Angie Gets Hooked by a Holiday Girl

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I had worked in several different bars in my first two years in Spain. The pay wasn’t anything to write home about but the perks were what made the job worth doing.

Of course, there was the usual sun and sea and that was great, but the perks I mean, was mainly the free booze, free meals but above all, the constant flow of holidaying guys. Guys with money to spend, take me out for a good time and then when I felt the guy was okay, whatever else that might lead to. All in all, life was pretty damn good.

My present bar was okay, but I knew that the owner was taking advantage of how good I was at my job. Oh yeah, he promoted me to so-called ‘bar manager’ and he did pay me a bit more, but shit! I had to work my ass off, the bastard was never there, just left it all to me, most of the other staff, well, to be honest, they were worse than useless. Yes, they could pull a beer okay and smile nicely while they did it, but brains? No.

Today I really was feeling down in the dumps. Then in walked this guy, I already knew his name was Mike, he owned a bar a little way out of town. A big bar with a restaurant, swimming pool, the works, I’d seen him here a couple of times with my boss.

“Hola Angie, todo bien contigo hoy?” (Hi Angie, all good with you today?)

I told him I was great, even if I didn’t actually feel it. Well you have to, it was habit, but I don’t think my face agreed with my words.

“How’s the job going, you happy?”

Unusual question, I thought, “I’m a bit pissed off if you must know, haven’t seen Carlos for two days, must think I’m stupid or something.” Shit! Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, silly bitch. “Don’t mind me, probably had a few too many last night.

Mike studied me for a minute, then said, “Get us both a drink and fetch them outside to the patio, I’ll see you there,”

Armed with two beers, I joined him outside.

He didn’t mess about, came right out with it. “How would you like to come and work at my place Ange (my nickname), as my bar manager, with better pay than whatever you get here?”

I knew that Mike had one hell of a reputation. Yes, he was married but to a right moody mare from what I heard. He must have been in his late forties maybe even early fifties, but he was in pretty good shape none-the-less. I’d heard that he worked hard, but above all, he was fair with his staff, paid them well, good tips, and they liked him. The girls said, he always tried it on a bit, but never pushed if he didn’t get the right signals in return, and he never tried twice with the same girl. His reputation referred mainly to his keeping a steady number of holiday-makers happy, the female kind of course.

I could deal with that, it was the kind of place I had been waiting for, but never expected to find, then in he walks, and offers it to me. My day suddenly felt much better.

Three months later, and the jobs even better than I expected. Mike was a great guy to work for, well, more with, really. The bar really buzzed, especially in the evenings. Entertainment six nights of the week, Karaoke one night, live singers for three, and Mike did a disco the other two, and he was good, the punters loved him. But even more important, I suppose because I was happy, the customers loved me as well.

Along the way, I’d had some fun with two or three great guys. All in all, it was turning out to be a great season.

This afternoon had been steady, not too busy, just a nice pace. The latest arrivals were in. Flights mostly Sundays and Thursdays you see. Four were round the pool table. One very, and I mean, very, colourful gay boy, and three girls. One of the girls was one of the ugliest girls I’ve ever seen, I almost felt sorry for her, but then again, she did seem happy. Another was just nondescript, not a lot for or against. The last one was kind of fairly pretty, a little over-weight, but not too much. I don’t know why, but it sort of registered that she was sexy rather than pretty. You know, the jumper just a little too tight and skirt a little too short. Yet, in a way, it was more than that. Not sure what it was, but the guys noticed, of that there was no doubt.

I left the bar to collect some glasses. On my way back I heard one of the group comment that she’d never reach her shot without a rest. Now I love my game of pool, so I turned to check out the shot. The girl, the sexy one, was bent half a mile up the table trying to reach. She had one leg high in the air, her other foot, barely touching the ground.

What drew my eyes though, was that her short skirt was riding up way over her ass. Two plump but totally gorgeous bum cheeks on view. More than that was the thong jammed tight up her crevice. As she wiggled her hips a little more onto the table, I actually saw her ass hole several times. I almost dropped the bloody glasses. Fuck! It did look sexy. I saw the gay boy give me a glance and a small knowing smile, so I shot back behind my bar. As I bent to load the dishwasher, I looked over the top of the counter. She was bending over the pool table Bostancı Escort again, and although I was now a bit further away than before, once again the thong was really grabbing my attention.

With a bit of a start, I felt myself flush, “Shit! Ange, you’re checking out a girls ass and knickers, What’s the fuckin’ matter with you?”

The game finished and the show was over. They came and sat at the bar, asked about the entertainment, swimming pool hours and so on. Then with a cheery “See you later,” of they went.

We had a great evening, Mike totally rocked the bar, the punters spent a fortune, while we girls on the bar worked our asses off.

Sexy came up to the bar, “What time does the bar close, Ange?”

“No special time, when Mike feels like it, but he shuts the doors at one AM.”

I could see that Sexy was three parts pissed, looking at my sort of cross-eyed, with her tits resting on the bar top.

“Did you like the show earlier? Toby told me that you were taking a good look at my ass.”

I was thrown, I hadn’t expected that one. “Your ass? No, I was watching you take the shot, it was a difficult one.” I stammered.

“Yeah, alright, pull the other one. Anyway, I don’t mind, you can check out my ass any time you like. That’s why I like my skirt short.” She started to walk away. but then turned back, “What about my thong Ange, nice or what a?” Then she was gone, with an exaggerated wiggle.

“Shit” I felt my pussy tingle, I don’t believe it! I’m getting wet for a fuckin’ girl, this can’t be happening. But somehow it was. I thought that she was most likely only teasing.

A couple of days later, another busy day, the pool nicely packed, ice creams going a bomb, everyone having a good time, I was pleased, best move I’d ever made coming to work here.

Sexy walked in, I saw her right away, well, you would. Her bikini was almost non-existent. All straps and just three tiny patches. Two over her nipples, the other trying to cover her pussy, and almost not doing it. My jaw dropped. Fuck! She looked good. I dragged my eyes away before she clocked me staring.

“Hi Ange, how about you make me a cocktail, whatever you recommend, I don’t mind,” but she looked at the list of what we offered anyway. “A ‘Tits Up’ sounds fun, would it suit me don’t you think?” She actually bounced her tits at me, I waited for the nipples to pop out, they didn’t!

“Coming right up, I’ll bring it out for you, if you’re going out by the pool,” I offered.

“That’s sweet, thank you, Ange,” her eyes sparkling.

Cocktail made, I went out to find her, it was easy, just follow the guys’ eyes and there she was. She took a sip, “Wow, that’s gorgeous, I love it, thanks again, Ange, by the way, I’m calling you Ange but I haven’t told you my name yet, have I?”

“It’s Trish,” I said, “I heard your pals call you by it.”

She looked up at me, “Checking me out again Ange, no sorry, I’m only joking, but hey, while you’re here, could I ask you to put a little lotion on my back for me?” She held a tube out to me.

I squirted some onto my hands, then spread it over her back, at her shoulders, I paused a moment. The tingle was back, more intense this time.

“What’s up Ange, you okay?” Trish asked, looking around at me and grinned.

I felt my face redden as I passed her tube back.

“That did feel nice, thank you,” she said, “I was going to ask you to do the back of my legs, but probably not with all these people about, anyway I know you’re far too busy to be wasting your time on me.”

I had to go to the loo, I needed to wipe my knickers, I could feel that they were probably about to start leaking, I was so wet.

I dropped my jeans and lowered my knickers, they weren’t just wet, they were fuckin’ soaked. I gave them a good rub with the toilet paper, then took some more to wipe my pussy. The first thing I felt was my clit sticking out, and when I looked, it was standing proud, like on guard over my hole. I realised this bloody girl had got me going, I needed to go and find a good looking boy for a decent fuck. That would sort me out!

Some of Mike’s Spanish friends were in that evening. They were a great bunch. One of the guys, Jose, was a Spanish Classical dance student, all the arm waving and stamping feet, he was fantastic, his girlfriend also did a mean Sevilliana.

At one o’clock, Mike had turned most of the lights down and closed the doors. Just the Spanish, a couple of other regulars and Trish with one of her pals.

Jose asked if we could go in the pool for a late dip. Mike did allow this sometimes, but only as long as there was no noise.

So, there we all were clothes off, stripped down to underwear and in the pool. We had a bit of lark about, all good fun. I became aware that Trish just seemed to touch me now and then, a brush against me, or a hand on my arm, accidentally or not? I wondered, but it was quite often. Was she flirting with me?

I stopped in a corner to take a breather. Bostancı Escort Bayan Trish’s head popped up out of the water in front of me, her breasts just touching my own, “Hi Ange, this is fun,” she gave me a quick kiss and was gone again. My lips burned and I was shocked, I even felt embarrassed, I’d never been kissed by a girl before. I climbed the steps from the pool and went to find a towel.

I was drying my hair when a hand landed on my shoulder, instinctively, I knew it would be Trish. “I’m sorry Ange, did that bother you?”

I turned around, I meant to tell her that yes it did bother me, but before I could, she leaned forward and kissed me again, only a brief kiss before she pulled back, looking into my eyes. I froze, my thoughts in a turmoil, this girl was becoming a bloody nuisance.

I raised my hand, meaning to push her away, but before I could she had grabbed hold of them and jammed them to the bra covering her tits. I looked down at them, horrified for a moment, but as she massaged her tits with my hands, I could feel a thrill surge through me.

“Trish, what the fuck are you doing?” I gasped out.

“Ange, it’s time you woke up, admit it to yourself, you know you’ve been getting hot for me ever since you first saw me, I’ve watched you and it was so plain to see.” She paused a second or two, then, “I’m going to tell you something, I’ve never been with a girl before, I just love turning the guys on when I flash my ass, but I found myself feeling so turned on when I knew you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me. You haven’t been with a girl either, have you?”

I just shook my head, I couldn’t speak.

She moved closer, took my hands from her tits and shifted them to her ass, “Ange, I know you love my ass, why don’t you feel it.”

My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own, I felt them grip her cheeks and squeeze. Fuck! They felt nice.

Her tits pressed into mine, her lips came up, and again she kissed me, I could feel her tongue just tracing along my lips, then she pushed, my mouth opened and her tongue dived inside.

I was lost, my body reacted, I was on fire. A feeling of lust gripped me, as I fiercely pulled her to me. She groaned as her arms went around me. Her hands did the same as mine, as I slipped mine inside of her knickers to fondle the bare skin of her ass. I felt her fingers pushing down the cleft between my cheeks until a finger found my little ass hole and she pressed at it.

I pulled my head back from her, “I only live upstairs, you going to wait for me while we clear up?”

“Ange, I’m gonna fuckin’ help you clear up if it gets us upstairs quicker.” One more lingering kiss, and then we dressed.

After the clearing up was done I locked up, and grabbed a halfway decent bottle of wine, putting it on my tab.

Trish took my hand as we climbed the outside stairs to the upper landing, her other hand caressed my ass, as I struggled with the key, I didn’t usually have this trouble but my hands were shaking badly.

I had calmed down a little from my earlier feelings of passion and was now beginning to have doubts. Here I was, about to have sex with a girl, did I truly want that? Or had I just got carried away in the heat of the moment?

Inside, at last, I fetched two glasses and poured the wine. I looked at her as I sipped. God! She was sexy, that I knew. She was sat with her short skirt, ridden up quite high, her legs were superb, and when she flopped back in the chair, I could see her knickers between her thighs. I couldn’t take my eyes off until she spoke.

“Ange, you’re staring.” She spread her knees a little wider, “Is that all you’re going to do? Sit there staring at my pussy, or wouldn’t you like to touch it?”

She stood up and began to strip, never taking her eyes off me. Seductively, she slowly raised her top, angling it, to uncover only one bare breast. When she had dressed, she had taken her bra off. Her breast was larger than mine, by quite a long way. Then she continued up until both breasts were revealed. Oh wow! I thought they are divine, and the nipples, perky and erect, I knew I wanted to feel them.

The top discarded, she unfastened her skirt, a little wiggle of her hips, then down it fell. Fuck! No knickers either! My eyes shot to her pussy, no hair at all, just a long, closed slit. She stood still for a moment, letting me gaze at her body, then she did a slow twirl around, her ass I had seen before when she had the micro bikini on, but now completely naked, it was the total package, and waiting for me.

“Well, do you like what you see?”

I stood on shaky legs and walked towards her, my doubts had evaporated, I just wanted to touch and feel this body being offered to me.

Now only inches away, she put her hands to my top, and taking hold of the hem, she pulled it up and over my head. She went straight to unfasten my bra clip, then she eased the straps down my arms, she paused as it caught on my nipples. She leaned in and kissed the Escort Bostancı tops of my tits, tracing her tongue across the flesh. Her mouth pushed my bra clear and her lips found a nipple. First she bit, then pulled with her teeth, before kissing it tenderly. A groan escaped my lips, as my hands clutched her head and pulled her hard to me.

I felt her hands at the waist of my jeans, the button undone, and then the zipper lowering. Her hand went directly inside, to cup my crotch. Her fingers traced my pussy through the material, then pressed into me. I could feel my pussy tingling, as my body responded to her touch. I groaned again, louder, this time.

“You’re very wet down here, you know.”

Then she was pushing my jeans and knickers down together. She bent down to ease my ankles free, then stayed where she was, peering between my legs.

“The first one I’ve ever seen, Ange, it’s so beautiful.” Her head came forward, her lips kissing my prominent pussy lips. Her hands gripped my ass and she wiggled her head, her lips mashing hard. She pushed her tongue out, easing my lips apart until she slid it around inside, exploring me. Upwards she licked before a jolt hit me, her tongue teased at my clit. Again, I clutched her head, “Fuck Trish, that feels good.”

I saw her eyes look up at me, then the warmth of her lips encased me, and she sucked, her eyes still glued to mine. Her tongue teased, the sensations were the most intense I had ever experienced. I felt my legs shaking, then her hands were sliding up them. not to steady me, because they continued up, one going between my thighs to grab my ass, the other to explore at my pussy. Fingers pushed into me, sliding deep, to start wanking in and out. I was going to Heaven, my body reacting to her touch, the feelings surging through me.

Still, her eyes were locked on mine. Her head came away from me for a second, “Cum for me, Ange, I so want to make you cum.”

Her words were the catalyst, I ground my pussy to her face, trying to drive my clit into her mouth. My body shivered, then I was leaning over her as the climax ripped through me. The longest orgasm I’d ever known shook me, I thought I would fall but somehow she held me until I began to come down from my high. Tears filled my eyes, I was bloody crying!

A hand tapped my back, bringing me back to reality. Looking down, I realised I still had her head clasped hard to my pussy.

She took a deep breath as she stood, then she raised her hand to my lips, pushing a finger in between, “Taste,” she said, “it’s you and it’s gorgeous.”

I pulled her to me until our lips met, and we kissed, a long and passionate kiss.

“Ange, please take me to bed.”

I needed a quick slurp of wine first, I was still in recovery mode. Now Trish wouldn’t leave my side, playing with my tits, even as I drank.

I took her offered hand, “Come on lover, let’s go and play some more.” I said to her.

She sat on the bed, I pushed her to lay on her back, legs dangling over the side, then I crawled on top of her, my mouth aiming for those beautiful large tits of hers. No messing about, I jammed my thigh down on her pussy, as my lips found a nipple.

Having now come to terms with the situation, I was feeling more my usual self, that is, in control. It’s more my style.

Her nipple was stiff, jutting between my lips, I revelled in my sucking at it. God! How come I’d missed this all these years. I could hear her moaning softly, her eyes closed. She had one hand holding my head, the other gripping the pillow by her shoulder. I felt her hips pushing up to my pressing thigh, I could feel the wet coming from her as she ground her pussy against my leg.

“Ange, eat me for fuck’s sake!”

I didn’t mess about, no trail of kisses, I simply dived down to her. I had to taste my first pussy, I needed to see inside that narrow slit of hers.

I gave her slit a quick kiss, then with my fingers I eased the slit open, she did have lips in there, they were hidden until you opened her, I feasted my eyes.

Then, “Ange!”

My tongue darted out and I sunk it down in between the lips.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck that’s good, Ange.”

I licked at her hole, and as I pulled it wide, her legs lifted to rest on my shoulders, now I could see deep inside, every detail, where her pee came from, but most of all, her little clit just showing under its hood. I moved my tongue until I could tease at the small button and was rewarded as it began to appear. I kept on teasing, sometimes licking, then sucking at it, all the time I could feel her arousal increasing.

I pushed my fingers between her labia, first two and then I added a third, it was tight inside there but her wetness eased the way. Her hips lifted to meet them, urging me ever deeper.

“Fuck me, Ange, fuck my pussy hard please.”

I plunged in and out as fast as I could, my mouth still working at her clit. Between gasps, I could hear her mumbling although I had no idea what she said. My spare hand found her ass hole, I let a finger circle and press, it was wet from the juices running from her pussy, so when I pressed a bit harder, I felt her hole begin to open to me. Then with a final push, I was inside her ass, my finger sinking deeper. She wailed, “Shit! When my finger, twisted in her, and then it was as deep as I could reach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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