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Marcus’ bright blue eyes and beautiful full smile gleamed back at him in the stainless steel finish of his refrigerator. The twenty-four year old man was almost eye level with the top of the six and a half foot tall appliance. He set aside the can of spray cleaner and looked upon his gleaming appliances in admiration. A deep desire that she would find the same admiration for his nice things danced below his confidence. Ingredients for tonight’s dinner sat spread out over the granite countertop; three one-pound chunks of freshly caught salmon, sliced lemon wedges, pecan crumbles, and garden grown asparagus. Marcus sat an expensive bottle of red wine and two stemless wine glasses in the center of his cherry wood dining table. He turned off the overhead light fixture and set the mood more accordingly with two rose scented candles.

Earlier in the week, the young man had met a gorgeous woman. Lyndsey, thirty-one years old with long shiny brown hair, worked tirelessly to keep the local area’s furry population safe and healthy. Some even traveled from out of town to receive Lyndsey’s services over their own local professionals. Anyone who was asked would smile at the mention of her name and would tell you what a wonderful young woman she is. As the attractive woman confirmed the good health of Marcus’ calico cat, Sebastian, the deep connection was undeniable. This impressive woman would look up from time to time and catch Marcus admiring her; she would blush lightly and offer a smile that would make Marcus’ heart beat rapidly. She displayed a petite figure like no other woman for a hundred miles around. Even through her light blue scrubs and long white overcoat, Lyndsey’s large tits were impossible to conceal.

After Sebastian was confirmed a healthy boy, Marcus impulsively asked Lyndsey if she’d like to spend an evening with him. Much to his surprise, she agreed to a casual dinner on the town but with a mutual agreement of no “after party.” The following night, Marcus picked her up from her quaint suburban two-story home and treated her to one of the area’s more highly regarded eating establishments. The night had started off remarkably well and the two were clicking like they were meant for one another.

“Sebastian was an absolute treat to have in the office yesterday,” Lyndsey acclaimed. “I must say that we don’t often get such a well behaved gentleman in the clinic.”

Marcus grinned humorously. “Well I do try to stay on my best behavior in the presence of a charming woman.” Lyndsey’s cheeks blushed significantly through her make-up as she displayed that irresistible smile that got Marcus’ blood pumping. “I see you regard yourself as quite a clever guy.” The two erupted in genuine laughter and Lyndsey could feel herself growing aroused in her panties.

“So allow me to pry and get to know you a little better,” Lyndsey insisted. “Surely with genes as good as yours, your parents didn’t stop with you?” Marcus’ heart seemed to miss a beat as she briefly infiltrated his head space. He could feel his pulse spike significantly and saliva ball up in his throat. Lyndsey noticed the mood change harshly, almost as if Marcus had slapped her across the face for asking. “Oh,” she hesitated. “I’m sorry, if I’m being nosey on a sore subject we can surely change the topic of conversation.”

Marcus quickly snapped back to reality and noticed that he had made his date uncomfortable. “No, no, my apologies. I just haven’t thought about…” He trailed back off into subconscious thought for just a second before catching himself again. “My sister, or uh my half-sister, Amelia.” Lyndsey offered a look of concern mixed with sympathy, “Did something happen to her?”

“Not that I’m aware of. I haven’t spoken to or seen Amelia for ten years.”

“Oh, my, I’m terribly sorry. Did you two have a bad falling out?”

Marcus’ breathing seemed to halt altogether as he mentally recalled the adolescent years he had shared with Amelia. Lyndsey noticed him drifting back off into that blank stare again and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t know it was such a touchy topic for you.” She scooted her chair backwards and the wooden legs screeched loudly against the marble floor. “Maybe I should get back home, it’s gonna be an early morning at the office.” Marcus exhaled through his nostrils with disappointment. He knew he would not be able to focus on his stunning date for the remainder of the night anyway. Amelia had taken center stage in his mind.

On Lyndsey’s doorstep, she planted a soft kiss on Marcus’ cheek and thanked him for the thoughtfulness of the evening. They exchanged goodnights and Marcus returned to behind the wheel of his sports car. After watching Lyndsey disappear behind the solid oak door, Marcus slumped forward against the steering wheel. The images of his long gone sister crowded his entire thought process and as it did, his cock began to grow hard in his pants. He could hear Amelia’s voice in his head as he did just about every night, “Smell me, Marcus. Put your gaziantep escort reklamları face between my legs and smell me.”

Marcus grabbed hold of the crotch in his jeans and squeezed his cock. His raging hard-on throbbed painfully in his tight jeans. He glanced back at the face of Lyndsey’s home and noticed a slight part in the blinds. “Shit,” he remarked, quickly adjusting himself in his seat. Marcus put his car in gear and pulled back onto the road. Smell me, Marcus. Her voice echoed through his head like someone shouting in a large empty room. Your big sister’s been waiting all day for you to come home from school. Marcus could feel pre-cum forming in the tip of his penis. If he didn’t get home soon and relieve himself, his new designer jeans would be in danger of a nasty stain.

Sebastian jumped from his spot on the head of the couch when the front door swung open abruptly. Marcus hurried inside and slammed the door shut behind him, forgetting to lock it as he rushed for the couch. Those expensive tight jeans came off in a hurry and Marcus’ painfully solid boner sprang out happily. Marcus fell back on the couch with his jeans around his ankles. He wrapped his hand around the base of his hard cock and began gently massaging the head with his fingertips.

Do you think you’ve earned the right to your big sister’s smelly asshole, Marcus? His eyes closed and his grip grew tighter around the base of his cock. Marcus inhaled desperately and nodded along to his sister’s internal teasing. He muttered pitifully to himself as he quickly stroked his dick, “Yes, Amelia, please. Please, I need your smell.” Inside Marcus’ head, his older sister lay spread out on his bed with her legs up and knees almost touching her ears. She was wearing his favorite pair of light blue panties that she had caught him sniffing so many times. Amelia reached down and grabbed each of her plump ass cheeks and spread them as far apart as she could.

Marcus could feel himself teetering on the edge of an intense orgasm and backed off for a moment. He certainly didn’t want to finish before his favorite part. He began gently and rhythmically stroking the shaft of his cock again as Amelia encouraged him in her sweet soothing voice. Are you ready, Marcus? This is what you’ve been waiting for isn’t it? To get a big whiff of your big sister’s tight smelly ass? “Oh my god, yes. Yes!” Marcus’ body began to tense up as he began begging for his sister’s ass. Do it, Marcus. Put your nose in my asshole and smell me, Marcus!

It’s as if it happened an hour ago, as it seems every night; all the sensations come to him at once precisely as they did ten years ago. He can feel his sister’s asshole pucker against the tip of his nose. The intense aroma of her asshole consuming him and making him feel whole. He can hear his sister’s soft moaning as he inhales and gratefully accepts her smell. He can even taste her on his young soft innocent lips. And then it comes. The thing that has kept him from ever bringing home any of his dates. The thing that forces him onto the couch with his pants around his ankles to relive that moment every single night. Amelia spreads her asscheeks as far as she can and her breathing becomes shallow. Marcus can feel her asshole pressing against his nostrils and in a quick sudden burst, Amelia’s asshole pushes open and Marcus welcomes his sisters delightfully awful gas into his lungs. The young boy inhales intensely as not to dare miss any of his big sister’s gift.

As the memory of their quality time reaches its climax, so does he. Marcus blew a load so massive in that moment that it would take the next five minutes for him to finally stand from the couch. “Shit,” he muttered as his adrenaline and pulse returned back to a resting state. His semen had run over the side of his muscular toned legs and had seeped into the couch cushions. He disregarded the inconvenience and made his way over to the refrigerator with his now half flaccid dick cupped in his hand. He chugged two bottles of water while standing there naked in the illumination of the refrigerator’s interior light.

His head hung shamefully on the way to the shower, glancing painfully into his empty bedroom as he passed by it. Sacrificing real human intimacy for another lonely fap on the living room couch. What was it all for? His goddamn half-sister that had ruined his chances of ever enjoying a healthy relationship, or even just the thrill of a one night stand for fucks sake. Someone who he had not seen or spoken to for ten whole years, and yet here he is getting his rocks off to their old sex games. He would curse her if he ever crossed paths with her again.

The hot water rained down on his face and chest as he imagined how it might transpire. He would be glancing through one of the aisles at the local grocery market; stopping to read a nutrition label when another shopper’s grocery cart would strike his seemingly in accident. He would look up with the words already gaziantep escort bayan reklamları resting on his lips, “It’s no problem, honestly.” Except, when he looks up he will, instead, be speechless. The explanation of his eyes playing twisted games with him would demand to be accepted, but only momentarily. His heart would swell up painfully at the sight of the reality that stood before him.

Standing before him, gripping the steering column of the other shopping cart, would be that familiar tall, slender, athletic built figure. Immediately, he would get caught in her dark lustrous brown eyes. He loved the way they perfectly match her wavy brunette locks that fall gently onto her shoulders. A low-cut spaghetti strap tank top would hug her upper body firmly; it would display her perky C-Cup breasts that she always swore would be massive double Ds one day. Her tiny firm nipples would be poking through her shirt, the way she’s always preferred them to be. She would be wearing her favorite mascara; she’s always refused to leave the house without it. Her lips would be coated with dark red lipstick that shined nicely under the lights; the one that would always pitch ninth-grade Marcus’ tent at the sight of it.

The thin barely see-through tank top she wore would be intentionally pulled up under her tits to reveal her toned tummy and pierced belly button. Tight fitting high-waisted jeans hug her impressive thighs and heart shaped ass. And finally, her crowd-pleasing feet would be on display, as they always had been, in her favorite high-heeled shoes that matched her lipstick; her toenails bright red, probably painted by her bucket head boyfriend, Sam.

Marcus’ breath grew shallow and his cock began to twitch with excitement picturing his big sister again. He lathered up his hands with a generous amount of soap and began massaging his inner thighs. The thought of Amelia’s red lipstick and her hard nipples nearly puncturing her tight top made Marcus’ balls feel warm. Good fucking lord, how he’s longed to feel her nipples caress his soft lips; how he’s longed to please his big sister. He slowly strokes the base of his rising cock as his mind returns to the aisle in the grocery market.

“What’s the matter, Marcus” Amelia says to him through a bright grin. “Aren’t you happy to see your big sister?” He locks eyes with her and he can feel his lips parting in disbelief. An array of emotions overtake him, giving him an awkward demeanor. He is angry; standing here is the woman who ruined any chance of future intimacy for him. He is sad; here is the woman who he shared many intimate first experiences with and the person he very first felt genuine comfort with. He is fearful; why had she tracked him down and cornered him in the grocery market? The combination of these emotions resulted in something he had not done in ten years, “A-A-A-Am-Amelia!”

His older sister began giggling and her cheeks grew red like christmas ornaments. “Aww Marcus, you really know how to make me blush. No stutter for ten years , then I show up and bam!” In short desperate bursts, Marcus spoke, “How… but… It’s been… no… ten years…”

“Oh, Marcus. Just shut the fuck up. I’m not here for you to stand and gawk at. Your big sister has been lonely all these years, Marcus. She needs you to take care of her.”

Amelia’s face displayed a look of intense lust as she reached down and unbuttoned her high waisted jeans. “I know you want to smell me, Marcus.” He could read the screaming desire in his sister’s beautiful brown eyes; he always had been able to read the desire.

Marcus held on to the shopping cart with an immense grip as his blood pressure skyrocketed. He wanted to run but his desire to please his sister, and to please himself, was strong. It had been ten long years since he had gotten the privilege to inhale his sister’s overwhelming smell; that addicting aroma of her secret area. And here she was, standing before him finally, unbuttoning her tight jeans. She was going to let him have her. Oh my god, he was going to finally have his big sister again.

Standing under the now cool water stream, Marcus was stroking his fully erect cock aggressively. His closed eyelids shut out all his surroundings and his breathing had become labored. His balls were hot, brewing up another huge load at the thought of her. At the thought of having her, once again. He needed her, he desired her more than anything in this world. He lusted for her smell, for her addictive smell. She was going to allow him to have it once more in the grocery market and he could feel himself teetering once again. But he would not allow himself to finish before he could have her again.

“Get on your knees, little brother.” Marcus released his grip from the shopping cart and knelt before his big sister as ordered. Satisfaction rolled off her tongue in a whisper, “Good.” Down on the floor, Marcus’ body was trembling. His own tight fitted jeans revealed that escort gaziantep reklamları he was the happiest boy in the world to be in the position he was in. Amelia blushed even brighter at the sight of this. “You love your big sister, don’t you, Marcus?” Looking up at her, he nodded his head vigorously. “I do, Amelia. I love you very much.”

“Oh, I love you, too, Marcus.” Amelia’s thumbs traced the inside of her waistline. When they found her hips, she slowly pulled her jeans down to reveal the seams of her bright blue thong. Marcus could feel his internal temperature rising quickly, especially in his groin area. He watched shamelessly as his big sister peeled her tight pants off of her lower body to reveal all that he desired.

Amelia stepped over to where Marcus knelt on the floor and towered over him with her barely covered pussy hovering inches above his face. “Are you gonna show your big sister how much you’ve missed her?” Marcus nearly whimpered but was able to contain himself enough to give a proper response; “Yes, Amelia. Please please please let me show you.” And with that, the last thing Marcus noticed before being smothered in his big sister’s pussy, was how beautiful she looked standing overtop him. How her dark brown curls complimented her tan complexion and her dark brown eyes. The way she smiled so brightly it made you want to completely submit to her every command. And the way her compelling soft lips pulled you in and made you feel loved.

Marcus’ asscheeks tensed as he blew another significant load into his hand. Instant shame came like a crashing wave as he watched his semen mix with the body soap in his hand. He dropped his hands and his head to be cleansed again by the water. He thinks to himself about what he would give for the water to wash away his wicked desires as easily as it does his bodily filth. The tears come next and the young man sobs into the perpetual stream for the next fifteen minutes.

Later that night, as Marcus sits down to enjoy a late night turkey sandwich, he opens his social media profile to browse the feed while he sits. He swipes down the feed aimlessly on his smartphone as he does every night before bed. Jenna from high school just got a new kitten. Bradley from his old part-time job went fishing with his nephew today, how exciting. Oh, the neighbor just harvested a fresh batch of tomatoes; he would be expecting her at his door the next day to offer up a few. As he was in the midst of deciding to shut it down and head for bed, her face appeared on his phone.

“People you may know!” He not only knew the face under the encouraging title, he had been smothered in that particular face’s secret area far too many times to count. He momentarily sat there with a blank stare painted on his face; taking in and admiring every feature of the profile photo. And then came the confusion; he had searched for his sister almost nightly, not only over social media but over the worldwide web search engines. Every single attempt to find her ended in disappointment, until tonight. There she was, on his phone screen, with that heart stopping smile.

The last ten years had not only treated Amelia well, it’s as if she had been at some hidden laboratory for the last ten years while a cosmetic scientist perfected every inch of her. Amelia stood in front of a scenic overlook that consisted of lush mountain ranges and blooming trees in a beautiful spring setting. The photo looked like it was taken out of a modeling magazine. His sister had allowed her dark locks to grow down to the top of her ass. Her low-cut hiking tank top revealed that her tits had indeed grown to a massive D cup at last. The profile picture also revealed that Amelia had still not grown accustomed to wearing a bra; her prominent nipples showcased themselves with ease through the tight top. Her full smile was still as alluring and beautiful as it always had been. There she was, the most perfect human being to ever have graced the earth.

Marcus must’ve spent ten whole minutes sitting at his dining table and admiring his grown older sister. He then clicked on Amelia’s profile and began to swipe down the feed. He learned there wasn’t much to see. The profile feed revealed that the account had been created on the same date as today. It revealed her birthdate and her relationship status, “In a relationship with Samuel Leftwhich.” Marcus felt slight disgust brew in his lower belly. She was still with that bone head idiot after all the years, somehow. An inquiry of her “Photos” tab was disappointing; no photos other than the overlook picture that could be attached to an application for the playboy bunny mansion.

The last section of Amelia’s new profile made Marcus’ heart nearly stop working; the big shiny “Add Friend” option underneath the profile picture. Marcus stared at the digital button for what could’ve been hours and never took a single breath. He hovered his large thumb over the request button and then jerked his hand away. He questioned if she would even consider adding him back. She might even just block him the second she saw his name appear. Although, what was it he had overheard his coworkers discussing just the other day at work? Someone was claiming that if another media account had been reviewing your profile, then their profile would appear under the “People you may know” category. Could it be true that Amelia had actually already found his profile and had done research of her own?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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