Amy and Jeremy Ch. 01

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She looked into the mirror again. This would be Amy’s first day at her new job, and she needed to look her best. She assessed her body, noticing that the seemingly conservative outfit showed off her curves nicely. The powder blue blouse fit tightly against her breasts and waist. The black skirt clung slightly to her round bottom, and ended just above the knee. Amy smiled. This would do nicely. She grabbed her purse from the table by the door, and walked proudly outside.

When she arrived, the office manager was there to greet her. “Hi, Amy! Welcome to Tom’s. I’m Kathy. Come over here with me, and I will introduce you to some of the people you will be working with. After that, we can get started on your training.”

Amy’s new manager was an older red headed with a sly grin. Kathy was slightly heavy, and dressed like a teenager. Amy couldn’t believe the tiny skirt she was wearing. Kathy’s shirt dipped low in the front, revealing the shadow of her cleavage. Amy shook her head a bit to herself. This lady looked like she could be a lot of fun, or a lot of trouble.

As they walked together, Kathy filled Amy in on the company. ” We do quite a few things here at Tom’s. We sell appliances, repair them, and collect the old unwanted ones. You will be in our service department; I believe they told you that in the interview, right?”

Amy nodded ” Yes. I told Jake I didn’t know anything about fixing appliances. He said I didn’t have to worry about that, and I would spend most of my time taking repair calls.”

“That’s right,” Kathy told her ” You will answer phone calls, and enter data from all the work we do.”

As they rounded the corner into the warehouse, Amy almost collided with a longhaired man pushing a refrigerator. He stopped just in time. With his head down, he tried to walk around them.

“Jeremy, this is Amy. She just started today, and she will be in the service department. Amy, Jeremy is the detailer. He gets everything ready to be sold.”

Jeremy looked Amy over, and nodded his head. Without a word, he went back to his work. Amy glanced at him. He was just a slight bit taller than her five-nine frame. His hair was neatly pulled back, showing his features to Amy. His eyes were slate gray, set in a rugged, roughly handsome face. His full lips seemed to be constantly in a smirk. Looking at him, she felt a tingle spread through her body.

Jeremy was also feeling a reaction. He was immediately attracted to the new office girl. Her hair was long, just the way he liked. Brown highlighted modestly with streaks of dark blonde complimented her rosy complexion and green eyes. Her body wasn’t what he usually went for, but with Amy, her slightly rounded figure made him want to see more.

The rest of Amy’s day was filled with the mundane tasks of learning office procedure and meeting more of her co-workers. Only one other girl worked in the office with her. Stacy was a matronly woman, handsome in her own way. She looked as though she had worked many years in her life, and it began to show on her face. She was a great teacher, and Amy soon felt comfortable enough to be left with a few easy tasks to finish out the day.

“You did a great job today Amy,” Kathy told her as she gathered her things. ” What do you think so far?”

“I like it a lot. It doesn’t seem to be that different than the assistant position I had. Now I have to answer questions for customers, but that doesn’t seem too bad.”

Kathy smiled at her ” Wonderful! Glad to hear that you like it so far. We will see you tomorrow morning at eight.”

Amy walked over to the time clock to punch out and head home. Jeremy was there talking to Paul, an older man who drove trucks for the store.

“Hi, Jeremy. Hi Paul. Ready to get out of here?”

Paul nodded and said, ” Yeah, it’s been one of those days. I can’t wait to get back to the house and crack open a cold one.”

Amy turned to Jeremy ” What about you? Any big plans?” He shook his head, clocked out, and walked through the door without a word to her. A look of hurt came onto her face, and she tried to hide it. ” Paul, what’s up with that guy? Every time I try to talk to him, I don’t hear a word and he walks off. Hmm.. maybe I’m not his type or something.” She muttered.

“He is a bit shy until you get to know him. Don’t worry; it’s not just you. Just keep talking to him, and he will come out of his shell.”

She suppressed a giggle, and shook her head. She thought Jeremy was attractive, but she certainly wasn’t going to chase after a man. Still laughing as she got into her car, Amy drove home.

During her drive, she found herself thinking more about the shy man. Maybe it was his silence that made her want to talk to him. Amy found him attractive, and she really wanted to get to know him. To be around him. She told herself ” It doesn’t matter if this guy doesn’t like to talk to me. I’m just going to keep trying, Escort bayan and see what happens.”

Jeremy’s night was also filled with thoughts of a co-worker. He kept picturing Amy’s ass, which looked round and perfect to his eye. He found himself wondering what kind of panties she wore. Was it thongs? Or maybe she liked to wear none at all. His cock twitched at that thought. He sighed. He wished he could talk to girls, but they all made him nervous. Jeremy had been in a few relationships before. It just seemed like he could never find words with the women around him. He really wanted to talk to Amy, maybe ask her out some time. The problem he faced was his dick growing harder the more he thought about her. He popped in porn, and sat back.

Picking up where he left off last time, he watched the movie. He stroked his cock, thinking about Amy, and the women on screen. Within moments, he shot a load of hot cum into his hand. Cleaning off, he fell asleep on the couch. He forgot to turn off the porn, and the moaning sounds coming from the TV filled his dreams with sex.

Over the next few days, Amy constantly tried to get Jeremy’s attention. She talked to him whenever she had the chance. Mostly, he gave her one-word answers to her questions. She began to get frustrated. She didn’t understand him at all. Amy was very attracted to him, but he just didn’t seem to notice.

The truth was, Jeremy did notice. He found it too good to be true that she spoke to him many times everyday. Did she find him attractive? He didn’t even want to get his hopes up, so he didn’t talk to her much. He was afraid he would say something stupid. Much better just to keep to himself, and observe what was going on.

One Monday morning, Amy decided to try a more old-fashioned approach. She made Jeremy a lunch, and took it with her packed carefully in a brown bag. She didn’t think that a sandwich had ever made her this nervous before.

Waiting to get him alone, she tried to pay attention to her work. Amy was spending so much time craning her neck, trying to get a glimpse of him. She hardly accomplished anything. When she saw him coming inside, Amy quickly grabbed the bag and ran over to him.

“Hey, Jeremy. I’ve noticed you don’t really bring lunch,” she began slowly, her eyes lowered, ” So I thought I would bring something for you. It’s a sandwich and a cupcake. I baked the cupcakes myself. I hope you like turkey.” Amy blushed when she realized she had been babbling.

Jeremy smiled a rare, sexy smile at her embarrassment. He said, ” I like turkey. You want to join me?”

She raised her eyes from the ground. Jeremy was smiling at her! ” Yes. I would like that. Let me get my lunch. Want to eat outside?” she asked

“That would be good. Meet you there.”

Jeremy sat outside waiting for her. His heart was kicking hard in his chest. She made lunch for him. Now she was going to eat with him, and he was going to have to think of something to say.

Before he had a chance to formulate his plan, Amy walked outside. She looked really cute. Sexy cute. Her skirt was a bit shorter than she had been wearing. The red fabric clung to her hips and legs. It had a small slit on each side, giving him a peek at the soft skin of her thighs. The black shirt had a deep v-neck and the round tops of her breast showed slightly. He looked up at her face, and saw that she had been watching him. How long had he been staring?

Amy’s cheeks flushed from the intimate contact of his eyes. She walked over to him.

“I grabbed a soda for you on the way out.” She said.

“Thanks,” said Jeremy.

They ate in silence for a few moments, and watched each other. Amy broke the quiet, saying ” So where are you from?”

“Ohio. I grew up there, moved when I turned eighteen. This seemed like a good place. I’ve been here almost five years now.”

She mentally calculated. That would make him twenty-three. One year younger than her.

“I’m from North Carolina. I moved down here when I was eighteen too. I love it, but it seems to be more expensive to live here in Florida.”

They continued their conversation, and had a great time. Amy couldn’t believe that he was finally talking to her. His voice was so sexy; she was having a hard time paying attention to his words. She heard ” Beach” and snapped out of her hypnotized state.

“What? Did you say beach?” she asked.

“Yea, I asked if you wanted to go out to the beach this weekend.” He looked at her, hoping she would go.

Amy smiled at Jeremy. ” I would love to go to the beach. Maybe Saturday around ten or so?”

“Sounds good to me. Thanks for the lunch, Amy. It was pretty good.”

She smiled at him, and walked back inside. He started breathing when she made it in the door. He had finally done it. He was going to the beach with Amy. Throwing away his empty lunch bag, he felt a tightening in his Bayan escort groin at the thought of her clad in a bikini.

For the rest of the week, Amy and Jeremy spent their lunch breaks together. They talked about where they grew up, how they ended up working at Tom’s.

Friday after work, Amy headed out for the mall. She hadn’t bought a new bathing suit yet for the year, and she wasn’t wearing one of her old ones. She wanted to look great for him. She tried a few stores, and found what she was looking for in the surf shop. It was a blue and white bikini, cut in a sexier style that she was used to. The halter-top pushed her tits together, barely covering her. The bottoms were low cut, brushing the top of her pubic area. She hoped this would send him the message. Thinking about being nearly nude in front of him, her pussy started to moisten. She pulled down the bottoms, and looked at herself in the mirror. She touched her wet outer lips, and slid a finger in between.

There was a knock at the door. A female voice called out ” Are you going to be in there forever, or what?”

Amy blushed, and hurriedly put her clothes back on. Rushing out, she made it to her car. She sat behind the driver seat, and again thought about tomorrow. Without even thinking, her hand trailed once again to her dripping pussy. She thought about Jeremy, touching lightly on her clit. The more she touched, the more her mind raced. She pictured his handsome face between her legs; it was too much. She exploded against her fingers.

Breathing hard, she started the car and made her way home. Amy couldn’t believe thinking about Jeremy made her horny enough to rub her cunt in public. She blushed when she thought of how many people saw her in the parking lot. Trying not to think about it, Amy plodded through traffic.

Saturday dawned bright and hot. Amy woke up at 8:30 to get ready. She soaked in the tub, and relaxed. She shaved her legs, her pussy. Carefully pulling back her hair into a braid, Amy decided not to wear make-up. It would just sweat off anyway in the 90-degree weather. She grabbed a cooler filled with water and cold beer. Packing her lotion, a hat, and a towel into her bag, she stopped. She’d almost forgotten to take her pill. She was glad she had decided to stay on it after she stopped seeing her ex. Grabbing all of her things, she walked down to her car.

Jeremy was waiting for her in the parking garage. Located right in front of the main beach entrance, it was a great spot. He saw her pull up, parking beside his car. His mouth went a bit dry when she stepped out.

Amy was wearing one of the sexiest bikinis he had seen in a while. It dipped and showed all the right places. He hadn’t noticed just how full her tits were until now. Jeremy looked down, and saw the tiny bottom barely covered her cunt. He held his towel over his crotch to hide his semi-erect dick form her. Why the hell was she getting him so hot? He shook his head a bit, trying to get control of himself.

She saw him shifting around, and put the towel in front of his cock. She smiled.

“Hi, Jeremy! You made it here first! I thought I would beat you here.”

He smiled back. ” I had errands to run anyway, I was close.”

They chatted about weather and work during their walk down to the beach. Finding a good spot, they spread out their towels. He got some courage and said ” You look good today, Amy”

“Thank you. You are not looking too bad yourself”

It was true. He was hiding a muscular chest and arms under his work clothes. He looked strong. Amy started getting wet.

They put down the cooler and ran out into the water, laughing and splashing each other. They played Frisbee for a while, and then lay down to chat in the sun. During a round of football a wave knocked Jeremy into Amy. They fell down together. He landed on top of her. She laughed, but it faded away when Jeremy’s lips moved closer to hers. She closed her eyes, and felt the tiniest brushing across her mouth. Her hands crept on his neck. His lips became firmer on hers. She sighed into the kiss, and felt his tongue slide across her lower lip. Amy’s mouth parted, and they caressed their tongues together. He pulled back and looked into her eyes. They were half-closed and showed her desire. He kissed her again, more deeply, putting all the lust he felt for her into the joining of their mouths.

Amy responded, running her hands up and down his back. She rubbed his tight muscles, getting very aroused by her once shy co-worker.

“Let’s go somewhere,” he growled into her ear, biting her lobe gently ” We have things to talk about.”

She whispered “Good idea. We can go to my place.”

With few words, they gathered the beach supplies and went to the parking garage. He said he would follow her there. Amy was nervous, excited. She could hardly keep her thoughts on the road as they drove the Escort short distance to her place.

He pulled his car in behind hers, and grabbed her hand on the way into her house. As she unlocked the door, he held her from behind, rubbing his stiff cock on her ass.

“See what you are doing to me, Amy?” he said softly, ” Hurry.”

Amy pushed the door open. Jeremy pulled her close, kissing her, nibbling her lips. He pushed her back onto the couch. Looking down at her, he couldn’t believe he was here in her home. She was flushed from her face down her neck. Breathing hard. Looking up at him with a wanton look.

She took his arm and pulled him to sit beside her. They moved together, mouths locking together. His hand slid up her waist and hesitated at the underside of her breast. Amy moaned, so he pulled aside her top and took it in his hand. Warm and tight, it filled his palm. He ran his fingers over her nipple. It hardened instantly.

He moved from her mouth down the side of her neck. Jeremy breathed in her scent; part woman, part sunshine. He licked and sucked until her tits were in his face. She reached behind and untied the top, baring herself to his lips. He used his tongue to tease first one nipple, then the other.

“Ahh..” she moaned. He took the pink bud into his mouth, sucking it firmly. Amy squirmed around under him. He tugged at her tiny bikini bottoms and slid them down her legs. The smell of her aroused cunt rose in the air. Putting his finger on her outer lips, he rubbed gently.

Her hips started to move in time to his touch. They jerked when he found her clit.

“Oh, God” she sighed as he started kissing and licking her stomach, moving lower.

Jeremy looked at the pussy in front of his face. It was beautiful. She was shaved clean, and moisture shone on the lips. Her smell was intoxicating; he had to find out what she tasted like. He ran his tongue slowly on her labia. It parted at his touch, revealing her pink to him. Her clit stood out, Jeremy traced around it, not touching it directly.

Amy held her hands on his shoulders, moaning loudly when he found it. He kissed it, lapped at it with a flat tongue. The sweet taste of her filled his mouth, and he suckled her love bud in to be teased.

“Ooo, that feels so good. Don’t stop” Amy’s breath came faster.

Heated by her words, he flicked her clit faster. He slid a finger inside her slick pussy. Then two. He worked her cunt hard and fast. He felt it clench around his fingers.

“Right there! Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” she screamed

He felt a flood of juice onto his hand. Looking up at her, he saw her lying there; eyes closed. When she opened them, he stuck the fingers into his mouth and cleaned them off. She groaned, pulled him up to kiss him. She tasted her pussy on his lips. It made her ready for more.

Amy felt him pushing her legs apart, slipping between them. Jeremy ran his cock up and down her wet slit. They both sighed. He put the head at her entrance, barely moving back and forth. He kissed her, licked her neck, and teased her breasts. He pushed hard into her, his balls slapping firmly on her ass.

He groaned as her slick cunt grabbed onto his dick. He moved inside her, slow and hard.

She looked into his face. His long hair had come loose in a few places. It hung across his cheeks. His eyes bored into hers. He looked animalistic.

“You are fucking tight.” He growled.

Amy opened her legs wider. ” Please, fuck me harder.”

He didn’t need words. He pressed back on her knees and slammed her cunt with his cock. She moved wildly beneath him. Her body was building up to climax. She exploded when his hand brushed her clit.

Jeremy let them rest for a moment. He had started to sweat, and it ran down his arms. He moved his lips to hers.

“You okay?” He asked.

She smiled; bit her lip ” Yes.”


He flipped her over without warning, pulling her ass into the air. Jeremy gripped her tightly and slid his dick inside her hot, moist pussy. She whimpered into the bedclothes. He started with a slow rhythm, but built quickly into fucking her hard. Amy screamed she was cumming again, but he kept going. He felt his own orgasm building. He needed to release the pressure soon. She was so tight around him, so wet. He couldn’t take it any more.

“I..ahh..I’m going to cum.” He howled, starting to pull away.

She said, ” I’m on the pill. Don’t stop! I want you to cum inside of me”

That was all he needed to hear. After a few strokes, he shot deep inside her. Moaning and calling her name, he shot again and again into her waiting cunt.

He dropped onto her body. They stay joined together, trying to get back their breath. He rolled over and looked at her glowing face.

“Amy, that was amazing.”

She smiled ” It was pretty awesome.”

They calmly drifted to sleep, looking forward to waking up.


Thank you for reading my first story. It will be continued if enough kind readers want more. Any feedback is welcome! I would like to give thanks to my editor, Anand. Thank you for your honesty and your help!

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