Anal in Austin Ch. 02

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Carlos was gone. Six months exploring anal sex with the young Hispanic student attending the University Of Texas in Austin had ended. At the end of the school year, he had returned to his hometown, Houston. The thought of no more evenings spent moaning and orgasming as the young man played with her ass, left Ami feeling despondent. At 43, the elementary teacher was new to Austin and hadn’t met any men her own age. Most of the other teachers she worked with were female and the ones that weren’t were married.

Sighing again, she reached for her tablet. Weeks searching one sex site after another led her to make her decision. She had vowed there would be no more nights spent alone with her vibrator and had decided to advertise. AssSlut4Fun was going to be her screen name and only serious ass lovers need apply. Typing in her statistics, she wondered how many responses she would get. At Five feet tall, blonde, green-eyed and with a tight body, she assumed there would be plenty of interest.

Scanning over her profile one more time, she stopped at the description of what she desired: “Female, looking for a man who desires unfettered ass play.” That should do it, no coyness necessary. Three current pictures completed the profile. With a rush of excitement between her legs, she pushed send and signed off. Grabbing her rabbit vibrator, she headed to bed.

The following morning after settling into her favorite club chair, she opened the sex site’s app. twenty volunteers were waiting. Taking a sip of her coffee, Ami began to read each message. The first three were automatically rejected with hastily sent regrets, “thank you, but no thank you” emails. All three had a wife that wanted to join. She hadn’t even considered that possibility. With a shake of her head, she opened the fourth. This one was interesting. Tall, dark haired, blue eyed and with a smile that filled his entire face, Officer2PlayWith, had grabbed her attention. Reading on, only further perked her interest. Ten years older than her, he was retired military. His bearing in the picture made sense. This was a man used to giving orders and being obeyed. The profile said he was an educated professional, located in Austin and looking for fun without drama. A small smile settled on Ami’s face as she sent a wink to him and closed the app. She planned to look at the other candidates, after a day spent educating the youth of America.

Returning home from her job on the transitioning East side, she changed out of her barely appropriate work clothes. A new, short black knit dress was hung in the closet with care. Once she’d started hooking up with the young U.T. Student, she’d began to feel younger and sexier. Her wardrobe reflected this change.

Pouring herself a glass of bubbly water, she hurried to her chair and opened the tablet. Her heart jumped. Officer2PlayWith had sent a message.

Hi, love your profile!! Your

Pictures are super-hot!!

I love ass and yours

Looks great. Love to

Talk more.


She couldn’t help but warm at his compliments and returned his message with one of her own.


Looked at your profile, more.

Love the picture of you in

Uniform. I’ve lived

Overseas too. Would love

To talk. And maybe meet.

Thank you for your service… 🙂


Excited about the military man, she logged off and began grading papers for the following day. Settling into bed after a long soak in her jetted tub, she again reached for the tablet. A message was waiting.


So glad to hear from

You so quickly. I know

A woman as beautiful as you,

Has plenty of responses to

Pick from. I’m honored.

Feel free to call.


His phone number was included. Now she had to think. The horror stories about women who met strangers on the internet were legion. The stirrings his words had ignited though, would not be denied. She texted him.

You interest Me., a lot.

Oh, this is ASSSLUT4FUN,

My name is Ami.

So what do you like?


Immediately, his response sounded.

I like a lot of things.

Live music, fine dining, fine


Movies, snorkeling…

Women’s asses most

Of all…D



That’s what I

Love to hear…



So when do I get

To meet you and

Your ass…in

Public, of course.

Do you have more?

Pictures you’d like to




Reading that text, made Ami squirm. She didn’t want to be cautious, she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. Nipples tingling and heat gathering between her legs, she began to type.

Instead of pictures

Why don’t you see?

For yourself



Ok, great.



I’m excited, can you tell?



I’m excited too.

Where would you

Like to meet?



Don’t be offended.

I’m a member at

Players. It’s a sex club

Here Demetevler Escort in Austin. No pressure

But there’s a great dance

Floor and lounge. You could be my guest.



I’m not offended

I’m intrigued.

Ok, but no strings.



I’ll send you the address

Dress slutty, anything


This is going to be



Coping the address, Ami knew waiting for Saturday was going to be excruciating. Planning on hitting the mall in the morning, she looked forward to slutting it up.

Finally Saturday afternoon arrived. The excitement of the last three days had been building and Ami wiggled unconsciously at the thought of the climax headed her way. She was meeting David at 10:00 p.m. and she planned on rocking his world. One black knit, backless mini awaited in the closet. A pair of garters and five inch heels completed the outfit. With no bra and a black thong planned, Ami knew every inch of her curves would be obvious.

Waiting for her Uber driver was excruciating. Covered in body glitter and Moroccan perfume, she felt sexy. As she got in the car, Ami knew the driver got a flash of her barely covered mound. The look on his face made her squirm. Telling him to take her to a sex club made everything tingle even more. Outside the club, stood Ray. Experienced at the lifestyle, the manager kept watch of the coming and goings. Smiling shyly, Ami slipped around the tall sentry.

Once in the club, Ami looked around nervously. And then, there he was. Standing right in front of her. Tall, at least six feet, dark hair with just a touch of gray and bright blue eyes caught her approval, immediately. Those light blues eyes caught her green ones and she smiled. He was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Standing in five inch spikes, her five foot frame remained dwarfed next to his towering one. Taking her hand, he led her on to the dance floor. Soon they were bumping and grinding. There didn’t appear to be any rules. Women were losing tops as the gyrating continued. Above the stage was a balcony with people engaged in various forms of sexual activity. The scene felt surreal and Ami knew control was slipping away.

As the music pulsated through and around her, Ami felt his hands clasp her waist and pull her into a kiss. As his tongue explored her mouth, she responded with even more passion. Moaning and leaning in to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Surrounded by other couples lost in public passion, she surrendered completely to the fire radiating throughout her body.

His hand now in her shoulder length blonde hair, he pulled her even closer and ran his other hand down to her ass. As his hand cupped her cheek, he began to lightly grind against her. Abruptly he stopped and pulled her to a black leather couch set next to the crowded dance floor. Ami giggled as the handsome military officer pulled her into his lap.

“You’re so beautiful” softly entered her ears as he nuzzled into her neck. Ami only smiled and arched her back. Her reactions spurred him on as one hand began to creep up her thigh and the other up her arm. Ami’s skin tingled as his hands traversed her body. Pulling back, passion clouded his face as he asked her to go onto the balcony with him.

Legs already slightly spread and surrounded by the scent of sweaty, perfumed bodies, the elementary teacher nodded and stood. Taking her hand, he led her to the winding staircase that led to the balcony above. Beds, sex chairs and a long railing gave people plenty of places to play. No privacy was available. This was a club about fucking and about being seen fucking.

Pulling her to a long black chair that resembled a teeter-totter, he motioned for her to sit. Straddling the banana shaped chair, she complied. Ami’s position pushed her hemline up and David caught a glimpse of black lace. Straddling the chair opposite her, the tall officer took her into his arms again.

Small moans slipped from her mouth as his hands began to roam her body. The music drummed through her and the lights flashed overhead as she signed and leaned back. David’s tense and rigid body followed hers. The weight of him settled on her as he nudged her legs apart and ground his now straining cock against the thin piece of lace that separated them. The scent of his cologne mixed with his natural musk, further enveloped her senses.

“I want to see you…all of you,” said with a low growl as he grasped the hem of Ami’s dress and pulled it over her head.

Ami melted under his gaze. His approval of her body wrapped in black lace burned in his eyes and took her breath away. Sensations erupted in her body as his blue eyes slowly took in every inch of her body. Aware of other people watching, she arched her back and reached for him.

His hands grabbed her bra, unhooked it and released her breasts. The sight of her small perky breasts excited him further and he grabbed her erect pink nipples. Just staring Otele gelen escort again, he marveled at the symmetry of her. Unable to contain his need, he grabbed her waist and rocked back. The chair propelled her into his arms and she landed with his face between her breasts. She now understood this contraption.

He drew one nipple into his mouth as his hand found the other. Suckling on one of her breasts, he twisted and pulled at the other. The moisture between her legs doubled and she could smell her own sex surrounding them. Panties soaking she rocked further into him.

“Are you going to be my ass slut”? Serious blues eyes locked on green.

Blushing and a little embarrassed, she replied, “Yes.”

“Roll over” and she did happily.

Slowly sliding her lace panties down, he left her tight yoga butt exposed and wrapped in garters. Rocking forward and with words that complimented the beauty of her ass, his mouth landed at the top of her crack. Ami shoved back hard. She had missed this terribly. Carlos had taught her anal pleasure and then had left her, addicted.

The handsome officer’s tongue shot out and he began to lick up and down her split in back. Pulling up on her knees with breasts hanging in full view, she pushed back. Excitement assaulted her as his hands pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her back door to the people now gathering. Inhaling her sent, he began to swirl his tongue around her little rosebud.

The surreal nature of the club freed Ami and she let go. The yearning in her body became primal as she began to talk. “Yeah, baby… lick my ass … oh my God, yes!” Her cries carried throughout the club. The quivering of her body and the words coming from her mouth urged him forward and he began to fuck her ass with his tongue. Around and around his tongue went and Ami began to feel desperate need. “Fuck me baby … fuck my ass.”

Needing no further encouragement, he unzipped his faded Levi’s and freed his eight inch cock. Hard and dripping precum, David rubbed his cock up and down her slit, slowly. Again, she cried for him to fuck her, now. After a few slaps on her ass, with his cock, he brought the large red head to her entrance. Wiggling in anticipation, she waited.

Slowly and with no need for lube, he pushed forward, inch by inch. The rocking motion of the chair, drove his cock further and further into her depths. Groaning he bottomed out and stopped. Her muscles immediately began to relax around him and he began to slowly thrust. She felt so good. Ami knew how to use her ass and she squeezed him with every lunge.

The tightness of her ass made him move slowly. He didn’t want this to end. She was so moist and so open. He had never seen an ass more suited for a rough fuck. He began to pound harder. Each shove became faster and deeper. Overwhelmed by sensation, Ami’s body began to tighten within her. She could see, hear and smell sex and it was driving her mad.

As his strokes became more aggressive, he began to strike her most sensitive spot. Crazed now with the need for release, the teacher pumped back and urged him to spray his seed in her. Grabbing her blonde hair with one hand and holding her hip held firmly in the other, he pounded her.

Ami’s nerves began to send out a frenzy of electric signals as her body contorted around his cock. The squeezing of her ass pulled shivers and growls from him. He was in ecstasy as he continued to ravage her. A small gathering lingered watching, as they listened to the words flying from her mouth. “Oh, that’s right! … fuck meee … fuck my ass pussy!” Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her as she jerked and bounced at the end of his invading cock. With a final scream, she collapsed. Anal orgasms always wiped her out. They had been a surprise at first and remained her favorite.

David continued to pound her limp form. He loved the way her ass jiggled as his body slammed into hers. Every few moments he would pause, make himself calm down. He didn’t want this to end. Ever. No other woman had taken his wide girth and pushed back. He hadn’t even begun to play with that ass pussy.

Plans of future exploits made it impossible to maintain control. Arching his back and driving deep, he groaned. With each spurt of his seed, he yelled out. The sound of his orgasm made Ami smile. As he collapsed, comments were heard. Everyone was impressed with what her ass could take.

His weight crushed her into the chair. Barely able to breathe, she cooed to him. After a few moments, his composure returned. Pulling back, he allowed his now satisfied cock to slide from her stretched and filled ass. She felt empty at the loss of him. Cuddling her to him as he stood, he whispered, “You have the best ass I’ve ever seen and wow, you can fuck. Let’s go to the bar. No dress … please?”

At first shocked, she reminded herself where she was and nodded. Pulling on her bra and panties, she stood in her black lace attire and heels. He led her from the room to the sounds of soft praise. Balgat Escort Looking back, she saw two nude couples claiming the bed in the next room. She shivered. She loved this place.

Seated at the bar, she stuck to tonic water. The edible she had eaten before meeting David was still going strong. She wanted to savor this feeling. He began to whisper in her ear again as his hand stroked the curvature of her body. “I’m not done with you.” His fingers brushed her thigh. As if by their own violation, her legs slightly parted. His fingers continued their upward crawl.

Soon one finger than another edged past the thin lace shielding her mound and slid into her wet pussy. Her juices surrounded his hand and he began to quietly finger fuck her. His thumb landed on her clit and began to twirl. His sexuality and sense of control carried her away. This was a man used to being called, sir.

The young bartender caught Ami’s passion filled eyes and smiled. He knew exactly what was going on and approved. Soon the tension rose over her and took control. Little whimpers coming from her mouth, she pressed against his hand. His teasing of her clit sped up. In front of everyone, her head went back. She screamed as the second orgasm flowed from her and drenched David’s hand. Again limp, she slowly smiled at the people watching. Without a doubt, she was an exhibitionist. She was hooked.

“Now me.” As he guided her to her knees by the bar. In front of anyone who cared to look, she knelt without complaint and opened her mouth. He stuck his wet fingers down her throat. Looking up, she sucked all her juices off them. With smacking sounds, she smiled. She could feel the stares and wiggled in the joy of it. His cock sprang from his unzipped pants and she grabbed it with her right hand. Blue nails wrapped around him. As she rubbed his cock over her face and then traced her lips. Hearing his groan, she laughed and took just his head into her mouth.

As he towered over her, she tickled his balls with one hand and ran her tongue slowly over the head of his throbbing cock. His hand gently urged her head forward. She resisted and continued to tease. Just went he least expected it and when his frustration was soaring, she deep throated him. Gagging on his unbending eight inches, she repeatedly deep throated him while stroking him between thrusts. His plunges started to speed up and she stopped deep throating and looked up. Grinning and teasing him she flicked her tongue across his head as a small crowd looked on approvingly.

He couldn’t take any more. The tightness in his balls demanded attention. With a deep moan, he grabbed her head and started fucking her beautifully sculpted face. Gagging and choking with each thrust, she took what he put out. She relished his cries of ecstasy and truly loved the feel of a cock sliding into her mouth and down her throat. Speeding up, he tensed. She immediately took his head into her mouth and sucked. Sucking as hard as she could, she ripped his seed from him. Wave after wave struck the back of her throat. Despite her best efforts, cum slid from her mouth. With one last blast, he yelled.

His cock slid from her mouth and she again smiled up to him and smacked her lips. Laughing with delight, he pulled her scantily clad figure up and calling her his “itty bitty ass slut,” he kissed her.

Later, back sitting in the recessed lounge area, they began to talk. David spoke of a friend, also in the military. He assured Ami that the man was a big teddy bear. That women considered him handsome. The problem? Since coming back from wounded from Iraq, he was socially awkward. In David’s opinion, he needed an older woman who would be patient and help him regain his confidence. He was in his early thirties and feeling desperate. A safe place to begin again was what he needed. She sat staring at the incredibly handsome officer and nodded yes.

Two weeks later, Eric’s flight landed. Tall, dark, and thickly muscled, he was aggressively male looking. Energy bristled around him. Looking in each direction, he caught David’s eye and nodded. They headed to the car waiting. They were both smiling.

“This is going to be great, did you really find her online?”

“Yep,” spoken with amusement. He loved 2015. Women advertise their assess. “We’re meeting her at the players club,” he added.

Later, at the club, they awaited Ami’s arrival. They didn’t have long to wait. Wearing a green knit dressed that hugged every inch and on five inch platforms, she approached. Her make-up was heavier than usual and she had a slutty appearance about her. She did not look like a fifth grade teacher. It was obvious she had neglected to wear a bra as the two men watched her breasts sway with each step she took.

Sticking out her hand, she awkwardly introduced herself. Both men grinned from ear to ear as Eric reached for her. Taking her hand, he turned it over and kissed her wrist.

“You are beautiful, thank you,” sounded more like a prayer than a statement. After a few drinks and sitting in David’s lap now, Ami studied Eric’s features. Rugged was the word that came to her mind. His hands were large and calloused from years in the infantry. Goosebumps spread over her body as she remembered the roughness of Carlos’s hands. They had felt so good stroking her most tender areas. She was glad she had agreed to this, though she was nervous. She hadn’t ever been in a threesome before.

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