Animal Instinct Ch. 06

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Mr. Black wrapped up his ‘disrobing’ experiments and moved on to the next phase — one-on-one interviews with students and faculty that he chose randomly.

The basic questions were very simple and straightforward: “If you and a person you didn’t know, of the sex you are attracted too, were in a room naked together, would you feel compelled to engage in sex with that person?” The overwhelming majority of answers was “no, I would not feel compelled to have sex with that person.”

“If it was a scientific experiment, and you were encouraged to act out your feelings, would you feel compelled to have sex with that person?” Again, the overwhelming majority said, “no, I would not feel compelled to have sex with that person.

“If there was an observer present, would you have sex with the person who was naked?” An even higher majority said, “no.”

There were more questions, but the answers were the same, almost everyone thought having sex of any kind in those situations was preposterous. And yet in the disrobing experiments, of which there were twenty, Nineteen of them ended with sex of some kind, seventeen with full coital penetration. The only one that didn’t result in sex was Vice Chancellor James, due to her lack of comfort as an administrator in that situation. The experiment did continue at her home however, resulting in sex but not the official kind for the study.

Mr. Black published his research and the school was proud of it, even though it drew some criticism from some circles as too controversial a subject. Vice Chancellor James was pleased that it was published, because it drew attention to the school and its psychology department. She had also become something of a ‘sex research’ groupie, regularly reading up on the subject.

A celebration was planed at the James’ household, with Mr. Black as the honored guest. Despite the best of intentions, he hadn’t been back there since Mrs. James’ birthday, when her own part of the research experiment reached its ‘both holes filled’ climax. She had encouraged him to bring a friend the next time he stopped by, so as his date for the evening he brought an open minded woman named Jayla. Her last name was never given.

Jayla was a dark brown skinned black eyed beauty from Montreal, long legged and lean, with a big shock of nappy hair that surrounded her head like a bleached-blonde halo. She wore thin, black framed glasses on her face and not much else, her dress being the briefest of wispy things — thin, shimmery fabric that draped over her curves like a wet tissue. Her high-heeled shoes were off as soon as she walked through the door, and one quickly got the impression there was absolutely nothing under her tiny wisp of a dress but skin.

Mrs. James was dressed in her own alluring finery, a ‘little black dress’ with a difference — long sleeves of see-through lace, an open back and a beautiful lace detail at the hem. It hugged her slightly plump womanliness with a vigor, her lovely tits oozing upward and looking delicious. With her to greet Jayla and Mr. Black was Mrs. Davis. As Mrs. James’ assistant in the office for many years the two had become close friends, and Mrs. Davis was eager to get to know the handsome Mr. Black better, after admiring him at the school from afar. She also had on a little cocktail dress, deep blue with a diagonal swath of silvery blue across the chest and up over one shoulder. Her husband and Mr. James brought up the rear, dressed in their finest suits, hands extended for greetings all around.

As the cocktails flowed tongues and ties loosened. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. James let their high-heels slip off their stockinged feet. The sound of a richly burnished trumpet mingled with the conversation and laughter — Dizzy Gillespie provided the soundtrack to a slow six-way seduction.

“Mr. Black, can I interest you in participating in an experiment?” Mrs. James asked. She took a larger than normal sip of her martini, letting the elixir slip slowly down her throat.

“Why yes Mrs. James,” he said. “Men of science can never get enough of that kind of thing, looking into the new, the different.”

He glanced at Mrs. Davis when he said it, her eyes flaring for a split second, her face registering excitement tempered by uncertainty.

Mrs. James caught her eye and nodded at her friend. Mrs. Davis’s eyes flared again, with even more excitement. She blushed as she stood up from Betturkey the brown leather couch, straightening her little dress nervously.

“It seems we have a volunteer,” Mrs. James said. “If you’d both disrobe please, we can proceed.”

Mrs. Davis had less to take off, so she let Mr. Black get a head start on her while she watched. There was also the state of her nerves — this would be her first foray into any kind of recreational sex outside of her bedroom. She and her husband had had a very normal ‘white bread’ sex life. Married for a little over twenty years, they did the usual in bed — missionary, girl on top, oral on special occasions. She had been taken from behind, doggie style, only once, before she was married. She loved it, and the hazy memory of it sometimes came back to her, but she always felt awkward bringing it up to her husband, so she never did.

At a ‘girls day out’ of shopping and lunch two weeks before, she had gotten her good friend Mrs. James to break her silence about what had happened that day at Mr. Black’s experiment, and also what had happened at the James household during the birthday celebration. She was shocked but intrigued, and as the conversation between the two women went on that day she knew her own sex life had to improve.

That night, as she made love to her husband, she took the top position. Unlike their routine however, she sat up and rode him like a cowgirl. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of her big tits bouncing freely, and when her husband’s hands came up and took hold of the wildly flailing orbs she lost her mind in the best orgasm of her life. New was indeed better.

In the two weeks leading up to the party at the James’, she had discussed things with her husband they had never talked about before, and tried things they had never tried before. It was a whirlwind of nightly sex and frank discussions about fantasies. She was very nervous when she brought up the subject of having sex with other people, but her husband surprised her when he told her of his fantasy of watching another man fuck her. It took a few days to process her thoughts. As that was happening Mrs. James told her of her desire to invite Mr. Black to a party to celebrate his paper being published. Mrs. Davis knew she wanted to be there. It was a deep feeling that she couldn’t seem to regulate. Instinct, she guessed.

The lights in the James’ living room were low, and Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue was on the stereo as Mr. Black’s shirt came off. Mrs. Davis couldn’t quite believe the enormity of his powerful chest and shoulders, his smooth, dark, almost black skin so different from her husbands thin, pale body. As Mr. Black’s hands went to his belt, Mrs. James stocking covered toe touched Mrs. Davis’s leg, reminding her it was time to get on with it.

She nervously reached behind herself, lowered the zipper on her little dress, and let the blue fabric loosen it’s grip on her petite, curvy body. She looked down at her tits, much more visible from above with the dress loose, and a shot of warm air exhaled through her nose. As Mr. Black’s nicely pressed pants came off, revealing the massive lump in his silk boxer shorts, she swooped the dress off her shoulder and let it fall, guided down by her trembling hand.

Mrs. James took the dress from her, smoothing it over the arm of the big leather couch as Mrs. Davis stood nervously. Wearing nothing but thigh-high stockings and lacy panties, her body was on display as never before. Her tits looked fairly massive out in the open, too big for her short stature but balanced reasonably well by her full, round ass and voluptuous belly. It was a smooth voluptuousness, with no fat rolls to grab the eye and disrupt the flow of her womanly curves. Most eye grabbing at the moment were the goosebumps that seemed to cover every inch of her, and the huge three-inch diameter areolas framing rock hard nipples that stuck out nearly an inch. For a small woman she certainly sported magnificent breasts.

Mr. Black took notice, and when he nonchalantly removed his boxer shorts his cock was rising, the massive shaft as big around as her lovely areolas and twice as long as her husbands.

“Good Lord!” Mrs. Davis said under her breath.

“You can leave your stockings on dear,” Mrs. James said to her friend, gesturing to the panties she still needed to remove.

She took them off and Mrs. James took Betturkey Giriş them from her, putting them to her nose and inhaling their scent deeply. Mrs. Davis was shocked as she watched it happen, and more so when they got passed around, everyone inhaling her scent into their lungs.

“Very sweet,” Jayla said in her thick French-Canadian accent after her sniff, kissing the air in Mrs. Davis’s direction.

Mrs. Davis felt like she was deep into a dream. Standing with her body on full display in front of a group of people who were sniffing her panties as they sipped cocktails and listened to jazz — it was beyond extraordinary.

“Mrs. Davis, please focus on Mr. Black and tell us your feelings, your instincts,” Mrs. James said with a smirky smile.

Mr. Black was delighted with how Mrs. James had turned the tables on his experiments, and he stood silently, his cock almost fully engorged but lowered a bit from the nearly erect state it was in when Mrs. Davis removed her dress.

“My feelings? Is this how it was?” Mrs. Davis said to Mrs, James. “My goodness, be careful what you wish for I guess.” She turned to face Mr. Black, who was standing with perfect posture, his hands clasped loosely behind his ass. “My Feelings. I’m quite astonished at my colleague’s physique, truth be told. I’ve seen him clothed so many times. So handsome always, in the halls of the school. Polite. A gentleman of the first order. Now, stripped bare, I see that he’s…a specimen worthy of further study,” she giggled. “Does that sound scientific enough? It is rather fun, keeping this scientific, isn’t it?”

She smiled at her husband on the big couch, and noticed for the first time Jayla’s hand on his thigh. The tiny wisp of a dress was barely covering the woman’s long brown legs, smooth and sleek even without stockings.

“Mr. Black, your feelings please,” Mrs. James said.

“A specimen worthy of further study…I’d have to agree with that, speaking of Mrs. Davis of course. Her arousal is quite delightful. I had know idea her breasts were as wonderful as I now know them to be. I’m afraid Mrs. Davis, your clothes will never again be able to hide them from my mind’s eye.”

“Please Mrs. Davis,” Mrs. James said with a smirk, “would you act out whatever instincts you have, in the interest of science and education of course.”

“Yes, well, my instinct is to be a filthy girl in front of everybody, more so than I ever thought I would. My husband and I just discovered…well, may I show you Mr. Black?”

She took his hand and positioned him on his back on the thick oriental rug, swung her leg over his head, lowered her pussy to his mouth and took his monster cock in both her hands. As the first pleasure wave washed over her from the big man’s tongue, her body responded by lowering as if in slow motion until the huge cock filled her moaning, salivating mouth. Right there in the middle of her best friend’s living room floor, with four fully-clothed people watching, Mrs. Davis slowly lost her mind.

Mr. Black’s tongue was extraordinarily well practiced, driving Mrs. Davis to uncharted territory as she savored the taste and feeling of a big cock filling her mouth beyond belief. There was no possibility of her taking the whole thing, she wasn’t even a beginner deep-throat artist, but she stuffed all she could of the huge thing into her ravenous mouth, taking it at every angle she could think of, her stringy saliva coating the thick brown shaft to its base, where both her hands were hard at work on the lower five or six inches.

“Ffuucck!” she squealed as her pleasure wave built.

Her back arched as she said it, raising her up into a spasming orgasm. Both her hands stroked the big cock until her brain dissolved and she lost all motor control, Mr. Black taking her on a soaring, mile-high ride into a new world.

On the couch things had shifted a bit. Mr. Davis was kissing Mrs. James, his hand squeezing the big tits that were spilling out of her dress, hard nipples now on display. Jayla’s attention had gone to Mr. James, who’s hand was under the wispy fabric of her dress, putting the lower half of her on display and answering the underwear question once and for all — there was none.

“Fuck me with your suit on baby,” Jayla said to him.

She took out his cock and straddled him, whisking the diaphanous dress off over her head as she settled Betturkey Güncel Giriş down on his hardness.

As Mrs. Davis’s mind came back into focus she saw the scene — her husband’s cock in her best friend’s mouth, and Mr. James being fucked by an insanely sexy black woman. She knew her life had changed. She also knew she needed to have Mr. Black’s rock-hard cock inside her. Without really knowing how it happened she was on her knees, facing the orgy on the couch, with a cock bigger and harder than any she’d ever imagined cleaving open her insides.

Once again lost in a swirling, mind-altering reality, she started to cum when the massive thing was only halfway inside her. Her body jerked and her eyes rolled, Mr. Black holding her in position with his powerful hands on her hips. A seemingly never ending, chain-reaction orgasm wracked her womanly body as his deliciously smooth thrusting took him closer to her core. Way way down, deep inside the petite woman, the big head of the slippery cock was touching her very soul.

It all happened so quickly and overwhelmingly she hadn’t made much of a sound, just gurgling breaths that sounded like they were forced out of her as the big cock displaced her organs. Of course it wasn’t such a violent, medically impossible thing, but it was ridiculously carnal and almost animal in its intensity. The big man fucked the little woman for all she was worth, and she loved every second of it.

Finally, in the midst of yet another wave of orgasm, she started to scream. There were no intelligible words, just a stream of loud, guttural vocalizations. Mr. Davis was stripped and ready to fuck Mrs. James in her favorite position bent over the back of the couch, but his wife’s wails stopped them and they watched in fascination as she was fucked senseless on the floor.

After a few moments observing the scene, Mr. Davis slipped his nice cock into his wife’s best friend and tried to give as good as Mr. Black was. Mrs. James eyes rolled as his hands found her pendulous tits.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Jayla said with a chuckley laugh as she rode Mr. James hard amid the debauchery.

Mrs. James was thrilled at how her first attempt at throwing a ‘sex party’ was going. She had a strange and wonderful cock in her, one that belonged to a man she had long found attractive. She was watching her husband fuck an exotic beauty, his shirt open as the sexy woman ground her bare pussy on him. And best of all, her best friend was getting ripped to shreds, in the most pleasurable kind of way, by the massive black cock both of them dreamt about. Mr. Black had certainly brought excitement into the James’ household.

When Mrs. Davis’s never-ending multiple orgasms finally burned themselves out she was a mess. Limp and barely able to control her movements, she somehow was able to turn the tables and suck on the big cock that had ravaged her. Still reeling from the intensity of pleasure she had never known before, with her hair stuck to her sweaty face, she slobbered up the brown popsicle, worshiping it like it was something otherworldly.

Her husband’s doggie style fuck with Mrs. James didn’t last long, the poor guy overwhelmed by his first ‘swinger’ sex. Mrs. James loved the effort but was unsatisfied, so she boldly walked around the couch and mounted Mr. Black as he lay on the thick oriental rug. She had longed to be filled again by the big cock ever since her birthday, and she sunk down on it with a deep moan. The intensity of the birthday experience rushed back to her and an orgasm Mr. Davis had primed washed over her like a warm wave.

As she was riding the monster things switch up on the couch. Mr. James took Mrs. Davis doggie style over the back of the couch, and Mr. Davis buried his head in Jayla’s sweet tasting pussy. The music had switched up too — a different, flowing, rhythmic vibe was in the air courtesy of Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto. The smooth Latin rhythms seemed to float through the room, elevating the glorious sex to an even higher plane.

Later in the night the wonderful orgy of delights ended with the three women on the couch, entwined in the first ‘same sex’ experience of the two older women’s lives, guided by the very experienced Jayla. They all took each other to wonderful, beautiful orgasms to cap off the evening as the three men sat and watched, sipping their cocktails. It was truly a magical night.

“Here’s to instinct, research, and learning new things,” Mrs. James said raising her glass for a toast. “Life is such a wonderful thing, it would be a shame if we didn’t explore the new, the strange.”

“Hear hear!” the others all said, raising their glasses. “To education!”

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