Angelique’s Offline Encounter

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Angelique waited at the airport nervously awaiting the arrival of flight 005 from Cincinnati. She knew that on this plane was the man she had spent countless hours online with talking in detail of her sexual desires as well as her real life outside the little chat box.

They had met in a Literotica chat room and the first time they talked it had nothing to do with sex. It had been just a fact finding venture. No revealing details about exact locations or last names or anything of that sort just a mind picking experience. They had managed to spend about 3 hours that first time dissecting one another and forming a common bond. One that had nothing to do with cyber sex or pleasure behind finding another person with the same interests.

There relationship was purely plutonic from the beginning and as things progressed they shared many more intimate details slowly guiding each other towards a sexual conversation. One late night they played around all the things they loved about sex, positions, strategies and so on.

Then it had happened, a conference was bringing Xavier to her city and he had asked her to meet him at the airport so he would at least have one friend in the city for a few days. Being divorced and a bit lonely Angelique jumped at the chance to have Xavier near her. A friend she had found in him and little did either of them know that each time they talked each would be touching themselves wishing the other was near enough to complete some of the things they had talked about doing to one another.

Xavier however had neglected to reveal his virginity was intact to the older beauty and he hoped on losing it during this trip. He knew his way around a woman’s body and had explored many a lover with his tongue and fingers. Yet, he had never been able to fully work his way up to having sexual intercourse with a woman. Tempting as it had been he had received numerous blow and hand jobs. This was it he thought as he made his way towards her, with any luck his virginity would soon be gone.

As Xavier debarked the plane and walked into the terminal he was prepared for the worst. Some women online tended to lie about their appearance and he hoped this wasn’t the case with his Angelique. She had shown him a picture and she was a beauty. About ten years older than him but that didn’t bother him in the least. He knew she was sexy, her mind thrilled him as did her take on sex and her desires.

Xavier had shown her a picture of himself and he had been true to his word. He was Five foot seven, athletically built as far as she could see as he stepped from the crowd. His head was shaved bald and he had an earring in each ear. A goatee well trimmed framed his mouth and his eyes were hazel colored yet piercing.

“That’s her.” Xavier’s mind thought as he looked in front of him and saw a well proportioned blonde. He could see that beneath her sweater she had indeed told the truth about her breast size and her stomach wasn’t bulging so check there. He looked down further and noticed her shuffled sideways, perhaps letting him see her ass. It looked tight and firm just as she had described.

Xavier walked forward and stepped to her, he put his arms around her and hugged her close as he would an old friend. He was also dying to feel those breasts pressed against his chest and this was the perfect opportunity. “Hello Angel,” he said with a husky voice, “it’s great to see you finally and my my aren’t you gorgeous dear.”

A deep blush spread across Angelique’s face as she received the compliment. She was intrigued by this man to say the least and she had felt his hard arms and chest as they hugged and she was wondering just how hard the rest of his body was.

“Thank you Xavier, I have looked so forward to seeing you in person as well,” she giggled. What the hell was that she thought I don’t giggle.

“Well, Angel, I have to go pick up my bags and then we can be off dear, T’ is there anything you would like to show me before dinner?” he asked.

“Xavier, I think it would be nice to have a home cooked meal for you and then I can take you back to your hotel for the night. IF that would be alright with you of course.” Angelique said holding her breath.

“That sounds wonderful and that way you can show me some of your paintings that I hear so much about,” he retorted with a smile.

During the drive to her home Angelique couldn’t help but be aroused at the thought of having Xavier alone in her home with her. She knew that she had to remember to be a good girl after all this man could be a psycho. Nah, she thought after all this time he hasn’t exhibited one crazy thing, by now he would have slipped up at least once.

Xavier at this time was enjoying just relaxing in close proximity to his gorgeous online friend in the flesh and looking out the window during their drive. The same thoughts she was having had gone through his mind but he displaced them just as quickly. She was intelligent and beautiful and talented from what he could find out Bayan Eskort about her paintings.

As they pulled into the driveway of the two story home Angelique felt her pulse quicken, she was nervous about going inside and having an evening alone with a man like him. His passion was intense and he knew just what buttons to push while talking to her online. She had often thought that if he even touched her half the ways he did online in person she would throw herself at him and become an animal of sexual lust.

They had shared polite small talk in the car during the ride from the airport but both of their minds had been occupied on what could happen later that evening. Neither wanting to breach the subject and make it seem as if that was all he or she wanted yet praying the other would bring it up.

Through the doorway they walked Angelique in front leading the way and Xavier close behind, admiring her tight backside. He was careful to avert his eyes whenever she looked back but he couldn’t help himself from searching her body with his every glance. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and devour her with his fingers and lips but that would wait.

“So, Xavier,” Angelique started, “what would you like for dinner? I will give you two options, the first is shrimp a la Angelique, or shrimp over angel haired pasta?”

Xavier laughed at his options, “I would select whichever you feel the most in the mood to cook but something with angel in it please,” he retorted.

Angelique agreed and told him to have a seat and relax and watch some TV as she prepared dinner. “Angel, I have a better idea,” Xavier said, “I would like to have a glimpse of your paintings if you don’t mind.”

Angelique’s heart skipped a beat she wasn’t sure she was ready for Xavier to see her paintings and possibly judge them. She was afraid that he would not think they were up to par or just not as good as the ravings he had claimed to hear. “Face you fears,” her inner mind told her. “Yes, that would be fine, Xavier just go up the stairs and make a right at the top and the last door at the end is my painting domicile,” she reluctantly gave in.

Xavier smiled to himself, he knew that Angelique was fearing this but he was sure he would be more than pleased with his findings. No matter what the paintings looked like they came from a radiant beauty and he knew she poured her heart and soul into each brush stroke.

Opening the door to the room she had indicated Xavier reached in and flipped the light switch. “Wow,” he let out his audible admiration for the paintings surrounding the room. He could see the depth in each even though he wasn’t a collector or that well versed in the cultures he did know that these were exquisite pieces.

Walking down the steps Xavier was still taken back by the beauty on each canvas he was shocked that Angelique had not tried to sell more of her paintings and was actually worried that she may be a failure as a painter. She was more gifted than anyone he had met before, little did he know just how correct that thought would become later on in the evening.

As Xavier entered the kitchen Angelique braced herself for the worst. “Well, what did you think?” she asked.

“My god lady,” he chuckled, “your paintings are terrific. I would buy them all if I could afford them.”

Angelique stopped stirring the pasta sauce and walked over to Xavier she let her hands slide over his smooth bald head and then wrapped her arms around his neck. She hugged him still leery of taking that next step. “Thank you,” she whispered almost in tears.

Xavier gave her a small kiss on the cheek and was careful to not reach down and cup her ass, despite wanting to and sensing her mood as well. He would wait her out and see just how deep her passion ran now that they weren’t prohibited by space or time.

“Xavier,” Angelique began slowly with her voice trembling, “I want you to go into the living room and sit down in the big chair and wait for me I have something I want to give to you.”

A sly playful smile appeared on Xavier’s face as he decided to play along, perhaps she was going to select a painting just for him. She ran upstairs and disappeared down the hallway as he got himself comfy and fixed the TV to something interesting.

Nearly twenty minutes later she came silently down the steps, wrapped only in a blanket but Xavier had his back to her and there was no way he would no this yet. He was intently watching soccer on ESPN when everything went blue in front of him. “What the ….,” he started. “Shhh! Just stand up and be quiet honey,” Angelique implored.

He did as requested as she finished tying the silk scarf over his eyes. His heart was racing and the only thing he could think was, Oh My God! As he stood there Angelique pulled his shirt from his trousers and pulled it up over his head not undoing the buttons. She could see the chest hair beneath the wife-beater tank top he was wearing beneath his shirt.

Angelique Anadolu Yakası Escort decided to leave this on as she progressed she could rip or cut it away as she desired. She now chose to place his hands behind his back and tie them with yet another silk scarf. She knew he could easily free himself but what would be the fun in that. As Angelique ran her hands down over his hard chest she noticed that his heartbeat was strong beneath her fingertips, it was racing even.

“Xavier, are you scared,” she teased. “Not at all Angel, just aroused sweet one.”

Angelique put her fingertips to his lips to silence him and then leaned forward replacing her fingers with her lips. She kissed his lips softly sucking his bottom lip between hers and running her hand down to tease his nipples. She knew that his nipples were sensitive and she wanted him hard and pulsing for her at her command. Angelique slowly slipped her tongue out of her mouth and pressed it against Xavier’s lips pushing to gain entrance. The first kiss was the sweetest as she leaned forward and battled tongues with him feeling the hoop in his as there tongues twined.

Now she backed away slowly and kissed his neck and sunk her teeth in lightly nipping his skin here and there. Deciding that now would be a good time to move along Angelique stepped away from Xavier and walked to the steps where she had dropped her bag. From within it she pulled out a pair of scissors and stepped back to the hunk sitting in front of her. She cut a line down the top of his shirt and then put down the scissors and ripped the rest away leaving it open and baring his chest and stomach.

Angelique didn’t hesitate she attacked at once hungrily sucking on his nipples while her hand ran its nails across his other nipple. She pulled back and flicked her tongue over the sensitive rising flesh and Xavier moaned and his hips rocked slightly. “Oh I will get to that young man just sit and enjoy,” she told him as she licked her lips. Now she trailed her kisses and sucks from one nipple to the other driving Xavier insane.

Xavier sat there writhing with desire, so used to being Master and in control at all times he was unused to being bound and teased so mercilessly. But truth be told he enjoyed this and he would wait impatiently for his own chance at the beauty.

Angelique was thrilled by her oral assault on Xavier’s nipples and it was reluctantly that she pulled away and moved further down kissing his abs and stomach. So near to the prize she couldn’t help but reach down and stroke Xavier’s manhood through his pants. If she were right she couldn’t feel anything beneath the trousers but Xavier’s penis. Perhaps he had hoped for this.

Slowly Angelique unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops, then she told him to stand as she undid his pants and pulled them down. “Oh, my,” she gasped as he cock sprang free. “I have seen this in a few pictures but it looks even more delicious right here in front of me Xavier,” she cooed.

Even though she wanted to wrap her lips around it there was still more of him to taste and taste she would until finally she couldn’t control the urge to suck his turgid prick any longer. Angelique helped Xavier step clear of his pants before tossing them aside now all he wore was the tattered tank top ripped open and hanging loosely from his muscular arms.

It wouldn’t be much longer until Xavier ripped his hands free of the silks. He could barely contain his excitement and need at this point and it was with faith that he waited knowing that she wanted to seduce him. His own Mrs. Robinson.

Angelique from her advantage point on her knees in front of him looked his body up and down admiring the finely toned hardness. Not chiseled like so many others you read about just firm and real in the flesh before her. She circled around him on her knees and looked at his muscular ass. “You have a great ass X,” she teased as she squeezed it hard. Then she leaned forward and bent down and ran her tongue up from his heel to just behind the knee. In an instant he was buckling to the sensation it brought.

Feeling more confident now Angelique did the other side and then farther up until she was at his ass. Once there she stood up and kissed the nape of his neck and bit again licking the sweat beads away tasting them and loving that unique flavor. She then kissed her way left to right and down his back covering every inch with her lips. Once she had reached the tops of his ass cheeks she stopped. She now knew it was time to proceed just a bit further.

Angelique put her hands on Xavier’s ass and pulled the cheeks apart. She could feel the muscles clinch as Xavier became weary of what was about to happen. Suddenly she thrust her tongue against the tight bud of Xavier’s ass hole and licked and probed it with her tongue. It had a tangy sweet flavor that she reveled in and she was now lapping at his ass hole like she hoped he would her pussy later.

“Oh god,” Xavier moaned, Pendik Escort “that feels incredible Angel.”

Angelique couldn’t break away to say thanks she just kept lapping away and reached between his legs to lightly run her nails over his smooth balls. Once her hands made contact with them she knew she had to hurry her way to his front side and give his throbbing prick the same attention. Angelique slid away with a stifled moan and pushed Xavier back into the chair.

Xavier was unsure of what was to come next he desperately wanted to be free but at the same time he wanted this seductive torture to go on. He was torn between wanting to do these same things to her but also to have her continue in the direction she was headed.

Angelique gave Xavier just a few seconds to think before she scooted back and lifted one of his legs. She then did something he had never felt before. She leaned down and ran her tongue over his toes. She did this lovingly to each foot before kissing her way up his thighs. First left, then right. Until there was only two places on his body she had yet to taste. His cock and balls and his fingers. She decided his fingers would wait.

Angelique then leaned forward and stuck her tongue out and ran it over his scrotum. She tasted the sweat and smelled the male husky scent and she was delighted in how he tasted so far. She hoped that later he would be just as sweet while in her mouth. As her tongue ran over his balls she figured he might like to watch as well. So sitting up momentarily she pulled the scarf from over his eyes away. As she backed down she dropped the blanket to the floor never looking away from his gaze as she stuck her tongue out again and circled his balls with them. She managed to lift one up with her tongue and suck it into her mouth. This created an even greater since of urgency to them both and now it couldn’t be contained.

Xavier’s mouth hung open as he moaned and groaned in his ecstasy. “Angel please…” he pleaded.

“Please what darling?” she teased him. She wanted to hear the might Master ask what it was he wanted.

“Oh god suck my cock please Angelique, put it in your mouth and taste the nectar inside,” he begged.

“Ok,” she grinned.

Immediately she dropped her head into his lap and wrapped her lips around the head of his shaft. Once there she looked back into his eyes which were half shut and then she swirled her tongue around the head just inside her mouth. Drops of pre-cum were leaking out and each one she savored.

“MMM,” she purred as she kept eye contact with her new lover. She pulled away and spit on his cock and stroked it up and down as she watched his face contort with pleasure. Finally she couldn’t stand it herself, the look on his face and the taste of his cock and cum sent her over the edge and she cupped his ass in her hands and helped him to his feet.

While doing this she plunged her head to the base of his mammoth eight inch cock and sucked in deeply. She wanted to make him purge his lusts for her inside her mouth before she let him touch her. Suddenly his hands were on her head and she knew he must have freed himself and now his hands were just where she loved a man’s hands to be while she was sucking his cock.

Xavier couldn’t take anymore. As he stood up he twisted his hands and managed to free one wrist from its bindings and then he put his hands on the back of her head and thrust into her mouth. “Oh my fucking sweet lord,” he panted.

Angelique had started to hum as she sucked his cock deep within her mouth. Suddenly she was feeling his hands holding her head still as he fucked her mouth. She didn’t care this is how she had hoped it would be. She in turn dug her nails into his ass cheeks and sucked his cock with all her might. She wanted him to have no choice but to flood her mouth with his male juice.

In and out his cock slid in her mouth as he neared orgasm. Angelique managed to get quick breaths between his thrust and then it was time his cock throbbed in her mouth and she prepared to receive him. She felt his ass cheeks clench as she worked a finger between them to rub his sensitive anus and then he clenched even tighter as she sucked just a bit harder and swirled her tongue around his shaft.

Instantly she was rewarded with cum flowing freely in blasts from his cock. She pulled back just enough to let her mouth fill so she could taste him before swallowing his load down. This happened twice and then he pulled back and held her head still where it was. But she wasn’t to be denied any drop of his seed. Angelique reached up and stroked his prick with her hand and opened her mouth as he shot the last few drops.

“UGh!, um, oh sweet leaping Jesus, that was amazing Angel,” Xavier breathlessly whispered. He was unable to do more than whisper at this point from all the groans and moans he had elicited a short time ago.

“You taste delicious lover,” Angelique quipped as she licked her lips. She stood up and kissed him waiting for him to back away, yet not surprised when he didn’t.

Xavier kissed Angelique with no hesitation this woman had just given him the blowjob of a lifetime and he wasn’t about to deny her a kiss because she had swallowed his cum. Now it was his turn to dole out the pleasure.

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