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For full understanding of the background and history of my sexual experiences please read “Whip it Out.” The letter “Broken” is not a necessity to read but gives the context as to why I decided to tell my experiences.


Fall of 1982 in Southern Missouri. Leaves changing, schools’ starting, it’s basketball country.

I’m 18, and a senior in high school. Just had the greatest summer of my life.

Biology class has me sitting behind Amber. The only thing that keeps me from skipping.

How to describe Amber; 18, 5’2″, full tits on a small frame. Brown hair & eyes. Tan from the outdoors. Face is imperfect yet magnetic. A talkative honey voice.

She’ll be a state college girl not a D1. School teacher not an attorney. Knows what Boone & Crockett is.

Could make the centerfold of Hustler, Never Playboy.

I chatted her up from the first day just like mom suggested. It wasn’t hard. Amber handles the conversations.

Dates down here mean ball games & beer kegs. Amber’s my age and has been to a few parties, yet never had a steady. Boys’ desires for her haven’t been successful and we all know it.

We’ve been dating now about 2 weeks. I can’t get enough of her and I think she feels the same way.

Everyday after the last bell she’s at my truck door bumming a ride home. My adrenaline pumps the last hour of school.

I didn’t rush her. My summers’ experiences are paying off. We make out where possible. On the tailgate at a party or in her drive way.

She gave me her tits immediately and freely.

Her posture during our sessions, has not offered me 3rd base and I’m not gonna steal.

Her kisses and enthusiasm for me have me on the hook. I’m getting the sense bases are loaded and I’m coming up to bat.

Tomorrow night is our first away game. She cheers, I play, for our small class school.

I’ve offered to take her home after game.

Fortunately we won and are rewarded with getting to sit coed on the bus. What memories, making out on a bus. The odd fish is being able to see out the windows. Guys scramble all week trying to get a “ride home” date.

Our comfort level is allowing us to both play offense. The ride home became misery for both of us as we graduated to the next level.

Those cold vinyl truck seats cool us down, however offer the perfect opportunity to snuggle as I drive.

My alibi has been loaded and holstered all week.

“Have you seen that new John Deere 4 wheel drive? Mr. Johnson just got one. The only one around here,” I comment as she’s getting my Journey cassette tape going.

She giggles and leans back into me. “No, are they still green?” Her manner conveys that my cover is blown. Everyone knows Johnsons’ field roads on the river are very busy at night. She doesn’t balk so I stay on course.

Not a better smell than a dirt road at night. “A private place,” mom said. We’re there, I did my homework.

Amber’s sweater comes off by her own hands. Mine search her bra for the clasp as she shrugs the straps not wanting to wait.

Feeling her bare skin unencumbered brings all possibilities to light.

What a rush it is, moving my hand to her breast knowing it is welcome and expected. They are more than a handful. Light brown areolas and nipples. Longer than moms’ I notice.

Laying her down in the seat she spreads her legs out of practicality and I fall into her with a kiss and caress of the opposite breast.

Lowering my mouth to her right breast brings the knowledge I’m in uncharted territory and my cock is aware of it as well.

Licking and sucking on her nipple as she rubs my head and squirms under me is incredible.

On top brings responsibility.

How fast?

How slow?

What next?

I know what I want but does she?

Running my hands up her leg with a firm touch, knowing I’m going to be safe draws me back to her full lips with a kiss that is not tender, simply wanton.

Under her cheerleading skirt, resistance comes in the form of practical bottoms. Made tight and snug. Probably designed by some 80 year old bitch!!

Amber giggles, knowing I’m getting my butt kicked by a piece of elastic.

She raises her hips as I pull a side down and she quickly assists or risks injury.

I’m familiar with pussy. Met it this summer.

Amber’s a natural. My weight on her left leg prevents movement but her right compensates by going high and wide without my direction.

The back of her thigh is my playing field.

Watching mom I know what she needs. Sliding down into her, my fingers don’t’ have to search, as contact is made. My fingers run a course through her folds creating that valley I’ve seen before.

Tugging on my first clit with workable knowledge brings gasps and a hip searching from her.

Amber squeals in my ear “That feels so good Jamie.”

I continue my caress with small penetrations. Her flow is plentiful and as it covers seyranbağları escort my hands my selfishness returns.

My cock seeks satisfaction on her right thigh. Saved only by Levi Strauss.

I finally tear my left hand out of her and start the fumbling process on my belt.

Amber grabs my hand with a whispered “Jamie, I’m not ready.”

What the FUCK! All we need is MEATLOAF playing and the night would be complete.

“I’m sorry Jamie, I like you so much” as she reaches up and pulls me back to her lips.

My summer education was definitely not completed.

Going back to the well has a dampening effect.

Sliding my palm on her pussy and the lack of her response brings the start of love.

“Is it ok Jamie? I’m sorry, I’m just scared.” As she pulls me in.

“Yeah, It’s ok”

“you’re not mad are you?” as I raise up.

Looking at her, my hand finds her breast again and I respond squeezing it.

“No it’s cool” as she raises up and puts her arms around me scooting completely onto my lap offering a make up kiss.

Where is this going to go? How long do I keep this up? I love kissing her but her ass on my cock does not offer a peaceful resolution.

She has to feel that fucker. I push up with my hips not holding anything back.

“Can I Just do you tonight?” she whispers into my lips.

Mom said I would have to ask. She was wrong about something finally.

Nodding and smiling my answer, I push her legs around thanking god justice is being done.

Amber was never a tease. Her mouth finds mine and her hand searches for my belt.

“I’ve never done this” as she starts on my zipper.

She’s got guts and is practical as she yanks on my waistband of the jeans which I am an expert at removing.

Her hand is not timid, moving to me as I race my whities down.

Her grasp is soft moving over it, introducing herself.

Thank god for a little experience. I have friends that didn’t last this long.

I can’t get enough of her. Neck, lips, breasts, all responsive to my desire. There’s no way there’s anything better out there.

Her hand figures out it’s task. Up and down seeking success. Scooting down a little in the seat my hips offer my cock help.

Thrusting now into her hand as her right leg slides over mine and she moves into me, head on my chest knowing concentration is key and her initiation needs focus.

I want so desperately to throw her ass on the truck seat and cum on her breasts.

But I know this is her time more than mine.

“Be nice” moms’ words ring home.

Feeling her right breast with my left hand and taking in her lower back with the other, my intensity picks up and the end is near.

Passing the rubicon my hand leaves her breast and covers hers, giving assistance as my first shot lifts off.

Up my chest to Amber. She doesn’t flinch and stays on track, sliding her leg along mine showing her appreciation.

I continue shooting with her help, not releasing her hand. As the end nears, friction disappears and my knowledge goes to work. My cum is squishing through our hands and shes cooperating.

Raising her head and giggling “cool beans!” Amber says. A saying I hear thousands of times in the future.

Raising up, Amber shows achievement on her face and cum on her right breast.

That was so cool! When that hit me I felt like I had been shot!”

“You were” I said as I recoup leaned back in the truck seat.

Leaning over for her bottoms, practicality again was shown from her as she wiped the cum off her tit with her bottoms and offered them to me.

She’s a country girl.

She was getting there.

My friend kevin’s going to question the hell out of me. He lives through me when it comes to girls. I cant’ tell him everything can I?


Shit happened fast after initiation night.

Our clothes came off before the dust settled on the truck all the next week. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

Handjobs are plentiful and are Amber’s passion. She subverts her own needs for mine.

Cum becomes a part of the family.

Amber has nervously reached orgasm, squeezing it off two times now.

She’s getting there.

Saturday night’s coming and we’ve made plans.

Her input was sought this time.

4th stall in the barn. I snuck out Saturday afternoon, swept it and placed in supplies.

Amber sprints through her front door as I pull up. What a sight!

Sliding over with a peck saying, ” how’s 21?” my jersey number. Ain’t she cool.

Heading to the barn around 9:00 we had three hours to use.

As I laid out the blankets they fluttered down directly where mom once knelt.

Placing a couple of hunting lights around the blankets makes it look pretty cool.

As we make out I desperately want to take complete control but I planned better this time.

As she sits astride me stroking my cock directly in front of her pussy, comfortable in the knowledge sincan escort I’m not going to take advantage.

I just take in her breasts and she chatters away. Definitely not like mom. Amber commenting “that feel good?”, or “Your cock is so smooth” she has an endless array of comments and is quickly loving dirty talk.

As we near completion I push her off and to her back and sit astride her as she squeals and regains control of my cock. “What are you doing you goofball?, she says as I point my cock at her tits and poke them a little.

“It’s your turn” as I smirk at her giving my meaning.

Taking me in hand she resumes her pace for a while. My hands find a home, massaging her breasts as she jacks me. Eventually I settle my cock between her breasts and push them together.

Amber laughs, “Oooh a titty fuck I’ve heard of these” as she gets into it. Holding her breasts for me as I use them for my personal playground.

Moving quickly now because the night is young I reach my peak and raise slightly as her hand comes back into control and continues it’s quest.

My first cumshot hitting her chin as she raised her head and it runs down her collar bone followed by my second in the same spot. She turns her head and squeals.

Three more smaller shots create the Colorado, in her grand canyon. My cock landing in the river and I love that feel.

She looks at me in surprise at this as I push the boundaries smearing my cum on her tits. She pushes them together, laughing.

“That feels so good! your crazy Jamie.”

I fall off her and rest as she continues to lay there knowing her times is coming.

We talk a few minutes and eventually she raises up to get a towel. Grabbing her hand I say “leave it, I love looking at it on you. Is that ok?”.

Before she can answer as I fear rejection I lean in and kiss pushing the passion level. I reach up for her tit and caress it allowing my hand to come into contact with my cum showing her my kink.

One thing I truly believe is all women want to be a slut for the right person. Mom proved it and now Amber is responding as I chip away at her virtue.

Rolling over on her I crawl down with my head on her thigh taking in her pussy.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

Without answering I push her leg out and up slightly. She does not hesitate and moves her hands down to her legs setting up guard.

Leaning in I take a long firm lick up the center of her and I learn a new trade. Afraid of her response I quickly continue my tonguing staying in the center and ending at the clit wanting to gain her confidence.

She grabs my head and sighs, spreading her other leg allowing complete access.

I have fell in love with the way her feet never stay on the floor or truck seat when she gives herself to me. Her legs in the air and with her knees even with her tits is a poster shot. I wish I had one on my bedroom wall.

I know I’m succeeding as she works her hips. I realize I’ve seen this same movement on the court. Only now they’re doing what they were made for.

Raising up, She takes the time to quick wipe her chest.

As I witness her flushed face and acceptance of me she pulls me down and I land on my hands and kiss her.

“Ok?” is all I asked.

Just a nod is all that is needed. Leaning in I allow my cock to go hunting. Pushing and searching for the path of least resistance. Lowering myself to her I kiss her as I hit home.

I feel her hands on my lower back squeezing. Her sighs and breaths on my neck make me drunk.

Pushing through brings guilty pleasure as her face contorts slightly. Success gives me an adrenaline rush. The first pull out equally fulfilling.

I don’t waste time as I pump her now, getting serious about it. She’s accepting it realizing the worst is over and trying to hang on for my completion.

I can’t reach far enough as I fill her. Our lips smashing together.

“You ok?” I ask as I kiss her.

“oh yeah”

Amber quickly cleans up nervous about the findings.


Amber and I found a new hobby. We screwed everyday it felt like.

After a close call it finally dawned on us birth control might be a priority and I drove her to the health clinic.

There had been no room for our friends and family as we learned each other that fall. We spent every possible moment together.

My best friend Kevin was seriously pissed at me. Kevin will be the class valedictorian. We all knew that in kindergarten. He’s a cool guy but fairly quiet.

He’s good looking but can’t put himself in front of rejection. We’ve always hung out and shared just about everything.

I knew what would get Kevin’s forgiveness and was hanging out with him one Saturday enduring his usual questioning.

“Tell me about Amber”

“She’s pretty cool”

“No shit man”

“Are you hittin it? Details, I need details!”

I finally break as this wasn’t the first time he wanted his fix.

“Yes! I’m fucking her. All right! She does about sıhhiye escort anything I want. She’s pretty cool”

“Are you fucking her in the ass?”

“Man that’s not cool you went to kindergarten with Amber”

“Is she blowing you?”

“Your crazy Kevin.” No she’s not blowing me. Yet. Man her hands or so soft. She jacks me off whenever I want.”

“No way?”

Shaking my head the affirmative, Kevin thinks I’m a god.

The next week, school finds Kevin and I in our Study Hall playing paper football as usual.

Being Seniors we get a lot more freedom. I have gone to the gym many times during this hour as Amber has cheerleading practice and I had to get my fix.

“Hey Kev, lets head down to the gym and see Amber.” Kevin loved to hang out with both of us. It was the closest thing he had to a girlfriend, and I didn’t mind sharing her, we all got along.

Stepping on the stage we could hang out at the weight room by the coaches offices and take in all the pussy. Amber always sees me and gives me that look.

Waving Amber over as they’ve moved to stretching, she jumps to the stage and gives us her smile which Kevin and I melt under.

She hangs out with us a bit and I whisper to Kevin to keep a look out. He doesn’t get it at first but he will, he’s a smart guy.

I pulled Amber into the PE coaches office. He’s on the field this hour.

I can’t get enough of her pushing her against the wall getting under her shirt.

“You’re crazy Jamie. We’re gonna get caught.”

“Na, I told Kevin to keep a lookout. He will”

Rubbing against her she can feel it straining at the chain. She’s loving it giving me her moist tongue flexing her hips to allow my dry humping of her. I can’t stand it and know we don’t have much time.

Taking her hand I jam it down my pants where she grabs it but gives me caution, “We cant’ do this!”

Yet she keeps stroking me with what little movement she can achieve.

I put the strong arm on her hoping to convince her of my need. “Come on Amber, Please”

I start unbuckling my belt and whip it out.

Saying quickly as I see the concern in her eye; “The door’s locked and Kevin is keeping a watch out. I promise.”

“Entering her mouth with my tongue , there’s just nothing like tonguing with her. She’s jacking me quick hoping to get it over with.

Knowing what I want, I pull off her mouth and ask “would you suck me?” and start kissing her neck not wanting to make eye contact in fear of rejection.

“Please” whispering in her ear as I pull on her arms guiding her down.

Amber pulls back slightly forcing eye contact and weakly squeaks out “ok.”

I about came right then. Her voice full of fear yet still pushing the limit for me, was so intense.

Amber sank to her knees and I quickly guided her head with my hands. Watching her mouth take me that first time, ranks up there.

She bobs on it like a natural keeping her hand on the bottom pulling when she can.

She’s understanding of my comfort and free flows her juices. Grabbing her head for urging, I remember mom’s incident and don’t want to scare her.

As I near my moment I limit my thrusts and pull out allowing my shots on her tongue and resist the urge to seek the bottom of her throat like mom let me.

Amber let me finish using her hand to pull my residue out on her tongue. I kept my dick in her mouth and pushed in slightly, instinctively knowing she would have to swallow. Which she did.

Reaching down I helped her up. She quickly sought my kiss wanting it and she got it.

“Amber, your awesome” I say.

She squeezes me in a hug as she’s at a loss for words which is unusual. She’s passed another checkpoint with me and we both know it.

Backing out after she collected herself she smiles and says” you owe me, was it good?”

“Oh yeah, are you cool with it? Wanna go again?”

Hanging on me as I push her against the wall, I quickly jam my hand down her shorts and she squeals trying to push me away . I tease her sopping wet pussy.

“I think you liked it, your pussy did anyway” as I teased it, and her.

“OK OK it was pretty cool, I admit.”

Leaving the office, Kevin’s standing there grinning ear to ear, “about time” as we head out.

That afternoon the ride home was special. Amber asked “I just realized, Kevin was lookout today. Did you plan that? Di d you tell him?”

“Well, I somewhat planned it, and he questioned the hell out of me about what we did”

Her smirk’s telling me to be careful.

Trying to give the background to a good excuse I offer,”Kevin’s always hounding me about what we do, he can’t get enough ”

She slaps my leg ” what have you told him!”

“Pretty much everything.” smiling at her. “Heck everybody can guess anyway. I didn’t tell him you blew me though. I just told him you jacked me off.”

“Gee, thanks” she responds as she punches me in the gut hard. I think she meant it.

“Are you cool with it, Kevin’s my best friend. I bet you’ve told somebody haven’t you?”

“I told my mom” as she looks sideways at me.

Slamming on the brakes, “you told your mom!”

“What did you tell her?”

“Pretty much everything, we had sex and I have jacked you off. We’re pretty close, my dad’s a truck driver and an asshole so it’s just me and mom.”

“What’d she say?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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