Ann: A Love Story Ch. 49

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I pressed down on the shutter, making the camera take a couple of pictures in a row, but my face pulled away from the viewfinder to stare at Ann with my own eyes. Hers eyes were fixed, showing their excitement as she looked at me. Mine were blinking, trying to make sense of what they saw. I was sure our guests heard the thud of my jaw hitting the floor in shock and elated surprise.

Behind me was Todd, the handsome voyeur who’d stumbled upon the two of us because I had neglected to close the door to our room. I had been too busy looking at Ann as she removed her robe for me. Todd also got an eyeful as he strolled by the open door. And now, as he stood in the doorway getting even more of one, he moaned loudly.

Standing beside him was his beautiful wife Gracie, who had stumbled upon the THREE of us, because her husband hadn’t returned to their room when she thought he should have. So she came looking for him.

And she found a lot more as she looked at Ann, saying, “Wow…that is soooo…”

“HOT!” I said, finishing Gracie’s sentence for her. And it was.

I started grinning from ear to ear as Ann let out a little laugh and said, “Tell me baby…can you see it now?”


Ann was standing near the bathroom door of our room at the spectacular Bed and Breakfast she’d booked us in near downtown Sacramento. She was naked, playing with her nipples as I watched, along with an attractive older couple that had happened to stumble upon us by accident. Ann had removed her robe as we walked in the door of our room, and I was so taken by her near naked form that I had forgotten to shut the door.

Todd, a dashing gentleman in his late 50’s, had noticed Ann’s backside as he walked past our open door towards his own room. At the time, she was wearing just a bright yellow g-string, and it didn’t cover anything from the angle that he had seen her. Instead, she looked totally naked. Todd stopped in his tracks, like any red blooded male with a pulse would have done, and Ann ended up showing him her bare tits by doing a little 360 degree spin on her yellow pumps.

After that, she stripped out of her thong, and asked me to get the camera. That’s when I noticed that Gracie, Todd’s stunning platinum blond wife, had joined us. She wasn’t a true blond…I was pretty sure her hair color was done at an expensive salon. But that didn’t stop her from acting the part; that of being a blond now having more fun. That point was proven when Ann had stopped the little show she was putting on out of concern of Gracie being there and not knowing how she would react. Gracie insisted that Ann continue, knowing she was eventually going to be the one enjoying the benefits of the hard cock that Ann was creating inside Todd’s tailored pants.

So Ann went on with her little show, bending over and exposing herself to the couple standing in the open doorway that led to the hall outside our room. Of course, Ann was more that willing to go on with the exhibitionist fantasy that was becoming more of a lifestyle with each passing day. And, she was showing herself to me, so that I could take pictures…something that seemed to shock Gracie.

When Ann finally turned around to face us all, she had held her hands low over her crotch, using her arms to push her perfect little breasts together, making them fuller and perkier, if it was possible for them to more perky than they usually were. She’d told me to get the camera ready, and the way she said it made me think she was going to strike another amazingly acrobatic pose. Instead, I got one of the best shocks of my life.


Ann looked hotter than I had ever seen her. And as I thought of that, I realized that she had pulled off what I didn’t think could happen. We’d had a conversation earlier in the day, and I’d told her that she was already the hottest woman on the planet to me…so trying to improve on that was not only unnecessary, it was impossible. She had obviously looked upon that as some kind of challenge. And when it came to Ann, and challenges, she rarely fell short of whatever mark she was shooting for.

“Wow…she matches me!” Gracie said as she stared at Ann.

“Upstairs…yes,” Todd said with a wicked little laugh.

“Well I never would have thought to have Ellen do the downstairs too,” Gracie giggled. “Now don’t you wish you had?” Todd said grinning at his wife. She just nodded as she continued to stare at Ann.

Ann wasn’t looking at her new admirers. She was looking at me, and she was looking for an answer to her question. “So?” she said, her smile wavering between somewhat confident and slightly nervous.

“Ann, that is the hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen. YES I can see it! And it’s so fucking HOT!”

Ann had done exactly what she said she was going to do when she went into the bathroom a couple of hours before. She had colored her hair. She just left out the part that she was coloring her pubic hair, instead of the beautiful brown long, escort ankara curly tresses that framed her angelic face. Ann kept a neatly trimmed ‘landing strip’ about three quarters of an inch wide, running from the top of her pussy to her bikini line. I’d fallen in love with it the first time I saw it. And I’d told Ann I never wanted her to shave it.

But while the soft brown curls were enticingly noticeable when she’d had tan lines during her trip to Indiana, the three plus months of tanning without a bikini while we were apart had given Ann a deep bronze tan all over her body. And in doing so, it had made the strip of hair I’d grown to lust over blend in with her body. It was like camouflage, hidden against Ann’s skin.

But now, it was lit up like an actual landing strip at night. Ann had chosen to color her hair a similar shade of blond to what Gracie had selected for the beautiful locks on her head. Against Ann’s dark skin, the light colored hair seemed to come alive. I couldn’t wait to see it up close.

Ann must have had the same thought, because she walked over towards where I was standing. She stopped ten feet or so from me, at the foot of the antique four poster bed. Lifting her right foot up, she placed it on a large wooden storage trunk that was up against the footboard. She held her right leg out from her body at a ninety degree angle, opening her hips to spread herself as much as she could in that position. She had her left hand on her hip, making her look confident. Her right hand rested on her right thigh, near her groin, as if she was pointing with her fingers to where all of our eyes were going anyway.

Lifting the camera back up, I got down on my knees where I was and turned the zoom to get a close up of Ann’s new look. I groaned from my cock being so snug in my shorts, which made it difficult to move. But I carried on, taking a couple of photos. Then, from my position, I turned the camera quickly toward Todd and Gracie.

Gracie looked startled at first, while Todd grinned. I moved my head to the side for a second to make eye contact, and said, “Would you be offended if I took a picture of the two of you? We’d like to remember the moment, and you’ve been a wonderful part of it.”

Ann spoke up and said, “Please,” quietly, while she started playing with her pussy. Gracie looked up at Todd, who shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “Why not,” he said to his wife, “What harm could it do?”

Gracie turned toward me, and they stood in the doorway holding each other like the perfect couple. Todd’s arm went around Gracie’s shoulder, and she hugged him tightly at the waist. She was beaming, the perfect compliment to Todd’s confident smile. I took a couple of photos, and then turned back to take one of Ann fingering her pussy.

I was surprised that Todd was the one that decided they should take their leave. “We should let them have their privacy, Gracie. I’m sure we’re only getting in the way now.”

I wasn’t going to say anything. After all, it was Ann’s night. She’d set everything up, and while them being in our doorway was a wildcard, I half expected her to ask them to stay. Not that I thought she’d invite them into our bed with us…but the way Ann was frigging herself, I couldn’t rule that out either. But since I’d already told Ann I had no interest in sharing her, if she was to ask them, it would likely just be to watch.

Instead of asking them to stay, Ann simply said, “Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Gracie chuckled and said, “We certainly did, Ann. And I think I’m going to enjoy what you just started for us this evening. Come on, dear…let’s go make love.”

Todd kissed his wife, and they left, closing the door for us. I turned back to Ann, who shrugged her shoulders and gave me a sexy little grin.

“You really did enjoy that, didn’t you,” I said as I put the camera on the trunk next to Ann’s foot.

“Yes I did. But now it’s time for me to give you something to enjoy.”


If Ann’s goal was to get me to relax, she had certainly pulled out all the stops to do it. I don’t think I’d ever been more relaxed in my life. I was sitting in a huge antique soaking tub…the kind with the claw feet. And to be more precise, I was soaking in a very hot bubble bath. The room was filled with dozens of candles, which were providing the only light. Ann also had incense burning. Between the burning candles, the incense, and Ann’s special perfume, my nostrils were being filled with a wonderful array of intoxicating aromas.

My eyes were closed as I enjoyed an amazing massage from Ann. She was sitting behind me, outside the tub on a little stool, and she was using her hands to knead my shoulders and upper arms. Every once in a while, she would lean forward, letting her hands run down my chest, bringing her naked breasts against my upper back.

In the background was the music. Ann had turned on a radio, and had found a soft jazz station. It seemed sincan escort that all of my senses were being soothed as she pampered me in her own special way. The sounds of Ann breathing near my ear made me tingle. It was like I was in some Japanese bathhouse, and she was my own personal Geisha girl, tending to my every possible need.

I remembered commenting to Ann when I first saw the big tub in her house that I hadn’t taken a bath in years. Now I was in the midst of yet another one, and it was a bubble bath no less. A stray thought of a box of Mr. Bubble from my youth crossed my mind. But I quickly shook those childhood memories out of my head as Ann reached down in the water and massaged my abdomen, creeping closer and closer to my crotch with her talented fingers. If I had known I could get a bath like that when I was a young teenager, I may have never started taking showers to begin with.

As the water began to cool, Ann pulled her hands back and stood up quietly. She left me in the bathroom, the clicking of her heels telling me she was walking away from me and into the bedroom, returning a short while later as she appeared at the side of the tub. She reached her hand into the water to open the drain, and then she motioned for me to stand up as she grabbed a big, fluffy white towel. As I got out, Ann knelt before me, drying my body from bottom to top. She worked lovingly, but silently, a gentle smile on her face as she took her time, carefully avoiding my raging hard on.

Once I was dry, Ann took me by the hand and led me to the queen sized bed. There were a dozen more candles lit, along with more incense. The radio continued to play, but she turned it down, since we were now in the room that it was in. And Ann also had taken the time to turn down the bed all the way, so that there was just the fitted, silky sheet awaiting us.

She had me lie on my stomach, and she proceeded to give me a full body massage, starting with my upper back, and working her way down my torso. Her fingers were magic, and I could feel any tension I may have had left draining from me. It was sexy and therapeutic at the same time. I couldn’t imagine going to a spa and having a better experience. The fact that I was getting that kind of treatment from someone I loved only made the whole thing more amazing.

She worked out the kinks in my thighs and lower legs, before concentrating her efforts on my ass. The way her fingers moved as she hovered over my body both relaxed me, and had me getting harder and hornier by the moment. Ann finally had me turn over, and I got to see her sweet smile as she went to work on my chest and shoulders. I looked down, staring at the golden velvet strip of pubic hair she’d colored just an hour or so before. My cock lurched a little, and she grinned, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she just moved her body so that she could continue her work, and yet give me an even better view.

I wondered how she knew I wanted a better look, but then again, I had been rather obvious in my stares…and my groans. Ann finished my upper body, and twisted hers to give herself better access to my legs, and in doing so, she moved her leg, straddling my head. I was staring up at Ann’s pussy for the briefest of moments before she crawled a little lower down my body to work on my thighs. She rested her ass on my stomach with her back to me, inches from my crotch, and cutting off my view of her new ‘hairdo’ in the process.

Ann lingered there for a while, finishing her work. I could feel the wetness of her pussy against the skin of my stomach, but she resisted the urge to hurry, or skip any area she felt needed her special touch. I admired her patience, and I was frankly a little surprised at my own at that point. It seemed like days since Ann started the process of helping me relax, and getting me turned on…yet, it was perfect. It was more than perfect. It was extraordinary.

Ann turned around, her pussy hovering over my throbbing cock. Leaning forward, she put her hands next to my body on the bed, and she lowered her face to mine, taking my mouth like it was a possession. My hands found her rib cage, and they moved gently up her sides until my thumbs found the fleshy underside of her tits. Ann moaned in my mouth as she nibbled and bit at my lips. Breaking off, she sat back down, moving her hands to my chest.

She was resting on my thighs, playing with my nipples for a moment as she stared at me. The candles were reflecting off Ann’s irises; the corners of her mouth upturned in a sexy, contented grin. I glanced down at her lower body, but my throbbing fat cock and balls hid her golden strip. She giggled, and slowly lifted herself, dragging her pussy across my ball sack until she sat down on my shaft, pressing it against my abdomen.

Ann moved her hips left and right, shifting her body, using my prick to split the folds of her pussy. After some sexy maneuvering, her pussy lips were gripping my cock like a suction cup. demetevler escort Ann cooed as she settled in, her clit protruding as she leaned forward just a little. I smiled as I looked at her pubic hair, lined up perfectly with my shaft. She knew I was watching, and she slowly moved forward.

Ann started rocking her hips, rubbing her wet pussy all over my rigid cock. It was anything but a dry hump. It was a wet one, and it dawned on me that Ann had never touched my erection with her hands. She’d steered clear, not even touching my cock when she dried me off. She was completing my full body massage by using her pussy to do the final part of my body that needed stroked and stimulated. I couldn’t believe how slick my cock was getting. Ann’s cunt was soaked, and she easily slipped back and forth along my shaft like she was riding on some kind of rail. My eyes locked on to her blond bush and her hard clit as she moved back and forth slowly, grinding her pelvis as she forced her body down harder onto me.

Ann closed her eyes and picked up the pace, going faster and faster as she increased the pressure on her clit. I grimaced a little as she dug her beautiful yellow nails into my chest. She wasn’t scratching me, but she was leaving indentations where her sharp talons had been. It hurt, and at the same time, it felt incredible. The faster Ann rocked her hips, the more she started panting. She was using my shaft to masturbate herself on, and I knew she was getting close to exploding.

“Uuunnnnnhhhhhh!” Ann squeaked, her body shaking as she coated my cock. I felt the warm fluid washing over my shaft a she kept grinding her clit back and forth over it.

Then she collapsed, falling onto me in a limp, damp heap. I held her tight as her tits pressed into me. Ann had worked hard, her back already slick with sweat. I kissed her neck, licking and nibbling at the tender area behind her ear. She moaned as she took a deep breath, trying to calm her heartbeat, which I could feel pounding against my chest.

With me licking her ear, Ann moaned once more, and started rocking her ass back and forth again. She was making longer strokes along my shaft, going from the very base of my cock, all the way to the tip. And that had me moaning. Ann giggled and sat up a little, staring me in the eyes. There was a look of determination on her face, and she rocked a couple more times, until she finally slipped all the way off the tip of my cock. With Ann coming off my prick for the first time in like ten minutes, it sprang up, bobbing up and down for a moment until it settled.

I thought at first she’d just gone too far and accidentally let my cock slip out from under her; and that she was going to lift herself up and get back on top of my shaft. Instead, Ann moved her knees up my sides a little, her shoes touching my thighs, and she rotated her hips to line herself up. She quickly shoved her body backwards, impaling her pussy over my cock. I let out a loud groan as I felt her warm, wet cunt enveloping me.

“Mmmmm,” Ann hummed as she started rocking her hips back and forth, this time, actually fucking me.

I reached up again and grabbed Ann’s tits from underneath, my thumbs flicking back and forth across her rubbery nubs. Ann hissed a little, and she sat back to give me better access to her chest. Her hands went to her the back of her head, elbows pointing out to the sides as she dug her fingers into her thick hair. Yet she continued to hop up and down on my shaft, showing off her incredible athleticism. Sure, I was providing her some balance by playing with her tits, but when I took my hands away for a moment, it proved it didn’t matter. Ann was able to fuck me without her hands supporting her, riding me just as deep and just as hard as before.

I loved watching Ann make love to me. I loved watching her half-closed eyes, showing she was in that dreamy state of sexual ecstasy. I loved watching her hair as her hands tousled the long curly strands, making them cascade over her shoulders. I loved watching her breasts; the way they would bounce quickly when she hit bottom, and then rise with her body to do it all over again on the next stroke. I loved watching her stomach ripple as she stuffed herself with my fat prick.

And I loved watching Ann’s new blond thatch of pubic hair. It was the perfect ornamentation to draw attention to her even more perfect pussy, practically making your eyes look in that direction like a flaming arrow pointing the way. And in a way, it did the same thing that Missy’s pussy ring did for her, albeit in a slightly different way…it really did make Ann look hotter, something I didn’t think was possible. As Ann bounced gracefully up and down on my shaft, I vowed never to make that assumption again. I loved the idea that she would continue to find ways to turn me on by altering her look from time to time.

Ann leaned back farther, hooking her high heels underneath my now knees to lock her in place. Putting her hands behind her between my knees, she was pulling back, making my cock bend with her at an awkward angle. It hurt a little, but the pain was far outweighed by the pleasure she was giving me. Ann started humping me faster, jamming her pussy over my shaft.

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