An Afternoon with Kerri

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Kerri was on her way home from work. She had a long day and was ready to soak in a hot bath. Surrounded by the usual scumbags on the bus, the selection of men to flirt with today, like every day, were sparse. She sighed as she looked around, knowing none of these men could satisfy her needs. Then she peeked around at the women. She found one cutie sitting up towards the front of the bus. This cutie was wearing jean capris and a tight yellow tee that showcased her voluptuous breasts. Kerri thought about moving up to the seat next to her, as it was vacant. As Kerri moved up towards the front, she made eye contact with the woman in the yellow shirt and smiled. The woman smiled back at her, and that was Kerri’s cue to enter.

“Hi. Coming home from work?” Kerri asked.

“No,” the woman sighed, “Coming home from court. Divorced my husband today, well, EX husband now. Thank god.” She smirked a bit as she stared forward looking out the window.

“My name is Kerri. Men are scum anyway, who needs them?” Kerri giggled as she made the comment, hoping the woman would agree and possibly give Kerri a hint towards her sexual preferences.

“I’m Allison. I should have stuck with women, but sometimes women are more drama than men!” Kerri’s smile widened, and she knew that this would go somewhere…somewhere closer to the bedroom.

“Yeah but which are better in the bedroom?” Kerri gave Allison a suggestive glance and at that time the bus jolted to a stop. As the bus driver slammed on his brakes, Kerri’s hand slipped from fixing her hair right onto Allison’s left breast.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, this bus driver…” Kerri stuttered.

“I’m not worried about it. And yes, they’re real.” Allison rearranged her top and pushed up her breasts. Kerri could feel the warm spot between her legs getting a bit warmer.

“Would you like to come over for a glass of wine?” Kerri asked, even though she knew that it would be more than just a glass. “I’m sure you need one after a day like you’ve had.”

“That would be great, but I have some things to do…” Kerri interrupted Allison.

“One glass. That’s all I ask, then you can go and do whatever you please.” Kerri was never this forward with anyone, usually she was very shy. However, Allison had a way about her that brought out Kerri’s aggressive escort bayan side.

“Well, well, I suppose I could have just ONE glass. Would you mind getting off at the next stop with me so I can grab a pack of smokes?” Allison smiled. Kerri couldn’t wait any longer, but whatever got those amazing tits into her bed.

“Not a problem. In fact, I could use another pack or two.” Kerri didn’t smoke much. She only smoked when she drank. This was such the occasion. Plus, she found it sexy when a woman smoked a cigarette during foreplay. It really turned her on. The thought of Allison in a sexy negligée with her legs open, smoking a cigarette made that little wet spot in Kerri’s panties grow to an even bigger wet spot.

Kerri and Allison got off the bus and walked up to the convenience store. Allison bought her cigarettes, Kerri bought hers, and then they were off to the bus stop again.

“Wait, my place is only a few blocks from here. Would you mind walking?” Kerri realized they were close to her house and she felt she could use the walk anyway.

“Sure, my ass could use it!” Allison smacked her ass. “Look at that jiggle.”

Kerri smiled. She didn’t think Allison’s ass was too big. In fact, it was perfect. It complimented her amazing cleavage. At this point Kerri and Allison exchanged small talk and finally arrived at Kerri’s house.

“So, Merlot or Chardonnay?” Kerri asked. She was reaching for the wine glasses when she heard Allison blurt out something she wasn’t expecting.

“Neither,” Allison said. Kerri turned around from the kitchen and saw that Allison had taken off her t-shirt, exposing her perfectly formed breasts. From top to bottom, Allison was a bombshell brunette. She had brown hair, green eyes, freckles, high cheekbones, perfectly formed lips, square set shoulders, bountiful breasts, and surprisingly small nipples. Her stomach was toned, but there was still a little meat on the abs, however, her hips stood out from her waistline. She stood about 5’3″ and was a sight to die for. Kerri was about 5’5″, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, 36C breasts, her waist was close to flush with her hips and her ass was shaped just enough to stand out from her legs. Needless to say, Kerri didn’t stand a chance beside Allison in a beauty pageant.

Kerri immediately walked up izmit eve gelen escort to Allison and started sucking on her nipples. Kerri and Allison were both moaning. The chemistry was hot. Kerri’s pussy was tingling with the urge to be licked and fingered. It was getting so wet her panties literally clung to her vagina like Saran wrap.

“Oh my god,” Allison moaned. “Mmmm, yes baby suck on those nipples, make them nice and hard.”

Kerri wasn’t sure how much harder the perky nipples could get. She kept sucking and nibbling on them until Allison started removing Kerri’s shirt.

“Cute. May I?” Allison took one of Kerri’s breasts in her hand and started sucking on it. Kerri’s nipples were a little larger than Allison’s and her breasts fit perfectly into Allison’s mouth.

“Mmmm oh yeah.” Kerri was moaning and breathing so heavily. As Allison was sucking Kerri’s tit, she started unbuttoning Kerri’s pants. Kerri was in disbelief at what was happening. This isn’t something that happens every day, Kerri thought. As Allison revealed Kerri’s snatch, it was glistening with moisture and completely shaved.

“Mmmm, look at this little slit. You whore, you’re already soaking wet!” Allison did not insult Kerri; she only turned her on more.

“Finger fuck it. I need it so bad, Allison. I’m so sick of doing it on my own.” Kerri begged her to start bringing her to climax.

“Lay down,” Allison whispered. “Spread your legs; let me get a closer look at that snatch.” As Kerri did as she was told, Allison started moving her fingers up and down her little slit. That sensation made Kerri buck her hips. Allison was teasing her, by tracing the outer pussy lips, and going towards the inside, just draping her fingers around her tight hole. Allison stuck her pinky finger in Kerri’s twat and then placed it on top of Kerri’s asshole.

“I’m not so much into anal,” Kerri made Allison aware of this, but it was too late. Allison was fucking Kerri’s ass with her pinky finger while she had her thumb on Kerri’s enlarged clit.

“Oh FUCK!” Cried Kerri. “MMMmmm damnnnnnit. Oh god that feels so good.” Kerri was about to explode when Allison suddenly stopped.

“You’re not going to cum for me yet. I need you to pleasure me first.” Allison began to unbutton her tight izmit otele gelen escort fitting capris. You could see a damp spot on the crotch area and Kerri was excited to taste Allison’s sweet juices.

As Allison exposed her beautifully trimmed cunt, Kerri moaned in excitement. Allison sat down towards the front of the couch and spread her legs as wide as she could.

“Go ahead; lick that pussy clean, Kerri.” Allison gave Kerri permission to do what Kerri had been longing for. Immediately Kerri began to devour the pinkest pussy she’d ever seen. Kerri could tell that Allison hadn’t been fucked in months, maybe years. Her tongue barely fit inside of Allison’s tight hole. Kerri started sucking on Allison’s clit, using circular motions with her tongue, flicking it every once in a while with her fingers. Even though Kerri wasn’t a fan of anal play, Kerri found herself moving her tongue towards Allison’s little rosebud and teasing it. Allison’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

“Shit, Kerri, I’m about to cum, let me cum in your mouth.” Allison had both hands on her tits, pulling on her nipples as she humped Kerri’s face. Kerri stuck a finger inside of Allison and helped her to cum.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkk…ahhhh yes Kerri fuck me, fuck my pretty little kitty. Oh yes, I’m gonna cum, ohhhhh…” And right then and there Allison’s pussy started pulsating and twitching as Kerri lapped up all of Allison’s cum.

“Mmmm baby you taste so good. You wanna get a lick at mine?” Kerri offered her dripping twat to Allison with ease. They switched spots on the couch, which had a wet spot on it right under where Allison was sitting.

Kerri spread her legs and Allison went full force with two fingers fucking Kerri’s pussy. Kerri was screaming and moaning and felt a very warm sensation building up behind her clit.

“You ever squirted before, honey?” asked Allison.

“No but I’ve seen it on a bunch of porn vids,” replied Kerri between moans.

As soon as Kerri replied, her pussy shot a fountain of clear fluid all over Allison’s face and breasts.

“Ahhhh!! Oh my god!!! Did I just piss or something?” Kerri looked relieved, but worried at the same time.

“Babe, you just squirted…” Allison smiled at her and started kissing Kerri on the lips. As Kerri tasted her own cum on Allison’s lips, she immediately erupted into orgasm.

They both sat down on the couch and collected themselves. Hair tousled, sweat dripping down their faces, Kerri and Allison looked at each other.

Kerri smiled and said, “So, how about that glass of wine?”

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