An Extraordinary Tease…I Love it!

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You are full of surprises. You have tortured, teased and pleasured me over the phone…and that is all I have thought about…ALL fucking day. I am about to share a scenario that I have dreamed of many times over the past few days. I am sure it will leave you wanting me (us) more than ever.

It starts with you calling me shortly after arriving at work. Just to say how much you loved our long, extremely passionate love-making the night before. And how badly you wanted to stay in bed with me and share your hard morning wood.

You left me with a little bit of a tease before you went to work. You had taken your beautiful cock in your hand and smacked it against my naked ass several times as I pushed myself back against you, daring you to shove it deep in my still cum-filled pussy.

Yeah, I do love it when you tease me like that!

Anyway…throughout your busy day, you manage to still find time to call me, as you always have before. You are, after all, an extraordinary tease. The words you use are so powerful, sometimes I think they have a direct link to all of my errogenous zones. Each conversation leaves me hotter and wetter than the previous one. The tone of my voice gets a little more seductive…alluring. Further turning you on. Making it very difficult for you to stay at work. Don’t forget…YOU started this! By mid-day my pussy is soooo much on fire. It wants you. It craves you. It hungers for you. Badly!

Hearing how much you have turned me on, you raise the stakes a little bit. (Being the gambling man that you are) You demand that I not touch “YOUR” pussy until you get home. That it is your job to tease it, please it, fuck it wildly, fuck it slowly…whatever your heart desires to do with it.

Reluctantly, I comply with your rules. Damn you! I swear you must know just when my pussy is at its wettest. Your timing is always so perfectly torturous. I love it. You remind me that I am not the one in control today. That when you get home, you are going Eskort to take each piece of my clothing off pain-stakingly slow, until I am totally naked before you. Your touches are going to be deliberate and quick…just enough to get my attention and my juices flowing freely from my body. It’s going to be a LONG fucking several more hours before you get home!

About 3pm you call me again. You say “Babygirl, you are breathing heavy, what have you been doing? Have you been touching “MY” pussy?”

I reply with “No baby, I haven’t been touching this pussy that belongs to you. My anticipation of you coming home is getting to be more than I can handle. Causing me to breathe crazily.”

You simply say “Good…my little slut doesn’t deserve to pleasure that pussy. It will get what is coming to it..guaranteed.”

Damn, you are sooo fucking good at teasing me! My whole body is nothing but a bundle of nerves. My pussy is sooo fucking wet. My clit is sooo goddamn hard and is demanding attention be paid to it. My head is spinning with thoughts of what you have in store for me.

5:30 comes around and you call me one last time. You are on your way home…finally! I tell you that I will be in the kitchen finishing up your supper and that I hope you have a hearty appetite.

You have that devilish little sexy laugh that I love so much as you say “Oh I do, but not for food.”

Fuck! My pussy just got even wetter. My heart is about to pound out of my chest with excitement. A few minutes go by…..I hear your truck door slam shut. My breathing is now erratic. My whole being is trembling with desire..lust. I stay in the kitchen…somewhat pretending not to hear you come home. I finish fixing your plate and getting your drink ready for you. Out of the corner of my eye, I see you standing there…admiring me. I start to say something, but you forcefully take me in your arms and cover my mouth with your own. Our kiss is hard, deep and rough. (I’m wondering what happened to taking things slow!) I easily get lost and totally enveloped in your lustful rage. Your mouth moves to just under my jaw, sinking your teeth into my flesh. I wince a little from the pain…but I never utter a single word. Your left hand reaches up and pulls my head back by my hair. Your mouth bites and licks my flesh, sending fire throughout my entire body. Your right hand grabs my ass cheek and pull me even closer to you. You want me so fucking bad you don’t know where to start first.

Suddenly you stop everything you were doing. That pure look of raw sex fills your eyes. Aggressively you throw me over your shoulder and carry me back to our bedroom. You toss me onto our bed. I want to speak…yet I want to obey you. Roughly, you rip my clothes off my body. The look on your face is a mixture of greed, need, want, desire, lust. I’ve never seen you quite like this before. My entire body is at your mercy. After my clothes have been ripped off me, you grab me by my legs, forcefully pulling my ass to the edge of the mattress. Your strong arms force my legs to spread wide. Hungrily you dive right in to my soaking wet cunt. Your wide tongue fucking my pussy hole so expertly. The sounds that you are making as you tongue-fuck me are mocking the sounds you make each time your cock would slam into me. I am dizzy from the pleasure your mouth has bestowed upon my (your) pussy. My arms fall to my sides. You grab ahold of my wrists on both arms and use them to push and pull me, making me fuck your tongue that is still being buried in my burning cunt.

I can no longer keep quiet. Fucking eat your fucking little sluts wet pussy! …..Fuck yes….now bite my fucking hard clit….make me fucking scream to the world that I am your dirty little bitch!

After your teeth have clamped down on my clit, you start stroking it fast with the tip of your tongue…sending a million tiny different chills throughout my body. You suck it in to your mouth, making a popping noise when you release it. My legs squeeze your head, pushing your face further in to my snatch.

You quickly break away from my hold I have on you. Saying, “So that’s how you wanna play, huh?”

Not givng me a chance to answer, you flip me over onto my tummy, wrap your arm under my hips, pulling me onto my knees, making my ass point straight in the air at you. You force my head down in the mattress.

You grunt the words “I’ve been waiting all fucking day to fuck you like this. I hope you’re ready for the hard fucking you are about to get. You can scream all you want that it hurts….babygirl, I’m NOT fucking stopping, do you understand?”

With that, you grab my hips and slam me back onto your fucking hard cock. It tears in to me like a hot knife thru butter. It is so fucking rigid. It feels sooooo damn good!

With each thrust of your cock, you spread my ass cheeks a little further. By now you are pushing down on my ass, as if you are trying to push me down through the mattress! Your cocks continuous assault on my aching pussy is almost more than I can handle.

Damn baby…..I love it when you fuck me with such ferocity. You’re about to find out just how much!

My body starts to tremble. Little beads of sweat start to form on my back. My muscles tense. I can feel my eyes rolling in to the back of my head. I let out a yell that is like that of a banshee. I can’t even put any words with it. Cum gushes out of me in ways and with such force…unlike any way I’ve ever cum before. I’ve covered your cock, balls, legs, my legs, the bed…you name it. I violently jerk under you…trying to come down off such a wonderful high.

When I can finally catch a breath, I turn and look at you and say “Motherfucker, don’t get used to taking control of me like this. The next time I’m gonna show you just how it REALLY is. You are gonna be at MY fucking mercy. You didn’t even let me suck you. So, this means next time there will be no pussy-eating for you!”

You just laughed it off with a “whatever”.

Uh huh…you just wait, my cocksucking little slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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