Amy’s Confession

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Hi, my name is Amy, I’m 19 and live in Surrey in the UK. I love sex and I just love reading about dirty things that other people have done. A while back I found a site on the internet all about people’s confessions, all the naughty things that they had got up to. It really turned me on and I was pretty soon adding some of my own kinky confessions too, what a slut I am!

I chatted to some of the other girls who were putting up stuff, sexysarah and sexybabe and their stories about girl on girl. I was thinking more and more about girl on girl sex and it was turning me on thinking about it. I had been doing other stuff with Andy and Lee that I had written about but I was obsessed with what I’d read from these girls, so..

My friend Lisa is well fit, all the boys fancy her, she has the best body of all the girls, she doesn’t know about Andy, she just thinks that I am with Lee. As far as I thought she wasn’t bi at all, we only ever talked about stuff with boys, not girl on girl.

Anyway, she was over mine last Saturday night and we were getting ready to go out up the West End. We were up in my room and I was feeling so horny, my pussy just ached, I had been reading sexy-sarah’s story for about the hundredth time.

We were messing around getting ready and I noticed that she really had the best body, I really quite fancied her!! We were both in just our undies and she noticed me looking at her. So I told her that I thought she looked really sexy and that her boobs Ümraniye Escort were really nice. She went totally red and blushed and looked away, but when I took my bra off to try on another one I saw her looking at my boobs as I walked around the room. So I took my time and messed about and I kept catching her looking at my boobs and when I did she quickly looked away all embarrassed.

After a minute or so of her secretly looking at me flaunting my boobs I caught her staring. So I just out and asked her if she wanted to touch them as I stood there with them for her to see. Silence!! But she kept on looking and it was turning me on sooo much!

Then she came over to me and said that she loved my boobs and she reached out and gently touched them, she brushed my nipples and it felt electric! I wanted her so much then. I was surprised because usually she is so shy.

I asked her if I could compare mine to hers and she giggled and said yes. She undid her bra and took it off. She has the most amazing round boobs with lovely brown nipples. I reached out and held them and touched them. They were so firm, really lovely, I pinched her nipples just a tiny bit for her, it was nice.

I was getting very wet and all I wanted to do was to kiss her boobs so I just out and asked her and she shyly whispered yes! So I did! I leaned forward and kissed her breasts very softly all over and then I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it for her Ümraniye Escort Bayan and she quietly moaned so I know that she was liking it. She said that she could not believe that we were doing this, neither could I, but I was glad that we were, it was very nice.

It was so nice but now I wanted to look at her pussy as well, I had never looked at anyone else’s for real except my own and now I wanted to see for real. I couldn’t just ask right out so while I was still holding her lovely boobs in my hands I asked if she shaved and looked down with my eyes so that she would know what I meant! Lisa said yes and then she asked if I wanted to look!! YES!!

She did it so slowly. She put her thumbs in her knickers and pulled them down very slowly and kept her legs together so that I couldn’t see, I just watched and gulped.

She stepped out of her knickers and I got her to sit on my bed on the edge for me. Lisa slowly opened her legs for me and I saw that she really did have a proper Brazillian, shaved all smooth down below with a small trimmed patch on the top of her mound.

I was leaning forward looking and then I got down on my knees on the floor between her legs. She was leaning back a little bit on her elbows her eyes closed. I moved closer and reached out. I ran the back of my hand over her pussy and then back down with my fingers, it was so smooth. I slowly ran a finger up her bare little slit and just rubbed around Escort Ümraniye the top at her clit a little bit, it made her smile.

Lisa still had her eyes closed so I moved in closer and closer to look and she spread her legs out wider for me. I was just inches away and I could see EVERYTHING! I blew on it and she could feel it, she laughed!

I could see that she was wet as hell, she could not deny it, I could see right there, I could smell her too, it was nice. I knew that I might never get another chance so I just went for it and kissed the top of her clit, just above it and she had to gag herself with her hand to stop from screaming out loud! I kissed her there again and I would have done a whole lot more if she hadn’t asked me to stop because she wanted to see mine now.

I liked that idea, I wanted her to look at me too, I wanted another girl to see my pussy for me. So I pulled my knickers down and I sat on the bed next to Lisa. I leaned back like she had and opened my legs out wide for her to have a look. I shave all of my hair off down there, it’s completely bald so she could see everything very easily.

She leaned around me, her eyes looking at it, she was mesmerized I think! She reached out and her fingers ran over my pussy, so soft and gentle, it was wonderful. She leaned in closer like I had whether to look closer like I had or maybe she was going to kiss me down there like I had her (which I sooo wanted her to do!!), but then Mum called up and said that our lift was outside so we had to get dressed in no time flat.

We met the rest of our friends and didn’t talk about it at all any more that night, but all I could think about was kissing her pussy some more. I’m so glad that I read sarah and babes girl girl confessions, now I have one of my own!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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