An Offering to Master

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After some talks about whom and what W/we want in a slavegurl for me, I begin the search to find her. Master has agreed to allow me to pick her and feels that He can trust me with my decision, and knows I wouldn’t bring in someone He wasn’t pleased with.

So talking to a few girls and doing some face to face interviews with a few, I finally find the one whom I feel would be perfect for U/us.

She is everything I want in a slavegirl and I know Master will find her very appealing. I set up His playroom and invite her over. He doesn’t know I have made my choice yet, as I want it to be a surprise for Him.

She and I spend the afternoon making sure the house is spotless, dinner is ready and then I lead her into His playroom. I strip her naked, shackle her hands and feet, place a gag in her mouth, and position her onto the faux fur rug in the middle of the floor. I insert a small butt plug into her ass, and put a vibrator into her pussy. I command her to not move, not to cum and wait for O/our return, knowing damn well it will be a while longer before Master gets in.

I hear His car pulling in, so I position myself center floor, kneeling, hands turned upward on my thighs, legs spread slightly, head high, back straight and eyes lowered to the floor. He walks in and pats my head as He Pendik Esmer Escort says “good girl.” and goes over to His chair to sit.

That’s my clue to seductively crawl over to His feet, kneel before Him and remove His shoes. Then ask Him “Sir, may girl serve You tonight?” Normally I get a “Yes girl.” in response and tonight was no exception.

I undo His pants and slip them down some, releasing His beautiful semi hard cock. I look up into His eyes as I begin sucking Him slowly and licking my way up and down the whole length, and moaning as I begin swallowing His cock into my throat. We call this ritual “stress reliever” and it doesn’t take Master long to cum. As it is just a way for the day’s worries and stresses to leave His body so W/we can spend the rest of the evening doing whatever.

I giggle inside my head, because tonight is going to be a very special night for Him.

“Get my dinner now girl!” He commands and I scurry off to the kitchen to make His plate. Tonight it’s roasted garlic potatoes, meatloaf and a fresh garden salad. He finishes eating and I clear away His plate. “Sir, girl has a special dessert for You tonight, but You must follow me to get it, if You wish to have it Sir. It would be such a waste to let it go bad and such preparation went into Pendik Eve Gelen Escort it.”

I giggle and that tells Him I’m up to something and that intrigues Him to follow me.

First I lead Him into the bathroom and bathe Him. Then I ask Him to please put on His robe and nothing else. I excuse myself for a moment to go change my clothes, I have picked a black leather skirt and matching top and my thigh high leather boots. When I walk back into the bathroom, I get this look of pure confusion but I don’t speak and neither does He.

I give Him this innocent little smile and take His hand. We walk down the hallway and stop just outside the door of His playroom, and I say to Him “Sir, Your dessert awaits You inside here!” and hand Him the key to the door.

He unlocks the door, slowly opens it and peeks inside but since no lights are on He cannot see anything. He flips the switch that turns on the torch lights and there in front of Him is this beauty of a slut sitting there, tears in her eyes from holding back her orgasms and smelling of raw passion. I kneel at His feet and wait for Him to move towards her before saying or doing anything else. He walks over to her, walks around her, looks her over really well and then looks at me “you done very well indeed my girl.”

He Pendik Evi Olan Escort says. “Thank You, Sir!!!” I respond. He motions for me to crawl to Him and I do, then He bends down and kisses me so hard and deeply.

“Ok girl, show Master what your new slut can do!” He says in almost a growl of a voice. And then He walks over to the chair to sit.

I remove the gag from her mouth, grab her by the hair and push her face into my wet pussy and tell her to show Master how she can make His gurl cum when He commands it. She begins sucking and licking my soaked pussy, slipping her tongue deep into me and working very hard to get me ready for Master’s command to cum. What she doesn’t know is, He will make this last for quite a while.

She must be getting tired from holding back her own orgasm as she slows down on eating me, so I pull her head away and slap her face, shoving her back into my cunt. Quickly she gets the hint and starts biting and gnawing at my throbbing pussy again like a good little slut should. I am so ready to explode when I feel Master walk up behind me and begin spanking me with His hand and this sends me into a tailspin of ecstasy and He whispers “cum for Master, girl!” and I explode all over sluts face.

Still trembling and shaky I attach a collar and leash to her, unshackle her feet and arms, and make her crawl to Master. “Master, she is my gift to You, she is my offering and Your dessert. If You find this pleasing Sir, accept this gift tonight and use us both in any way You see fit, Sir.” And then I take my place at His feet and await our fate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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