Anal Train Ride, Give and Receive

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Anal Solo


This story is about a man and woman giving and receiving Anal Sex.

And contains a lot of conversations, very much talking.

DO NOT READ further if those things offend you, or you find the categories disliking!

* * * * * * * * * *

Very late and very stressed I came up on the platform and saw the train that’s about to leave in under 5 minutes. Super, I made it. Or so I thought, because it was not the right train or right platform. Down the stairs again….and….made it, with several seconds to spare. The train left the station just as I got on it and desperately trying to catch my breath.

I had forced down a hamburger deluxe while running to the train, and my stomach decided to let me know what that results in. So I went straight to the toilet and threw up the deluxe-meal. Just a perfect way to start the weekend and the visit to my parents.

And to stack things on top, “What are you doing?”

That was the conductor asking me. And as I turned around, I saw…it was the stunningly good looking and very sexy conductor asking me what I was doing. And she looked angry too.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t feel well…and had to…wait, why am I apologizing? I’m at the toilet! Where did you want me to throw up my hamburger?”

“I want you to use the passenger toilet…after the train has left the station, and after we unlocked them for use. This toilet shouldn’t been open, someone missed that.”

“So…should I get out…and come in again, or…?”

“You can see to that it’s nice and clean when you leave it. As it was before you came on board and acted like a drunken teenager.”

“I’m 30, like I guess you are…and have had a stressful afternoon; you could be nicer to your customers and passengers. Is it that time or was it long since you got some?”

“What the fu…what did you just say?! You low life slime and mothe “

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I feel shit, lying on the floor with my head in the toilet…looking at my fast-food dinner……..please, I shouldn’t have said that. Forgive me.”

“…………………..I have work to do. Just make sure everything is sparkling when you’re done.”

Wow, what an introduction. I can see it clearly now, us…happily married with two children, or maybe three. Should I ask her how many…? I think not. Now is not the time, and I have cleaning to do.


“I seriously don’t believe it!! What the… WHY are you sitting with your bag just hurling distance from the toilet? Are you not able to look at the ticket and the seat reservation, and the numbered seats on the train…is it all too much to handle? In what way can I help you to your seat?”

“…….are you done…or do you have more you need to lash out on me? The train is overbooked, and I left my seat to a mother with children. She had a baby.”

“Oh, did you…..did you do that?! Did you give up your seat, for them…and parked here, on the floor? Still on the floor, the preferred place for you, but a step away from the toilet at least. That’s very nice of you to do that. What a gentleman you are, I may have to change my opinion on you. Wait here!”

“I will.”

“Sorry, I had to check and do a few things. Come with me. You can sit in my compartment. No feeling sick in there. It smells all girly nice and should continue like that, okay?”

“I feel better now, just a lot of stress before, and I promise not to change the nice female scent in you working compartment.”

“Good. So, please…have a seat. That side for you and your bag.”

It was a couple of hours ride to my parents, so we had time to talk a bit. She was out a lot during the first hour, so I had a short nap then. And I just looked up as she opened the door and came inside.

“Slept well? Talk some more?”

“Yes, short but very well. And yes, I want to talk.”

“Goodie. Most passengers are resting now, handling themselves…so I can have my break then. You know that it smells okay in here, even with pukee on my seat? Even so it smells pleasingly manly from your after shave.”

“That’s nice to hear. I cleaned myself a bit extra after the toilet-appointment. Also brushed my teeth and added on my after shave to smell extra nice…”

“Extra görükle escort nice, oh…what for?”



“I thought you looked really sexy and so attractive when I first saw you, and after our fight I was…….no….no, I can’t say that.”

“Yes, say….after our fight you were…?”

“….I was thinking of how many children we would have in the house you and I lived in.”

“How many did you imagine we had?”

“Two, or three.”

“You do not waste any time, I give you that. Is that why you’re still single? You scare all the girls away with your bluntness.”

“Why do you think I’m single? Well, I am…but I think it’s more than one reason for it; outspokenness is perhaps one of them. I tend to say one thing too much, but I think that’s better, than the other way around. Keeping inside.”

“So, Mr. Outspokenness, tell me…how do you want this hour we have together to play out?”

“The only thing I can lose is my comfy compartment-privileges, and I wouldn’t want to lose them…I do like it in here with you…very much…but, here we go. Marriage, house, dog/cat, and children are hard to obtain within the next couple of hours, so that just leaves sex then.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t mention the brand of the car, name of the street we live on, and the children’s name. No don’t say anything…I see you have that all planned in your head too. Marriage, house and children I would say require love. Also dog and cat……that leaves sex then……and well, I think I could see us do that. A quickie and a kind of make-up sex, but… “

I thought I hit the jackpot, until the but came.

“You were a 1st class unwiped slimy asshole and chauvinist pig with your comment earlier about my time of the month. And need to get some. Girls and women can be moody and unhappy without having their period. And cheerful when on……whatever, well the thing is…I actually do have my period right now.”

“Okay, so no licking your pussy then. Just kissing and hot sweaty anal sex. That’s okay with me.”

“Hey, why don’t you say what’s in your head, please don’t let me stop you from speaking your mind. Do you have a filter, or does anything and everything just exit your mouth the second after your brain….? Oh, wait…right, it never passes the brain. It just leaves the mouth, un-edited…of course.”

“Okay, so here let me try that too. Yeah, we can kiss and have anal sex, but I want to fuck you anally first, before you put your cock in this smoking hot ass. And you can lick my bloody cunt, clean it all you want Mr. Let’s Say Everything.”

Now I had won the million dollar lottery.

“I won’t say I’m sorry, because this is who I am. It causes me grief and I am 30 and single…maybe girl-repellent with this mouth. But this mouth and everything behind it likes you very much. I had a crush on you since the second I saw you…..sitting on the toilet floor, still tasting vomit. And I can lick you. I haven’t tasted a padded crotch before, but I am falling hard for you here…so if you want me too…then…”

“Wow, I am going to need a lot of glue and duct tape for that mouth. Hope you are light in your drinking so I can drink you under the table…maybe then you stop blabbing…or I can put your mouth to good use licking my pussy under the table. Perhaps that’s the best use for motor-mouth here, eating me out countless times. I really like getting licked, and if this gets where I think it might then you are going to spend numerous hours between my legs……but not tonight dear. Tonight we just make out and fuck asses.”

“Are you serious with us both fucking asses, and how am I going to get drilled? I am not too thrilled visualizing a gang-bang with me centerfold….probed in every orifice.”

“Are you okay with that happening to me?”

“I think that’d be a very sexy and hot scene, if you thought so too. But I’d like us two, just be us two….having sensual and out-of-this-world hot sex.”

“Good, I have no plans to be group-fucked…prefer you’d be. I want the same, just us two. And the filling of your hole…I have a solution for. You can say no of course, but leaves us with just kissing tonight…and probably not seeing each bursa merkez escort other, after too. I do not have a policy of “must fuck possible husbands in ass”, before approval. But I get turned on doing that. Maybe not as much as you…but I get dripping wet when pumping a tight male ass. So…”

“Wow, I never thought I’d be this turned on from hearing someone wanting to pound my ass. I’ve never tried that before, but with you now…I just can’t wait for us to get started. By the way, how….you said you had the solution for me getting nailed?”

“Glad to hear you’re getting turned on. Me too honey. Here…feel my front. Steaming right?!”

I felt her warm moist front briefly, then she stripped naked from the waist down and put a blanket on the sofa, smiled at me and started rummaging in a plastic box…and voilà…presented a strap-on. Slightly bigger than my own medium sized dick…and really turned me on having that dangling in front like this, tightly strapped to this perfect sexy girl. So I did the same procedure with the stripping part, and now we were both naked from the waist down…with a lot of tension in the air.

“You did this so fast, with the stripping, blanket and strapping…seems you’ve done this a lot of times.”

“Naaw, someone sounds jealous I think. And you should be…I do this almost every day…new passengers to fuck in the butt all the time. It’s exhausting I’ll tell you. So many men believe they’d get to empty their loads deep in my ass afterwards, they don’t even care I stopped cleaning the filthy dildo months ago…….aaaah, the look on your face, priceless! It is true I have done this routine before, little now and then…but only by myself. And only once or twice with the strap-on, also on myself. I have fucked men in the ass before, but it was a while back now. Not here and not with this. This one is a lost-and-found, for real. Smelled sexy as shit…but I cleaned and sterilized it before trying it out. It may have my saliva and remains from my dripping wet pussy, but I guess you are okay with memories from those two holes, right?”

Before she ended the sentence I pulled her tight and kissed her almost too intense. I was so turned on, I was about to explode. We alternately kissed deep, really pressing down our tongues; with light outside…just nibble the lips. She jerked me of while we kissed; it felt so good I had to pull away way sooner than I wanted too.

“Were you about to come? Okay, there’s no time for dual squirts this time, so keep it in your pants, if you want to come inside mine. I know I’m hot and really good, but I want as much out of this as you, to say the least…….so….how do you want to lubricate this stiffie, your mouth or Vaseline?”

“I like licking girls’ asses a lot, tastes awesome and its soo hot probing them with the tip of my tongue…leaving the butthole as wet as possible if she likes anal fucking…but I think Vaseline on me.”

“Nice try cutie. I do have Vaseline, oil and lotion here…but I like natural and oral lubrication. That way we get double pleasure…tasting each other when preparing for more, best of both worlds. So, down on your knees now and get this as sloppy as you can. Isn’t this a jackpot for me?! You are unable to talk, a n d you’re preparing a sex-toy for my pleasure, heavenly perfect!”

On my knees I took the dildo in my mouth. Not something I’d done before, or thought very sexual, but anal stimulation I really like, both ways too, and she was right about the smell…it smelled and tasted from all her holes. And that was hot as hell!

I sucked and got it sloppy enough in no time. Then she withdrew from my mouth, nudged me up and assumed me in doggy-position on the sofa. I’ve inserted many different things in my ass while jerking off, so bent over and waiting to get fucked by this female beauty, I hoped this would be the same turn on, or more.

“I see on your rock-hard stiffie you really liked how it smelled and tasted, I knew you would. I think you are like me and stimulate your butthole with things in eye-sight at the time, so getting this sausage all the way in you should be no problem at all, but I can still moist up your hole a bit…here…just bursa escort bayan a second, wait you can do it.”

After a bit of fingering and a deep sigh, I got two of her fingers under my nose and both working their way in my mouth.

“You smell that, were they’ve just been inserted? I thought you could get an extra treat and taste my sexy ass. Lick and suck my fingers now so I can use that on you back here. Ah, so wet…you really like how my ass tastes. Then let’s get you ready for it now, here we go……tip inside nooow. Aaaaand theeeeere…all the way, straight up in one shot. Impressive!”

She fucked me in long deep strokes, and it actually felt really good getting pounded by this sexy dream. I met her thrusts and started jacking my hard on.

“Hey, what did we say about that? You….oh, it’s really nice fucking you like this, seeing the dildo coming out of you, then s l o w l y aaaall the way in. But niceness aside, we have to come now…both of us. I want to ride you then. If you park your butt on the sofa, and hold that perky thing of yours…I’ll let you inside the hottest and sexiest place any of you two have ever been.”

She pulled out of me, unbuckled the strap-on, spit on her fingers and as she straddled me with her back against me, she massaged her butthole quickly…removed her fingers and hovered inches away from my throbbing cock…put it tip to hole, and sat down hard against my thighs.

She took my arms and wrapped them around herself, then leaned her head back putting us cheek to cheek, kissing softly on my lips while cuddling close. It was out of this world the warmth and electricity passing between us then. She bit my lip gently then lowered my arms and placed my hands on her thighs, and as she eagerly started rubbing her clit, she squeezed her ass tight around my cock, kneaded soo good while sitting perfectly still.

Right after the wildest ride started. She aggressively slammed down on me after being as far up as possible, without me leaving her inside. I did pop out a couple of times…two times she very fast directed me in her tight hole again. The third time she spun around and swallowed my dick whole. Looking deep in my eyes while licking up and down my shaft.

“I reeeeeaally like how I taste down there. Both my holes taste equally awesome. You are one lucky guy who’s going to eat me like crazy so many times to come….tasting and swallowing this deluxe-meal. Here, see what I mean.”

She straddled me on the couch and stuck her tongue in my mouth, whirling hers around in there. Really mixing our saliva’s and letting me have all her flavors to swallow. Oh, she was right about the awesome aroma. She both smelled and tasted wonderfully sexy.

“Did you like it? Do you want more of that in the future…and more of the rest of me too?”

I nodded so I thought my head would come off.

“I feel the same, and if I didn’t have to work again quite soon now, I’d liked to sleep together…all night snuggling, just holding close and feeling our warm bodies next to each other. But let’s climax together now!”

She grabbed my over-the-top stiff cock and inserted it swiftly deep in her ass again, and energetically rubbing her clit she started gyrating soo fucking sexy and so good on me. I wasn’t going to last long at all now, so I grabbed her breasts outside her jacket and bent forward to reach her neck which I bit hard on while massaging the breasts……and then I came…I caaaaaaaameee…just pumped and pumped….

I think she liked my extra stimuli, because she stiffened and paused her heavy breathing when I bit and held her, then thrust her head forward screaming in my shoulder.

“Oh, that was sooooo fucking good. Woooow! I came so hard. This was something else, wow. Put your arms around me again, hold me tight…really tight. Like you never want to let me go.”

That wasn’t hard at all…I never wanted to let her go, ever.

After a few nuzzling minutes, and with more normal breathing and regular heartbeat, my lovely conductor said:

“This evening with you, though started awkward and going far down the wrong path, it……it’s been…just perfect. I even found a couple of ways to plug that way-to outspoken and unstoppable mouth of yours. And since we can lay one or maybe two serious arguments behind us already, well…that almost takes us to the dog- or cat-step in our special relationship……but let’s start with a couple of normal dates first. You like that?”

Ooooh, I sooooo liked that!

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