An Embarrassing Moment

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It was around Ten A.M. Friday morning when I got home from a run to south Jersey. I was dead tired, dirty and horny. I also had to piss like a race horse.

So as soon as I got in my front door; I put my driver’s bag in the hall closet, hung up my Giants cap, and yanked off my cowboy boots.

I was already pulling my jersey up over my head as I walked through my bedroom into the master bathroom. I quickly finished stripping and deposited my dirty clothes in the hamper along with my smelly sweaty jersey.

I grabbed a towel out of the linen closet and placed it on the end of the counter between the sink and toilet, drained my tube, shaved and got into the shower.

After standing under the hot spraying water enjoying the soaking for what seemed like forever. I finally washed up, got out of the shower, dried myself off, and hung the damp towel over the steamy glass door to dry.

I put some bath powder on my balls and smeared some stick deodorant under my arms. As I turned and opened the bathroom door and stepped into my bedroom.

Bud-A-Boom, I banged right into my cleaning woman knocking her backwards causing her to drop her mop bucket and an arm full of cleaning supplies!

I instinctively leaned over and reached out to catch her. But in the process I accidentally grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass!

As I clumsily pulled her upright, she stumbled forward and fell against me, firmly mashing her big soft tits against my hairy chest and jamming the head of my cock into her crotch.

Rosa’s eyes widen her mouth fall open as she gasped loudly, “Ooh, Sir.”

Then she muttered sounding slightly embarrassed, “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were gonna be home this morning!”

Rosa’s my housekeeper and she cleans my condo on Monday and Friday mornings. She dresses’ in a bluish gray maid’s uniform with a button up front and she wears black walking shoes with old women’s knee high nylon stocking.

Rosa’s still extremely attractive and sexually appealing for an older woman. She has dark brown hair with a few strands of gray mixed in; and she usually wears her hair up in a bun.

She’s kind of tall and a bit overweight. Rosa’s not fat or obese; she’s pleasingly plump with huge tits that threatened to burst the buttons off the top of her dress at any minute.

Rosa still has a waistline that gives her an hourglass figure. She also has a large but lovely nicely rounded butt to go along with her good looks and big tits.

She’s a sexually flirtatious playful woman that loves to tease me about the bulge in my jeans. In return I kid her about the size of her ample tits. We constantly make inappropriate sexual innuendos to each other about having sexual intercourse with each other.

I was in a slight state of shock from bumping into her. I guess my eyes were as wide as Rosa’s and my mouth was also hanging open. I could feel my face starting to flush. When I realized I was still butt naked and had my hands on her lovely plump rump.

I tried to apologize but I was speechless. My mouth was moving but nothing was coming out of it. Rosa was blushing and giggling like a high school girl due to our mutual embarrassment.

She suddenly got a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, as a devilish grin crept across her dark red lips.

She seductively wrapped her arms around my neck draping her self against me and began pumping her hips back and forth and from side to side against mine, in a stimulated deep grinding fucking motion.

Rosa was grinning as she jammed her hips firmly against mine and ground her womanhood harder against the end of my now rock hard cock.

She asked teasingly in a deep slutty sultry sounding voice, “Now isn’t this an interesting situation?”

Then she burst out laughing, but she continued passionately humping and grinding herself firmly against me.

Even as embarrassed as I was, I was getting turned on by this hot wanton voluptuous older woman. I loved the feeling of her big spongy tits mashed tightly against my hairy chest. I also loved having my hands on her full-size soft spongy ass.

I could tell by the sounds of her labored breathing and the way her body was responding to being in my crude embrace that she was also getting turned on.

Rosa kissed my ear and stuck Escort bayan the tip of her tongue into my ear canal sending wicked shivers of pleasure up and down my spine that ended up in my dick.

Then she deliberately blew her warm breath into my ear as she asked playfully, “What’s this big thing pressing into me?”

Not to be outdone by her; I pulled her harder against me, turned my head to the side and drove the tip of my tongue deep into her ear canal.

While I was tonguing her ear and caressing her rubbery buns; I felt the unmistakable chills of excitement starting to race up and down her spine.

Rosa was shivering and starting to breathe deeply as she moved her head around trying to escape my probing tongue.

I teasingly blew my warm breath into her ear as I whispered lustfully to her, “Rosa, I bet it’s something you’d love me to stick into you.”

I probed her ear deeper with the tip of my tongue, causing her to groan “Ooh,” tighten her arms around my neck, ram her pelvis harder against mine and go stiff.

Then I jammed my hips into hers as I asked teasingly,” Wouldn’t you?”

“Oh God Meat, you’re torturing me,” She sighed breathlessly.

Then she went on to say in her deep lust filled quivering voice, “I haven’t been in a man arms, with his hands on my body, in so long. I’ve almost forgotten how good it feels”

She paused for a moment; like she was thinking then she said quietly, “You really wouldn’t want to have sex with a horny sex starved old married woman, and a mother of three.”

She paused briefly again like she was thinking of what she wanted to say next. Then she asked sounding a little nervous and unsure of her-self “would you?”

I replied trying to sound as honest and sincere as I possibly could,” I don’t care how old you are and how many kids you’ve had.”

Then I pulled her tighter against me, nipped her ear lobe and gyrated my hips against hers. As I stated lustfully, “Besides that Rosa, what your husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him!”

She got wide eyes and replied sounding excited and surprised at the same time, “Oh really. “

Rosa leaned her head to the side giving me better access to the side of her neck and ear as we pumped our hips together dry fucking, like a couple of horny teenagers out on a Saturday night date.

Rosa was breathing heavily as she reached down and dug her finger nails into the cheeks of my hairy ass and sighed, “You’re getting this fat old woman so freaking horny she can’t stand it.”

I slipped one hand off her ass and moved it up over her big billowing bosom and squeezed it as I said, “I don’t think you’re too old or fat to fuck, Rosa. I think you’re a very sexy desirable mature woman.”

She was squirming against me passionately as I opened the top couple of buttons on her uniform.

As I opened the second button. Rosa put her hand on mine and squeezed it on her tit and sighed nervously,” Oh please Meat we better stop now. I’m afraid my husband might find out?”

Before I could say anything else to her, she slipped away from me and scurried into the bathroom, leaving me standing there with a wicked hard throbbing boner.

Her back was to me in front of the sink but I could see her reflection in the mirror. Rosa’s face was flushed bright pink and she was breathing heavily though her somewhat opened mouth, causing her ample breasts to raise and fall as she inhaled and exhaled.

I could see Rosa staring at my dick in the mirror with an unmistakable longing in her dark brown eyes.

So I said to myself, what the hell, I’ll take a chance. The worse thing she could do is say, no.

I stepped into the bathroom and went over to her. I leaned against her forcing the head of my dick into the crack of her ass. I put my arms around her and cupped her enormous tits in my hands. As I squeezed them, I kissed the nape of the neck.

She was still trembling as I said to her, “Rosa, I promise you. I won’t tell your husband, if that’s what you’re afraid of.”

I paused for a moment letting my words sink in. Then I finished saying trying to sound playful, “If you won’t.”

Rosa squirmed around in my arms until she was facing me. Then she put her hands on my cheeks looking me directly in the eyes and said softly with Bayan escort a nervous tremble in her voice, “You promise me, you won’t tell my husband if we do it.”

She paused for another moment, leaned her forehead against my chest and looked longingly down at my hard dick. Then Rosa looked up at me and said desperately,” Meat, my husband can’t do it to me anymore.”

Then she explained,” Meat he’s tried taking the pill, he’s even taken two of them, but they just don’t work for him. Meat, He can’t get it hard enough to put it in me and do it to me anymore!”

She paused again then she said pleadingly, “Please don’t think badly of me. I’m only human, and I need it so bad, I can’t stand it.”

Being divorced horny and alone most of the time, I heard her loud and clear. But I just couldn’t resist the temptation to tease her so I asked her playfully,” Rosa, tell me, what do you need so bad?”

Rosa was giggling as she said;” You know what I need.”

I teased her some more and said, “Answer me, Rosa; tell me what do you need?”

Rosa’s face went beet bright red as she said,” I need you, to stick your dick in me, and fuck me with it.”

Then she buried her face against my chest and burst out laughing.

I was trying not to laugh as I said, “Oh, really, Rosa,” and took one of her arms from around my neck and pulled it down and placed her hand on my dick.

I wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my pecker and asked her, “Do you think this is hard enough to take care of your needs?”

Rosa looked up into my eyes as she said;” You’re making me feel like an old whore and I love it. “Then she said, “But please don’t tell anyone about this.”

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek as I said,” Don’t worry about it, Rosa. This will be our little secret forever.”

Rosa squeezed my dick opened her mouth and mashed her full lips against mine as she closed her eyes.

As I pushed my tongue into her warm moist mouth and searched for her tongue, I managed to get my hands between us and began opening the rest of the buttons on the top of her uniform dress.

While Rosa and I sucked each others tongues and swirled and swirled around each others, first in her mouth then in mine. I managed to get my hands around her back, under her dress and unhooked her bra.

Rosa forced her tongue deep into my mouth as I reached around in front of her and lifted her bra letting her huge breasts spill out and flop down against her rib cage.

I pulled my mouth off hers, hefted her huge tits in my hands, leaned over and began kissing and sucking on her mammoth whoppers.

Rosa let go of my dick and put both her hands on the back of my head pulled me face first into her breasts muttering, “I love having my tits squeezed and my nipples bitten and chewed on.”

I licked around her large pink bumpy areolas and gently nibbled on her chewy gumdrop sized nipples, first on one big squashy tittie then on the other one, causing her to whimper loudly as she moved her hips back and forth.

I kneeled on the floor and opened the rest of the buttons on her uniform dress. Rosa was wearing a silky half-slip under her dress which I quickly yanked down to her ankles.

I was surprised to see that she was wearing lacy yellow panties that looked great on her.

I leaned over kissed her navel and stuck the tip of my tongue in it causing Rosa to gasp, “Ooh, you’re so bad you shouldn’t do that.”

Her hairy mount of Venus and the outline of her plump cunt were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her panties and there was already a large dark damp spot on them between her legs.

Rosa has lovely but thick legs with some spider veins on them. They’re also kind of fleshy and meaty up near her crotch. I stood up put my arms around her waist and hefted her up on the counter-top.

She sighed as I sat her down, “Oh, God Meat, you’re so big and strong.”

She had some short black curly hairs sticking out under the leg bands of her panties and some soft fine black hairs on the insides of her thighs. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned in and began kissing and sucking on the insides of her fleshy warm moist thighs.

Rosa was going crazy bucking her hips and mumbling something about her husband never doing this to her. Escort

As I licked the drenched crotch of her panties, Rosa wrapped her thighs around my head and her whole body began trembling almost to the point of shaking.

The next thing I knew she was screeching loudly, “Don’t stop! Oh, God, please don’t stop doing that to me with your mouth.”

Her words inspired me to pull the crotch of her panties to the side. I lapped her wet twat from back to front licking up her clear salty tasting pussy juices.

I wiggled my tongue between the big dark red meaty lips of her womanhood. I licked around her hole and darted the tip of my tongue into her and tongue fucked her.

She was going nuts. Her whole body was shaking. Her legs were quivering. Her pussy juices were flowing out of her cunt into my mouth as I lapped her hole.

When I started licking over and around her clit, she screamed out, “Oh, fuck! Don’t stop doing that to me with your tongue! I’m coming!”

Then she clamped her thighs around my head and began bucking her hips as more of her pussy juices came gushing into my mouth, running over my chin and dripping down onto my chest.

As I stood up, Rosa, reached down grabbed my dick and pulled it against her pussy and pleaded, “Please I need to feel your dick inside me now.”

I willingly obliged her and pushed the knob of my cock into her. As I slipped the crown of my cock into her hole; I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she still had unbelievably soft snug vagina, even after having three kids.

Rosa put her arms around my neck, closed her eyes rested her head on my shoulder, as the head of my cock entered her. She whispered into my ear,” Oh, God, Meat, your big hard cock feels so good in me.”

Rosa’s cunt was clinging to the end of my cock like a soft warm wet pink vise. She gasped,” Please push it all the way in me.”

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist as I slowly moved my hips forward driving the entire length of my long hard thick dick deeply into the depths of her womanhood, her causing her to cry out loudly,” Oh God, that feels so fucking good,” as I entered her.

With each inward stroke of my prick, as the end of my pecker tapped against her cervix, she’d jerk her hips forward, tighten her arms around my neck and moan, “Ooh fuck yes, that’s it, please don’t stop I need it so bad.”

Rosa laid her head on my shoulder with her arms around my neck mumbling breathlessly, “that’s it, that’s the way I like it hard deep and fast.”

It wasn’t long before Rosa’s cunt started convulsing tighter around my cock gripping it, milking it as spasms of pure long-overdue sexual pleasure began passing through her body causing her to tremble and shake wildly in my arms.

As her pussy muscles tightened around my manhood, I felt my balls beginning to tighten and tingle as my knees began getting weak.

The next thing I knew I was exploding, spewing sperm out of my balls, sending it surging up the shaft of my cock, spurting out the head of my dick, deep into the depths of Rosa’s tight warm wet clinging cunt, spattering against her cervix.

After I finished erupting in her, I collapsed against her gasping for breath. Rosa was kneading the back of my shoulders kissing the side of my neck and face whispering, “Oh, fuck, Meat, thank you, thank you. Oh good God, I needed that sooo freaking bad.”

After I finally got my breathe back. I stepped backwards and watched my spent prick slip out of her pussy.

My eyes were glued to her gaping well used pink fuck hole, as a stream of my sperm trickled out and run into the crack of her ass.

Rosa grinned at me nastily as she looked into my eyes and pulled the crotch of her panties over her wide open hole and said, ” I want to keep as much of your warm cum inside me as I can so I can remember how good it felt going into me.”

Then she bent over pulled her slip up and buttoned her dress. After she got her clothes straighten and smoothed out, Rosa leaned over kissed me on the cheek and said, “Thank you, Meat, I really needed that.

She paused for a moment then she smiled at me and said almost pleadingly, “Meat the next you’re home. I want you to teach me how to do it to you with my mouth.”

I smiled at her knowingly and nodded my head as I looked at her full ruby red plump soft lips, and thought to myself, maybe I’ll take that south Jersey run again next Thursday and be home again early next Friday morning and teach her how to give head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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