An Afghan Bride Ch. 03

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After the wedding things returned to their previous routine, mostly.

Carl went to his classes at the college. Mina went to translate for Lauren. After his classes Carl would visit Lauren at her compound, or alternatively Lauren would come to Carl’s.

The day after the wedding Carl went to visit Lauren for lunch at her place. They didn’t talk about the wedding. Lauren didn’t ask about Mina and Carl didn’t volunteer anything. He felt uncomfortable. Throughout their marriage he had never strayed. Never so much as kissed another woman.

Now he had slept with one of Lauren’s best friends. It felt dishonest to not tell her what happened, but he knew that no good would come from telling her. Anyway it had been a onetime thing. They had to do it. He was sure that she would agree that he didn’t have a choice. But still he knew that she wouldn’t like it.

As usual, after eating they ended up in bed. Since coming to Afghanistan whenever he would come over to visit he would have sex with Lauren. He didn’t think it would be a good time to change that now.

Carl couldn’t help but compare Lauren to Mina. He had been with Lauren for years and knew her body well. The small signs of aging had never bothered him. He was older himself now too. Now though the contrast was impossible to ignore.

Everything about Mina was young and innocent. She was shy, timid. Her skin fresh. Her breasts firm. Her hair dark and silky.

Lauren too was beautiful but the years showed and she had no shame before him. She undressed unceremoniously and slid into bed, the dark curls between her legs a reminder of the differences between the two women.

Carl undressed more slowly and self-consciously he removed his boxer shorts. Lauren noticed right away that he had shaved himself.

“What have you done there?” she smiled.

“Apparently, as a Muslim I’m required to shave my myself.”

“Such an obsession with hair these Muslims.” she laughed playfully. “Women mustn’t show theirs. Men must let their beard hair grow. And now this. I wonder, do only men have to shave down there or women too?”

Was that a question? Was Lauren asking him if Mina was shaved? Did she know that they had been together? Had Mina spoken to her?

“I wouldn’t know.” he carefully answered.

Lauren didn’t seem too interested in the answer. She just smiled and turned to him.

“Well then come give me that Muslim cock of yours. I’ve never slept with a Muslim before.”

The sex with Lauren was always good. They enjoyed themselves and were perfectly comfortable with each other.

After a half hour Carl was dressed and out the door again. On his way out he met Charles the mission leader and Lauren’s boss. For some reason he had always had something against Carl.

“So you’re still coming around here? I thought maybe you’d be done with Lauren, now that you’ve got yourself a little Afghan whore. Out with old, in with the new.”

“Hey that’s my wife you’re talking about!”

“Which one?” Charles sneered. “Is it true you paid money for that Afghan girl? You know that’s against American law don’t you. I could have charges brought up against you.”

Carl didn’t reply. Was it true that paying a bride price was against the law? He didn’t know.

Charles continued, “Of course, not that I blame you. She is a nice piece of Muslim ass.”

“What do you know about it. You’ve never even seen her!”

“Ha! Of course I have. Many times.” He smiled knowingly. “She’s my employee, you know. I can see her whenever I want. She has to do what I tell her. There were several candidates for her position, you know. Escort bayan Some of them were more qualified. But I appreciate a nice view in the office if you know what I mean.”

Anger pumped through Carl’s veins. He had never liked Charles and now this. He wasn’t sure what infuriated him more. The way he had talked about Mina and Lauren or that he off all people was able to see Mina without her covering. In America it was normal for a woman to be seen, but he had gotten used to the idea that he was the only man who was allowed to see Mina. She was his, his own private secret. But Charles had seen her too. He saw her every day.

He would have loved to punch him in his sneering face. But that wouldn’t help anything. It would just make it impossible for him to visit Lauren and it could make problems for both of his wives.

“I’ll thank you to speak respectably about Lauren and Mina. I’ll remind you Mina is Muslim woman. You wouldn’t want the locals to hear that you sexually harass the Afghan women who work for you.” Carl acidly replied.

Walking on, intentionally walking into Charles and knocking him off his balance as he walked by.


Back at Carl’s guesthouse Mina had moved in and she was already making her presence known.

When Carl came to the guesthouse the chawkidar stopped him.

“Excuse Mr. Carl, we have a problem.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“It’s your wife?”

“Lauren? What about her?”

“No, not Miss Lauren. Your other wife.”

“Oh yes, of course. Well what’s wrong?”

“Well sir, it’s her clothes. She is hanging her clothes in the garden. Women’s clothes sir. It’s not good.”

“Well she is a woman. She has women’s clothes.”

“Yes sir, but also the under clothes.”

Carl looked at his chawkidar, the man was in his late thirties had a wife himself and three kids, all of them girls. You would have thought that he had seen a bra and panties before.

“I will see what I can do.”

“Oh thank you sir.”

He went to check on Mina and make sure that she had moved in ok. She had the room next to Carl’s. She smiled at him shyly when he found her. He asked if she had everything or if there was anything she needed but her room was already furnished and she had already moved in. He didn’t bother talking to her about her under garments. The guys at the guesthouse would just have to get used to the fact that there was a woman living here now.

For several days they hardly saw each other. It wasn’t that he was avoiding her so much as he was trying to give her her space and anyway he was busy with his classes and she was gone most of the day with Lauren.

Each morning at five though, before he had gotten out of bed, he could hear her on the patio in front of his room sweeping the dust. When he saw her he told her that she needn’t do that but she replied, “wazifaast” (it’s my duty).

Also several times when he arrived home from his classes in the afternoon, he had also noticed that someone had been in his room. His bed had been made, his trash taken out, his books straightened. He asked Mina about this one day and she replied, “wazifaast” (it’s my duty).

And in the evening whenever he was home alone she would come by and bring him a plate with delicious Afghan food. He had no idea how she had time to make it. Afghan cooking is intricate and time consuming and she had a job translating. He told her that he didn’t expect her to cook for him but she had replied, “wazifaast” (it’s my duty).

Carl could understand Mina’s desire to help him around the house and so he didn’t press the issue. Bayan escort She obviously felt gratitude toward him and Lauren for helping her out of her unwanted marriage, to some man she didn’t even know. She must be feeling a heavy burden about the amount of money her brother had extorted from them, he figured. So, he didn’t tell her to stop, and anyways it was nice to be taken care of a bit.

Lauren had never been much of a homemaker. She had always been a career woman. And you didn’t want to eat her cooking. For their tenth anniversary she had tried to surprise him with homemade meatloaf followed by apple pie, but unfortunately you couldn’t tell which was which.

Mina’s cooking on the other hand was fantastic. She brought him dumplings filled with spinach and meat, soft lamb roast, traditional Afghan rice, and each meal was better than the last. And she never complained about doing something around the house. Whenever he said thanks to her she always replied, “wazifaast” (it’s my duty).

Carl also liked to see her in the compound. Usually she was in her room. But sometimes she was in the garden, hanging laundry, sweeping, or just wandering among the roses. Sometimes Carl caught himself just watching her for several minutes. It was just nice to have a beautiful woman around.

When she was at home she wore a headscarf but just a thin white one that didn’t even cover her dark black hair. The contrast was striking and actually quite fashionable. She was always very modestly dressed, long sleeves and long pants even when it was hot outside. Still as she moved he could make out the shape of her breasts and hips.

At night although he did not see her or hear her, he knew that she was in the next room. It turned him on to think of her a few meters away, just an unlocked door between them. It was mostly her long dark hair and her eyes he thought about, cautious but strong, dark almost black. And her tight shaved pussy.

It wasn’t a surprise that he dreamt about her. Each night he re-lived their meeting together after the wedding. He could feel her hand on him, exploring his body and he felt himself inside of her. Sometimes he almost felt that it wasn’t a dream at all.

One night in the midst of such a dream he woke. He wasn’t alone. Mina was in his bed lying next to him. He could feel her warm naked body up against him. She held his scrotum gently in her hand.

Still caught up in the dream Carl wasn’t shocked but just accepted this situation as the most natural of things. He turned into her and kissed her soft lips and she kissed him back.

He let his mouth trail to her neck and felt her squirm delightfully under his kisses. His lips moved down her neck into the valley between her breasts. He cupped them both and squeezed gently. He rubbed his fingers against her nipples.

He had not had a chance to explore this area on the wedding night as she had kept her shirt on, being too shy to undress completely. Her breasts were exquisite. As he had thought they were not particularly big, but young and firm they stood up on their own without any support.

Moving up out of the valley, he kissed her breast. Arriving at her nipple he wrapped his lips around it.

Mina pulled herself into him and arched her back in ecstasy. She gave herself fully to him.

She was no longer ashamed to be in his presence. She was his wife. He was her husband. She squeezed her legs together as Carl licked and sucked her nipple, his teeth softly grating against the sensitive center.

His fingers continued to play with the nipple and Carl moved to the other breast and sucked Escort there. This was too much for Mina. Her legs opened up, she longed for him to be inside of her again.

Carl’s hand followed the curve of her waist down until it found crease between her legs.

Carl was touching her. His fingers pressed against the hot wet flesh between her legs. His touch brought her feelings she had only recently discovered inside of her.

One finger entered, so slowly and then he moved inside of her. She squirmed under his touch and longed for him to fill her.

He removed his finger and started to circle her sensitive spot. It was even more intense than the other night and her hips pressed into him. Her whole body ached for him in a way that she had never felt before.

Finally, she felt the firm pressure of his manhood against her. His hand was tangled in her hair he held her fast as he pressed into her.

Her hips writhed underneath his weight. And she felt herself grow again to accommodate him.

Carl savored the feeling of her tight hole. Being shaved definitely had its advantages. He was so much more sensitive down there. He felt his penis glide into her depths.

Carl marveled at the feelings that rose in him as he pushed against her silken tunnel. This was so different from his comfortable routine with Lauren. This was passionate.

Slowly he began to move inside her, and each gentle movement was matched by a sigh from Mina. Then moving faster, he thrust himself deep inside her, he felt her lift her legs and lock them around his hips, forcing him even deeper.

Mina groaned with pleasure and thrust her hips upwards to meet him. She felt the tension building and building inside her until she could bear it no longer and she moaned with delight. Then she felt the hot surge as she was filled again with his seed.

Carl fell against her, stunned. Still buried inside her, he stroked her face, kissing her gently. He looked at her but he couldn’t read her expression in the pale moon light.

After a few minutes or was it hours, he couldn’t tell, Mina got out of bed and went back to her room. Carl could hear the splash of water as she bathed herself.

What had he done? Had he somehow given her the impression that he expected this? The wedding night had been a necessity, they had to provide proof that she had been pure and had never been with a man. But tonight?

What would he say to her when he saw her next? What did she expect from him?

He thought of Lauren. What would she think if she knew about this? She might have understood about the wedding night. It was part of the ceremony after all. But this? She wouldn’t understand about this. For Lauren the whole wedding was just a formality, a farce, a useful way to ensure that Mina would not be forced to marry an old man she barely knew.

But now that is exactly what had happened. In order to avoid a marriage to an old man she had married Carl, a man more than twice her age. And it seemed like Mina didn’t mind.

The next day Carl stopped Mina in the garden and spoke to her before going to his classes.

“Mina, I wanted to talk to you about last night.”

A deep pink blush spread across her face. “Wazifaast.” (It’s my duty.) And she walked hurriedly away before Carl could think of what to say.

Carl watched her go. What was she thinking? What did she want? He was confused, he was starting to think that this whole plan maybe wasn’t a good idea. Both Mina and Lauren were likely to get hurt. Who ever thought that it would work out having two wives?

At least at the college there were only men. He had had enough of female problems. Some of the other departments had female students and there were even three female teachers, but his classes were all male. At least there was one place he could go without having to worry about women.

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