An Open Entanglement Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Many thanks to Jill, for her ideas, motivation and support all these years. Also, BIG thank you to good friend and fellow Lit author aimingtomisbehave33 (go check out his stories when you can), for keeping me sane, happy and focused, and for helping create the character of Kate.

Previously in the series: Taylor, frustrated by the lack of sex life with her fiancé Jim, gave in to the charms of Brad, the hot guy that lived next door. Worried Brad might catch feelings, his friend set up a night with two girls to get his mind off Taylor.


Chapter III – The Friend

“Good luck with Nicholas today!” Taylor yelled out to her fiancé, as she left early for the law firm on Monday. After her run the day before, she had gone home, brewed some tea and joined Jim on the couch, relaxing in front of the TV. They had had a chance to unwind together and mentally prepare for the week ahead; no one had mentioned the one-sided morning sex.

Jim, no matter how sweet and thoughtful he could be, was completely lackluster in bed. Period. She had met him right after getting out of an abusive relationship, and his intelligence, warmth and undemanding libido had been lifesaving qualities for the broken girl that she was at the time. However, after the self-healing process, Taylor was finding it impossible to stay faithful to him.

Her pattern of one-time affairs with strangers had been recently broken. She wasn’t proud that she had slept with her next-door neighbor Brad. Twice. Truthfully, they had explosive chemistry together, nothing like she’d felt before, but she wasn’t going to break off her engagement for a playboy like him. She had been thoroughly satisfied and was ready to go back to her home and figure out a way to make it work with Jim.


Mondays were generally quiet days at the law firm and allowed her to flex as needed, barring any fires she’d have to help put out. On that day, Taylor needed a head start at the office to catch up on the background research for a case.

First thing in the morning, she logged on to remind herself the specifics of her recent case and which files she still needed to pull from the antiquated paper archives. “Caleb v. Rowan 133 U.S. 177 (1971), Caleb v. Rowan 238…” She used her shorthand to note the citations on a piece of paper.

Chewing on a strand of blonde hair, she made her way to the file room, the paper with the squiggles in her hand. She found the dusty box she needed and was in the process of locking the cabinet, when someone snuck up on her.

“Good morrow,” a melodic voice chimed behind her. Startled, she almost dropped the files.

“Oh, morning, Kate! You’re in early.”

Next to her colleague’s petite build, Taylor actually felt tall and curvy; at 5’5, she was of average height, but the 38DD’s she proudly carried and her round ass left no room for contesting her mouthwatering hourglass shape. Add the 3″ heels, form-fitting suits and long blonde hair, she was used to jaws dropping twice around her: once upon her appearance and once after hearing her argue the finer details of a case.

As the morning light came through the windows, she looked at her friend. She was used to seeing Kate in running clothes that showed off her toned and pale body, with perky little breasts and a tight ass, but she had donned a two-piece dark gray suit for the work day, paired with a light green blouse that brought out her mischievous green eyes. Her curly red hair was fighting the tight bun she’d pulled it up in, as usual.

Katelin “Kate” O’Connor was a recent addition to the firm. She had been Taylor’s running buddy and close friend for a couple of months, before she had started looking for a job. Taylor had immediately referred her for an administrative position at her firm; since then, they got to hang out pretty much every day.

Being a blonde bombshell, with the brains and the ambition to boot, didn’t make Taylor the easiest person to make friends with, but Kate made it easy with her uncommon directness and understanding. Having a weekly scheduled run had brought them closer far more quickly than Taylor had anticipated and she was glad to have a friend in her corner.

While Taylor shared the issues with Jim and (lack of) their sex life, Kate frequently reciprocated with wild dating adventures. Although she was clearly not a prude, there seemed to be some moral lines she’d never cross, which made Taylor unsure of talking to Kate about Brad and her one-night stands – cheating while engaged would certainly qualify as crossing a moral line.

“I missed you on our run yesterday. Everything OK?” Following breakfast with Jim, Taylor had made it to the trail and waited for Kate to show up for 10 minutes before giving up. They didn’t carry their phones with them to run; she had had no means of contacting her usually punctual friend.

“Oh right, sorry,” she blushed, “had a bit of a night on Saturday, ended up being too sore in all holes to run. I should’ve texted you, but I slept in.” Her Irish lilt was more Eskort Bayan pronounced so early in the morning. She licked her thin lips as she thought back on her weekend, with a wink that meant she was unwilling to say anything more at the workplace.

“I don’t think I can wait until Sunday to hear this story. My place after work tonight? I’ll cook.” Taylor was enthusiastic to hear about her friend’s latest sexcapade and more than mildly intrigued by her openness about having all holes filled.


“That smells wonderful, Taylor, you’ve outdone yourself yet again.” Kate was running commentary in the kitchen, as her hostess ran around, picking up various spices.

“I’ll give you a taste if you start telling me all about your Saturday,” Taylor joked.

“I don’t know if we have enough time before Jim gets home. This is definitely not a story for his ears.” Kate’s unwillingness to talk about her sex life in front of Jim was well deserved. They all got along really well, but Taylor knew Jim came off as a bit of a puritan.

She checked her watch, which showed a little after 7 pm. Despite it being a Monday, Taylor’s flex day, they had ended up working late and the commute home had taken longer than usual. Jim would likely be home soon, before Kate could tell her story and do it justice. Taylor had to concede.

“Oh, well. How long a story are we talking?”

“Quite long,” Kate giggled.

Blushing, Taylor returned her giggle. She had a flashback to Brad’s massive erection swaying in front of her face and how good it had felt sliding into her. She bit her bottom lip; it wouldn’t have been too obvious, had Kate not been looking intently at her.

“Oooh, I like that expression! Any naughty stories you want to share of you and Jim?”

They heard the front door open. The blush on Taylor’s face paled quickly. She cleared her throat and turned back to attend to the boiling pot, before calling out to Jim to welcome him.


“So, Kate, how is the adjustment period at Mercer & Duncan LLP going?” Jim was making polite conversation, as the three of them enjoyed the stew Taylor had made.

Taylor wasn’t too happy with the way Jim’s eyes were narrowing whenever Kate spoke; she hoped it was her accent that was causing his microexpressions and not some misogynist attitude he was harboring toward her for enjoying the dating scene as a single woman.

“Yeah, no, it’s been a bit crazy, but in a good way.” Kate’s family had moved to the USA from Ireland when she was 6. While her mannerisms were mostly American, the way her Irish accent weaved in and out of her speech took a little getting used to.

“I’m sure you’re doing great, what with Taylor helping you and…”

Jim’s small talk was interrupted by the door slamming next door. He exchanged a look with Taylor, blushed and turned to Kate to offer an explanation.

“Our neighbor… I sure hope today will be a quiet day, because believe me, once he gets going…” Jim didn’t elaborate on what the neighbor got up to.

“Can’t you complain to the landlord?” Kate might have thought this was a useful suggestion, but Jim had already tried and found out the hard way that Brad wasn’t going anywhere. The leasing agent and acting landlady, Wendy Griffith, was among the numerous notches on Brad’s belt.


Meanwhile, next door, Brad had escorted his guest into his apartment.

Stacy was one of the swimmers from his alma mater, a beautiful junior with long black hair and pale green eyes. Although he technically wasn’t her coach, he had been giving her some pointers when she came around the indoor pool and occasionally doling out advice on school.

Her body had the iconic swimmer shape, tight all over with lean, strong legs. Having small breasts worked in her favor in the pool, less curves to slow her down. That, of course, hadn’t slowed Brad down from taking an interest in her beyond the swimming and she had eagerly changed and followed him back to his place after her laps on that particular day.

“You gotta learn to keep the professors off your back. Make passing grades to stay on the team. If you’re gonna cut class, blow the TA.” He winked at her. She straightened up on the couch where she was sitting in his living room.

“Eww, him? Ugh! Why would I blow that cockroach, when I could blow you instead?”

Brad didn’t even bother with the bedroom. He sat back on the couch and let Stacy fish out his dick, which grew to full size in her hands with a few strokes. He saw her stare at it for a few seconds, before licking her lips and going for it.

Her hair kept falling on her face. He wrapped it around his hand and used it to guide her progress along. She barely gagged until she got to the last inch. Then Brad closed his eyes and leaned his head back.


“Just fucking bend me over the dining table!”

Kate’s eyes flew to Taylor’s at that exclamation from next door. Jim started coughing profusely and excused himself from the table, where they had just finished eating. Taylor knew he was going to lock himself in the bedroom and put his new headphones on to drown out the sounds.

The exclamation was followed by an audible thud, presumably the girl being thrown onto the table. For a minute, there were no other sounds. Then the moans began.

Taylor’s nipples hardened, just listening to the girl being screwed by Brad. She knew exactly how that dick felt sliding into her, how it threatened to split her apart in two. She really couldn’t blame the girl for the sounds she was making.

Kate looked amused, if nothing else. Maybe she had a bit of a curious spark in her eyes.

“The neighbor sounds like fun!”

“Yea, he is. I mean, he does. I mean…” Taylor mumbled, hoping her Freudian slip went unnoticed. She crossed her legs under the table and felt a bit of wetness seep out of her, betraying her indifferent face.

Kate looked back in the direction Jim had disappeared in. Once she was convinced he wasn’t coming back out, she whispered.

“Is he at it every day?”

Taylor bit her lip and nodded, smiling. They were both feeling a bit sexually charged, which was probably completely inappropriate under the circumstances, but neither of them could help it.

Kate looked at her as if she wanted to say something, but then changed her mind.

The girl next door went quiet for a little bit. Then the unmistakable sounds of an impending female orgasm had her gasping and screaming. Taylor imagined her own tight pussy squeezing Brad’s dick as it plowed into her.

“Maybe I should go.” Kate got up suddenly to leave, avoiding her eyes. Taylor wanted to be polite, but a part of her also wanted her friend to leave; she nodded and stood up with her to see her to the door.

Once she had gone, Taylor listened for more sounds from next door. There were none; in the midst of Kate leaving, Brad had likely finished off the poor girl and carried her into the bedroom for more. Listening to him fuck his way through town, including herself, for the past couple of months had been educational for her.

She didn’t have feelings for him. There was no reason to continue this thing, whatever it was. Then she remembered how things had ended between them on Friday, with her on her knees, his come running down her breasts, her pussy well fucked, but yearning for release.

Taylor considered it unfinished business, which was the justification she needed for one last discretion. Then she would be done with him for good.

Under her skirt, she slipped her panties down her legs and tucked them into her purse. Then she snuck out of the apartment to knock on Brad’s door loudly.

He showed up rather quickly, wearing only shorts. He looked surprised to see her, but Taylor smiled and pushed her way in to his apartment. As she had guessed, the living room was empty, with the girl in the bedroom.

She sat on the couch. When she lifted her skirt up and beckoned him closer towards her naked pussy, Brad saw how wet she was. He reverently dropped to his knees in front of her and ran his hand along her inner thighs, making her shiver.

“Now’s really not a great time, babe,” he whispered despite himself, but she was already pulling his face onto her pussy, making his mouth water.

“I wasn’t asking, Brad. Give me what I want and then I’ll go.” She ground her hips in his face, smearing the wetness all over his face, as if marking her territory. He gave in without a fight. His tongue caressed the folds of her lips. He grabbed her naked ass with both hands and dove in.

It gave her an extra thrill knowing she was in control. Her head dropped back as his tongue refamiliarized itself with her curves, coaxing an orgasm that seemed to start deep in her core, long before reverberating around her clit.

He had missed the way she smelled. He moved one of his hands from her magnificent ass to her breasts. Even over her top, he could grab a handful and make her nipple harden under his thumb. His entire being wanted to be balls deep in her in that instant, the girl in his bedroom completely forgotten.

Under his ministrations, Taylor was dripping wet, inches away from an orgasm. She held onto his head tight and spread her legs wider. Brad’s tongue invaded her again and again, going around in circles, before sharpening against her more sensitive spots. He ate her out hungrily, finally abandoning all technique, which quietly pushed her over the edge.

It was after tens of seconds that she stopped shaking and released her breath. The rapidness and intensity of her reaction to Brad’s attention was becoming a bigger mystery every time their skin connected.

However, the moment was over. Her baby blue eyes found his. They shared an awkward smile, not knowing what to say. Then, Taylor slowly got up, adjusted her skirt and left without a word.

Brad shook his head after she was through the door. It was the only thing he knew how to do to unsee those blue eyes looking back at him lustfully. Same image that had been plastered behind his eyelids after the enthusiastic threesome with the two girls at Jack’s place just a day before.

Taylor had found a way of getting into his head, something none of the girls he’d known had managed. It was unfamiliar, maybe even a little scary… but not entirely unwelcome, either.

He walked into the bathroom to wash his face. Even his hands smelled of her, although he hadn’t used them to get her off. He smelled them one more time, before washing up.

“Don’t be a weirdo. Just… OK, what’s her name again? S.. Stacy, right…” He readjusted his boner under his shorts. He could still perform; it wasn’t a big deal.

Stacy was waiting for him patiently on his bed. He didn’t kiss or caress her. The eager slut ended up on her hands and knees. It worked out for Brad that she liked it rough, because in that moment, he was filled with a rage that his mind couldn’t process.

He fucked her hard for as long as she could take it. 20 minutes, 30 minutes, longer – he wasn’t sure. She was egging him on to go harder. He found his hand grabbing her ass and spanking her. Her moans got louder, asking for more; he quietly complied.

She exploded while he was still buried deep inside her, squeezing him hard. He let her collapse onto the bed for a few seconds, before shaking her by the shoulders.

“Come on, get up.”

She lifted her head up, but the rest of her body didn’t obey his wishes. He resolved the situation by dragging her on her stomach to the edge of the bed. Still on a high, Stacy opened her mouth automatically, his erection dangling close to her face.

It took a couple tries; she was trying to control her gag reflex, which made her pull back. He pushed back into her mouth; with about half his length in, he decided it would do. He just wanted to come and get it over with.

He closed his eyes. He could see Taylor on his massage table, eagerly sucking him; his brain reconstructed her scent for him, which instantly pushed him close to the edge.

After a few more thrusts, he came without opening his eyes. He just stood there and emptied his balls into her mouth. If there were any protests coming from down below, he didn’t hear them.


Taylor closed the door to her own apartment behind her. Jim was still safely tucked away in their bedroom. She grabbed her panties from her purse, which were wet and cold. As punishment, she put them back on and grimaced from the unwelcome slimy contact; she had probably deserved that.

She didn’t have the brainpower to unravel how she felt about Brad. She thought she was sure that there were no feelings involved. It would make absolutely no sense to be with someone like him. They had nothing in common. It was just one-off sex with the stupid hot neighbor, nothing more; she could simply stop seeing him. Right?

A tiny voice in her head told her she was fooling herself. She needed help to get her mind off him.

With slow steps, she went into the bedroom to find Jim watching something on the bed with the noise-canceling headphones.

Taylor could hear sex sounds from the bedroom next door. Not particularly loud, but the spanking had a characteristic sound and was accompanied by briefly audible sobbing. Her showing up halfway hadn’t even slowed Brad down, which made her angry.

She pulled Jim into the living room. He didn’t take off the headphones until they were sitting on the couch.

“Everything OK? Did Kate leave already?” He looked around quickly and saw the dinner table was left as it was, but no sign of the guest.

“Yea, she left a few minutes ago. Listen, Jim, we need to talk.”

“What’s going on, honey?”

“I.. I have a lot on my plate and I’m flailing. I need to talk to someone, a professional, who’d know what to do about all this.” She gestured next door and saw the understanding in Jim’s eyes before continuing.

“Clearly, our relationship is affected by our non-ideal surroundings and I don’t have the tools to communicate my growing frustration and loneliness.” She was trying to pick her words carefully to make it clear she wasn’t looking for couples therapy.

He searched her face. Was he looking for signs of deception or betrayal? Would he find them?

He looked more concerned than anything else. Taylor felt another pang of guilt that she didn’t know how to decipher his expressions as well as he did hers. She really had taken him for granted.

“You are my rock, as I am yours. I don’t want you to ever doubt that, Taylor, OK? I’m always here for you. Tell me you hear me.” He moved in for a hug and held her in his arms as tightly as he could.

She nodded. She kept forgetting how warm she felt when he hugged her like that. Their own safe space… It was what had convinced her to accept his proposal so quickly. It felt right to be with him.

“I know there has been something missing lately. It makes me happy that you want to work on it. But professional help is expensive.” Of course, he had to immediately deflect blame and bring up finances, but his brief acknowledgement of the tension was better than nothing.

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