock sent a tremor from head to toe. Remembering the look of animal lust on that woman’s face as she watched and got herself off with me made my cock twitch and grow hard. The fact that it had been a complete surprise and anonymous encounter only added to the thrill.

Reaching down, I felt the note she had left on my windshield in my pocket. Damn, it really did happen! Watching and being watched at the same time was an intoxicating addition to my self-pleasure. My cock throbbed and dripped with the thought. There was no question of going back and seeing if she wanted to play some more. I was hooked!

The week passed, oh so slowly. Laying in bed at night, those memories would invariably creep into my minds eye. I had told my long distance lover of the encounter when we spoke by phone. She knows full well my exhibitionist fantasies and experiences, and how much they turn me on. When I told her how the blonde wench had watched me stroking my cock, she gasped and asked me what had happened next. I told her how the mystery woman had pinched her nipples, ran her hand slowly down her body and played with her clit, as she watched me masturbate. Lucia growled and said she was wet thinking of me laying there, naked and hard, with another woman watching me. We had great phone sex all week.

I asked her, tentatively, if she was jealous. Her response was, that the only thing she was jealous of was not being there to watch, and to let the blonde see her sucking me dry. That she knew where my heart was, even if we were 800 miles apart. It’s true that I love her more than life itself. We had talked early on, of how love and our making love ourselves, didn’t preclude others at times. I asked if it would bother her if I went back and took it further, if she showed bursa escort up again. She didn’t even hesitate, but told me that I was to tell her all the details. So the stage was set.

Saturday morning finally arrived, and I followed my usual routine in preparing for a day at the beach. After showering, shaving and packing a lunch and refreshments, I hit the road. Soft jazz was the theme this morning on the radio, as the wind blew through my hair. I didn’t know if she would show up again or not, but the thought of it had my cock dripping in my shorts. Reaching down, I ran my hand up and down the length of it, tugging on my balls. Knowing that Lucia knew what and where I was headed for only added to my excitement. I’d brought some condoms along, just in case.

The drive into the meadow didn’t show any sign of someone else being around. But then I’d not seen any evidence of another the week before either. She just appeared out of nowhere. It made me wonder, for the first time, if she lived in one of the cottages up the coast. Getting my blanket, towel and bag from the car, I headed for my spot. It was a bright, sunny, 85 degrees. Perfect for being naked and sunning. I spread the blanket in the clearing, stripped off my shorts and slowly poured the oil over my shoulders. Rubbing it in, I took my time. Arms first, then my chest, pinching my nipples as I worked the oil in. My cock throbbed in anticipation, clear drool already dripping. Pouring more on my back, I felt it’s soothing trickle as it ran between the cheeks of my ass.

Rubbing the oil in, I imagined her standing in the bushes watching, getting turned on. With that in mind, I bent over and rubbed the oil into my thighs, then brought my hand back up and spread my cheeks. I pulled on my scotum as I worked the oil in, making my cock jump and get fully hard. Turning around, not knowing if she was there or not, I continued my tease. Pouring oil on my stomach, it ran down to my trimmed, shaved pubic area. Damn this was making me hot!! I massaged the oil in and took a moment to collect a drop of the dripping from my swollen bursa escort bayan head. I very delibrately brought it to my lips and reached my tongue out to taste. The shudder that went though me was audible as I groaned out loud.

Laying down on the blanket was a relief, my knees were trembling from this fantasy. I closed my eyes and slowly relaxed in the warm enveloping sunshine. My hand slowly stroked my hardness and reached under to play with that tender spot between my balls and my asshole. I imagined her tongue there, licking. Moaning out loud again, a presense made me open my eyes. She was standing above me, at my head, naked and smiling. “May I?” she asked. Her wetness was evident, dripping down the inside of her thighs. Her vaginal lips were swollen and flowering open as petals of a rose. Her clit poking out from it’s hooded enclosure, begged for attention. My tongue lolled out of my mouth, drooling and willing her to take the next step.

She stepped right over my face and bent down, stopping with her glistening lips just out of reach. Her hand reached out and slowly trailed down my stomach, playing with the sparse, trimmed hair above my dripping cock. Making sure not to touch my swollen member, she traced her fingers around it, tickling the tender skin between my legs. A deep, guttural growl escaped my lips as I twisted my hips from her ministrations. Her sex smelled heavenly, intoxicating as a fine wine, as her lips opened yet further in her desire.

Just as she reached forward to lick the inside of my thighs, she lowered her dripping, shaved pussy directly on my waiting tongue. Like a small cock, my stiff tongue penetrated her elliciting a moan from her and a buzz from her tongue licking my swollen balls. She ground her sex on my tongue trying to get more inside her, flooding my mouth with her nectar. She tasted so sweet. Her tongue licked up the underside of my throbbing cock, until without hesitation, she took the dripping head in her mouth. I groaned loudly into her, fucking her now with my tongue.

Her mouth slid down my shaft until her escort bursa nose was bumping my swollen testicles, swallowing me into her throat with ease. She rocked back so that her engorged clit was in my mouth, my lips sucking on it like the small cock it seemed to be. Her passion and excitement were evident as she moaned around my leaking cock in her throat. I was so turned on, so hot for her, I was dripping like a leaky faucet. Her juices flooded my mouth as I licked and swirled my tongue around and over her nub.

With the hot sun beating down on us we climbed higher and higher on the ladder of pleasure. Two entities melded together with one thing in mind, we became one. Feeding off the sensations each was bringing the other, we were both grinding our groins into each others mouths. The pressure was building inside me. That deep aching feeling before cumming. Her groans of pleasure and twisting, grinding thrusts over my tongue told me she was close as well. There was no pretense of making love or making this last, we were animals in heat, with one goal in mind.

She felt my cock swell larger in her throat and started milking me with her muscles, causing me to groan deeply into her sweet pussy. Her hips started to thrash about, jerking and trembling in her release, flooding my face with her creme. She moaned and sucked as my balls tightened and then she was swallowing the biggest load of cum to boil out of me in ages. We both came for what seemed like forever, our passion reaching a crescendo of twisting, sweating, screaming nerves. She released my cock and rolled to the side off me, panting “no more, no more.”

Then she did what I love after 69’ing. She spun around and kissed me deeply for the first time, sharing what was left of my cum and tasting herself on my lips. Our tongues danced and fought together for each others essence, licking and sucking until we had consumed it all. As we lay there trying to catch our breath, smiling and stroking each others bodies, I heard a deep groan from the bushes. Looking over, a nice looking, well developed man was stroking an impressive cock, watching us, he came hard, shooting his cum into the sand.

“I’m Janet, by the way…and that is John. My lover.” She spoke for the first time since standing over me. “Maybe next time he can join us?”

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