Amanda Baits Her Tender Trap

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Amanda stood on the back deck of her bungalow peering over the flowers and shrubs that she had diligently nurtured over several years. It was practically all that she had cared about since her divorce and her life alone. She needed a change for a few days and called her lifelong friend Penny to invite herself for a visit to the big city.

Penny, noting the Caller ID of her childhood friend responded with an excited squeal. “Mandy baby, been hoping to hear from you, have you finally decided to spend some time with me?

Amanda said, “Well, yes, I have the long weekend free and I need a break, I’d like to drive up tomorrow. Are you okay with that?”

Penny paused, “Uh, you mean like this weekend?”

“Oops,” Amanda responded, “sounds as if you have something else planned. It’s okay babe, I realize that this is short notice, can make it another time, not to worry.”

“Oh no,” Penny gushed, “Come anyway, I’ll make some changes, been dying to see you.”

“Do I sense that you have a man in your life? A romance? Tell me about him.”

Penny produced an embarrassed giggle, “Well, it’s not really of romantic interest as much as occasional pillow talk. I’ve found myself a ‘toy boy’. He’s actually about 25 but looks 18. He visits me on weekends once or twice a month. That’s all I can handle really, takes me a few days to walk properly again after he spends a night with me.”

They both laughed at that mental photo before Amanda said, “How in the world did you meet him? I would have no idea how to find one even if I thought that I wanted one.”

Penny picked it up, “I noticed this young hunk trotting behind me each morning on my park jog. He was gorgeous. One morning I pulled on a skin-tight jogging suit to see if I could reel him in. He took the bait and we ended the jog at Starbucks. The next day I invited him for coffee at my apartment. Let’s just say that the coffee did not get made but I did! We were barely into the apartment before he had my jogging suit on the floor and me against the door.”

“What a slut you are Penny!” Amanda laughed, “taking advantage of some poor young horny guy for your own personal pleasure. Sounds pretty romantic to my frustrated mind. Look babe, I can put my visit off for a few weeks, let’s reschedule.”

“No way,” Penny jumped back in, “Firstly, I didn’t realize that this was to be a long weekend. There is no way that I could survive this guy for three days in bed. Secondly, there is no reason that you can’t come while he is here anyway. I often leave him to do other things when he visits; my apartment is so much more liveable than the ram pasture that he shares with three other guys. I suspect that’s the reason he readily accepts my invitation as much as the sex.

You and I can go out shopping, pub-crawling or whatever together. And let’s face it, it will not be the first time we spent an erotic weekend with one or two guys. You might even decide to sample his wares yourself!”

Amanda exhaled, “What, you are offering me a shot at him? No way. Brings back unpleasant memories.” A pause, “On the other hand, some of those memories were quite pleasant.” More giggles from the two of them. Despite her protest, Amanda’s loins weakened, this chat had heated up thoughts of sex for the first time in three years of abstinence.

“Good,” said Penny, “you’re coming, and Marty’s coming and maybe we’ll all be coming.” Those old feelings of complete openness returned as they laughed.

There was very little that the two ladies had not shared over the years. They had been through the wars together while living almost parallel lives. Friends from childhood, beauty queens in high school, double dating two brothers from their towns’ wealthiest family, married at 18 to the brothers, a boy and a girl each by age 21, and divorced at age 45.

Their life from puberty to divorce could be compared to assimilation into the Borg Collective of Star Trek fame with all aspects seemingly being directed by some higher power through a mind-meld with their husbands. But for all that their married life had been comfortable and normal until their children came to age and the brother’s assumed control of the family business from their dominating father.

Shortly after “Daddy Borg” retreated from their lives, the brother’s pursued a different lifestyle. They changed from button-down executives to ‘with it’ husbands driving sports cars, wearing sporty clothes and assuming busy travel schedules.

The children had all moved on with their lives and the two couples began to spend weekends at a lakeside estate that the husbands had recently purchased using corporate funds. These weekends featured more alcohol combined with suggestive chat about swapping partners and ultimately doing just that. Amanda and Penny had their first sexual experience with someone other then the men they had married.

The weekend group gradually expanded as the brothers invited other couples of their approximate escort bayan bursa age and with the same curiosity about group sex. The alcohol fuelled parties approached orgy levels within months.

This tumble from traditional to dissolute lives excited Amanda and Penny. The sex in itself was not always that great what with adjusting to different partners and preferences, but the mystery of what they might get to enjoy with each new man encouraged them to fully participate.

They had never previously considered sex outside of marriage but now quite easily adapted to this shift to unfettered lust. The early commitment to the brothers had deprived them of a variety of sexual experiences during their formative years and they felt they were catching up late in life.

And then it all ended with a thud. The events leading up to the ending was initiated during an out of town Convention. One evening, their hubbies introduced them to a business competitor, a tall handsome Englishman. The ladies giggled about the “James Bond” clone and fantasized about him being invited to one of the erotic weekends.

The ladies had the next day free as their husbands had convention duties and events to attend. They agreed to go shopping for the afternoon and met for lunch at one of the boutique restaurants in their hotel. They were no sooner seated than “James Bond” was smiling down at them and obviously looking for an invitation to join them. The ladies were quick to make the offer.

He was courteous smooth and elegant and a wonderful conversationalist. Cocktails a light lunch accompanied by a bottle of red wine paved the way for anything that this guy might suggest. They were mesmerized by the handsome man with the elegant accent combined with the wine and secluded atmosphere of the restaurant. He gave the impression that he would very much like to see more of them.

Amanda, sitting beside him, casually rubbed a breast on his bicep while they pressed their hips and thighs together. Penny, sitting across from him, allowed her legs to spread as he massaged her inner thighs with his knee under the table. He excused himself briefly and the women exchanged knowing glances with Penny whispering, “are your panties damp?” They laughed discreetly as Amanda nodded in agreement.

When their paramour returned he said, “Ladies, I have a few bottles of Chateauneuf-du-Pape in my suite. We can relax and chat in private while we sip French wine.” There was little doubt that he expected to be sipping from something other than a wine glass.

Penny quickly accepted the invitation by gushing, “Oh yes, how nice, love to join you, we both love French wine.”

He paid the check and guided them to the elevator with his warm hands on their backs. Those hands dropped to their cheeks as the elevator door closed. They each turned their heads up for ‘touch of tongue” kisses as he fondled their asses. Life was so good; there was little doubt about what would follow.

What followed was five hours of erotic bliss. The whole scene unfolded as if in a play with James Bond being the playwright and actor/director. He was smooth and suggestive, playfully removing their panties and bra’s, licking their pussies, offering his thick cock to them to kiss and suck on, fucking each of them in turn, getting off himself in the second lady before calling for a wine break. He sipped wine and made suggestions as the two naked ladies twisted and rubbed their slippery bodies in a hot tub, kissing and fondling each other at his musings. And then back to bed to be ‘doggied’ each in turn, once more gaining his own relief by blowing his load in the second lady. He was very talented.

It never occurred to them that he was anything other than a predatory male with expertise who had become overtaken by a desire to screw them both as he guided them through an afternoon of relentless sex.

That evening before dinner the women talked on the phone in whispers about that afternoon. It had all happened only hours previous but their recall of the events returned to them in incomplete and disjointed flashbacks of what they had experienced. How could they have allowed all of that to happen? No doubt the wine had been part of the reason for the permissiveness. Had they been drugged? They agreed that they had not been drugged when they accepted the invitation to his suite. Whatever, it had been terribly exciting if of a forbidden nature.

The euphoria was extinguished a week later in the offices of their husbands’ lawyer. As they sat down at the conference table the breath left their bodies as they viewed the photos splayed out for their benefit. There were dozens of photos of each of them in compromising positions, with apparent special focus on blow jobs, pussy rubbing and anal play. A lot of planning had gone into camera location and positioning by their supposed lover in order to leave little doubt of each ladies identity. The ladies declined to view some available bursa sinirsiz eskort video clips.

The lawyer went on to explain that if they agreed to the generous settlements offered there would be no other retribution from their ‘wronged hubbies’. He suggested that they take the package to a lawyer of their own choice, to be paid for by the husbands, who could advise them before signing. There was little thought of crying ‘wolf’ or ‘set-up’, and at this point the women were both content to move on. They realized that their denouement had been arranged with the approval of their hubbies and they had no desire to extend the fight. They accepted the offers with the provision that the digital records be turned over to them and never made public.

The settlement permitted Amanda to choose a modest house in their hometown along with a very generous living allowance. Penny opted to select a high-end apartment in the big city with a less generous allowance. Both had returned to the workforce by choice and lived relatively stress free and independent lives.

This had all occurred three years prior to the current discussion about Amanda’s visit. The experiences of the last year or so of their marriages to the brothers had elicited different reactions from the two ladies.

Penny had accepted it with little remorse and was soon into the dating world in a new setting and had enjoyed several romantic affairs, although the erotic arrangement with Marty had so far been the most pleasurable and long lasting one.

Amanda had reacted more cautiously and felt uneasy with this new life on her own and remained distant from any suggestion of a sexual entanglement. Following the recent marriage of her daughter however, she allowed thoughts of a possible romantic relationship to surface as she faced an even more lonely life.

Amanda now continued, “Okay babe, so I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon sometime, no commitment to Marty, or should we call him “Little Jimmy Bond”, I’ll have to play that by ear. Sex has not been large in my mind since the divorce.”

Penny laughed, “Jimmy Bond might work, but don’t think of him as little. In comparison to the senior version, he’s just as thick but longer.”

“You’re such a slut Penny,” Amanda giggled, “Size is not everything, skill is more or just as important. But other than that what is he like personally.”

“He’s a dreamboat,” Penny gushed, “Courteous and polite, attentive and humble in bed. Takes directions and readily accepts requests.” More giggles. “Pretty much the attitude of a puppy. Relax Mandy, things will be fine and we can have lots of time to chat and shop and go out together. Or I can just send him home if things get dicey. He’s a toy Mandy, someone to play with, I’m sure that you will be crooking your finger at him! But it is strictly your call.”

Marty, the young man of the hour, buzzed up from the street to announce his arrival. In fact Marty was a little more cunning and disingenuous than what Penny had described to Amanda. He was the youngest child by ten years in a family of three older sisters and a strong-willed mother. He probably had a better understanding on the female of the species than did most males.

His approach to sex with women was very much adapted to the woman herself. He had discovered during young adulthood that some women older than himself could be seduced by the ‘aw shucks’ approach. Having said that, he really did love women and gained personal pleasure by pleasing them sexually.

He had never had close male buddies, did not seek to get hammered with the guys or play the jock despite being a good athlete. His cousin from their small town had found him a job in the city and a place to live with three other guys. He found no pleasure living in a messy apartment and did not take part in the continuous boozing. He hoped to soon be able to afford a place on his own. In the meantime he was very happy to spend weekends in Penny’s luxurious apartment. Despite his young age he had enjoyed a variety of sexual experiences and in Penny had found the perfect partner to explore the limits of erotic play.

Amanda was standing across the room as Penny opened the door to her young stud. He smiled as he swept her into his arms, kicking the door shut with the heel of his shoe. He dropped a travel bag on the floor while they kissed with passion. He had not yet noticed Amanda taking it all in as he reached his hands behind Penny’s back, down her legs and up under her skirt to fondle her cheeks. He froze suddenly as he finally noted Amanda’s presence, while both hands continued to clutch Penny’s ass.

Penny giggled and said, “Hello yourself, we have company. This is my good friend Amanda who has popped in to stay a few days with me.”

Marty caught himself and slowly disengaged from Penny and managed to look embarrassed as he advanced to Amanda with hand extended. “I’m so sorry Amanda, I’m Marty. I had escort bayan no idea that someone was visiting.” He turned to Penny and said, “I should have called, I think that I had better go and leave you with your friend.” He bent to pick up his satchel.

“You just go put your stuff in our bedroom, I have told Amanda all about us and she insists that you stay. She and I have no secrets baby, I have told her everything about us, and I mean everything!”

Pleasant thoughts immediately began to course through Marty’s mind as he glanced over at Amanda. She was quite as beautiful as Penny, a little more weight, bigger tits and ass and nice legs, and damn those eyes said it all. By the same token he lived by the expression of a “bird in the hand” and gave no immediate thought of making any moves.

He gave Penny a peck on the cheek and then scurried into ‘their’ bedroom to unpack his few things.

“He’s very nice,” murmured Amanda, “very good looking, and pleasant and obviously enthralled with you. I thought that I was going to enjoy a live sex show for a minute. Bet you wish that I had not been there although I didn’t notice you fending him off either.”

“There is no containing him when he reads ‘yes’ in your eyes. He goes from puppy to hound dog once he senses permission. I love it,” sighed Penny.

They turned to see Marty emerge from the hallway. Penny whispered, “We’ll do dinner somewhere nice later, but right now I need to release the tension.” She gave a smiling Amanda a peck on the lips and turned to take Marty’s hand to lead him back to the bedroom.

Amanda sighed, grabbed a magazine and went out to the patio, sliding the glass doors firmly shut behind her. She was not anxious to hear the sounds of sex.

Later, she and Penny were sitting in a quiet booth in an upscale restaurant nursing cocktails as they chatted. Penny smiled, “God that was hot baby. We were both really cranked up knowing that you were out there while we screwed! It was frantic, no foreplay necessary, we just got right down to it, and can he go!”

“No details necessary,” Amanda begged, “my imagination told me all that I needed to know about what you were doing, probably even more fanciful than what the two of you were actually doing. I became mildly horny and almost went for a peek!” They laughed.

Penny said, “Oh God, why didn’t you peek? I was riding him facing the doorway. God, can you imagine? Takes me back to our afternoon with James Bond and watching each other get screwed! Do you still think of that day? I do.”

“Hard to forget,” Amanda replied, “But I am still uncertain about sampling little Jimmy in bed. Do you have earplugs for me for tonight? The sounds are what gets me going.”

And Amanda did have a difficult night. She used a pillow over her head to get to sleep the first time, but when awakened the second time she simply lay there and allowed her imagination to run wild. She slept through after that one, but was aroused on her own as the memories of past sex filled her imagination.

She was up early the next morning, showered and powdered before pulling on a terrycloth halter-top and panty sun-suit combination. She was horny for the first time in years and told herself ‘Oh I hope I get lucky today’. She was not certain that Marty was all that interested in her, but she suspected this get up would attract his attention, and she wanted to be the author of anything that might happen. She made a pot of coffee and sat at a counter-top serving as a bar between the kitchen area and the living room.

She glanced around as she heard movement behind her to see Marty come out of the hallway. God he looked great. Bare chested and wearing only a satin pyjama bottom with an elastic waistband. He was about six foot two inches, with a slender but powerful body, slope shouldered with long muscled arms and chest and a noticeable six-pack abdomen. His face was relaxed and smiling as he shyly locked eyes with her.

“Good morning Amanda,” he murmured, “you look beautiful this morning. Did you sleep well?” His eyes drifted down to her butt and legs, then back up.

“Morning Marty,” Amanda replied, “thank you, I did sleep well eventually,” she grinned. “Is Penny up yet, don’t here any noise from the bedroom.” She boldly stared down his body and noted his cock swinging easily under the shiny cloth. She thought, ‘Damn it, I’m a gonner.’ She wanted to see more.

“No,” Marty said, “Penny is not a morning person, seldom up before 10 am or so on weekends. She did have an active night,” he smiled shyly. Amanda had half turned towards him on her stool flashing a swinging tit for his view. His eyes shot back up to hers in an attempt to read her. He knew. She had not displayed any particular interest in him until this moment and his antenna were pulsing.

Marty slipped into the kitchen to pour a coffee as Amanda turned on the stool to follow him with her eyes. He moved like a panther, slick and effortless. There was more of a bulge showing through the shiny cloth of his pyjama bottom. Amanda thought, ‘he’s getting hard, go slow baby, he could be yours.’

He turned towards her and leaned back against the kitchen counter clutching his coffee cup while arching his hips forward, inviting her to take a closer look.

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