Amelia and Learning to Flirt

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“Me? I might just enjoy a quiet day at the beach,” came Amelia’s reply. “If nothing else, just the short walk down and back might get rid of a few of my niggling aches and pains.”

After spending the last five summer evenings solidly at it, they’d finally finished unpacking the last of all their cartons, boxes and bags just after midnight last night. Like Josh, she was looking forward to relaxing this weekend. As he arranged his bag of clubs along the back seat, she hoped his tournament game today wouldn’t be affected by them being up so late. Or the fact they’d celebrated finishing with a bottle of champagne emptied far too quickly that had led to a particularly joyful and energetic bout of lovemaking. With fondness, she recalled finally them both drifting off to sleep with him spooning naked into her back.

That reminded her. Josh had asked last night when he could stop wearing condoms. He only had a few left and she had meant to go back onto the pill three weeks ago before they’d moved. A child in nine months’ time wasn’t on their radar right now. She’d told him she’d go to a doctor Monday if she could and get a prescription.

“Oh, the beach?” he rued. “I really wish I’d known we’d be living here two months ago. Then I wouldn’t have entered this damn tournament. It was fantastic down there last weekend, wasn’t it?”

It had been a great decision of theirs last Sunday. The large moving van had been emptied out late on the Saturday afternoon. The huge task of unpacking everything could have got under way from early next morning. Instead they had opted to sleep in then enjoy their first Sunday together in their new area at the local beach literally just down the street. The plan then was to put all their things away each evening afterwards, starting as soon as they both got home from work.

He opened the driver’s door and turned about, taking her waist in firm hands. With her tall slender body on tiptoe and both arms raised, it almost would have looked like they were performing a ballet move to any onlookers. Only her face gave away the fact she was halfway through a gigantic yawn. Finishing it, she dropped her arms as she lowered and snuggled in as he pulled her in close. Blinking up into his brown eyes, she lowered his chin and kissed him long and warmly.

It was hard to believe that only a week ago they were both naive twenty one year old newlyweds living in the large country town they’d both grown up in. The big upheaval had begun two months ago when he’d accepted her uncle’s offer of a job here in the city. It had come at her twentieth first birthday party after the announcement that he had excelled in his final accountancy exams.

Until last Sunday, neither had been to a beach for many years and both were amazed how satisfying the experience had been. “A lot of city girls don’t wear much at the beach, do they?” Josh had mused as they’d walked back home, arms around each other.

She’d smirked. “That’s an understatement. But hey, don’t hold your breath waiting for me to get a bikini,” came her good-natured comeback. “This one-piece will do me just fine. Or don’t you like me in it all of a sudden?”

“You know it’s not that. It’s just we stood out last weekend,” he’d continued. “Nobody had anything like your one-piece or my Speedos on. We looked like country bumpkins.”

Maybe, she thought, she should try on a bikini next week just to see how it looked. Not one of those thin immodest string things or one with a thong bottom though. A decent one. A cool breeze interrupted her thoughts. She brushed the few light brown strands tickling her elfin face away as she was released from his arms.

The question as to why some girls had been lying around with so little on had vexed her all week. She could understand the ones lying on their fronts undoing the back of their bra strap and pushing their shoulder straps off. They simply didn’t want any tan lines. But those laying bare-breasted on their backs or in bikinis that looked like they were nude she couldn’t fathom. They were tanning parts of their bodies decent folk shouldn’t see. Had they no shame? Surely they knew all sorts of men kept ogling them?

“Especially that pervert!” she thought to herself recalling one odd guy she’d seen hanging. The memory made her shudder. She pulled the robe even tighter around her body as Josh eased his wide shoulders into the car.

“What if some dirty old man spots me alone and comes up to me today?” she asked as he lowered the window for a last farewell kiss.

“Not much possibility of that,” Josh replied. “They’re rarely renowned for their social skills. That’s why they tend to stay away and just look.” His voice became playful. “You know, I could perv on you all day myself, beautiful.”

Leaning on the window sill, she put her lovely young face to his and lightly kissed him as his reward for the left-field compliment. After nearly a year of marriage, she loved the fact he said the sweetest things at times both privately and in public. And that he genuinely enjoyed her quirky sense Escort bayan of humour.

“So what about normal guys then?” she queried, her tone becoming more serious. “Like that one who came over and tried to chat me up last Sunday while you were in having your last swim.”

“It’s your call. Unless you find them objectionable or boring, go right ahead,” he shrugged.

“Really?” she shrieked. “You’re okay with me letting other men come on to me?”

“Sure. I trust you,” he said thoughtfully looking up at her from the driver’s seat. “Look, you may be my wife but the fact is you’re also young and very beautiful. There are lots more single guys around here in the city than where we came from. They’re bound to try to chat up a nice-looking girl like you, married or not. Now I won’t always be around so you’ll need to learn how to handle that all by yourself.”

“Shouldn’t I just say I’m married to them all and ignore them if they persist,” she tried.

“You could,” he smiled. “Most guys will back off like that guy last weekend did. But what harm can there be if you liked the guy.” There was a deep furrow across her brow. “I mean if a little mutual flirting took place at the beach today, how out of hand could it possibly get with people nearby?”

She nodded thoughtfully at his logic as she leaned down for one last kiss goodbye.

“We’ve sure got a lot to learn about life in the city,” she muttered when their lips parted. “I guess you have to learn how to handle it if some hussy flirts with you too and I’m not around.”

As he slowly backed out, Amelia began thinking about what sort of bikini she might buy eventually. To cover her pointy boobs, it needed to have a sports bra like top. And she wouldn’t even try on a G-string bottom even if they were the current fashion. Although you may get a more even tan, as a married woman, showing that much skin was sending the wrong signals, surely.

“Love you heaps. Hope you win,” she called as he turned the wheel to head off.

“Love you too. See you about 8 tonight if I miss the cut. Otherwise it’ll be 8 tomorrow night.” Josh called back through the open window.

She waved on tiptoe until he rounded the corner, then turned to start her day. By 10.30 she had finished the last of the clearing up and was walking down the cliff path to the beach, the one-piece under her T-shirt and shorts. She dropped her towel just before the very first beachgoers she came across. Her thoughts were that she’d stay three or four hours, eat an orange for lunch and maybe read a bit of the book she’d brought this afternoon. It was quite warm. Perhaps she’d have a quiet dip to soothe the minor aches. A glance at her watch told her it was a bit before 11. It would have taken Josh a good two hours to drive to the golf course. He should have hit off by now.

The fact she was alone played on her mind. She noticed a few men glancing as she slipped the T-shirt off and re-arranged her half-back length light brown hair. None were likely to approach her though with their wives or girlfriends close by. But the occasional prolonged look made her think a little before deciding to remove her shorts as well.

Fishing the sunglasses from her bag and leaning back on her arms, she decided to look around and learn more about the city beach culture as she enjoyed the sun warming her outstretched legs.

At first a lot seemed familiar and comfortable. Most of the mixed bag of folk nearby seemed to be nice and ordinary, just like country people. There were some individuals but mostly the small crowd was made up of couples from their thirties although some were in their sixties or seventies, all without children or grandchildren. From a little further down the beach drifted the sounds of kids laughing, splashing and yelling on the shoreline or in the shallows. That seemed to be where all the families preferred to go, nearer to the car park.

As time went on though, she detected a few other things that were the same as last week. Ten metres away were two girls her age in the sort of string bikinis she thought were just plain immodest. And in front of her, a third girl alone like her was sitting up with just bikini bottoms on, smearing oil over her large breasts and rubbing it in. How could she be so brazen, she pondered? Even with Josh’s blessing and with him right next to her, she wouldn’t have the nerve let alone the desire to do anything like that on a deserted beach, let alone here.

Pulling her honey strands from behind her shoulders, she began running a brush through their tips when something unusual caught her eye to her right. Two barefoot twentyish young men in all-white hats, T-shirts and shorts fifty metres away were weaving their way between bathers heading her way. They seemed to be asking everyone something but only getting negative answers or gestures in return.

Glancing back sat the shoreline, a smile lit up her young face. A portly couple in their seventies she’d noticed before had waded out of the sea and had begun plodding up to their Bayan escort towels. They both looked and moved like walruses. And she was intrigued to notice that the individuals, couples and groups walking in both directions along the shoreline all ignored one another. No one even tried to make eye contact whenever they passed. Josh was misguided if he thought that perverts were the only ones who were socially insular here in the city. Even most of the normal folk here seemed to be.

She decided to lay back under her straw hat and close her eyes. A while later she heard two masculine voices drawing nearer and shortly after, and a stream of what became increasingly louder replies of ‘No, no thanks’.

Suddenly she heard a clear “Hi. We’re travelling first year massage students, out to earn a little petrol money. Can we perhaps interest you in a nice ten minute foot and back massage for just ten dollars?”

Slowly turning up her brim and easing her sunglasses up onto her brow, she found two young men squatting either side of her. Propping up on her elbows, she smiled at one then the other. “I have a few sensitive areas from moving house. That sounds wonderful.”

“Fantastic. You’ve saved us having to walk back and start all over again from the other end,” came the first friendly words she’d heard from strangers outside work. She found herself caught in the blue eyes and face of the handsome young speaker and instantly smitten.

He was perhaps a few years older than her, it was only when his colleague became distracted by something to her right and nodded his head that way that he glanced away giving her the chance to recover her composure.

“Truly. What do you make of that, Phil?” the brown eyed guy had scoffed.

Following their gaze, Amelia spotted the pervert from last Sunday pausing a few metres in front of her before the topless girl. She sat up and wrapped a large towel around her upper body, shaking her head at the ten dollar note being furtively waved in his hand. The two guys smirked aloud when he instantly reached into the pockets of his long pants, produced a wad of notes and replaced it with a twenty.

To everyone’s surprise, the statuesque brunette stood up and walking the few steps over, took it without exchanging a word. Right before their eyes and without so much as a look around, she opened the towel and let his hesitant hand reach out. Amelia could see his scrawny fingertips touch her naked breast, a look of awed reverence on his face.

After letting him have a quick feel, she closed the towel. Turning around, she strode back to her spot, turning and shooing him back when it seemed like he might be about to follow. Then ignoring him completely, she fell straight to her knees, removed the towel and lay on her stomach on it. Nothing on display any more, he began a disappointed walk back towards the track Amelia had come down, stopping once or twice for a few glances back. Once the girl saw he was halfway up the cliff, she rolled over onto her back.

An amazed smile crossed Amelia’s face. She looked up quizzically at the curious lads. They were looking up at the pervert, hand on his crutch, watching disconsolately from afar as the girl’s erect nipples rose and fell with her breathing. Amelia could see the crumpled red note still gripped firmly in her hand like a trophy. The girl’s complete ease suggested she hadn’t been all that worried by him or fazed by the bizarre nature of their transaction.

“Well, to each her own. Maybe she should have held out for a bit more than twenty,” the blue-eyed fellow finally muttered, shaking his head then smiling engagingly back down into Amelia’s eyes. “Whoa! Back to the present, mate! Now young lady, how about you let us males take a deep breath and cool down, then give you that nice relaxing foot and back rub. Right here on your own towel as we said for just ten dollars. Or you can lie on your front and we’ll do your back, legs and arms for twenty?”

Ten or twenty, she thought. There were a few sore spots all over that would appreciate being massaged. The two young men had obviously done poorly amongst today’s smallish crowd. She felt sorry for them.

“Um. The twenty dollar one,” she indicated. “By the way, I’m Amelia.”

Politely the blue-eyed one apologised, introduced himself as Phil, and asked if they could sit down and chat with her for a bit if Garry bothered to get around to introducing himself. The quip made her laugh as they looked at Garry and he stammered his name. He hasn’t got the Phil’s looks but there’s a nice air about him she thought as they sank to their knees before her.

Glad for the company and the implicit protection from the peeping tom, she relaxed. In no time they were all engaged in friendly small talk about her house move and their travels. They were from up north, travelling through this part of the world in Garry’s old VW Campmobile, and beachside massages were their main source of income.

The longer they spoke, the more pleased she was that she had found such easy Escort going company. Soon, both young men had taken off their hats and T shirts and the trio were arranged like three spokes of a wheel on their chests, facing each other. Her eyes sparkled from one to the other listening to light-hearted stories about their travels to date.

Late in her contribution to the conversation, she decided to slip in the fact she was married, blushing when Phil said she was kidding them and that she was still a teenager surely. That compliment took her by surprise. Phil shook his head when she said she was twenty one, and a disbelieving Garry waved away her offered ring and asked her to describe Josh. When she’d finished, she saw Phil’s eyes smiling. When he brazenly asked if Josh and she were each other’s first lovers, she proudly answered yes without the slightest hesitation.

Phil had then asked whether she would like them both to describe her. She bashfully shook her head but couldn’t stop laughing when they completely ignored her and got up into kneeling positions, theatrically gazing along her outstretched body. Phil immediately got the banter under way.

“Five foot seven or eight tall I’d say, Garry?”

“Agreed. Small feminine feet and ankles, well-proportioned curvy calves, long shapely legs, face ..”

“You’re starting from that end? Okay. I’ll do from the head down. Silky straight honey hair falling just below nice square shoulders I’d say. Almost cat-like lips, really pretty girlish mouth with fabulous teeth, upturned nose that’s discerning but not snobby. Would you say a pretty face, Garry? … .”

“Very pretty, Phil. Look at the perfect skin on those legs, right up to that neat rounded behind. And a nice long back. Phil, I see your pretty and raise it to lovely ….”

“A cute chin and slender neck. I see your lovely and raise it to gorgeous, Garry … .”

“Good call Phil. Now what’s hidden from view? I’m betting on a firm flat belly, a cute navel, obviously an hourglass figure with that narrow waist but good child-bearing hips, …”

Phil’s inspecting eyes took in more of Amelia’s giggling face. “Okay, we’re on to hidden stuff, eh? What about the boobs? I’m guessing medium-sized, quite shapely and pushing out like a young teenager’s with nipples that …”

“Stop,” she interjected, going as red as a beetroot. “Change of subject!” This was getting her all hot. She needed to change the racy direction their patter was taking. “So, what do you two do for a living? Surely not just massages?” she tried.

They turned half serious and took turns explaining they both had indeed just finished the last year of their massage diplomas and were on holidays before going into practice doing just massaging. Another look at Garry made her decide yes, he was good-looking in his own way. But the only word to describe Phil was captivating she thought as she sat up.

It wasn’t too long before she found them on either side of her, their conversation becoming flirtatious again. She started to talk just to one for short periods now and again touching an arm or leg as she did, knowing the other was not feeling left out when she realised they were using the time to secretly eye off her body. Recalling Josh’s advice, she decided to not only continue but to try out a few other bold things herself. She started by stroking the muscles up and down Garry’s arm and commenting on how good his physique was. Then she included Phil, turning to him and saying she had fallen in love with his blue eyes, enjoying the excuse to let her eyes drown in them as she stroked his cheek playfully.

The fun started though when she asked them to describe the difference between the various techniques of touching, rubbing and kneading she’d heard about. They seemed to struggle to explain the differences purely through words and pretty soon had themselves both in a laughing mess. Instead they decided to take it in turns to demonstrate various techniques by tickling, stroking or scratching up and down her slender propping arms as she watched on.

She could really get to like flirting if this was always like this. Absorbed in making eyes at Garry now as she listened, she eased forward when she felt Phil lifting her left palm from the sand. Turning it over and cupping it in his, he began silently and painstakingly circling its centre with a lone finger, his eyes alternating between looking at what he was doing and her eyes as Garry looked on passively.

In a quiet, almost confidential tone she heard Phil ask her how it felt. Clearing her throat, she managed to hoarsely mumble that it was really nice. He surely couldn’t know how much she was understating the situation. Delicious squirmy sensations were building up inside her hand and delightful electric shocks were flowing off to lodge in the back of her throat and lower belly.

When it began to get a little too sexy inside her, she started to ease the hand back. Phil paused, those blue eyes looking at her with a quizzical, almost hurt, expression. A moment of guilt about how thrilling it had started to become had got her thinking. Would Josh mind seeing her being harmlessly tickled like this, really? Especially as he had said, what could be the possible harm in the end with so many people around.

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