An Intense Affair

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Emily inched the Prius through the line up at the elementary school. The sun was bright and the air was dusty. Children chattered and yelled, restless and bustling about.

A loud, dirty pickup truck pulled up beside her in the line. Irritated by the exhaust and noise, Emily gave the imposing vehicle a snide sideways glance as it reeved its engine. She peered into the cab and found a man with a full black beard peering down at her. He smiled warmly and nodded. She returned a small smile but quickly looked away.

A car attendant walked down the line of cars holding a child in each hand. The boy ran to the tall pick up truck, and the girl skipped to the side of Emily’s car. “Hey momma!” she exclaimed as she pulled open the door and hopped inside, her face red from heat.

The boy opened the pick up truck door and climbed inside the cab. Emily could see the man was bare chested. He looked sweaty and dirty, a laborer who had worked in the sun all day. He noticed her looking and he gave her a wide toothy grin. She smiled, slightly embarrassed.

“How was school?” She turned to her daughter, Chelsea, who began a long and detailed summary of the day as Emily pulled out of the school parking low.

“Wanna pump gas?” Emily asked with an exaggerated enthusiasm. Chelsea wasted no time exclaiming “Yes!”

As Emily walked Chelsea through the steps of paying at the pump, the black pick up truck pulled up behind the white Prius. She noticed two other empty pumps and wondered if this was the same truck from the school line.

Confirming that thought, the same small boy popped out of the truck and ran into the store. The bearded man climbed out and began to approach Emily as she helped Chelsea open the gas cap.

“I got it! I know how to do it!!” Chelsea protested and pushed her mother away.

“Ok, ok, do it.” Emily turned to meet him. He smiled as he approached, casually holding out his hand, his chest was now covered with a clean white tank top.

“Chelsea’s mom?” He asked as he came close. “John talks quite a bit about Chelsea.”

Emily took his hand and shook it slightly “Yes, I’m Emily. I’ve heard a lot about John, are you his father?” He nodded and shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah, I am.” He gestured to her car. “I saw Chelsea pumping your gas and wanted to say hi. I’m not trying to impose but I’ve heard so much about Chelsea, I wanted to introduce myself, thought maybe we could set up a play date.”

In contrast to his appearance, his voice was mild and soft. Towering over Emily, she imagined he was six foot or six-two and quite impossible to age. His body was broad, but lean, with a mop of thick black hair now brushed back and wet. He was dusty and dirty from labor, but his hair was clean and the beard tightly trimmed.

“Oh, ok.” Emily began to blush, feeling awkward. She wondered idly how she could mention her husband. “What is your name?” She lifted her left hand to her face, brushing nonexistent hair from her eyes, hoping he would notice the wedding band.

He wore dark sunglasses that hid his eyes and the thick black beard obscured the rest of his face, making it difficult to read his expression. The effect made her uneasy.

“Ha, Sorry! I guess I should have lead with that. I’m Rick. Rick Tenning.” He chuckled in slight embarrassment. He noticed how she kept her left hand at her chest, showing him the single silver wedding band.

Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a bent and dirty business card, hoping to cut the tension. “I actually have a lawn business if you ever need some help with that. John had said Chelsea was getting a new room, so I wanted to let you and your husband know I do construction as well.”

“I am getting a new room!!! Right?!” Chelsea was beside her hip. “Thats what you said!”

“Finish pumping the gas!” Emily told her, and then turning back to Rick said “yes, we are going to build onto the house. I need a home office, so I’m doubling the kids up in one room. A six year old and a baby is not a good mix.” She took his card, smiling up at him and shading her eyes, relieved he understood she was married.

“I can imagine not.”

“And honestly, I do need my lawn mowed. My husband is out of town and he usually does it, but I haven’t had time with both of them,” she gestured to Chelsea and quickly added “I have a 3 year old at daycare. But yea, it’s pretty awful right now.”

“Absolutely!” He bounced on the balls of his feet. “Just let me know when. Honestly, I can do it now if that works for you. Or I can at least give you an estimate. Do you live far?”

“Couple of miles away, but yes, that will be perfect … just an estimate.”

He nodded “Ok, let me fill up and I’ll follow you.”

Emily moved her car, herded Chelsea back into her seat and waited as Rick filled his tank. When they eventually pulled into her driveway and parked, the kids sprang from the vehicles and ran excitedly into the house, leaving the adults to the lawn.

Rick looked around Escort Bayan for a moment and came back to Emily with an easy smile.

“It’s a large yard, but no problem. If you want me to weed eat and mow I can wrap it up in about two hours. A yard this size is $175.” He paused and looked down at her through the dark sunglasses. “I can come tomorrow morning if that works for you?”

Not being able to see his eyes bothered her. The combination of his beard and the dark glasses veiled too much of his face and she began to distrust him. She pursed her lips, considering. A small gut-like feeling worried her; she had brought a stranger to her home.

“I drop John off at 7:30, I can be done by 9, out of your hair in no time.” He felt her unease, noticed a tension in her shoulders. He wanted to assure her, to remind her that their kids shared a classroom. It seemed to work. He noticed her shoulders relax.

“But whatever you want, I’m fine with.” He had an urge to touch her, to quiet the worry. To keep from reaching out, from feeling her bare shoulders, he crossed his arms across his chest.

“Yeah, that will work.” She nodded and seemingly unaware of it, she edged closer to him. She had to lift her chin like a child to look up at him. He towered over her, broad shouldered and imposing. “I should be back around 8:30, but you can get started whenever.”

“Perfect. I’ll see you then!” He turned and with a great booing voice, yelled for John. The two climbed back into the pick up truck and pulled away.

That night, after the kids had gone to sleep, Emily lowered herself into a steaming bath. The quiet of the house was deafening. No lingering noise from the television, no shouts or laughter. She closed her eyes and thought of Rick’s broad shoulders, the powerful muscles she had seen stretch across his chest. He would be here tomorrow, and she pushed away the sensual thoughts dancing in the peripheral of her mind. However, she groomed luxuriously that night.


When Emily pulled into her driveway Rick was weed eating at the far side of her lawn. He seemed not to notice her.

Hurrying inside, she realized she was already behind on emails, and multiple voicemails waited to be returned. She sat at her kitchen table and began to organize when she heard his knock on the front porch. As she opened the door, he took of his dark sunglasses. The light blue piercing eyes were a surprise; they seemed foreign against his tanned skin and beneath the heavy darks brows.

“I’m finished.” He said, slightly out of breath.

Emily pulled the door wide, “Ok. You can come in while I get your check. Cool down in the air conditioning.”

She left him at the door and found her purse, her hands trembling slightly as she went through the motions of writing out the check. She felt him follow her into the living room, standing close as she bent over the table to write. When she turned to hand over the bill, he was very close to her, hands resting on hips. She noticed a sweet smell of fresh cut grass and sweat. Tiny grass clippings were sprinkled on his shoulders and neck.

He watched her intently, his face stoic but his eyes crawling slowly over her face and shoulders. Her feet were bare and calloused, her short legs muscled and firm. She simply wore running shorts and a loose t-shirt, but still, the smooth slope of her neck beneath her ponytail made him want to reach out and stroke her skin.

“Would you like something to drink” She heard herself ask. No, no, why did you say that, she thought to herself.

He smiled at the tremble in her voice. “Yes, please.”

Emily turned away, but a strong arm circled around her shoulders, another wrapped around her waist, His hand sliding down her inner thigh, and he buried his face in the nap of her neck and began to devour the soft skin. Her knees buckled slightly and he pulled his fingers up her shorts and explored the curves of her inner thigh, brushing slightly against her crotch.

“What are you doing?” She managed to breath, but at the same time she felt her body pressed against his jeans, her legs instinctually opening slightly.

“I don’t know, I can’t help myself” His voice was muffled. She moved her head to expose more neck to him while a calloused hand roamed down her shirt and under her bra.

When his fingers found her nipple, the slight pain of his pinch broke the sudden spell. Trying to temper the instant arousal, she tried to push him away. He spun her around to face him, tangled a hand in her hair and forced her mouth onto his, breaking her lips with a long languid tongue. One hand slid down the slope of her back, cupped her ass, and pulled her leg over his hip.

She gasped in surprise and pressed against his chest, but she might as well have tried to move a tree. He was hot and sweaty, grimy grass clippings moved under her finger tips. He pulled her up to him, thrusting his hips in to her and pinning her against the wall.

The force of it took her breath away, and she let out an involuntary moan. The weight of him against her made it hard to breath and she lifted her chin to gasp air. Forcefully he pulled her head back to expose her neck and began to lay deep hard kisses along her soft skin.

“I’m going to fuck you.” His whispered, his breath hot against her neck. He let go of her hair, wrapped her legs around his hips and lowered her to the carpet on the living room floor.

Kneeling above her, he pulled her shirt away fluidly and with agitated urgency, pulled both shorts and panties from her legs. She felt her bra rip as he roughly pulled it away, too excited to pause for the clasp at her back.

She lay naked on the floor beneath him. He smiled hungrily down at her and slowly spread her knees apart, lowering himself between them. He dove to her pussy, eating hungrily, sucking at her clit. She called out in surprise and held his head in her hands. His tongue swiveled over her pearl, stopping momentarily to dive deep into her hole before coming back out to massage her pearl again. She moaned and laughed in pleasure, running her feet up and down his back.

He began to finger her as he worked his mouth, thrusting his hand in slow steady motions. When he felt her arch and heard the desperate moans, he stopped and rose to his knees.

“What… Why did you stop?” She breathed, rolling her hips with a frustrated let down.

He ran his hands along her thighs. “Because I want you to save it.”

He began to unbutton his jeans, pulling them down passed his thighs, exposing a long thick cock standing erect.

He spread her knees wide, opening her pussy up to him as he lowered his cock to her lips, probing her hole slightly. “You’re so tight.” He breathed in her ear as he strained and pressed against her. “Are you ready?”

Before she could answer, he thrust hard into her, forcing the shaft to the hilt. She cried out at the shock of it, the pain and pleasure making her hips buck. He pressed into her, circling his hips.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He panted now, dropping his forehead to her chest and breathing deeply. “How are you so tight?”

Her cunt was like a warm wet vice wrapped around his shaft and he feared the pressure would bring him to climax too soon. He waited, breathing in her scent, tracing his lips over the soft white mounds of her tits and feelings he hard brown nipples along his cheek.

She began to move her legs along his back, but he shook his head and said, “Lay still.”

Emily waited, silently pinned beneath him, his massive cock a hard hot pressure inside. The ache of it made her want to move, to adjust. His lips moving slowly over her neck, his teeth dragging over her skin sent a new arousal down her spine and she felt her wetness spread out around him.

When he felt her soften, he wrapped his arms around her back, held the back of her head in a large hand and started fucking her with long slow strokes. With each penetration, she opened to him, soften and his cock began to easily glide in and out. The easier it became the harder he fucked her, until finally they slid across the room, with each thrust pushing her along the floor.

Soon he felt her cunt begin to contract around his cock. She wailed and moaned, her legs quivering around him, the small tremors causing him to burst a stream of hot cum deep inside her. With each throb and squirt he pushed deeper inside, driving his seed into her womb. She bucked and writhed beneath him, but he held her down, pressing against her chest and tits, biting into her shoulder. She cried out now, a desperate chant of “please, please” until he felt her muscle melt, and she lay limp under him.

As his throbbing cock began to lessen, he lifted his head to gaze at her face. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted, still feeling the rapture of the orgasm. He pressed into her again and smiled when she moaned deeply.

He could feel her juices seeping out around his softening cock, and he loosened his grip around her back and shoulders. She melted onto the floor, her muscles weak and languid. Gliding down her stomach, he vacated her and began to kiss the soft skin, until he was at her mound. He began to slowly lick and lap up her juices, pausing strategically at her clit, circling and sucking.

A strangled and desperate cry came from her throat. She tried to push him away, but he caught her wrists and pulled them down behind her ass, propping her up to him. He thrust his tongue into her slick hole, pulled it slowly out and over her lips to her pearl and used his teeth to gnaw gently on her bud.

Hard jolts of pleasure wracked her body, sending her legs over his head.

“No stop, it’s too much … oh my god” She was pleading now and he sucked harder on her cunt. “Stop, stop, I’m too sensitive” She cried as a new wracking orgasm tunneled through her, shaking her legs. He lifted his head to watch, while driving two fingers deep inside her, massaging the soft sensitive walls of her cunt.

The sight of her breasts bouncing, her stomach and legs trembling with this new pleasure pushed more blood into his cock and he began to harden once more.

“Oh my god, oh my god” She panted, pulling her legs up and turning away from him, on to her stomach. Quickly he straddled her legs, placing his newly erect cock between her ass cheeks. Using his palms, he spread her thighs and ass wide, showing him her wet and glistening pussy.

He groaned deeply as he pushed gently into her, enjoying the feel of her soft flesh around him. She was so wet and slick, he slid in and out of her easily.

She lay limp underneath him, still weak and delirious from her orgasms. He reached forward and guided her arms behind her back, wrapping both wrists in one large hand. She didn’t protest except for a small whimper as he gripped her wrists tightly.

He smiled at this and said “I can fuck you all day.” He bucked into her. “This is my pussy now.”

He began to thrust aggressively, delighting in the feel of her ass against his stomach, soft and smooth. Small high moans came from her each time he drove his cock hard into her cunt. Pausing, but keeping his cock buried deep, he braced his weight against her wrists, while he pulled his belt from his jeans. A strangled groan escaped her and he relieved the pressure to wrap the black leather belt around her wrists.

She started to protest, but he caressed her back and whispered “Enjoy it. It’ll be the best fucking you ever had.”

He felt the silky walls of her vagina begin to constrict and leaned forward, braced himself as he drove deeper into her, fucking her cunt with all his strength.

The head of his cock found the small hard cervix and the thought of opening it up, filling her womb with cum drove him mad and he began to buck wildly against her ass. He wrapped her hair around his fist and pulled her head back, pounding against her ass with all his strength.

Immobilized, her back bent and his hand pulling her hair, Emily’s pussy spasmed and she felt another hot pleasure rupture through cunt.

He let out a long shuddering groan as the last ropes of come jolted out of him; pressing his cock in as deep as possible, wanting to open her womb, fill her with come. Finally spent, he collapsed on top of her, panting into her shoulder blades. The muscles in his legs and back ached. His stomach burned.

When finally he rose to his knees, he freed her arms and placed both palms on the large round mounds of her ass, squeezing the pink flesh. Her cunt still contracted weakly around his cock and she whimpered as she pulled her stiff arms back around to her front.

“Did you like that?” He breathed, slapping her ass and rubbing the sloping curve of her lower back. A slow moan was the only response and he grinned, delighting in her limp body still impaled on his softening cock. He rocked into her slightly as he said, “I’m definitely coming back for more of this.”

He slipped out of her and rolled onto his back, pulling his pants up. A blond mass of hair covered her face and it fluttered slightly with the quickened breath. With one finger, he slide it behind her ear to reveal her flushed face, eyes closed and lips parted in a dreamy smile.

“I think you needed a good fuck.” He raised himself on one elbow, his hands exploring her curves until he pushed her over, her small breasts peaked with hard brown nipples. He massaged them, feeling fresh blood surge into his cock. “I could fuck you all day.” He whispered before lowering his mouth to a nipple and taking it into his mouth.

The feel of his mouth on her breast sent new songs of pleasure through her skin and she giggled and raised her knees. “I feel electrified, I can’t take anymore.” She chuckled, eyes still closed and hands finding her swollen clit and rubbing soothingly as he devoured her breast.

Noticing her hands, he bit down on a nipple and pulled it with his teeth. She gasped and pulled her hands to her chest, pushing his head away. “That one hurt.” Her voice was soft but firm.

“I didn’t say touch yourself.” He smiled down at her. “This is my cunt now. I’m the only one who can touch it.”

Though his eyes glinted, she felt the hint of a threat as his hand gripped and twisted a nipple.

“Do you claimed me then?” Her eyes twinkled up at him.

“Yes” he growled the word.

“How does that work?”

“You may only touch yourself if I say.” He cupped her mound, dipping a finger in and crooking it upward making her back arch. “This is mine now.”

Gasping, she exposed her throat and he took the moment to bite into the soft flesh above her collar bone. He felt her fluids gush and drug his teeth along her shoulder. “I’ll take care of you. I’ll be all you need.”

A small moan answered him and he frowned. He plunged a second finger in and hooked it inside of her, causing a small gasp to open her eyes. He starred down at her sternly.

“I am all you need. I want you primed for me, on edge, hungry. I want to come in that door and fuck you until you come all over my cock. And I want it all for myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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