Anchors Away!! (Pt. 03)

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Bob and I tried our best to behave ourselves for a while, but soon found that it was impossible. Once we had let that sexual cat out of the bag….it was NOT going to go back in, any time soon!

We managed to float right on past the State Capital and make it all the way to Hermann Missouri without attracting the attention of any more Water Patrol officers.

But not because Bob didn’t try!

Girl just decided that since we were spending all of our free time fucking anyway, this would now be a clothing optional cruise. She didn’t see any further need to waste her time getting dressed and undressed.

Didn’t matter if we met other boats or barges, she wouldn’t even bother trying to cover up. she would just stand there at the gunwales. bare ass naked…and wave to everyone as if they were long lost friends. Speed boat operators would all whoop and holler as they flew by…. Tugboats would sound their fog horns… making Bob jump for joy and happiness, knowing that she had managed to somehow brighten their day!

We moored just outside of the boat ramp at the Hermann city park that night. I had promised Bob that first chance we had; I would treat her to a nice dinner somewhere. Hermann is well known for its wineries and German heritage. So, I told her “get dressed, and we will go find a nice place to eat. Before you even ask NO you can’t just walk around town naked!”

“I haven’t got anything fancy to wear so don’t take me anywhere that requires fancy dress.” She pouted “Just not my style and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the meal for feeling out of place”

“Don’t worry” I say “I’m not comfortable wearing suits and ties either…I can enjoy a nice burger and fries a whole lot better than being all trussed up in a suit, trying to figure out which fork I am supposed to be using”

We hop into the little john boat we have tied to the side…to be used just for onshore excursions like this. We chain and lock the boat up at the dock and sit on a picnic table while we wait for an Uber driver to come pick us up.

Uber arrives just a short time later. Bob and I hop in and the driver asks “Where to?

“Somewhere good to eat in Hermann” I say

“Nothing fancy,” Bob chimes in …

“Do you like German food?” the driver asks

“Yes” I reply

“Never tried it,” said Bob

“Then I know just the place you need to go! Mostly only locals eat there because the food is so good. Most of the tourist crowd, look at the building and don’t think it’s up to their high standards….and won’t even go in there. But I can assure you that the food is great and the place is clean. and you will not be disappointed. Matter of fact, I eat there several times a week.”

“Works for me” I say

“Me too” chimes in Bob

So, off we go to the middle of Hermann…

Uber driver was right, the outside of the place was far from impressive. Big old flickering sign on the front, with a huge chunk broke out of the corner…announced CAFE…other than that it just looked like a tired old building that had seen its heyday back in the 50’s and 60’s

But as soon as we walk in… we can see that the place is bustling with customers and the waitresses are tending to their every need. A Sign at the door said “Seat yourself”…so Bob and I find an empty booth tucked back out of the way and sit down.

We haven’t been seated for more than a minute or two…before a blonde freckle-faced girl of obvious Germanic descent …rushes up to our table, hands us both menus and asks “Coffee?”

“Yes please” we both say in Unison

“Haven’t had a cup of coffee in ages” Bob comments

“Neither have I” I say “Wife tries to force instant decaf shit on me…and I just decided that I would rather do without, than drink that swill”

“Nothing like a hot cup of WHY EVEN BOTHER, to start your day off right!” Bob laughed

The waitress quickly returned with a fresh pot of coffee and filled up both of our mugs then asked, “Know what you want to order, or need some more time?”

“I haven’t got a clue what to order” Bob replies

“We’ve got cabbage rolls as a special today…

the waitress offers…comes with Spaetzle (German noodles} Oven roasted whole Carrots and individual loaves of a rustic rye bread. It’s da bomb… You will love it!”

“Sounds good to me” I say as Bob nods her head in agreement. “Two orders of the special it is then”

“Awesome” replies the waitress then like a flash she scurries off to put in our order with the kitchen.

A few minutes later…the waitress returns carrying a huge tray with our food.

“That was amazingly fast” I say

“Must be your lucky day, Hun! Just happened to catch a fresh batch of cabbage rolls coming out of the oven. Can’t get your food any fresher, unless you cook it yourself”

“Oh, this looks so good” Bob says with delight as she surveys the huge plate of food in front of her “Hope I can eat all of this”

“Hope you like it” I say…and begin to dig in

The food was FANTASTIC! Cabbage rolls just melted in your mouth, the oven roasted carrots were tender and buttery with just enough garlic Sarıyer escort bayan to make their sweetness pop. I have had Spaetzle many times before…some very good, some very dry and flavorless. THIS… this was absolutely fantastic! Perfectly cooked, wonderful nutmeg undertones. I could have eaten a whole plate of it, all by itself…and the Rye bread…smothered in real fresh churned butter…was to die for!

Bob really seemed to be enjoying her food as well…

She only stopped eating long enough to whisper to me ” Man, if I could cook like this…I would weigh 500 fucking pounds!”

“Me too” I say with a laugh

“We may have to walk back to the boat” I say “cause I’m not sure if either one of us will be able to fold up enough, to be able to get into the back seat of a car!”

“We’ll worry about that when the time comes, right now…I’m going to just sit here and eat until I explode!” Bod replies

Waitress walks by a few minutes later….”Ready for some Strudel for dessert?” she asks

“Oh, dear lord NO” Bob exclaims pointing to her now empty plate, “I can’t eat another bite of anything!”

“How about something in a to go box?” the waitress asks “pop it in the microwave in the morning. Put a little whipped cream on top…and you will both thank me for the advice in the morning!”

“You talked me into it, we’ll take a to-go box of dessert” I say

The girl rushes off toward the kitchen again…only to return a few moments later with two to-go boxes…

“Oh, I’m sorry…we only needed the one” I say

The waitress leans in really close and says “Second box is free, It’s a nice piece of Black Forrest Cake…. going to have to throw it out if we don’t sell it, tonight. I would rather just give it to someone that might enjoy it… than do that!

“Well, Thank you very much!” Bob and I both reply

With that the waitress reaches into her pocket, pulls out a small “Guest Check” tablet and presents us with our bill. I cannot believe it… with all of the food we have been served…the bill is for less than $30!

I have been served food that wasn’t even half as good as this before ….and was been charged much, much more for the privilege!

So, I reach into my wallet and pull out a $100 dollar bill, a $20 and a $10 and give it to the waitress “keep the change, you’ve earned it!” as Bob and I make our way to the door!

We did walk for a ways through the town…looking in the quaint store front windows. Before finally deciding that we have walked enough, to no longer feel completely miserable…so we call for another Uber.

Being that this is a small town, I wondered if we might be getting the same Uber driver, and low and behold…that is exactly who we get!

As soon as he recognizes us, he says ” Well, Did I do you good or what! Fucking awesome place, isn’t it?”

“Oops! pardon my language mam…shouldn’t have said the F-word in front of a lady like that”

“MAM? Bob replies “Did you hear that…she say’s… looking at me. He just called me MAM! Do I look like a fucking MAM? I’m more offended by that…than hearing you say the word FUCK!

The guy’s face instantly turns bright red…. “I am so VERY SORRY! I certainly did not me to offend you” he stammers

Bob then broke out in a laugh ” I’m just fucking with you…I’m not offended…I just wanted to see what kind of reaction I could get out of you. Shit….I have a potty mouth myself…sometimes I say things that offend people without even realizing that I said them.!

You could actually see the young man relax and breathe a sigh of relief.

“Glad you understand” he said “Now where else do you want to go?”

“Unless you happen to know of any place where the locals like to party…I guess you need to take us back to our boat, at the park.”

“Sorry, but this place is dead after dark… pardon my language, but unless you like to drink, fight or fuck…there really isn’t anything to do around here once the sun goes down. “The driver laments…

Bob says “Well, I’m too stuffed right now to even fight my way out of a wet paper sack. Drinking, I can hold my own with just about anybody… now fucking…that is always a nice way to pass the time; Isn’t it Rick?” she says as she pokes me in the ribs with her elbow.

“Yeah, its recently become one of my favorite hobbies” I say

“Well then, I guess I better get you two back to your boat pronto…I don’t allow no shenanigans in the back of my car! ” he laughs and heads down the road to the riverfront park.

When we arrive at the park, he tells us his name is Tom and if we need a ride anywhere…give him a call, anytime day or night.

He chit chats with us as we get our john boat unlocked… just before we cast off… Bob, asks him “Sure you don’t want to ride out the ship with us, and have a drink or two? Captain Rick here has a whole fuck ton of beer and a cabinet full of the hard stuff. Might be nice to sit out on deck… have a few drinks while the mosquitos play yankee doodle on our asses!”

Tom stood there for a second, as if he were actually Silivri escort considering the offer…then said “Nah! I better not…I sometimes forget when to say “enough” once I get started drinking.”

“Not a problem” says Bob ” We can bring you back to your car, any time you want to go home…. but if we think you’ve had too much to drink…there is a hide a bed in the galley area…you can just crash there and sleep it off!”

He stood there, looking for all the world…like a man torn between deciding good and evil. Suddenly he says, “Oh what the fuck…let me lock up my car” and hurries off into the night.

We hear his car door shut and hear the car horn beep…signaling that he has set the alarm. We hear his feet crunching the gravel as he jogs back down the path to the dock.

“Where do I sit” he asks

“Middle seat” I call out “Just be careful not to tip the boat getting in…”

Tom cautiously steps into the boat and gingerly sets himself down…holding onto both sides of the small craft…for dear life.

I start up the small motor as Bob pulls in the shoreline and off we go into the night toward our waiting ship.

JEEZUS FUCKING CHRIST! Tom exclaims as we pull the small boat up to the back of the old yacht. This thing is fucking awesome he says…as Bob climbs out and offers him her hand….to guide him up the ladder from the swimmer’s platform.

Once I have the boat secured and locked down…I climb the ladder myself…carefully balancing the two boxes of baked goods that were left behind in the rush to get on board.

By the time I get there…Bob and Tom have already brought out three deck chairs, put a few beers and some ice in a cooler… lit a citronella candle and were sitting there chatting, like long lost friends.

I stow the pastries away in the galley fridge and join them both on deck. I sit down and grab a beer and lean back to relax.

Should have known from the way she was acting, that Bob was hatching a plan of some kind; and I couldn’t wait to see what she might come up with.

Conversation was covering all the usual topics…about the weather, current events, life, and aspirations etc….then began to take on a tone of sexual innuendo… as the night wore on, and the beers disappeared.

I could see that Tom was thoroughly enjoying himself and was mesmerized by Bob’s very animated story telling. The more she drank…the more animated she became.

Eventually, the conversation got around to talking about old jobs…. and that was when Bob revealed that she used to work as a stripper!

Tom sat back surprised “NO SHIT!” he exclaimed “Bet you were damn good at it! I’d poke dollar bills in your G-string any day! Oops, probably shouldn’t have said that!”

“Damn right, you shouldn’t have said that” I say trying to act angry. Now she is going to want to show you her act…and it will all be downhill from there. Thanks, Thanks a hell of a lot buddy” I laugh

Almost as if on cue, Bob jumps up and starts to do an old bump and grind routine around the deck…gradually losing her clothes in the process. Before we know it…there she is in all of her naked glory… going back and forth between Tom and I, giving us each a very sexy lap dance.

Suddenly she stops….and looks at both of us…and says ” You guys are no fun, you still got all your clothes on…I want to see me some swinging cock! Get them clothes off boys, give mamma what she wants!”

I really hadn’t planned on anything like this happening…but as I am learning with Bob….you can never really be fully prepared for what she may decide to do!

I glance over at Tom, and he looks over at me; with a “what the fuck do I do” look on his face. So, I say….” Guess we better do what the lady asks, something tells me that she might get downright mean, if she don’t get her way”! With THAT, I began taking of my own clothes… wondering how far Bob is willing to go with this…

Very quickly we are all three naked as the day we were born. Bob playfully pushes Tom and I back down on our deck chairs and begins her lap dance routine all over again. Which quickly had the desired effect she was wanting on Tom and I.

I honestly do not think it possible for either of our cocks to have got any harder….as Bob undulated her sexy ass all over our crotches.

I have seen my fair share of “internet porn” and have often wondered about what it might be like to be involved in threesomes and such…but never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think that I would one day find myself right in the middle of one!

“Who goes first, what is off limits, what is fair game…were all thoughts racing through my mind. Does she want us both to try to fuck her at the same time? I haven’t got a clue…but I am just drunk enough…to throw all caution to the wind…and try whatever the other two wants to try.!

I soon have my answer to all of my questions and more, as Bob takes Tom by the hand…leads him over to the middle of the deck, where she spreads out her tanning blanket….and asks him to lie down on his back.

Tom Escort Topkapı quickly takes his position….and Bob gets down on her knees and starts to give him one of those wonderful blowjobs she is so good at!

Tom is in obvious heaven as she works her magic on his hard cock. You can see the tension is his face as he struggles to keep from blowing a load right down her throat.

Try as he might, He soon finds that he is no match for Bob…as she doubles down on her efforts to drain him of his cum.

“OH FUCK” Tom cries out…which echoes up and down the river…as he loses his battle to hold onto his cum….and begins to shoot big ropey strings of cum right down Bob’s cock milking throat!

“Good” she says “you can thank me later, got that first cum out of the way…now you will last longer the next few times!”

Tom suddenly has a look of puzzlement on his face “Next few times?” he says “I’ve never gone more than once before! “

“Lay back and learn, young Padduwan” Bob giggled…”Tonight you shall learn the ways of a Jedi Sex Master! “

With that…she turned to me and says ” Ancient one” get your ass over here, we need to teach this young knight the secrets of the force”

“Just what is in your lesson plan, princess?” I ask

” How about we just try a few things and see what gets everyone’s motor running”…

With that…she bends over and begins sucking Tom’s cock again…quickly getting it just as hard…if not harder than it had been before. When she has his cock hard and slick with her saliva…she gets up on her knees…straddles the young man…positions his cockhead at the opening of her vagina….and eases herself down on it…the only thing I can still see…is his balls peeking out between the cheeks of her cute little ass!

“Alright, Ancient one” she says “Bring that light saber of yours over here and let me give it a few licks for good luck.” I start to approach from the side…and she says “No damn it, get over here and straddle Toms head…So he can watch real close…while I suck your cock.”

She then looks down at Tom and says “You don’t mind seeing Ricks asshole, cock and balls right above you….do you”

“No” I guess not” he stammers

“GOOD” Bob says “Cause I have your cock trapped inside my pussy…and if you don’t do what I want…I will squeeze real tight and pinch the damn thing off! Got that! “

“Yes Ma….” he started to say before catching himself. “whatever you say Princess, your wish is my command”

She then looked up at me and winks “Hey, we picked a really good one; he learns fast!” with that my cock disappeared down her throat.

As I was reaching the point of no return…and was looking forward to her letting me shoot a load down her throat, like she did for Tom….she stopped, took my cock out of her mouth…reached between her legs and gathered some of her and Tom’s combined juices…then reached behind and smeared it all around and inside her asshole!

“Here is where this all gets interesting,” she says ” Rick, I want you to put your cock in my ass. Go slow, it has been a while since I’ve tried this…. but I am trusting you to ease it into me as gently as you can!”

Then she looked down at Tom and asks “You ever try DP before?”

“No” he replies

“Well, you are going to try it tonight!”

“Just stay right where you are, don’t try to move or anything…just let Rick work his cock up inside my ass. It’s going to feel a bit strange to you …feel like your cock is rubbing up against his…which it will be,in a way…but your cock will be inside my pussy and Ricks will be inside my ass….and if we can get into a sync…you can both fuck me at the same time…and a good time will be had by all!”

Bob then leans over and steadies herself on Tom’s chest…her little brown asshole pointing right at me.

“Ready if you are Captain….You have my permission to come aboard”

I spit on the head of my cock for good measure….and press it against that little brown rosebud. I try not to push too hard; I just want to keep up a steady pressure…while waiting for the little hole to relax and allow my cock entry.

I press forward for a bit…then ease off on the pressure for a few moments before launching my assault on her asshole once again.

At first, it appears that her asshole is going to win this battle and refuse my stiff cock entry…but each time I press forward…I begin to gain a little ground…

First just the tip of my cock slips in a …then a few moments later the whole head of my cock disappears from sight. I can feel her ass tighten up.. her sphincter rings bar further entrance for just a moment…then quick as a wink…. they relax and my cock head slides past the gates….and I find myself balls deep inside her ass!

This is an entirely new experience for me…I had never tried anal sex before….and to be quite honest…I become an instant fan!

As my cock acclimates itself to its new surroundings…I detect movement beneath my cock. Tom’s cock is twitching in anticipation of giving her pussy a really good fucking….and the thought that my cock was practically rubbing against another man’s cock…took me aback for just a few seconds. I then decide, who cares! I’m certainly not going to tell anyone…and I don’t think he will tell anyone either….so whatever it takes for us to bust our nuts…then let’s get at it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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