Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 10

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The door closed behind us, and I said, “Well, girls, ready for bed?”

Amy looked at Laura. “It’s still early. Why don’t we have coffee and talk for a while?”

The girls went through into the living room while I made coffee. When I came back through with the tray, they were sitting on either end of the sofa, their legs curled up under them. Laura had put some music on quietly in the background.

Amy patted the seat between them. “Plenty of room,” she said with a smile.

I took my assigned place, and put an arm round each girl’s shoulders. They both snuggled against me, and for a while we enjoyed the closeness and the music.

Then Amy spoke without raising her head. “Laura?”


“Tell Tim that story we were making up the other day.”

I settled down to listen, and Laura began. “Actually, this story involves all three of us. This is sometime in the nineteen-twenties in America. Tim, you’re a rich businessman, and Amy, you’re his wife. You live in a big house in New York, but you don’t have any children; Amy feels as though she’s letting Tim down, and Tim’s concerned that he doesn’t have a son to leave his fortune to.

“Because you don’t have a family, Amy has plenty of time to be on various committees, and one of them is the university scholarship committee, which has responsibility for awarding places to students from overseas to visit the university. I’ve applied, and something about my file catches Amy’s eye. She speaks in my favour when the committee meets, and I’m offered a place.

“So I arrive by Cunarder from England, and Amy is there to meet me with her car and driver. ‘Gosh,’ I say to her, ‘do all the scholarship students get treated like this?’ She smiles. ‘No, but my husband and I would like to invite you to come and stay with us while you’re here.’

“The car drives us out of town and we soon reach the gates to the house. Tim meets us at the door, and the servants are lined up to greet me. We go in, and the housekeeper shows me to my room.

“Because term doesn’t start for several weeks, we spend the time playing tennis, going on picnics, swimming. I have a marvellous time, and get to know you really well. I like you both a lot, and I can imagine how great you’d be with children.

“One day Amy takes me aside and says, ‘Laura, I want to ask you something. It’s really important to Tim and me, and we’ve come to know you so well over the last few weeks. I know we can trust you, even if you decide you can’t help us.’

“I obviously look mystified, and Amy continues, ‘You know Tim and I don’t have any children. We’ve consulted the doctors, and they think that it’s probably me — they think everything with Tim is OK. We’ve wondered about adopting, but it never really appealed to us.’

“‘Laura, would you consider — could you — helping us to have a baby?’

“For a moment I can’t think of any words to answer. Amy says, ‘Laura, have I offended you? I’m so sorry.’

“‘It’s not that,’ I say. ‘I just had no idea what to expect. Amy, I’ve listened to you and Tim talking about how much it would mean to you to start a family. It’s a big step for me, but I know you’d do everything in your power to make it straightforward.’

“I take a deep breath, then say, ‘I’d love to help.’

“Amy sits down, her face revealing a combination of relief at having plucked up the courage to have the conversation, and joy at my response. ‘Really? That’s fantastic. I can’t wait to tell Tim.’

“‘Why don’t we surprise him,’ I suggest, a hint of mischief in my voice.

“‘Great idea,’ grinned Amy. ‘I know just how to do it.’

“The next night, we’re just finishing dinner and Amy says, ‘Tim, why don’t you and I have an early night?’

“You both go upstairs to the master bedroom, and Amy says to you, ‘I have a surprise for you, but you must promise not to peek. Close your eyes until I say.’

“‘OK,’ Tim replies, and Amy leaves the room. After a few minutes she says to me, ‘Now,’ and I go in. I’m wearing only a silk dressing gown, tied with a belt.

“I say aloud, ‘You can look now,’ and Tim opens his eyes.

“‘Laura?’ he stammers, astonished.

“‘I’m the surprise,’ I reply. ‘Amy told me about her idea, and I agreed.’

“Tim can still hardly believe it, and I give him a reassuring smile. ‘I’m fine with it — Amy has convinced the university committee that I’m spending a year getting experience in your company before I start my scholarship in the business school.’

“‘Well,’ he says, ‘if you’re sure.’ He gets out of bed — he’s wearing a dressing gown like the one I have on — and walks over to me. He leans over to kiss me, watching my eyes in case I change my mind. As his lips near mine, I put my hand behind his head and pull him towards me.

“Our lips touch and I close my eyes as he kisses me, tentatively at first then harder. I reach for the belt of my dressing gown and loosen it, then shrug the garment off my shoulders. Then I undo his belt and open the front of his dressing gown, sliding my hands over his chest, then escort bayan moving one hand down to touch his growing erection.

“His breath catches in his throat, and he says, ‘Laura, I think I’m ready, if you are.’

“I smile, and walk past him to the bed, lying down and waiting to receive him. He discards his dressing gown, and positions himself between my legs, the tip of his erection pressing against my entrance. Then he slides smoothly into me.

“I gasp, and he says anxiously, ‘Have I hurt you?’

“‘No,’ I reply, ‘just the opposite.’ He starts to move in me, and I gasp again each time he penetrates me deeply.

“‘I’m nearly there,’ he says, then groans as he comes. I feel warmth surge into me from him, and smile.

“‘Let’s hope that hit the spot,’ I say.

“‘I’m sorry you didn’t quite get there,’ Tim says with a note of regret in his voice.

“‘Don’t worry,’ I reply, ‘I’m sure there’ll be another time.’

“Amy sends me to Tim every night from then on, and she and I count the days in my diary. One day she says, ‘Shouldn’t it be time for your period by now?’

“‘Think so, but nothing’s happened.’

“We look at each other for a moment, and then Amy grins broadly. ‘I know it’s too early to be sure,’ she says, ‘but I think we’re there.’ Shortly after, I’m certain, and the three of us go out for a discreet celebration.

“Over the next few weeks, I start to bulge, and Tim and Amy treat me like fragile china. The months pass, and finally I feel the beginnings of birth pains. We go to the hospital, and Tim paces outside the door while Amy holds my hand during the birth.

“My child is a perfect baby boy, and when we get back to the house I hand him to Amy, a little sadly, but knowing that she and Tim will cherish him as the apple of their eye.”

Laura stopped, and for a moment we were silent, moved by thinking about even an imaginary family’s happiness. Then Laura took a deep breath and said, “It’s really strange, but fantasising about getting pregnant really made something tingle in my belly.”

“Me too,” replied Amy.

“Hey,” I said, alarmed. “It’s a nice idea, but it would cause all sorts of complications if one of you got knocked up.”

“Don’t worry, Tim,” reassured Laura, “we won’t do anything rash. But Amy’s right, the story has really got both of us turned on. Let’s go upstairs.”

The girls both stood, and each of them reached out a hand to me to pull me to my feet.

Amy led the way up the stairs and into her and Laura’s bedroom. I stood for a moment admiring the way they’d decorated the room, until Amy tapped me on the shoulder and said teasingly, “Shouldn’t you be appreciating something else more than the wallpaper right now?” I grinned, and stuck my tongue out at her, imitating the cheeky gesture she often used to me, especially when Pam was around.

“That’s better,” she said. “Laura, let’s give Tim something worth looking at, shall we.”

Laura nodded, and I watched as first she helped Amy out of the red dress, then Amy carefully unzipped Laura’s long, elegant silk garment and slipped it off her friend’s shoulders.

“You’re right,” I said as I looked at them both, now clad only in their underwear, “the view here is terrific.”

“And about to get better,” said Laura. The two girls glanced at each other, then both at the same time gracefully discarded their bras and slipped out of their panties.

“Now, what are Laura and I supposed to look at?” asked Amy, pretending to be cross. She moved over to me and put her hand on my penis, by now erect, through the fabric of my dress trousers. Laura stood behind me and reached round to unfasten my belt and undo my zip, then Amy slid my trousers and boxer shorts down for me to step out of. Then Amy undid my shirt buttons, and Laura slid my shirt off my shoulders.

“That’s better,” said Amy, and she began to kiss my nipples and stroke my erection with her hand, while Laura rubbed her breasts sensuously against my back and ran her hands over me.

“Mmm, this is very nice, girls, but don’t take me too far or you might be disappointed later.”

Amy grinned, and released me, turning around and lifting her arms so I could cup her breasts in my hands from behind her, and start to gently use my fingers on her nipples. I fitted my erection between her buttocks, as Laura continued to move against my back, her hard nipples brushing my skin.

“Now, Amy,” said Laura, and Amy pulled reluctantly away from my hands, moving over to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Come and lie down, Tim,” said Amy. I complied, and Laura knelt over me, her breasts invitingly above my mouth. I took one nipple in my mouth, and she gasped.

“Are you ready, Amy?” she said.

I wondered what she meant, but didn’t have to wonder long. Amy knelt behind Laura, her entrance positioned perfectly for me to press my hard tip against her. Amy eased her hips down, and I penetrated her deeply, still concentrating on pleasuring Laura’s breasts and nipples.

Then Amy said, “Now, Laura,” altıparmak escort bayan and slid her hand between Laura’s legs from behind, touching her wetness with her fingers and seeking out Laura’s clitoris. Laura gasped, and I felt her nipples harden even more against my mouth and fingers.

Amy began to flex her hips, my hardness moving in and out of her, and at the same time Laura’s breathing began to come in short gasps as Amy pleasured her. Laura was the first to come, and her breasts shook above me as her body convulsed with pleasure. Then Amy climaxed, pushing herself down onto me so that I penetrated her deeply while her muscles rippled around me. Finally I came with a groan, spurting deep into Amy while Laura watched the expression on my face, fascinated and delighted.

When I was spent, Amy held her position for a while, savouring the feel of me still inside her, then slowly pulled away. She moved to lie down beside me, and Laura rolled onto the other side.

“Wow,” I said. “Thanks, girls. Looks like we won’t be needing that book for a while, then.” Laura looked puzzled, and Amy said, “Tim always says if we run out of ideas about different ways to make love, he’ll go out and buy a book.”

Laura said, “Well, there’s at least one I know you two have tried that I haven’t.”

“What’s that one?” I asked.

“Amy told me about the fantasy she made up about being on the ocean liner, and that you’d tried what she fantasised.”

“Well, if you’re sure, Laura,” I said. “It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.”

“I’d like to try it once,” she said, “and even if I don’t like exactly what Amy described, it’s a sensitive place and I bet there’s a way of being touched there that I’ll like.”

“Well, we can easily give that a try when you’re feeling ready again,” I said. “Now, are you two feeling sleepy?”

“Actually,” yawned Amy, “I think you’re right.”

I turned off the light, and we got comfortable under the duvet. Soon I heard the sound of regular breathing from both girls that indicated they had drifted off. I lay awake for a while, then slept.

In the morning, I woke to find Amy propped up on one elbow, looking at me. “Laura decided to shower first,” she said. Just then Laura reappeared in a towelling robe. “Morning, sleepyhead,” she said.

“Morning yourself,” I replied. “You two hungry?”

“Mm,” said Laura, “I wouldn’t refuse.”

I got out of bed. “I know something you’ll like,” I said. I went downstairs and made bacon sandwiches and coffee, taking a tray back up the stairs.

The girls ate enthusiastically, then lounged back on the bed to sip the hot coffee.

“So, what do you want to do this morning?” I asked. “We have till about midday.”

“I think,” said Amy, “that we should give Laura a treat.”

“I’m all in favour of that,” I said. “How about what we did yesterday, but Amy and I swap positions?”

Laura grinned. “That works for me,” she said.

Amy stretched out on the bed, and Laura removed her bathrobe and knelt over Amy, her breasts invitingly close to Amy’s lips. Amy darted out her tongue to one nipple, and Laura said, “Mmm, Amy, that’s nice. Your mouth feels different to Tim’s.”

Amy moved her hand up to caress Laura’s other breast and an expression of pure bliss came over Laura’s face.

“You sure you two need me?” I teased. Laura managed “Don’t you dare disappear”.

“OK,” I said. I moved down behind Laura, and reached between her legs with my fingers, penetrating her wetness. “Mmm, good,” she said. Then with my fingers still inside her I began to caress her clitoris, but very slowly. She moaned, and said, “That takes me very close, but you’d have to speed up to make me come.”

I continued to touch her slowly, then said, “Now let’s try something slightly different. Tell me if anything becomes uncomfortable, Laura.”

I bent down to her and gently touched my tongue to the cleft of her buttocks, then slid it down until it was touching the pink star of her back opening. I ran my tongue across the opening, then gently pressed the tip of my tongue inwards. Laura made a sound of pleasure, then said, “No problem so far.” Her voice held a hint of that throaty quality I’d noticed in Amy’s speech when I touched her this way.

I transferred some of Laura’s slipperiness to the fingers of my other hand, and very slowly pressed a fingertip into her opening, to the first joint then to the second. Laura moaned, and said, “I’m sure I could cope with you entering me that way, but I don’t want to stop what we’re doing.”

“OK,” I said. I touched her clitoris more urgently, and Amy switched to caressing both of Amy’s nipples with her fingers while her tongue and mouth explored Laura’s breasts and cleavage. Laura started to give gasps and moans of pleasure, then suddenly I felt her tighten around my fingers and begin to shake. She tensed on the finger that was in her other opening too, and cried out aloud as her climax took her.

When she was spent, I carefully nilüfer eskort withdrew from her and guided her onto her side next to Amy. I held her from behind, and Amy wrapped her arms around us both.

“Gosh,” said Laura, “that was good. I’m looking forward to next time.”

I grinned. “Always good to have something to look forward to. Now, I hate to break up the party, but we should really get up.”

We showered and dressed, and when Pam returned, Laura was in the dining room starting to work seriously on her new canvas, Amy was washing her Mini, and I was working on my laptop.

“Goodness, what a hive of activity,” she said, as she came in and kissed me. “Have you had lunch yet?”

“Did someone mention food?” said Laura, coming in from the dining room wiping a brush.

“I stopped off and bought pizza, it just needs sticking in the oven.”

“I can manage that,” grinned Laura, and she went off to clatter in the kitchen.

Amy came in from the garage. “There,” she said. “Nice and shiny for Laura and I to go up to campus tomorrow.”

“Oh yes,” said Pam, “you both start back, don’t you.”

Amy nodded. “Laura has class too, so she’ll have to work on her canvas in the evenings. I need to finish writing my report on my placement today.”

After lunch Amy took her work into the extension and Laura carried on painting, while Pam and I relaxed in the living room. I explained to Pam my idea about Amy’s next year. “She can start as soon as this term’s over, and work through till the end of the following summer.”

“Poor girl,” said Pam, “you seem to have forgotten to give her any holidays.”

“Well,” I said, “she will get a break, but she’ll have to get used to the business environment — none of this ‘four weeks at Christmas, three months in the summer’ rubbish.”

“Tyrant,” said Pam, smiling to let me know she was joking, and grabbed a cushion from the couch to mock-hit me with. I seized a cushion of my own and returned the blow, missing wildly. We collapsed in helpless laughter, then suddenly we were still, and Pam reached over to me, her face serious, and pulled me towards her to kiss me.

“The girls are both occupied,” she said, “and I’m feeling very relaxed after my pampering. Shall we…”

I nodded, and led her upstairs to our bedroom.

The next day after Pam left, the girls drove off to the campus, and I went to work, missing Amy’s presence around the office.

Pam and I were busy at work for the next few weeks; Laura spent much of her time working on preparations for her next show, and Amy seemed to have an incredible amount of coursework to do. The four of us went out occasionally for a meal, or to see a film, and Laura and Amy sometimes came home late from a party on campus, but there was little opportunity for anything more exciting.

Then one Monday evening when Amy and Laura arrived back, I could tell from the expression on their faces that they had something to tell.

“Go on, then,” I said. “I can read you two like a book. What is it?”

“Well, funny you should say that,” replied Amy. “Next week has been timetabled as a reading week, which means we don’t have to go to any lectures or anything.”

“Hmm,” I said thoughtfully, “but they expect you to study, right.”

Amy grinned. “I’m way ahead in my reading and coursework already. Why do you think I’ve been slaving away for the last few weeks?”

Laura chipped in. “And absolutely nobody cares what the art students do in reading week — it’s practically expected that we’ll go off somewhere to ‘look for inspiration’.”

“Well then,” I said, looking across at Pam, “I think there’s a chance we can come up with something to do that doesn’t involve reading — or at least, only beach books. Barbara Cartland, anyone?”

Laura and Amy looked at each other, and chorused, “Ewww!”

“Only kidding,” I said. “Are you all OK if I arrange something? I’ve never let you down yet, have I?”

Amy grinned. “Sure.”

“Count me in,” said Laura.

I looked across at Pam again, and she nodded.

“Settled then. Pam and I will sort out time off work, and I’ll do some digging to find us a week’s getaway. Make sure you know where your passports are!”

Thursday evening came, and as we were sitting eating I said, “So I’ve sorted out our holiday, and we drive to the airport pretty much as soon as we all finish tomorrow. We’d better start packing!”

“Tim,” said Amy, “you forgot one thing. We need an idea of at least what sort of place we’re going, so we know what kind of clothes and things to take.”

“Hmm,” I mused. “Let’s see. Thermal underwear, sweaters, scarves, overcoats — and you’d better take something to feed the penguins.”

Amy reached over to playfully jab me in the ribs and tickle me. As she leaned across, I felt her breast press softly against my arm, and just for a moment a spark passed between us as my eyes met hers.

“Seriously,” said Laura.

“OK, seriously. All your summer clothes, swimming stuff, something to keep the sun off your head, and the highest-factor sun screen you can find. And you’ll need your cameras. I’ve packed one or two special things that we’ll need.”

“Goody,” said Amy, “I love the heat.”

The girls disappeared upstairs to pack. Pam said, “I’d better do the same. I take it you’re already packed?”

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