Andre Pt. 02

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Chapter 3

It was only a few weeks and I had given up my apartment and moved in with Andre. No new crazy adventures happened, and we still had not fucked. The oral sex was wonderful, but I still had not been pried open by his massive piece of meat. Finally, one night he told me what he wanted.

“I want you to have the necklace on tomorrow night when I get home from work.” This would work out fine as I usually arrived home about an hour before Andre.

“Shave your pussy bald and wait on the bed naked except the necklace.” I agreed as I was game for anything.

All day I was thinking about what could possibly be in store for me. At lunch time flowers from Andre with a card declaring his excitement at what was to come as well. I rushed home and did as instructed. I had just laid on the bed when I heard Andre’s car. After some noise downstairs I heard Andre coming up the stairs, he was talking to someone. I jumped up and covered myself with a robe just as the door opened. Instantly I saw the displeasure in Andre’s face. I was so shocked by the look that I did not get a good look at his friend’s face. He whispered to his friend who nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him.

“We have a problem. You were told to be naked on the bed.”

“But…I…” I began to stammer and before the words got past my lips Andre was on me tearing off the robe and pushing me face down on the bed.

I lay there, scared, with my ass in the air. With no warning his hand came down on my ass like a whip. I cried out, tears pouring down my face. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me to my feet.

“Now, get in the bathroom and get cleaned up. We will be back in here in five minutes and I expect your compliance.” He said this as he touched my necklace, almost reminding me both that I was his – but that I could take it off if I wanted to.

My first instinct was to rip the damn necklace off and leave the house. But after a few deep breaths I decided he was right, I did not do as expected – and these thoughts dampened my pussy. I went into the bathroom, freshened up and returned to the bed. This time, when the door opened, I laid perfectly still. I also got a good look at Andre’s friend. He too was a black man, as tall as Andre, and though thinner, he was also in perfect shape. I caught my eyes drifting down to his crotch to see if I could get a hint of what lay hidden.

“This is my whore.” Was the introduction Andre gave.

“Nice” was all his friend said.

Andre moved to the bed beside me and explained the plan.

“You had so much fun the night at the movies, but I missed out on seeing that cock in your mouth. So, you are going to do it again for me. Only this time, you are going to have to work for it. Steve here is no virgin, you will have to work to get the spunk from his cock.”

Andre turned to Steve and said “She is all yours”.

With that Steve took off his clothes.

“Be nice, no one is rough with her but me.” Was Andre’s final warning.

Steve stepped up to the edge of the bed and I moved over, swinging my legs down so I was sitting face to face with his beautiful dick. I wasted no time, I grabbed his cock and began sucking and licking it for all I was worth. I made a point to look at Andre now and then to see his reaction. He moved a chair closer so he could watch, but remained calm and composed the entire time. The bulge in his pants was the only hint that this was having any effect on him at all.

Steve moaned and pressed against me as I sucked his balls and cock until my jaws hurt.

“Fuck, she is a great cock sucker, man.” Was the repeated statement from Steve. Andre would only smile and nod, his eyes transfixed on my mouth.

“I’m about to shoot my load, dude.” Steve cried out to Andre.

“On her face, soak her face.”

With that, Steve withdrew his cock from my mouth, pointed his hole at my face and let fly with sting after string of cum. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling as the warmth splattered on my cheeks, lips and eyes.

I moved my hand to wipe my face when I heard Andre roar “Do not touch that you whore. I want to see you covered in another man’s cream.”

I replaced my hand by my side and waited with my eyes closed for Steve to finish. I couldn’t open my eyes but heard Steve redress and leave. I could not tell where Andre was, but I sensed he was close.

“I am going to let you wipe your eyes clean, but you must eat whatever you remove.” I ran my fingers over my eyes, shocked at the massive amount of cum that had been deposited.

As expected, I licked my fingers dry.

“Now, lay back.” I did as Andre wanted and laid back. He moved near me, pushing my knees up and back so my entire pussy was exposed.

“You’re fucking dripping you slut. Your pussy is shining; I can see drops of moisture zenci porno running to your ass. Did you like his cock?”

“Yes, sir” I replied.

“I am going to eat your pussy while I watch that cum dry on your beautiful face.” Andre dove head first into my pussy, shoving his finger into me at the same time.

He had a way of finding my G-Spot with no effort. In moments I was cumming on him, squirting him – which I found out he loves.

“Now for my contribution.” Puzzled, I felt Andre pull me up and he began to jack off at my face.

“Don’t fucking touch me whore. You’re filthy. All that slimy shit on your face. You love all that black seed on you, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” Was all I could get out as I was transfixed at the rapid, almost violent manner, Andre was stroking his cock.

In seconds he grabbed my hair and pulled my face slightly lower as he shot his load again and again on my face. I had never told Andre, but I loved he sensation of a man cumming on my face, so my pussy was back in overdrive.

“Go clean up.” Was all he said as he released me.

I walked in the bathroom and was surprised at the appearance of my face, it was so sexy. I had cum globs and trails over my entire face and hair. These two studs had painted me with enough cum for six or seven guys.

After a shower, I reentered the bedroom where Andre took off my necklace.

“I love you.” His words were beautiful, and I returned the sentiment.

Chapter 4

After all this time I was near obsessing over Andre’s cock. I wanted to feel him in me. I was tired of playing – I needed a good solid fucking. I told Andre this, I told him how much I missed a hard dick in my hole. He laughed and said he would fix that tonight. I was so excited I that the day drug on at work. As agreed upon, I went to the gym to get ready to meet Andre at home. He said he wanted to beat me home to get things ready. The last thing I did before leaving the locker room was put on the necklace.

The drive home was short, thankfully. I pulled up and saw a strange car parked next to Andre’s ride. I had no idea who it belonged to, but hoped they would not be staying long. I was ready for Andre…ready to be fucked.

I used my key and opened the front door to see a red headed woman on her knees sucking Andre’s cock in the middle of the living room floor. I froze. I was mad. I didn’t know what to do. Andre made his expectations clear when he told me to shut the door and strip. It was then that I realized that this other woman was part of his plan and not a random fuck. I was still jealous as hell but I enjoyed playing with women when I was in college and thought it might be fun.

I did as told and walked to Andre’s side. The red head stopped sucking for a moment and looked up at me.

“Hey, I’m Jen. Your boyfriend has a wonderful cock.” That was all I got from her before she returned to work on Andre.

“Sit” was all Andre said and I dropped to the floor, sitting and watching him get an amazing blow job.

He placed his hand gently on Jen’s head and asked her to stand up. He explained to her that I was his “whore” occasionally and was expected to submit to all his requests. Jen nodded in understanding.

“Now, my little bitch, I want to see you eat Jen’s pussy. I expect you to make her come.”

With that, Jen smiled and laid back on the carpet, spreading her legs so I could see her beautiful, shaved cunt. I leaned forward and began licking her. I had forgotten how soft a pussy feels on a tongue. I had forgotten how sweet an excited pussy could taste. I soon got my rhythm going. I sucked Jen’s entire clit into my mouth, gently applying suction, as I rubbed her sweet spot with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh my God, that is perfect.” Jen screamed.

“Grab her head and make her lick you the way you want. She is your’s tonight too.” It took no further prompting. I felt Jen’s hands in my hair and felt her pull my face hard to her body.

“Oh yeah, you fucking slut. Lick my clit. Stick your finger in my hole. Finger fuck me.” I did as Jen asked, using first one and then two fingers. I curved my fingers slightly, hitting her G-spot.

“Fuck” Was all Jen said as I felt her come in my mouth. She wasn’t a squirter, but she moistened my face none the less. I felt her shake and heard her moan. As she let my hair go, I pulled back.

“Not bad. You are a slut. You’re a dick sucking and pussy eating whore.” Andre badgered me and he stood up and walked around us.

I watched his enormous cock bounce with each step. He noticed me watching him.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Yes, sir” I replied.

“Oh so, you want this black dick in your hole?”

“Yes, sir, please.” I was verging on begging.

“I don’t think so. Someday I may feel like zorla seks porno fucking a whore, but not right now.”

With that he knelt next to me, he leaned forward and I anticipated a kiss. Instead, his lean forward was to grab Jen’s ankle. He pulled her toward him.

“Stand up sweetheart.” She did as he requested.

Once they were standing together, I watched from the floor as they kissed and stroked each other. I saw the precum oozing from Andre’s cock. From where I was sitting, I watched the two of them move toward the couch, which was behind me.

“Scoot your ass back here and watch.” I did, I moved so my back was propped against the couch. Andre guided Jen so her right leg was on the couch behind my head and her left leg was on the floor. Looking up, I found myself gazing at her cunt. Then, to my surprise I watched as Andre pushed her forward, raising her ass. In one motion he slid his cock in her. I was enraged with jealousy. I moved my hand up to the necklace, considering taking it off to end this torture.

Then I heard her scream as he started pounding her. I looked up and watched as his black cock, now shiny with her juices, pumped in and out of her soft pink hole. I was mezmorized with how beautiful it looked. He was pumping her slowly but deeply, making her take every inch of him.

“Now, eat that pussy.” Was his instructions. I hesitated then moved myself to my knees so I could rub my tongue on her clit. I began eating her, soon moving my head in time with Andre’s thrusts.

“Suck it.” Andre yelled as he popped his cock out of her pussy and shoved it at my face. “Lick her juice of my cock. Suck that pussy juice off this dick, the dick you thought was for you. I know you wish it was your juice on here.”

I sucked in earnest, trying to do a good job so maybe he would fuck me too. I felt so childish, so belittled…but it made me hotter. This went on for what seemed hours. I would alternate between sucking her clit and milking his cock. Now and again he would yell for me to suck on his balls while his cock was as deep in Jen as he could get. She came several times during this. I was not interested in her, I wanted only to keep Andre happy. Soon he announced he was going to cum.

“Okay, you fucking whore, time for dessert.” I thought he was going to pull out and feed me his delicious cum. I would have welcomed it, though I did feel disappointed he was going to blow his load before fucking me.

Instead, he grabbed Jen’s hips and slammed her fast and hard. On the final down stroke he stayed in her as he moaned “Awww, fuck. That’s perfect.”

I watched in shock as his balls twitched and throbbed as he unloaded deep in her fuck hole.

“Now bitch. There is your dessert, cream pie. Eat it.” He pulled out and grabbed me by the hair.

He shoved my face against her hole, where only seconds before he had been releasing load after load of cum. I could smell the mix of both of them, Jen’s cunt and Andre’s spunk. I licked Jen’s hole, eating the cum as it oozed out of her body. She tensed her pussy muscles to help push the cream out for me. She moaned as I cleaned her hole. The entire time, Andre has his hand in my hair, with his face close to mine. He watched as I cleaned her pussy; providing direction.

“Let me check” He said and stuck his finger in her hole, as he pulled it out the cum dripped from his finger.

“Come on you fucking whore. Clean her.” As he said this he pulled my hair so my head was tipped back. He shoved his finger in my mouth and I sucked his cum off it. It took some time, but I used my finger to remove the last bits of cum in her cunt and eat it.

“Jen, show my whore her gift.”

I was shocked at the idea of getting a gift. Jen smiled and moved to the far side of the couch. She opened a box and pulled out an enormous rubber cock, from which I saw straps dangling.

“Andre said to tell you that you are going to get fucked tonight. Just, not by him.”

With this, Jen slid her long thin legs through the strap loops. With a few graceful movements Jen stood before me with an enormous black cock hanging between her thighs.

“I am going to make sure you enjoy this my little slut.” Andre said as he lifted me to my feet. He had me take the same stance that Jen had, with my foot on the couch.

“Fuck her good. Fuck her hard. Make the bitch moan.” Were his instructions to the beautiful red head moving up behind me.

I felt her cool hands on my ass as Andre pushed my face down to the couch. She spread my ass cheeks to get clear access to my pussy.

“One day, Jen, you’ll fuck that ass hole too.” Andre promised.

I felt the head of the cock on my pussy. “Now, Jen, you will do as I say. You will move as I say…this way I can be fucking her too.”

“Okay” was her sweet reply.

“Hold the head against her pussy opening and move it up and down. Tease the slut.” Jen did as told, I felt myself pushing back trying to get the head in my eager hole. At this point I didn’t care, I just needed the sensation of being full.

“Don’t push back” Andre ordered as he slapped my ass.

“I am in control. Keep fucking with me and you won’t get that pussy banged at all” I almost whimpered, I obeyed as I had to get fucked.

“Now Jen, put your hands on her hips and when I say to, push in her, all the way in her. Do not stop until she has every inch in her. When you hit bottom hold it there.”

Then Andre leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “I am gonna let Jen fuck you – just like I would fuck you. I am gonna let her pound you – just like I would pound you.” I nodded my head in agreement.

“Jen, take her pussy for me.” With that Jen slammed that enormous cock to the bottom of my pussy. I cried out, in shock and pain. My pussy had been without a cock for almost a year. It was tight.

“Now pump her like I did you” I felt Jen change positions as she moved in and out of me at a slow but strong pace.

“You like that?” Andre asked in my ear.

“Yes, sir.”

“Can I make you come like this?” Andre continued.

“Yes, sir. Please, sir” I cried, real tears of frustration, pain and pleasure falling down my face as I lifted my eyes to look at him. He was perfect, gorgeous.

“I want to make you come like this my little whore. I want to watch your face as you come all over my cock.” I found myself pumping against Jen as Andre talked to me. I wanted to come too.

“Andre, I am going to cum.” Jen cried, as the friction from the strap on was too much for her.

“Good girl. Make yourself cum, but don’t stop fucking the bitch.” I heard Jen sigh and felt a slight change of pace as Jen came. Soon the rhythm was back to normal as Andre continued berating and taunting and teasing me.

“Stop, Jen. Let’s change this. I want you to make love to her. Face to face, I want to see this whore kissing you.” Jen pulled her cock out of me and I rolled over as Andre gave directions. While I was moving around, I saw Andre’s cock was as hard as ever. He caught me looking at him.

“That cock Jen has is the only fucking piece of meat you are gonna get. So you better enjoy.” With that he told Jen to start fucking me again.

I felt her slide her cock into me as she laid down on top of me. I felt the softness of her skin and breasts as she laid on me. We kissed, I held onto her like a lover, pressing myself against her. I moved my hips with her. Soon she was moaning that she was going to cum. I shouted that I was to. Instantly I felt Andre’s hand on my neck.

“Not yet, whore. You don’t get to cum until I tell you to.” Jen pulled back slightly, releasing the sweet pressure she had been placing on my clit. She continued to pump me until I watched her shake as she came again.

“Now, Jen lie down, I want my whore to ride your cock.”

Jen did as instructed and I willingly climbed on her hips and sank the entire length of her cock into my pussy. With no hesitation I started bouncing. I leaned forward and kissed Jen; occasionally sucking her nipples.

“Suck me.” Andre ordered as he thrust his cock in my face.

I eagerly began working his cock with my mouth and hands while I fucked Jen. I could feel my orgasm building, the more excited I got the more frantic my sucking. I could taste and feel Andre’s precum in my mouth.

“Oh my God, Andre, please let me cum”

“Okay you slut. Fuck that cock, make your pussy squirt.” I took no more prompting, I bucked and rocked on Jen like there was no tomorrow.

I screamed out when my orgasm finally hit. I felt my toes curl as my cum poured out of my pussy, soaking the cock and Jen. I looked down in time to see Jen’s eyes roll into her head as she came too.

“Now!” I heard Andre shout as I turned my head to look at him.

He was jerking his cock wildly, as he came he held it straight up and let rope after rope of creaming jizz spray. It hit me in the face and chest, Jen’s face and tits were covered in the sticky cream. I played with his cum, licking it off Jen as my orgasm subsided.

I dismounted Jen and sat on the floor trying to compose myself. I had never been so wild, never had I fucked with such abandon. My body was shaking as I watched Jen dress. Andre walked to her and subtly handed her some cash. They kissed and she left. Andre returned to me and ran his finger over my face, scooping up his cum. He then fed his seed to me.

Next, Andre removed the necklace and took me in his arms.

“You are the sexiest woman I know.”

“Who was that woman?” I asked.

“I have a lot of friends, and some are not in the most honest business. Jen is a call girl, I bought her for us.” I don’t know why but I was not mad. I was so relieved that she was really a nobody to Andre.

“Come, my love, let’s get dressed and grab some dinner”. I followed the man of my dreams to the bedroom.

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