Angry Sex

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Somehow I knew that you would head south on Highway 1. South… you always headed south when you were angry. It was inky dark and raining hard when I saw the sign for Key Largo. I drove along the water and passed five seedy motels before I caught your car in the nearly empty parking lot. Along the row of white washed rooms, I saw there was only one with a light on behind its torn curtain. I thought about calling you. I thought about what you said nearly five hours before. You said forever.

Is five hours forever? I guess it was time to find out.

I sloshed up to the door. I had left in such a hurry that all I was wearing were my faded grey jeans and a black tee. God, only in south Florida does it rain like this and actually feel good. It was only three steps, and I was already soaked through.

I walked up to the door, trying to think of something to say. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind, first among them being, Fuck you very much! Fuck you for leaving, for making me worry. For not listening. But there was another thought right behind that one, and it was Baby….baby, please? Right before I knocked on the door another thought crossed my mind. What were you wearing right now? I reached out and stopped cold. The door was open just a crack. I could hear your voice.

“He is such a bastard! I hate him and I hope that Escort Bayan he drops dead.” I heard your phone click shut and then nothing but silence. I pushed on the door and it swung halfway open. There you were, still wearing only the white button down shirt that you had on when you left. You looked up, the phone still in your hand. Your face was tear-streaked, your mascara a smeary mess. Your mouth dropped open when you saw me.

We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. I walked over to you and held out my hand. You looked at it like it was something that had crawled up from the bottom of the ocean, something you had never seen before. Finally you reached out and placed your hand in mine and I leaned over and kissed your palm. Then I pulled you up until you were standing in front of me. Somehow, it started raining harder outside and there was a flashbulb pop of lightning. I started walking back towards the door and you let me lead you, still with that incredulous look on your face. I gently pulled you out the door, and you followed like you were in a trance. I would have given anything to know what you were thinking right at that moment. In seconds we were both soaked. I took your chin in my right hand and turned your face up to the rain. With my left hand I washed away the streaks of makeup. You tilted Escort your head back more and let the rain wash your hair back from your face. There was one more flash of light and then the rain stopped, like a faucet being turned off, suddenly down to a drizzle. You were trembling. We still had not said a word to each other.

I took you in my arms and held you against my chest. I loved the smell of you, your wet hair, the remains of your fragrance. Tears were streaming down my face as I held you tightly against me. I turned your face toward mine and kissed you. We remained locked together until you suddenly backed away and slapped me hard across the face. Your eyes were flashing with anger, with fear.

I didn’t move. I just stared into those eyes. You suddenly rushed back to me and your hands were on my face, then in my hair. You kissed me fiercely. I tasted blood as you bit my lip. At that moment I would have killed for you; I was yours again. I tried to unbutton your shirt but it wouldn’t go, finally just ripping off the sodden cloth, and now that it was free I pulled it over your head. I could hear you moan as I pulled you hard against me, your hands shearing at the buttons on my jeans. One, two popped open and the heavy jeans slid down over my hips. My lips were all over your face, your chest, kissing and licking Bayan Escort and sucking the warm water from your skin. My hands reached behind you, sliding down and squeezing your ass as I lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around my hips and my erection pulsed beneath you as we kissed.

My cock slid into you and you raked your hands down my back as you tried to pull yourself in closer. We lowered as I knelt in the muddy grass beside the walk outside your door, your legs remaining locked around my hips. Your heels were embedded into my thighs, your hips thrusting hard as you slammed into me again, over and over. I stayed on my knees. The look on your face was intense; angry, yet filled with lust. You were in complete control as you lay in the mud and puddles below me. We were working harder and faster every passing moment. You reached up and grabbed my hair and pulled me on top of you and continued to gyrate your hips against me. There was something new about this. This was angry sex.

Your hips were moving so fast, sliding up and down my throbbing cock. You were screaming, telling me you hated me, telling me you wanted me. Your face pressed hard against my shoulder and I could feel your teeth again. You bit into me as we both screamed as I could feel your body shudder beneath me with an electrifying orgasm. It was too much for me to bear, and you were still squeezing and pulsating around my cock as I exploded into you.

As I collapsed into your arms, I felt your hands turn my head, my ear pressing against your lips. You whispered, “You fucker… I hate you”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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