An American In Paris

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This story was written by two people who met in the Literotica chatroom, Caligirl and Frenchlover. We hope you enjoy reading it has much as we enjoyed writing it.

* * * * *

Monique walks off the plane to meet the love of her life for the first time. She met him a year ago online, as so many people do these days. The moment they met there was an instant spark between them. Luc is from France, and when he told her he lives in Paris she almost didn’t believe him, how could such a thing be true, she asked herself. Until the day he sent her a picture of him at the top of the Eiffel Tower over looking the beautiful Champs de Mars and the majestic “City of Lights” beyond. The picture was taken on a sunny day, his face was tanned and the sun was lighting up his dark blond hair and his green eyes.

From that day on they chatted online almost everyday. Meeting in the same room at the same time, she his darling and he her sweetheart. When Luc first spoke to Monique in private he was so kind and sweet to her, saying things that had her sighing and her heart melting. Monique, having been hurt in the past, took the relationship very slow. Luc was a true gentleman and didn’t push her in any way. After three months she finally thought she was ready to let him call her. They made a date at 8:00 am her time on a beautiful Sunday morning. Luc had to wait through a whole day before he could make the call, but he had been waiting three months, what’s another day?

Monique had a restless night, dreaming of the city she had always loved and the man she thought she was in love with already. How could it be love? She asked herself a hundred times. They haven’t even met in real life yet. She finally climbed out of bed at 6:00am, giving up on rest, and went to make coffee.

The time passed ever so slowly for both of them, minutes seemed like hours. And when the time finally came, Luc’s hands were shaking as he picked up the phone.

Monique was sitting on the back porch watching the birds play when the phone rang. She thought about not answering it, but only for an instant; pleasure out weighing fear. She walked hastily to the living room sat on her sofa, legs shaking barely able to support her, and picked up her cordless phone.

“Hello.” She says softly, trying to hide her anxiety, her voice almost betraying her.

“Good morning Chéri. How is my darling this day?” Luc asks with a smile in his voice athough his heart was pounding in his chest and he was shaking all over, the knot in his stomach tightening even more. He’s been thinking of this moment for so long and now he hears her beautiful voice for the first time.

“Great sweetheart and you?” she answers.

“Fine darling and even better now that I hear you”. Reminding himself of the answer he uses when they were chatting. Hoping this would help both of them to relax a little.

“I was so excited to Escort bayan talk to you that I’ve barely slept last night”. He said “I’m so happy to hear you after all those chats.”

“You know what sweetie?”

“What my dear?” He asks

“I just love your voice…you have just the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard” The desire for him showing in her own voice.

“Thank you….yours is not bad either”. He answered laughingly with that little French accent he has when he speaks English.

Both of them, hearing each other, were starting to think about the hot cyber love sessions they had in the chat room and could now put a voice on the words they’ve been reading for so long. The mix of the voice with the sexy thoughts they were having was slowly starting to turn them on.

“You know sweetheart I’ve been thinking of you every minute of the day these last months. I think I’m addicted to you” He admits.

Monique feels her hands start to shake after hearing his admission. She has been thinking the same about him and tells him so. As she hears his sexy voice softly talking in her ear her hands slide down her stomach, wanting to find her throbbing clit. Her breathing starts to change and he notices, hearing the desire build in her. Luc’s imagination begins to run wild, thinking of all the things she might be doing. He’s a afraid to ask but he feels he has to know. He doesn’t want to rush her or scare her so he starts off slow.

His voice is soft and hardly heard “What are you wearing this morning my dear?”

Monique’s voice is full of the desire she is feeling when she tells her soon to be lover she’s wearing her pink silk robe.

“Nothing else my sweet?” He asks.

Lost in her rising passion she nods no first then realizes she needs to actually tell him. She has never been good at saying the words she types so well, so she has to force herself to speak.

A soft “no” is her only response.

Sensing her shyness, Luc takes control of the conversation and tells her not to speak, just do what he says. He knows this will turn her on even more and he’s hoping it will also help her relax a bit.

“Sit comfortably, close your eyes and just let my voice guide you, My Love” He said in a whispering tone.

Following his orders, she settled more cozily into her leather couch, closing her eyes, letting his voice guide her hands and mind. Even before he said anything, she was already turned on and all her body was on fire.

“Spread your legs wide and let your hands roam over your wonderful body” he said “caress your tits and pinch your nipples.”

As her legs spread she could feel her juice start to leak along her slit. Her hands went directly to her aching tits, squeezing them over her robe. She could feel her nipples already hard through the light fabric. Then with one hand she removed the strap of it, unveiling one tit. She Bayan escort sucked in her breath as she felt the cool air over her nipple. She caressed it, cupped it, squeezed it softly. Her breath coming out faster as her excitement grew. She was imaging it was his hand touching her. That idea and the pinching of her nipple got her even hotter and she let a light moan escaped her lips.

She pressed the speaker mode button on the phone and let it fall near her so both of her hands were free now to take care of her heated body. Then she bared her other tit and made sure it had the same treatment.

“Let one hand slide over your stomach” Luc said in a hoarse voice betraying his desire and arousal.

She reluctantly let go one of her tits and made her hand slide over her stomach

“Don’t touch your pussy, just caress the inside of your leg scratching the upper part”.

Her hand traveled down still, feeling the contact of her trimmed pussy hairs on the tip of her finger. She resisted the urge to let her hand go directly down her aching pussy to get release of that intense desire building inside her. At the same time she wanted this to last forever, and the longer he was going to play with her the more she was going to like it. She was feeling incredibly safe as his sex toy.

Her hand was now moving up along the inside of her thigh reaching the sensitive upper part. She bit her lower lip, trying to refrain another moan, as her nails scratch over her exposed skin. Her other hand was still over her breasts, trying to work upon both tits at the same time

“Let your fingers slide lightly over your slit” He continued.

As she followed his order, she felt how soft her bare pussy lips were and how wet she had become. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was whereas her pussy hadn’t even been touched yet.

“Suck one of these fingers in your mouth as if it was my cock, make it really wet”. As he said this she heard his breathing coming harder. She wondered if he wasn’t wanking while leading her. At that thought she envisioned him naked in front of her, his cock in his hand, hard for her, ready to make love to her. She wanted to ask him but at that same instant her hand reached her mouth and she sucked her middle finger in dreaming it was his cock instead, sucking hard on it. Just a muffled moan escaped her lips. As she did this she tasted her pussy juice. This was the first time she has tasted herself, she was loving her salty sweet taste. This act sent a bolt of pleasure through her body. She was feeling very kinky.

“Now I want you to come for me baby” He said “get that finger inside you”.

Her hand went directly to her sex, and she plunged her finger inside right away into her aching pussy. She wanted this real bad.

Her head jerked backward as she let out a louder moan “huummmm yessssss” that he heard quite clearly. This gave Escort him more confidence and made him hornier too.

“Get two fingers in!!! I want you to finger fuck yourself hard and fast”. He ordered, his voice full of lust for her.

She did as he demanded, plunging her now two fingers in and out as far and as hard as she could. Her hips were bucking coming to meet her hand. She was breathing real hard now almost moaning with each thrust and whispering soft words to him.

“Yesss baby I wanna cum for you” she said “I want you Luc! Take me! Take me now!”. She was starting to lose control, her mind was totally focused on his voice, and her pleasure. Behind her closed eyelids, she was making love with him, seeing their bodies entwined, sweat covered, seeing his hands caressing her, his lips kissing her.

“I want your other hand to take care of your clit”. She half heard him through her racing mind and moans. But still she followed his voice. Her hand let go of her tits and went directly to her aching and swollen clit freeing it from its hood. Her fingers rubbing it hard and fast while she kept on finger fucking herself with her other hand. Her pussy was so wet and leaking that the palm of her hand was drenched as were her ass and the top of her thighs. Her moans were becoming louder and louder as she was feeling a huge climax building in her stomach. She was arching her back and her body was thrashing on the sofa wildly. Her unfocused eyes flaring open, totally blind to what was around her, still seeing the erotic visions her mind was sending her.

Luc kept on telling her he wanted her to cum for him and how much he wanted her. Then he started to moan saying he was about to cum too. She then realized he was masturbating too and this sent her over the edge. She came in a loud moan almost screaming, her body shaking all over, her juices flowing continuously forming a little puddle under her bottom on the leather of the couch, her pussy clenching her fingers. She barely heard him as he came with her, groaning and whispering her name.

She couldn’t believe how hard she came. She had been masturbating before but she never had such a climax. She was feeling exhausted as if she had had sex during several hours.

“Luc?” she whispered breathlessly

“Yes darling” answered Luc. His voice betraying he also had a hard time recovering.

“That was wonderful sweetie! You were wonderful. I never had such pleasure masturbating”.

“You were perfect too hunnie. I wish we could have made love together for real”.

“Me too” she answered with a hint of sorrow in her voice.

Slowly they started to talk about each other. Discovering little by little each other. Sharing feelings you share with close people until they had to hang up. Fixing a new appointment in the chat room and on the phone.

And now the time has come for them to meet as Monique nervously strolls through Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Her knees are weak and she can feel her desire for Luc building inside her, knowing that soon she will finally be in the one place she belongs most, his arms.

(to be continued)

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