An Affair with Amy’s Dad

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He was the first guy to make me deepthroat his prick. Almost suffocated, but I eventually got used to throat-fucking. Exhilarating and scary. I was surprised no prick had gone there before.

Me and my college BFF, Amy spent Spring Break smoking weed, drinking and daring each other to go skinny dipping in the lake. It was a college student’s dream.

And that’s where I met her dad, Woody. He dropped her off and unloaded her suitcase. The man was sweaty and attractive–in a rugged, masculine way.

“Amy has anyone ever told you your dad is super-hot?”

“Geena, are you one of those teen girls with a ‘daddy fixation’? I don’t get the hot dad thing. They’re just old. I like young studs.”

I dressed sexy whenever Woody was around. Miniskirts that barely covered my hoo-hoo, low cut tank tops, and once — when I felt naughty– a sheer white blouse with my dark areolas showing thru– “Oops, I forgot to wear a bra.”

Flirting was fun but Woody never made a pass. Not until one weekend when he drove out to fix Amy’s car. It was dark when he finished so he spent the night.

At first it felt weird getting high and talking about sex in front of her dad. But Woody gave us a wink and said he’d go in the basement to provide privacy.

I told my BFF how lucky she was to have a “cool” dad. But I felt something almanbahis yeni giriş else in Woody’s wink. At midnight I saw him standing out on the dock in the moonlight. I was a bit drunk and decided to go out in my flimsy nightgown. Why not?

Woody handed me a beer and stared into my eyes, brushing the hair off my face,

“You’re damn sexy.” I jerked at his touch, wondering if he could tell my pussy was wet. “Geena could I see your tits?” I opened my gown a bit.

Before I knew it, Woody’s tongue was in my mouth, twisting against mine. I couldn’t resist wrapping my leg around him as we kissed.

“Come to my bedroom.” He carried me in his arms and closed the door behind us. Woody was a real man, not a boy. He yanked off my nightgown and I tried to cover myself.

“But sir, you’re married!”


“Okay.” He spread my thighs, staring at my pink pussy like it was a piece of candy. Woody licked it up and down, lapping me like a dog. OMG! It’d been ages since I had a good licking…

His silky soft tongue sent me to the moon.” You’re tasty,” he whispered through my fuzz. I shivered and saw stars. He sucked my clit and I cried, “OH YES!” I pulled Woody’s face into my cunt, shuddering in an orgasm…

We kissed. I tasted my own juice as his rough hands groped almanbahis giriş my tits. “Geena you’re so damn sexy.” He laughed. “I’m dying to fuck you.”

“And I’m dying to be fucked.” I felt his cock through his pants, watching his eyes as it perked up. I quickly unbuckled, unzipped, and released his hefty boner.

I’ve always had this fantasy about being ‘Geena the girl who gave amazing head!’ Sliding onto my knees and started blowing him. I looked up at Woody and saw his face in ecstasy as I swallowed his cock.

He held my head, forcing his long cock down my throat…Yes, deepthroating– popular with men but hated by every woman I knew.

I deepthroated and almost suffocated…gagging down his cum. Woody pulled out and smiled. “I knew you’d be a good cocksucker.”

“Geena, it’s time for your boning.” He moved me over and bent me out the window, with my boobs hanging out. I stared out at the moonlit lake… it looked so romantic.

Woody brought back to reality by shoving his wood into my tight pussy.

“Oh my god….” I couldn’t help but moan as his thick rod stretched out my tissue. He shushed me, covering my mouth as his cock picked up fuck-speed.

I thought my moan was too loud, but Woody slapped my ass over and over. I screamed and he laughed, filling me with long strokes almanbahis güvenilirmi of his hefty dick.

My pussy was on fire. I’d never experienced fucking like this — pounded by a man, not “fooling around” with a boy.

He yelled, “Good Girl.” And smacked my ass so hard I went over the edge. My cunt spasmed, gripping his cock as I cried in orgasm, and pussy juice ran down my legs.

The guy slammed my cunt while kneading my tits and spanking my naughty ass. Wow, I loved the feeling of a hot and nasty screwing.

“I’m getting close–gonna spew!” Woody let out a long groan. I tensed up, holding still as he unloaded hot cum in my pussy.

“Geena you’re a fantastic fuck, but you’re still learning.” I laughed, “So you want to teach me?”

“YES!” I sucked him hard. Woody bent me over the window and spit into my anus. This time I got assfucked. He loved my ass, literally.

Thus started our affair. We’d meet at seedy motels and fuck-fuck-fuck. Woody always tried to shove his cock in deep as possible.

I’d lie with my head off the bed as Woody pushed his cock down my throat, his hairy balls smacking my eyes. Or he’d lift my legs over my head and pound the bottom of my cunt.

And of course I was bent over, butt-up for a proper spanking/ assfuck. “OUCH!”

Sometimes I just gave him head while he drove me around campus, careful not to get caught. I never told Amy about banging her dad. Woody’s cock broke in every fuck-hole my tight young body.

Now every time I have sex in a motel I think of Woody, screwing me like I was a piece of fuck-meat. Good times.

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