Andi’s Summer – Day 02

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To rid myself of thoughts about Mr. Cooper’s unexpected exploration of my womanhood and his apparent willingness to let me examine his genitalia I had spent the entire morning and early afternoon sprawled on my back on top of my bed re-reading “Becumming a Woman” written by a blonde co-ed named Roxanne.

Written as a diary she reported all of her naughty explicit and erotic liaisons in her freshman year of college. She had replaced proper words like ‘penis’ with ‘cock’ and ‘vagina’ with ‘pussy’ and she was getting closer and closer to losing her virginity, but she was still holding out.

On her first few dates she played the innocent little girl to the hilt. Making out she would ask to see his thingy. She would admire it by saying it looked like a delicious lollypop and then offer to lick and suck it if he would make a small contribution toward her college expenses.

I admired the way she controlled her suitors. That she expected and accepted money for her skills was just her way of assuring herself that she wasn’t being taken advantage of like some empty-headed bimbo.

She would state flat out “I am still a virgin and I intend to stay that way, however, if you could help me; I’ll give you a special treat that will make you happy and satisfied.”

She would make up a desperate reason she needed twenty dollars the next morning. She had advanced from cuddling and feely-touchy to letting her dates molest and nibble her breasts and in turn she would stroke and suckle what she called their tasty treats.

After several profitable liaisons and the boys bragging about her talents she became known as the “lollipop girl” and became very popular on campus, so much so that she often had two or three no-dinner, no-dancing, no-movie dates a night.

Roxi was fascinated with the male genitals; describing each with clinical attributes. She cared less about what kind of body they were attached. She took on athletes and bookworms. Her detailed description of her techniques upon the sexual apparatus of many different men became more explicit and longer as I worked through the chapters.

I was determined to become just like Roxie; my first opportunity on campus was only a few short months away. In the meantime I could, if I dared to, practice on Mr. Cooper.

My eyes were tired and my kitty needed a break; I had been strumming and rubbing myself to higher and higher plateaus all day, as I re-read the good parts over and over and daydreamed that I was just as confident and capable of pleasing a man as she.

It was a beautiful day outside so I decided to walk over to the park for some sun and fresh air. I had graduated high school last Friday and was supposed to be looking for a summer job as part of my agreement with my parents for them to fund my college tuition.

I couldn’t wait to get on a campus far from home and begin my own adventures with real men – not the stupid boys from around here. During the tumultuous years of puberty at school I had been a mouse, wanting nothing to do with boys. I kept my hair short and shaggy, never wore make-up, slouched, kept my eyes on the ground and frowned a lot.

As I matured I found my reputation as a loner an advantage to nurture. Nobody bothered me. I was left alone to plan my future. For the next three months I would be marking time until I could escape and start my adventures.

I bounced up off my bed and checked myself out in the mirror on the back of the door to my room. I was wearing my school uniform blouse and pleated skirt and nothing else. I had gotten a vengeful thrill out of clipping the buttons off my blouse, cutting the sleeves off, enlarging the armholes into large teardrop shaped vents on each side and slashing the unhemmed material so the blouse barely reached the bottom of my titties leaving the button hole and button plackets long so I could tie them beneath my chest.

In the right postures the slope of my firm breasts was easily viewable from the front and the sides. I had raised the hem of the knee-length skirt to just barely below my kitty and my gyrations in the mirror had revealed that I was exposing my all anytime I wasn’t standing still. No white utility bra and no white cotton panties.

Fuck school rules – I was free!

I slipped on one of Daddy’s tee shirts over my risqué uniform which was my standard summer attire when going out and about and gathered up my book and glasses then headed to the park. The cement was hot even through my flip-flops so I hurried along, anxious to get barefoot on the cool grass. At the entrance I saw a mostly vacant park. One tall bare-chested boy wearing shorts was shooting hoops. The playground beyond was empty of kids because the community pool was open at the far end.

He wasn’t an ex-classmate so I decided to hit the bleachers and see if I could watch his cock jump around in his shorts. Roxie would do something like that and I suddenly wanted to be Roxie for just a minute or two. I was certainly dressed for it after I removed Daddy’s Escort bayan shirt.

Reaching the bleachers I walked up to the top bench at the end, sat down and pretended to read my book. The boy was ignoring me so I had to up the ante. I casually fondled my breasts as I appeared to be reading. Looking for any sign of an unhampered appendage in the boy’s shorts I tweaked first one and then the other nipple.

They both responded in appreciation as did my inner me. I slipped my hand down between my legs and caressed myself. I couldn’t see any sign of flopping manhood on the boy. Surely, he had a penis. My intense concentration was noticed by the shooter. He waved; I waved back.

That was all it took. He palmed his ball and laid it on his hip and approached. (Roxie spoke to me. It was now or never.) As he stopped at the foot of the bleachers I spread my knees knowing that my short skirt wasn’t covering my treasure.

He squinted up at me, and then shaded his eyes for a better view. With Roxie’s encouragement I let my knees fall further apart as I leaned forward placing my elbows on my knees and let him see my titties push my blouse down and out.

He found his voice. “Sure is hot, isn’t it?”

“Sure is. I’m sweating in places I don’t usually sweat”. (One of Roxie’s lines.) I spread my knees further apart as if I was showing him just where I was sweating. His eyes were locked on my dark muff.

“Un, I was thinking of going behind the bushes and catching some rays.”

I had no idea what he meant. “What do you mean?”

“Get some sun on my white parts. Care to join me?” This guy was well tanned everywhere I could see. I wanted to see what his white parts looked like, didn’t I? He was inviting me to see for myself, wasn’t he?

“I’m supposed to be looking for a job, besides; I don’t even know your name.”

“Sorry… I’m Tony. My folks just moved here from the city and I’m visiting for a few days.”

“I’m Andi. Are you in high school somewhere?”

“No, I’m a sophomore at Northwestern. Are you?”

So he was a stranger AND an out-of-state college man. Was he to be my Prince Charming? Mr. Cooper didn’t hold a candle to him.

I couldn’t believe my luck, a tall, dark and handsome man right here in my very own park!

Stalling for time I ask, “Am I what?” I just knew this was a golden opportunity and I had to take it.

“In high school?”

“No, I just graduated. I’m 18 and I am going to UCLA in the fall.”

“Why so far away?”

“When you get to know this town you’ll understand; there is nothing to do for fun and few job opportunities.”

“I like what I see so far and we can make our own fun. Are you coming?” Whether he was counting on his swagger or he was actually polished didn’t matter to me. I would let him seduce me within my limits and then I would take my fill of him – literally. (Roxi had revealed that no man turned down a blowjob.)

He walked along the side of the bleachers and stopped below me. I stood up knowing he would be able to look right up my skirt. Snatching up Daddy’s tee; with slow wide strides I stepped down onto the fourth tier, and then the third as he held up his arms to catch me.

I couldn’t quite be sure if I let my breasts slide down his chest or if he had pulled me into him. Either way – WOW! His sweat stimulated my nipples and the resulting electricity shot straight to my kitty.

Tony led me to a small gap in the shoulder-high bushes that bordered the park. Stepping through I saw the high cement block wall that divided the park and the surrounding homes. The evergreens were added later to soften the effect. I assumed the extra space to the wall was for when the plants would be full-grown; in the meantime they created a nice hide-away.

Tony turned to the right and I followed him. Near the corner the bushes were thick and nearly as tall as the wall hiding the two of us from the rest of the world. Tony leaned against the wall, pulled me to him and kissed me. His tongue went right to work as if we were intimate lovers, which was OK with me. It was more than OK; chills ran up and down my spine.

I stepped away from him and took off my glasses and placed them on top of Daddy’s shirt and my book, which I put face down at the side of the two of us on one of several unmatched milk crates. It appeared that someone had created a private space to hang out. Cigarette butts, empty soda cans and other litter confirmed that.

“We’re right under that window.” I pointed out the two story house at the corner not more than twenty feet away that overlooked the length of the wall. “Anyone looking out and down can see what we are doing” I warned.

“What do you think the odds are that anyone is in that house now and would be looking out that particular window at this time of day?”

Feeling foolish I shrugged my shoulders.

He pulled me back to him and spun me around facing away from him. He cradled me in his arms; his hands quickly busy untying Escort my blouse. He was struggling with the knot; making it looser, but not getting it undone so he just pulled my blouse off my shoulders and let it fall to my waist.

Once my blouse was disposed of he simply slid his hands under my waistband and slid both garments down my narrow hips, compressing my bubble butt and let them fall to the ground. His hands were everywhere at once as he nuzzled my ear. He made a hurried exploration of my breasts, my butt and when his hands fell to my womanhood I finally reacted.

“Whoa – no fair! You’re still dressed!”

He put one arm across my tits, holding me against his chest while his other hand fumbled against my buttocks. I realized that he was pushing his shorts down. Looking down I saw his shorts and a stained athletic supporter join my clothing. Seeing the jock strap I realized why my voyeurism had been thwarted. I thought boys only wore those during a game.

Suddenly I realized that I was naked and my Prince Charming was naked. It seemed so romantic.

I spun around facing him unintentionally palming his flopping manhood which startled both of us. I didn’t let go of it. I had only explored the flesh of one other penis before Mr. Cooper which happened in a dark theater under a boy’s stretchy waistband and inside his underwear as group of our classmates were seated all around us on a field trip. The boy had just taken my hand and stuffed it down his pants. I didn’t want to make a fuss so I just squeezed his thingy from time to time. He hadn’t been nearly as big and heavy as Tony was. (It was time for a Roxie declaration.)

“I am a virgin and intend to stay that way, but if you’ll keep your hands above my waist, I’ll keep mine below yours.” I looked up at him, licked my lips and winked just as Roxie always did.

I knew my admission offered a lot of opportunities for the young man before me to consider.

Tony suddenly kissed me on the forehead and whispered in my ear, “I need you to help me out, Andi. I’m really hurting. I’ll give you a dollar if you make me cum.”

His upper hand pushed down hard on my bare shoulders and I was roughly slammed down on my knees losing my tentative hold on the object of my curiosity. I liked how he moved me around at his will. His offer to pay me didn’t register as my eyes, mind and imagination were otherwise occupied.

Did he expect a hand-job or a blow? I knew what I wanted!

I was crouched with my face right in front of his stiff naked manhood; it was twitching in the air all by itself. I was seeing for the second time a man’s penis up close. The thickness of it was about the size of the napkin rings my mother used at Sunday dinner and the length was about the size of the rolled up napkin placed inside of it. His foreskin was rolled back exposing his big purple raspberry. Recalling descriptions that Roxie shared, since it was so hard looking it was probably as long as it was going to get.

“Suck me Andi. Suck me!” I liked that he used my name. Would he remember this day for the rest of his life? I knew I would!

Scratch the hand-job. Tony reached down and placed his hands on my head and pushed his hips forward. He wanted a blow and I wanted to suckle. Was I a lucky girl or what?

I ducked away from that assault and slapped his hands away.

“Don’t be so bossy! I’ll do it in my own good time.”

“Andi, kiss it baby – kiss it and suck it.” He was thrusting his cock left, right and center.

I pushed his hips back up against the wall.

“Be nice Tony, I know what I’m doing.”

That was such a big fat lie! I searched my memory for Roxie’s particulars given my position. I cupped his scrotum with my left hand, referred to in the book as his sack. I had learned to use the span of my thumb and pinkie to measure. My make-do ruler measured 5 inches; pressed against Tony’s length I determined that his penis was just over six inches.

I lightly kissed the smeary head of his penis – that was his pre-cum I assumed. I leaned into him and gripped his staff with my right hand, ran my tongue down the left side of it, across his testicles (balls) and back up the other side of his throbbing cock. Cock – cock – cock… Cock-a-doddle-do… any cock will do! (Roxie’s mantra; which I had been silently practicing the entire day.)

Before putting this college man’s thingy in my mouth I wanted to study it. I pumped my hand slowly up and down as I surveyed its structure with all of my senses. This was much better than the pictures and few diagrams I had seen. It was hard, yet spongy. It had thick blue swollen veins running the length of it. The head was shaped like a tilted mushroom and clear fluid was pooling on the tiny slit at the top.

I licked around the top of the head and tasted the liquid that I could hardly avoid. I liked it. Roxie had called it the nectar of the Gods and I had to agree with her. I licked all around the edge of the head and captured as much of Bayan escort it as I could with a furtive suckle. I was definitely going to enjoy this!

“Andi, please don’t tease me.”

“I’m not.”

I wasn’t teasing him I was teasing myself. I so wanted to suck on him, but I also wanted to memorialize this almost holy event.

“Stand still.” Tony wasn’t moving around, but his legs were shaking uncontrollably. He locked his knees. I gripped his penis at its base.

This was my moment. I was so excited. I knew my kitty was puffy and wet and I hadn’t even touched myself since coming behind the bushes. This was the greatest gift a woman could give to her man. Tony was my man.

I sucked softly on the head and then slowly lowered my mouth beyond the violet bubble until my lips came in contact with my loose fist. Tony moaned as I gently suckled him while my hand continued to pump him which sent electric shocks to the tip of my nipples and up and down the walls of my pulsating kitty. I had him. I controlled his destiny.

I loosened and twisted my griping hand and tickled each of his balls in turn. Tony was constantly moaning and encouraging my efforts. He was rather crude. “Fuck yes, just like that. Don’t stop! Don’t stop. You’re a great cock-sucker, Andi! Don’t stop.”

I enjoyed his pleas and approvals, but I could have done without them as I was in my own wonder world. The difference in the textures of the head, the shaft and his hairy balls fascinated me. The pleating and unfurling of his foreskin as I pumped his shaft fascinated me. The constant throbbing and twitching excited me. I knew I was dripping. I was going to cum soon without anything touching me down there.

I started to suck his cock as fully as I could. I released my hand and pushed his stiffness past the back of my mouth and tried to capture the head at the entrance to my throat which rebuffed a voluntary entry. I had slid solid cucumbers down my throat in practice so I was surprised that Tony’s cock didn’t invade my throat. I determined that his cockhead was too soft to punch through the gateway. Maybe I needed a better angle. I settled into a steady bobbing. Tony was too quick for my full pleasure.

As my mouth was pulling upward Tony screamed and let loose. A spurt shot against the back of my mouth. Another and another followed and I felt my mouth filling up with salty brine. I swished it around his cock, and giggled to myself as I realized that I was rinsing between my teeth at the same time. I kept his slippery goo in my mouth for a long time. I didn’t want to lose it. Finally, I had to begin swallowing it. Once – twice – three times and there was still a nice coating on my tongue and cheeks inside my mouth. That first taste of his cum sent shivers through my body and I knew that I would be sucking many more cocks in the future.

I released Tony’s cock with a loud pop. I had created a vacuum.

Tony’s knees buckled. “I need a rest.” He leaned over gasping for breath. I was in better shape than he was. Belatedly, I gave a furtive glance up at the window. Did a shadow on the transparent curtains just move? Were the curtains separated more than they had been before? I studied the window for a moment. Was someone watching us? I smiled up at my imaginary friend thinking, “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

I expected some sort of expression of gratitude on Tony’s part, but no “thank you” or any praise at all now that he was sated. Had he no manners? He groaned more in agony than ecstasy. He wasn’t my Prince Charming; he was a selfish little boy.

I shushed him, pulled an upside down plastic milk crate under my butt and grabbed his deflated cock. I was probably rougher than I should have been because Tony yelped. I unceremoniously stuffed his limp thingy into my mouth and began to suckle it with a vengeance. I prayed he could get hard and shoot off for me again.

This was my time. I had a cock to play with and I wasn’t done yet. He pleaded for me to stop. He begged. I wrapped my arms around his thighs and held on for dear life. I’m sure he could have escaped if he really wanted. He acted like he was being tortured at first but soon let me have my way. I was determined to get him off again. Not for him – for me.

As I rocked back and forth I could hear my own juices squishing between my legs. I could smell myself. Instead, of being embarrassed I believed it to be a badge of honor. I vowed to never ever be uncomfortable by my own animal scent again.

His deflated cock was the perfect size to be suckled and swished around in my mouth by my saliva and his residual cum. I found that this was an ideal circumstance. I was perfectly content to munch rather than suckle; in fact, I was enjoying it more. I could spend all day – even a lifetime chomping on a masculine squiggly worm. I settled in for a long feast.

Unfortunately, his cock didn’t cooperate; it grew fuller and longer and I had to resort to sucking it as I had before. When it reached its full length I pressed forward and was able to get the head of his cock to fuck into and out of the entrance to my throat although it wouldn’t stay there. I dismissed the value of playing with his balls and found a better task for my free hand between my own legs.

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