Anna and Louisa Meet

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The seconds ticked by. My heart was beating quickly.

“What are you waiting for?” Max asked. “Kiss!”

Louisa looked defiantly at him as Anna held her in her arms awkwardly in my bed.

Slowly, Anna started stroking Louisa’s long hair. Louisa stroked it back, giving her a light peck on her forehead. Anna retaliated with a peck.

Just as Max was about to yell again, the two girls locked lips, their tongues in a thrust against each other’s, their bare titties pressing against each other’s. Slowly, Louisa brought her hand down to Anna’s lovely bouncy tits, caressing it, squeezing it lightly. Anna let out a gasp.

Breaking the kiss, Louisa bent her head down and took one of Anna’s gorgeous nipples into her mouth. Anna arched, pushing her chest forward, breathing hard, as the young Asian girl sucked her nipples harder, her hand moving to the other breast and squeezing it hard.

It was a sight to behold – Anna in her first lesbian experience with Max’s Asian niece. Anna of course, was curvier, with stronger features and brown hair. Louisa on the other hand was what one would call an oriental beauty, cool on the outside but brimming with sensually inside.

Louisa’s mouth moved back to meet Anna’s and they kissed even more hungrily, playing with each other’s nipples.

Slowly, Louisa started kissing Anna’s neck sensuously, trailing her small pink tongue in circles. Anna coo-ed, stroking her back. Louisa smiled teasingly, trailing her tongue down between her breasts, down to her navel. Anna let out a gasp of anticipation, but Louisa moved her tongue back up again to her neck. It trailed up to Anna’s ear, and Louisa started gently nibbling it.

Anna’s face was completely flushed now. I could only imagine how wet she was getting. And Louisa had not even touched her between her legs yet. She most certainly wasn’t about to.

Instead she turned Anna on her stomach, her face in the pillows, her knees bent, her ass up in the air. It was a delicious sight. escort bayan Slowly, Louisa caressed her asscheeks lovingly, bending down to give her fleshy ass playful nibbles. Anna let out a moan into the pillows, her knees spread wider. Still, Louisa took her time, kissing her all over her ass cheek, nibbling on it, giving it cute little love bites all over.

When she was finally done, she turned Anna over again, to Anna’s frustration. She grabbed hold of Louisa and pinned her down, kissing her passionately. Louisa wrapped her legs around Anna’s waist, and they played with each other’s titties, moaning and coo-ing.

Their bodies where now rubbing again each other’s. Suddenly, Anna unhooked Louisa’s legs from her waist, spreading them apart to see the wet patch on her panties. She pulled the panties off. Using her fingers, she started to stroke Louisa’s clit. Louisa let out a moan.

“Tell me what Anna is doing to you, Louisa.” Max said.

“Oomph!” was all Louisa could say.

“Tell me, Louisa,” Max said firmly.

“Ooh… she’s rubbing my clitty,” Louisa coo-ed. “She’s rubbing my clitty, Uncle Max.”

By now, Anna was not only rubbing her clit, she had two fingers shoving in and out Louisa’s tight cunt. Louisa was writhing in passion, begging her not to stop.

“Show us your fingers, Anna.” Max said. Anna took them out of Louisa’s fuckhole to reveal her extremely wet fingers. Max told her to suck on them, which she did.

Suddenly, she bent down and started licking Louisa’s wet hairless slit. Louisa started thrashing wildly, hurling incoherent vulgarities in Chinese. I walked over and rolled Anna’s panties off her. She was soaking wet as well. I got her to turn around so that she and Louisa could form a 69 and eat each other’s young juicy cunts out like hungry little puppies.

Watching the two young sluts moan into each other’s cunts was too much for me and Max. Our cocks were throbbing hard now, and we had taken our own cocks out to stroke bursa vip escort as we watched the magnificent show. As their licks became increasingly frantic and their moans became louder, I knew they were about to cum soon.

Max walked over to the bed with his veiny 10-inch monster and ordered the girls to suck him off. The girls disentangled themselves and crawled over to the edge of the bed. Anna took as much of his cock as she could in her mouth, while Louisa started licking his balls.

“Spit on it,” max said. I saw Anna spit on Max’s cock to lubricate it. Wanting to help her out, Louisa spat on it too. The two girls then exchanged a long lingering kiss, before running both their cute little pink tongues around Max’s massive cockhead.

He then shoved it into Louisa’s mouth, watching her take as much as she could into her mouth while playing with Anna’s tits. Louisa gave excellent head, taking the cock as deep back as humanly possible. Max let out a groan. Louis continued, bobbing on his cock.

Suddenly Max took his cock out and held it again Louisa’s mouth, shooting a huge load of cum into her mouth. Louisa swallowed it, then went back to kissing Anna, who most certainly would have tasted the remains of Max’s love seed.

By now I had to get my cock into one of the girls. I told Anna to lie on her back with her legs spread while I shoved my cock into her cunt. Pushing her legs back so that I could push my cock as far in as possible, I started to ram her as fast as I could, while Louisa continued to play with her ample tits and kiss her. It was such an erotic sight watching the two teen sluts lip locking I felt like I could cum anytime, but I wanted to hold out for as long as I could.

I continued to fuck Anna hard as she whimpered and moaned and thrashed about below me. Had it not been for Louisa’s kissing I was quite sure all the neighbours would have heard us. Suddenly Max decided he wanted in on the action too and bursa elit escort ordered Louisa to get on her hands and knees next to Anna. He spread some lube onto her anal hole and pushed his cock in. He started to ram her ass rather mercilessly while spanking her ass. Both girls got an excellent view of each other being fucked and this seemed to turn them on further, as both started to play with each other’s nipples.

Suddenly Anna screamed that she was cumming and came hard, screaming and thrashing on the bed. I continued to pump her even harder, till she lay limp while being fucked. Slowly I took my cock out of her and shoved it onto Louisa’s mouth. As Louisa sucked hungrily at my cock I saw Max take his cock out of her ass and try and put it into Anna’s mouth. As usual Anna was resistant to this ass-to-mouth habit of his but Max would have none of it. He grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved his entire length into her mouth. Anna gagged slightly, then started sucking his 10-incher hungrily.

I couldn’t take it anymore and started cumming in Louisa’s hot wet mouth. She swallowed every single drop of it. Just then Max let out a groan and I saw him pull his cock out of Anna’s mouth, shooting a large wad of cum all over Anna’s face.

As Max and I sat on the sofas to rest and left the bed to the girls, Louisa crawled over to Anna and started licking the cum off her face. Soon they were kissing and rubbing each other’s clits again, moaning like little sluts in heat.

Max was tired, having made two shots, but I was starting to feel hard again. I got onto the bed, getting Anna to straddle my face while Louisa rode my cock with her tight pussy.

As I licked Anna out and Louisa rode me hard, I could hear their horny moans, intermitted with muffled ones as they occasionally kissed. Suddenly Louisa let out a cry and I could tell from the contractions of her pussy muscles that she was cumming. This turned Anna on incredibly, and she started cumming too, all over my mouth.

The girls then started licking my cock together, pumping it with their tiny hands. I couldn’t hold it in much longer, and with a groan, I shot a load of cum on both their faces.

The girls licked the cum off each other. I knew I owed Max one for hooking the two sluts up.

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