Angels of Lust

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Bryson admired his own body in the bathroom mirror. The past year of intensive gym sessions had, by the looks of it, paid off. He pumped his arms and watched his pecks flex. Good, very good, Bryson thought; I look like a Greek god. But it wasn’t only his muscles, Bryson had turned his attention to another impressive part of his anatomy. Like all the women that worked with him, he was admiring his own cock dangling semi-rigid from between his two muscular thighs. Bryson’s penis had been the object of much ogling from female co-workers ever since he started working at the firm, as a matter of fact, right through school his penis had always been the cause of much ridicule amongst the boys in the showers. It wasn’t long before everyone in school started referring to him as “horse boy”.

Bryson recalled that just the other day he overheard two gorgeous college interns in skimpy skirts with bodacious breasts gossiping about the enormous bulge protruding from his pants. When the two interns saw Bryson entering the room, they abruptly stopped their chatter. Bryson knew the one dark haired girl; her name was Becky. She had this way of regarding Bryson from head to toe whilst seductively biting her bottom lip whenever he appeared to be in her vicinity. The happy memory faded away. Bryson dried off and got dressed.

He was just about to leave for work when a knock at the door drew his attention. Bryson peered through the peephole. He opened the door and looked for anyone in the hallway. It was empty. Bryson turned around cussing to himself when he felt a sharp jab of pain course through his skull and just like that, everything in front of him went sudden pitch black as if flipping a light switch. He fell into his own vast dark unconsciousness.

After görükle escort a while Bryson slowly started regaining consciousness. His head twirled in a disorientated mess of incoherent noises echoing through his ears. A blurry vision of two people standing in front of him gradually whirled into focus. Bryson scoured his surroundings in confusion, head throbbing, suddenly realising that he was buck naked tied to a chair in a room no bigger than his office. Two gorgeous women with what seemed to be no less than double DD breasts, narrow sculpted waists, phat asses and full botoxed lips hovered over him. He suddenly realised his penis was raging hard. He could see his heart beat pulsating in that veiny motherfucker. One of the woman bit her bottom lip seductively ogling Bryson’s manhood. Bryson suddenly realised that he knew who she was. It was the intern from work, Becky was her name. “God. Look at the size of that thing!” Becky exclaimed with lust filled eyes. “Who are you? What have you done to me?” Bryson asked weakly.

“As you have already probably deducted, honey, we’ve kidnapped you.”

Bryson shook his head in confusion. His monster cock was a heat seeking missile in search of pussy. Target acquired.

“How?” he asked.

“Never mind how, honey,” said the blonde girl, the seductive tone of her voice turning the already furious spunk missile between his legs into a ferocious caged animal. The head of Bryson’s penis glistened in the light, fully engorged.

“What’s the size of that thing? Have you measured it before?” enquired Becky, the dark haired nympho.

Bryson thought for a second, “Yes I have. Long ago when I was in school.”

“Well, don’t keep us waiting, big boy. What is it?”

“Ten and a half inches long bursa merkez escort erect.” Bryson sighed and dropped his head blushing like he just revealed a huge (massive?) secret.

“And girth?” the blonde girl enquired abruptly.

“Seven and a half inches,” Bryson replied, cock still twitching up and down.

“Well, we’ll see if you’re telling the truth big boy.” The blonde revealed a foot-long ruler and grabbed Bryson’s hard cock.

“God, look at this thing Becky,” she said as she grasped the middle of Bryson’s fat meat bat. The veins bulged prominently on the shaft of his beaver cleaver. Bryson noticed that neither of them were wearing underwear. Their smooth waxed pussies were being flaunted before his dick. They were dripping wet. Pussy grool drooling down the inside of their legs like sweet nectar beckoning his cock closer; ready to breed.

The blonde held the ruler next to Bryson’s cock; her hand slightly trembling. Her eyes suddenly went wide when the realisation struck her. “He’s lying to us,” she proclaimed happily.

“Well, tell me. How much,” Becky probed.

“I don’t know. The ruler isn’t big enough. Can you believe that? His cock is too fucking huge for a foot-long ruler.” Shock and awe radiated over their faces. Their lust was palpable.

Becky stood frozen agog open mouthed at what she had heard. The blonde girl withdrew a tape measure and proceeded to take a girth measurement. “Eight and a half inches circumference. I didn’t know it’s even humanly possible for a cock to be that fat,” she said as she grasped it at the middle with both hands. “The skin is so smooth,” she whispered to herself as if mesmerised by the grandness of the manhood before her eyes. Her little hands slowly bursa sınırsız escort started working in unison in smooth circular motions like she was gently working a pepper grinder. It was clear, she wanted to nurture Bryson’s man mayo right out of his cock. She gently flicked the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of his glans.

Sharp jolts of pleasure coursed through Bryson’s dick, through his balls and up his spine. He was in heaven. Becky dropped to her knees as if she were an altar boy ready to suck a priest’s cock; as if she was praying to the god Priapus himself. She immediately started licking and sucking Bryson’s swollen blue balls like one possessed by a cock craving demon. Bryson was paralysed with pleasure. He couldn’t contain it anymore. The intensity of his erection was so immense it was painful. His testicles were becoming engorged with semen with every stroke, every suck and every flick of their tongues working in perfect harmony. You could practically hear the baby batter sloshing from side to side in his sack. With no apparent warning, semen started spewing out of his monster python like lava nut.

The sheer volume startled the two angels of lust before him. A fire hydrant of thick white sticky semen unloaded all over their perfect breasts and glazed them with alpha male sperm. As more and more thrusts of fresh sperm unleashed over the two goddesses, they started to convulse in fits of orgasms seemingly at the sheer sight of the mammoth beautiful penis showering them with copious loads of man goo. Their pussies started gushing of its own accord like two fountains violently erupting into the air; the floor seeped with bodily fluids. All three orgasmed in perfect unison. The heavenly aroma of fresh semen and pussy juice filled the room. They fell on their backs twitching with smiles stretching from ear to ear. “That was earth shattering,” said the blonde. “That was unbelievable,” replied Becky. Bryson stayed silent, worn out, cock still twitching.

Fap fap fap… the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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