An Evening Together

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Pete came home from work on Thursday, it was a busy night ahead, he had to tidy up for a special guest, then a game of squash at the club, after that he would meet up with Charlene. He had not seen her other than fleeting visits since the last night he had slept at her house when she was under the weather. Her earlier text hinting she was looking forward to a dip in the hot tub encouraged thoughts of an enjoyable night.

His mind drifted to Jade, she was on holiday at the moment, he momentarily envisaged her enjoying a drink in her room, being helped by two young male hotel attendants. Don perhaps asleep in the next room. Jade had asked for room service and two young handsome men had arrived, one of whom was just learning the ropes, little aware of just how much he was about to learn.

They arrived with drinks, and were instantly surprised how beautiful and sexy the woman was, stood there in a robe. She asked if one of them would perhaps apply some oil to her back as her husband was next door asleep. As the other moved to go she said “no, you stay please,” enough of an order to convince him that he should stay. The more senior of the two decided that this might be a feature of working at the hotel which he could demonstrate to the junior attendant, more intent on giving his hands the opportunity to explore this goddess.

He rubbed his hands together, warming them and asked Jade to lie on the sun bed. The other attendant was watching intently, sensing something was about to happen, strangely excited by what he was witnessing. She was wearing a toweling robe. He suggested she lowered the robe and lay on her stomach, assuming there was a swimming costume underneath.

At his suggestion Jade completely removed the robe allowing it to drop to the floor, she was completely naked, looking into his eyes, enjoying the look of surprise and excitement; she loved how she could have this effect on men.

The two attendants looked nervously, but transfixed and equally excited. “Maybe the oil an come later,” she said as she moved forward and unzipped the more senior attendants trousers and took out what was now a fast hardening cock. The other attendant watched, as she took his cock in her mouth. She was hungry for this, and knew she had little time. She also knew of the danger of her husband waking next door, and catching them which merely heightened her pleasure. Finding her servicing two cocks might show him just how special a pleasure he is choosing to ignore.

As she hungrily sucked, Jade beckoned the other attendant closer, and unzipped him too. She pulled out another cock, and was pleased at how big and hard it had become after so little effort on her part. With her free hand she stroked the second cock slowly, and removed her mouth from the first which was now fully erect, it’s head glistening.

She kissed the head of the second cock, keeping the first one close to her face, taking in the familiar male odor. She then put the second cock in her mouth and started sucking it too. She wanted both of these cocks, and her skillful manipulation of them meant that their owners could do little more than submit to her desires. For a very short time she held both cocks close, alternating her mouth from one to the other, enjoying the taste of both.

Jade’s pussy was wet, she needed a cock inside her. With one cock firmly in her mouth she moved around, and turned her back to the younger more junior attendant, pushing her ass against his cock, making it clear what she wanted. He could do little other than push his cock into her pussy as hard as he could.

The other attendant was being sucked harder now. Jade had two cocks inside her, one she was skillfully bringing to an orgasm with her mouth, the second was fucking her hard from behind, feeling the grip of a pussy controlling the tension around his cock. They were both close to cumming now.

The delightful taste of the cock in her mouth and the delicious feeling of another filling her from was enough for Jade to orgasm intensely. She suddenly pulled the cock from her pussy, sat down on the recliner stroking the two fully erect cocks in front of her. She let go, leaned back and directed the Escort Bayan two attendants to wank over her.

They obligingly started stroking their cocks quite furiously, she enjoyed control she was exercising and the sight of two cocks which which now appeared ready to explode was more than just entertaining. Her beautiful body ensured it was a very short time before cum was streaming from their cocks, all over her face and tits. She smiled with pleasure as she felt the warm cum cover her. She lay there, took a sip of her drink and dismissed the attendants.

As they left she looked at herself in the mirror covered in cum, it was a strangely beautiful sight. She wished Pete could see, maybe he would help her clean the cum from her face and tits, she knew it was something he would find exciting.

Pete looked down to see his own cock ejaculating, his hand stroking it quite firmly. The dream had turned him on immensely; any thoughts of Jade rarely produced less than an orgasm. Jade was such a sexy woman, capable of achieving anything and any one. That was one less load of cum for Charlene, Jade would approve.

As he was showering after squash Pete heard his phone buzz, he checked his messages and there was a message from Charlene about going to the local pub. He saw no problem there, and replied simply with 9:30.

Charlene arrived at the house, Pete was tired but thirsty so a visit to the pub was welcome. Charlene drove. She had arranged to meet a guy socially whom she had met earlier at a music club she attended. As they walked in she moved across to greet him, leaving Pete to order and pay for the drinks.

The chat was friendly, Pete’s mind dirtily wondering what the four guys they were sat with were thinking, they probably all wanted to fuck Charlene he mused, perhaps more than one of them at once. He knew he would get that opportunity soon.

When they arrived home Pete sorted some drinks and they immediately put costumes on and got into the hot tub. As they sat chatting, they moved closer, bodies contacting under the water, it was easy and natural to touch her breasts, legs and ass, it just seemed so normal in these circumstances.

Pete’s mind drifted to being shown Jade’s hot tub, he wished she was here with him, better still with them both. Thinking of her he started to fondle Charlene’s tits, just making contact at first, then cupping them with both hands. They felt good through the material of the costume and he was able to tease her nipples with his fingers. He became aware of his cock starting to grow inside his trunks.

Having had a few drinks, Pete suggested they didn’t need the costumes, something Charlene was perhaps anticipating, she certainly needed no second bidding and quickly removed hers, Pete followed suit.

Both naked now, bodily contact was much more sensual, Charlene’s hands were touching Pete’s body, discovering. There was something she clearly wanted to know and it took her only a few seconds for her hands to find their way to his cock. There was a gasp of approval as she discovered his hardness. She clasped her hand around it, started making small movements stroking it, she wanted it at full hardness, and knew she was close to her goal.

Moving bodies to accommodate each other was easy, Jade was in the recliner seat of the tub, Pete moved himself above her, ensuring full body contact. His chest against her tits, his hard cock was against her pussy. He kissed her, it was a long kiss, tongues exploring each other, mouths sealed together.

Pete broke the kiss, and moved his mouth down to her tits, gently taking her nipples between his teeth, using his tongue to stimulate them. He spent a few minutes on either nipple, his hands were exploring deeper, cupping her ass, caressing her pussy, he was able to slide a finger inside and gently fuck her pussy.

Charlene was enjoying the weight of Pete’s body against her, his cock was rubbing the front of her pussy, and she loved his hands exploring her ass. It felt wonderful as he pushed a finger inside her. But she had felt how hard his cock was, and she wanted to feel it pushing deep inside her, she didn’t care where. It was time Escort to change positions, she was going to take charge of current proceedings.

Their bodies were in full contact, Pete sensed a change of position was imminent and allowed their bodies to change position, but in doing so there was no loss of bodily contact. Pete was now under Charlene, he enjoyed being under a woman. He looked over her shoulder and could see the profile of her ass, above the surface of the water.

Charlene moved down his body, her hand on his cock, she wanted to feel the cock inside her mouth and she wanted Pete to feel the pleasure she could impart on his member with her well practiced cocksucking mouth. She moved her hand down his erect shaft, pulling the skin back to reveal the head of his cock, she loved the shape, and how it conveniently filled her mouth. She held the cock just above the water and sucked at the head, using her tongue to add stimulation. She then moved her mouth down his cock, taking as much as she could, forcing it deep into her throat. As she did this she played with his balls, fondling them.

She sucked for some time, slowly and steadily increasing the rhythm and pressure she was applying with her mouth. His cock was very hard now, she wanted it elsewhere, so she removed her mouth, continuing to stroke it with her hand. She moved back up his body, and kissed him sensually on the mouth. She wanted him to taste his cock, how good it tasted.

Charlene positioned herself so that the mouth of her pussy was rubbing against the tip of Pete’s cock, she really wanted to feel his cock pushing deep inside her. Suddenly her pussy started to envelop his cock, she loved the feel of his head stretching her lips apart, and forcing deeper inside her. She started to ride his cock, taking full advantage of its size pumping deep and and retracing until almost exiting, the feeling was divine.

They fucked for a while, enjoying the combination of the pussy to cock contact and the exploration of each other hands. Pete sensed she wanted something more, she was enjoying the insertion of his finger in her anus, so he decided to replace this with something more substantial. He withdrew his cock from her pussy, and using his hand rubbed it against the opening of her ass.

Charlene suddenly felt Pete’s cock withdraw from her pussy, but her disappointment didn’t last long, as she felt the tip of his cock against her ass, she remembered how Paul her ex husband had enjoyed filling her ass with his cock, and how good this made her feel. She moved her body to accommodate his cock, pushing against its head, loving the feeling of his cock against her ass, anticipating its full length, and desperately wanting to feel it inside her.

Pete sensed from playing with her ass that she was enjoying his finger inserting inside her. He decided to take the sex to another level, and fuck her there. He pushed the head of his cock against her anus, and could feel how receptive she was. He gently continued his forward motion until his cock started to disappear into her ass, it was very tight but the water seemed to help it find its way deep inside. Pete enjoyed the tightness of her sphincter muscles gripping his cock, he started to move himself in and out of her ass. He moved his free hand down to her pussy and started rubbing, then pushing fingers inside her, he could feel his cock through the walls of her pussy, as it intensified fucking her in the ass.

Charlene came quickly, this was something she had missed from their friendship, and she was loving the feel of his cock deep in her ass, combined with his hands playing with her pussy. She continued to push her ass against his cock, loving its pumping motion filling her. She knew this was dirty but in being so it felt special. The initial uncomfortable tightness gave way to a feeling of intense pleasure as his cock reached deep inside her.

Pete was close to cumming now, unsure where to deposit his load, he whispered in Charlene’s ear, “I’m going to cum.” He quickly realized she wanted his load deep inside her ass, so intensified and quickened his actions. Suddenly he felt a wave of pleasure, and his cock erupted. Bayan Escort He pushed his cock deep, looking to maximize the effect of his cum adding to her pleasure. He could feel Charlene’s nails digging into his back as she too felt the pleasure of another orgasm.

As they lay spent in the water Pete could feel his cock soften, he marveled at the beautiful shape of her ass creating two islands above the water. He stroked her back, moving his hands down to her ass, and start making circles with his fingers, reaching intimate parts. He withdrew his now soft member from her ass. They were both tired as a consequence of the drinks and fucking, and lay almost motionless for a few moments of recovery.

Shortly after they got out of the tub, and moved inside the house. They cared little about being naked, and walked around conscious that neighboring eyes could be prying. They moved into bed, the conversation was sexual, and Charlene’s pleasure was apparent, though she couldn’t help wondering what had brought about this renewed energy to their sexual activity.

He asked if there was anything else she was in the mood to try, aware that in the past she had enjoyed the use of oil, and perhaps a vibrator. Her eyes lit up sufficiently for Pete to suggest they retire to the spare room.

At Pete’s suggestion Charlene lay face down on the bed, she had brought her red vibrator through with her and it lay motionless beside her. He picked up the bottle of oil he had fetched from the bathroom and poured a generous amount onto her back.

Charlene lay on the bed, she still felt quite horny despite having felt a cock in her mouth, ass and pussy. She could feel Pete’s hands initially spreading the oil, then rubbing it into her shoulders and back. She could feel his hands all over her back, sensuously massaging the oil into her skin.

Pete admired her shapely body, but wondered how Jade would respond to similar treatment, and how great it would feel to be able to be this close to her. That thought brought about a wandering of his hands. He reached across and picked it the red vibrator, admiring its shape, how well formed its head was, just like a real cock.

He pushed a button and it started vibrating. He moved his hands onto her ass, and added some oil, allowing it to run down the crack between her cheeks. Imagining this was Jade’s ass helped Pete’s cock become hard. He pushed his hand between her legs, spreading a generous amount of lubricant on her ass, sliding a finger inside to make sure some oil found its way inside.

Pete then poured some oil onto the vibrator, and smoothed it all over with a slight wanking motion. Although it seemed wrong to him, he couldn’t help himself wondering how a real cock might feel in the same situation, a thought which brought his own cock to attention. He pushed the vibrator between her legs, and in the direction of her pussy. It quickly found its mark, he pushed further and knew it was deep insider her. He cycled through the different vibrating modes and found a pulsing one he knew she liked. After a few pumps he returned his attention to her ass and continued spreading oil, and massaging.

Pete’s own cock was hard now, he naughtily decided to use it to help spread the oil between Charlene’s ass cheeks. He enjoyed the feel of his cock rubbing between her cheeks. Charlene’s response suggested to Pete that she hadn’t had enough of his cock up her ass, she was pushing against him, a signal he took as she wanted more. He moved his hips downward, allowed his cock to drop between her cheeks and lined it up with her ass. He then thrust his cock into her ass, deep.

Charlene was in ecstasy as she felt the cock bury itself deep into her ass. It was very slippery and found its way deep inside her with ease. She loved the feel of it insider her. She knew this would soon produce an orgasm, for the second time that evening.

Pete pushed harder, and faster, enjoying the experience of delivering pleasure with his cock in a woman’s ass. Suddenly Charlene cried out under him, she had orgasmed again, the oil, the closeness and the cock fucking her ass had been too much.

Pete lay with his cock inside her, he didn’t feel the need to cum, he was thinking how nice it would be to share the situation with Jade, happy that he had helped Charlene to a second orgasm.

He allowed his cock to soften, withdrew, and lay with Charlene for a bit, thinking of Jade.

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