Angel Dreams: Dream 7

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[My Love, can you believe how long we have been talking to each other now? It only seems like yesterday that you pulled me out of the dark abyss that I had fallen into. My love grows for you more everyday as we share our hopes and dreams with each other.

There were days that we thought we would never talk to each other again. There were times that each of us just knew that the other one would find someone else. But these things have never come to pass. Only the distance between us keeps you from completely taking me as your own. You are in control of my mind and body without ever having laid a hand on me. Your voice alone is enough to make my body respond to you.

You called me this evening to wish me a happy anniversary. I felt myself growing damp as you commanded me to undress for you. With my body draped across the couch, my legs spread wide for you, I began doing as you instructed me to. Breathlessly I answered you as you ask me what I wanted. I want you my Love. I want your hard cock pumping in and out of me, taking me over and over again and making me your own sex toy.

My body responds to you like no other and it didn’t take long for me to begin begging you for my release. Wait you tell me, wait so that we can cum together. My fingers moving in and out of my wet pussy as you describe yourself fucking me. My moans of desire bringing forth your own release, you tell me to cum for you. I love hearing your voice as you cum, closing my eyes and seeing you over my body as you fuck me. I can feel the warmth of your orgasm inside me and I let myself go.

Once is not enough for you, so you instruct me to continue. I do as you say, curling my fingers inside my throbbing cunt just as you tell me, spreading them just as you command. One orgasm follows another one as you shout for me to cum on your cock. I cry softly from the intensity once my body returns to normal. You tell me how much you love me and that this is an anniversary we’ll always remember.

I repeat my love for you and listen as you tell me how you would make each of our anniversaries special. When we are finished talking, you instruct me to go to bed. I do as you say, wearing what you tell me to, I snuggle down into the bed. My eyes close as I think of our special anniversary time together….]

“Happy six month anniversary,” I told you as you woke up that morning, my head between your legs. You looked up at me with sleepy, but lustful eyes as my mouth took your cock again. Without saying a word, you grabbed the back of my head and began pumping yourself into my throat harder. “Yes angel, yes baby,” you moaned, as your hips moved faster.

When I had awakened that morning, wet and aroused, I had thought of the perfect way to start our day. As you fucked my mouth, I moaned, my own hand buried between my legs. When you came down my throat, you shouted for me to cum and my hips jerked with pleasure.

Smiling coyly at you as I laid back down beside you, I asked if you liked your present? Without answering me, you grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to yours, kissing me deep and hard. “I wish I had time to show you properly angel,” as you got up from the bed. “But I have a early day today and I have to get ready to leave.” You looked back at me and laughed as I lay there pouting, my arms crossed over my naked breasts. “Don’t worry little one,” you said, still chuckling at my behavior, “you will get what is coming to you.” Knowing what you said was true, I happily jumped from the bed and got your breakfast ready for you.

Thinking I would sleep in today, I jumped back into bed after kissing you good bye. My nude body had just settled under the warm sheets, still smelling of you, when the phone rang. “Shit,” I muttered under my breath, “probably some stupid salesperson.” I tried to ignore the ringing, but when it continued, I jerked up the phone shouting hello rudely. “Is that anyway for my angel to answer the phone?” you asked.

Sitting up quickly in the bed, I apologized to you for my rudeness. “Are you back in the bed you naughty girl?” you asked. “Yes, my Love,” I answered. “Did I tell you that you could go back to bed angel?” you asked me. “No, my Love,” I replied, feeling guilty for not asking your permission.

“I’m going to call you back in five minutes,” you told me, “you’re cute little ass better not be in the bed when I do. Do you understand me angel?”

“Yes my Love,” I answered quietly.

I jumped from the bed and began to get dressed to do my chores. I took the phone with me into the kitchen as I began washing our breakfast dishes. Grabbing the phone when it rang, I immediately became confused at your words.

“Is this the Angel Escort Service?” you asked curtly. “My Love?” I began. “Is this or is this not the Angel Escort Service?” you asked impatiently. Catching on to the fact that you were playing a game with me, I told you “Yes Sir, this is Angel’s Escort Service.”

“Very good,” you replied. Kartal Fetiş Escort “I wish to hire one of your escorts for this afternoon around 12:00. I want to hire the one called Nikki. She should find a list of instructions on her night stand beside the bed.” you said. “Yes Sir,” I replied excitedly, “where should our employee meet you?” You gave me the name of the hotel next to where you worked.

This is the hotel where we had first met and the room number you gave was the same room we had before. “She will give my name at the desk and they have been instructed to give her a key when she arrives,” you said. “If she is one minute late, you will lose my business,” you threatened. “Yes Sir,” I said, “I understand and can promise you that she will be on time Sir.” “Very good,” you replied and hung up the phone.

I ran into the bedroom and grabbed the envelope that I hadn’t noticed before. Sitting on the bed I eagerly tore into it and pulled out the instructions you had left for me. I was to be a prostitute for you today. You told me where to find my clothes, how to fix my hair and my make up. I was also to bring a small bag that you had already packed. When I went in search of the bag, my curiosity great, I tried to open it. Much to my dismay, you had locked the bag, preventing me from looking inside. Oh well, I thought, I will find out this afternoon just what you had planned.

Finding my outfit in the hall closet as you had written, I unzipped the garment bag. “Oh my,” I exclaimed when I discovered what you wanted me to wear. Inside was a dress made out of small metal chains woven like mesh. It was beautiful and very revealing, but also slightly heavy. There was black underwear inside the bag also. A beautiful black lace corset, thong panties that tied on the side, a garter belt and black thigh-high stockings. It was some of the prettiest and silkiest lingerie I had ever seen. I saw something shining in the bottom of the closet and pulled out a pair of thigh high boots with very high, spiked heels. You had gone to great lengths to make sure I looked the part of a professional slut.

Very excited now, I ran to jump into the shower, taking special care to prepare myself just as you desired. You always wanted my body smooth and hairless. I dried my hair when I got out and plugged in my crimper. You had specified down to the last detail how I would present myself. I was relieved to see that you had written that I could wear an overcoat into the hotel.

I put on my makeup just as you had written, very dark and heavy with lots of black eyeliner and eye shadow. I painted my lips and then my nails bright red. When I had finished all this, I set about crimping my long blonde hair. It was a long process, but I thought you would be happy with the results once I was finished. As I looked into the mirror, I thought, “it doesn’t matter whether I have on an overcoat or not, the people in the hotel will surely know what I was pretending to be. Only they wouldn’t know I was pretending.”

I hurried and put on the lingerie you had purchased for me, loving how it felt on my body. I had some trouble with the dress, but finally got in on and all the little chains running in the right direction. Lastly I put on the boots, loving the way the leather hugged my thighs. I had never owned a pair of boots like this and hoped you would want me in them often.

It was still about an hour before lunchtime, but I grabbed the bag and left, not wanting to take the chance of being late. Attracting a little bit of attention in the parking lot, I took a deep breath and walked into the hotel lobby. I stood at the desk a bit wary, feeling all the eyes on me.

The man behind the desk looked knowingly at me as he handed me the key. I rushed into the elevator, wanting to hurry and get into the room without causing any more attention. I thought I heard the attendant telling another man, how some man was going to get lucky today and then laughter.

I got to the room without seeing anyone else and let myself in. I wasn’t sure how a professional was suppose to act, so I just turned down the bed, took off my overcoat and sat down to wait on you. Having a pretty good idea what was going to happen, I grew wetter and more excited as I waited. I jumped to my feet as I heard the key slide into the door.

You came into the room and coldly looked my body up and down, grunting your approval. You took off your own coat and unbuttoned the denim shirt you were wearing, pulling it from the waistband of your jeans. “Turn around Nikki and let me see if you meet my approval,” you ordered. I did as you asked, almost tripping on the high heels of the boots. When I turned back facing you, your face was expressionless as you told me I would do.

Walking up to me and pulling out your wallet, you asked me how much? My mind was trying to figure out what to say and I was trying to remember if you had written this in the note. Not being Kartal Gecelik Escort able to recall anything written about money, I told you that the escort service should have told you the price. Looking at me with an evil smile, you replied, “Yes Nikki, but I want to know how much, on top of the set price, it will cost for you to do ANYTHING I asked of you.” Swallowing hard, I just threw out a price and watched in amazement as you threw the amount I had given you plus another $100 bill on the table. “Very good,” you replied and picked up the bag to unlock it.

I stood there speechless as you removed your camera and began taking photographs of me dressed this way. When you were finished you laid the camera on the table and walked towards me. Not sure what to expect, you caught me off guard when you grabbed my shoulders and harshly forced me to my knees. You jerked open the fly of your jeans and took out your hard cock. Grabbing my head, you forced yourself into my mouth. I couldn’t move my head as you fucked my mouth coldly. I could see the red lipstick smearing all over your cock as you pulled back and then rammed back down my throat. “Yes you little whore, suck my cock…deep throat it, you fucking slut,” you groaned.

Calling me these dirty names was not something you ever did and my pussy reacted to your cold voice. I loved playing these games of pretend with you and if you wanted a whore, I would be the best whore I could be for your pleasure. I felt myself getting into the role as I opened my mouth wider, willing myself to take you deeper into me. I swallowed without spilling a drop as you shot your load into my throat, groaning and telling me what a good cocksucker I was.

You pulled out of my mouth and grabbed your wet cock, slapping me across the face and mouth with it. My tongue eagerly came out and licked you clean as you rubbed yourself all over my face. “Good little whore,” you laughed. Then grabbing my hair, you jerked me to my feet.

“Put your hands against the wall and spread your legs wide, whore,” you commanded. I did as you asked as your hands roughly ran over my body. You took your foot and kicked the inside of my feet, forcing my legs even wider apart. You left me like this ordering me not to move and took more pictures of me in this position.

You walked back over to me and ran your hand under the short skirt of the dress. I felt you pull the ties of my panties and jerk them off my body. You grabbed my hair, turning my face to the side and told me to lick the crotch of the panties. I did as you told me, tasting my wetness. “Yes, you little slut, looks like someone enjoys their job just a little too much,” you sneered, “I’ll have to see what I can do about that.”

Throwing my panties to the side, you ran your hands further up my body until you were at the top of my tight corset. Your hands dipped down into the corset, grabbing my tits and yanking them until the hung over the top of their bounds. “Very nice you dirty little slut,” you crooned, as you pinched and rolled my nipples between your fingers.

You ordered me to turn around and face you. I did as I was told and watched you pull a new pair of nipple clamps from your bag. I had never seen this particular pair and nervously inhaled as you placed them on my nipples. You watched my face as you screwed the clamps tighter and tighter. I moaned loudly, squeezing my eyelids together as you tightened them more than you ever had before. You took the chain and ran it through an opening in my corset. “Good little whore,” you said softly into my ear, making my pussy cream even more. I felt so proud that I had pleased you by taking the clamps tighter than I normally liked.

You pressed me against the wall as you pulled the chain attached to my nipples while forcing your knee between my legs. As my legs were being spread wider, you brought your hand through the chains on the dress and began thrusting your whole hand into my wet cunt. You did not let me get accustom to your hand as you normally did, but instead began fucking me hard with all four fingers. I gasped as you tore into my pussy, your thumbnail grazing my swollen clit. “Don’t cum you whore,” you ordered me, “I intend to get exactly what I paid for.”

Turning me back around violently and shoving me back against the wall, you raised my dress up over my ass. Then you lowered the dress, baring my naked shoulders. With the dress half on me and with my ass bare, I heard the camera again. I knew the juice from my pussy was running to my inner thighs as I stood like a statue letting you capture my body on film. You sat the camera down and picked up something else.

I stood there stiffly as you brought a crop down time and time again on my naked ass, my shoulders and my thighs. The fact that I had a dress on didn’t matter as I felt the crop strike my back, the force of it sliding through the chains to kiss my skin. I clenched my fists as the crop struck me again Kartal Genç Escort and again; it was never hard enough to bring blood, but it stung just the same.

Even with the best effort, I couldn’t stop myself from crying out when the crop came up between my legs, spanking my tender clit. This continued for a little longer and then you stopped. I waited for you to come over and rub the stripes you had left, but this never happened. I realized then that whores don’t get the same consideration that subs do and I was a whore in every sense of the word at that time. This knowledge only served to make me hotter.

I had to try really hard to hold back the tears, knowing this wouldn’t please you. I wasn’t positive, but I was pretty sure professionals were a lot tougher than that. I did as I was told when you ordered me to turn around. “Remove your dress,” you ordered. I removed my dress, getting the chains hung up in my nipple clamps, causing me to whimper in pain. Finally I got the dress off and draped it neatly over the chair. Then I stood in front of you, waiting for your next command.

You ordered me to bend over and touch my ankles as you took something out of the bag. I did as you told me to do. You walked behind my body and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I sucked in deeply as you forced a butt plug into the tight opening of my ass, moaning as you pushed it deeper inside my body.

You grabbed my hair and pulled me back up straight. Then you ordered me to put my arms behind my back, handcuffing my wrists together. I watched in horror then as you pulled an ugly contraption, called a dental gag, from the bag. You placed it over my mouth, turning the screws until my mouth was open as wide as it could be. Grabbing my arm, you pulled me over to the bed and shoved me face down, my ass sticking up in the air.

I watched you from my position on the bed as you pulled a condom out of the bag and placed it over your cock. Never had you worn protection when we had sex and I knew it was just part of the act of you being a customer, readying yourself to fuck a whore. Thinking that you were going to stick your cock into me now as you walked around behind me, I soon realized I was wrong. Soaking your hand with lube, you forced four fingers into my wet cunt, fucking me deeply. I moaned in ecstasy as you stretched my tight pussy with your large hand. You folded your thumb into your palm, then a little at a time, you began to ease your entire hand up inside me.

My hips tried to move away from this violation as my pussy was being stretched wider and wider. I tried to breathe in, but couldn’t hold back the muffled screams as I felt your entire hand slide inside my body. You kept pushing inside me until your hand was buried up to your wrist. I had never felt so full, then you made a fist inside my body. With my hips pressed into the bed, you began fucking me roughly with your fist, deeper and deeper inside my wet pussy. With your other hand, you put your finger into the butt plug buried in my ass and began working it inside me. Even if it weren’t for the gag in my mouth, I couldn’t have asked for permission to cum. I felt as though my body had exploded into a thousand pieces as the overwhelming orgasm hit my body. “That’s it you nasty little whore, cum all over my hand,” you groaned, my cunt tightly convulsing on your arm.

Slowly as you pulled your hand out of my body, black spots appeared before my eyes. You began spanking my ass sharply with your hand as if you sensed what I was about to do. I shook my head trying to clear it and you shoved your cock deep inside me. I love the way you take my body and I was glad that I didn’t faint. Feeling myself tighten up again, my pussy began pulsing on your thrusting dick. As my body was wracked again with orgasms, I could feel you struggling to hold your own eruption. Before I was even through cumming, you quickly pulled out of me and turned me over to face you.

I watched as you pulled off the condom and thrust your cock right up to my opened mouth. Feeling the spray of your cum on my tongue, I tried to swallow, but the gag made it hard for me to. That didn’t phase you because you had other ideas. You didn’t just cum all over my tongue but all over my face, taking the head of your cock and rubbing it all over my cheeks, letting it slide occasionally over my tongue.

I lay there as my body continued to pulse and watched as you took the camera and began taking pictures of me again. My body felt stiff and completely violated as I lay there waiting for the game to be over with. Finally after you had cleaned yourself and gotten dressed, you began to remove my bonds. I tried to put my arms around you and you just looked at me like I were crazy and pushed me away. Seeing that you had no intentions of the game being over with yet, I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I walked back into the room and picked up my dress, placing it over my body.

When I turned to face you, you had repacked the bag and stood with the money in your hand. I watched in disbelief as you threw the money across the floor, scattering it everywhere. “I want to see you crawl, little whore,” you laughed. I got down on my knees and crawled around the floor picking up the money.

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