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My name is Anna and I teach third grade in a local elementary school. I love my job and working with young kids is so rewarding. I am a single 24-year-old woman with a slim figure and a head of brunet hair that reaches halfway down my back. I am 5’6″ tall and have been blessed with all the right curves I all the right places capped off with a 34 DD chest. I am not being egocentric when I say that I am an attractive well-built woman.

I say all this because I want you to know that the fact that I am still single is my choice as is the lifestyle I choose to lead. Granted, if the school administration was aware of half the things I have done, let’s just say I would not be teaching school anymore. So my private life only happens out of town in a large city a couple of hours away.

When the time is right and I need to become my other self, I pack up the car after classes on Friday and drive to the city. I manage to find a hotel that will suit my purpose and I spend Friday and Saturday night satisfying my urges. I realized early on that my urges would not be the kind that would lead to marriage and all that and for now, I am ok with that.

I think I was still in high school when it became clear to me that I was a bit different from the other girls. I learned that not only did I like sex but also I loved it when it was dirty kinky nasty sex. I was bored when this guy I was dating finally fucked me in the backseat of his car one night. He was ok, he had a nice cock and everything but it wasn’t enough. The second guy to fuck me was at a picnic he and I were behind the garage as the picnic was going on. He was plunging his cock in my pussy when I looked up to see another guy I knew standing there and watching. My level of excitement jumped and I waved him over and pointed to my mouth. He took the hint and fed me his cock and that put me over the edge and I came all over the first guys cock, my cunt squeezing him as I came and he erupted at the same time. The other guy was cuming as well; I guess being in my mouth while I was being fucked was too much for him.

And so I learned that I loved sex when it was different. Later that summer those two guys and two more of their friends invited me to a cabin they had in the mountains for the weekend. That’s when I knew that in addition to liking hot crazy kinky sex, I was a complete slut. That weekend those four guys used me early and often. I lost my anal virginity on Friday night and for the rest of the weekend had all three holes filled most of the time.

It was more of the same and by the time I graduated and got this job I was going out of my way to find situations that made sex dirty and slutty for me. That’s why I was headed into the city; I am trying to find the smut and dirt I want. I went straight to my hotel, a bottom feeder on a chain of national motels. But it was close to the area I wanted to be in and if I wanted to be sure to hide in the city these were the kind of places no one would ever expect to see Miss Anna, third grade teacher in.

I checked in and gave the guy $100 for two nights and he gave me a key. When he asked if I wanted the remote for the TV, I almost laughed but just shook my head no. I went to the room to change and was immediately wet, the room was a dive, just what I was looking for. I stripped out of the Miss Anna clothes and kind of got a shower, the towels were so thin toilet paper would have dried me better. I wasn’t here for the comfort so I opened the small bag I had brought and laid out my slut clothes.

First I did the hair and make up thing. I teased my hair and let it hang in down my back. My make up was what you would expect to see on a common street whore, which really would have been a step up for me this weekend. I was shooting for pure unadulterated slut. I wanted every guy who saw me to know I could be fucked as easy as blinking an eye. With the short skirt and white mesh tank top, I was a slutty cock-sucking cunt looking for cock by the time I left motel hell.

I had a goal, a bar I had passed a week ago on my way out. Looked like just the place for me and it was close to eleven now, should be roaring the way I like it. I strolled through the door and the smoke and the smell got me right Betturkey away and it was all I could do to not rub my cunt. This was the perfect place for me. I sidled up to the bar and planted my ass on the stool next to a mid thirties guy who was trying to drink away his week. He looked at me and said.

“Joe, you?”

It was a big an introduction as you’re likely to get in a dive like this so I just said.


The bartender came by and I ordered a draft; come on you weren’t expecting me to ask for a cosmopolitan here were you? I chugged the first one down and banged the mug on the bar to get the bartenders attention for another. When he grabbed my glass I pointed to Joe’s and nodded. He brought us both a new beer on me. Joe just looked at me and nodded. I guess I would have to work him some he wasn’t going to help me.

“Joe you wanna fuck?”

I said without whispering. He just nodded and I said men’s or ladies. We went to the men’s room. Without much preamble or warm up he had me kneel on the floor and pulled my skirt over my ass exposing my naked cunt and asshole. He stuck his cock in me a couple of time before taking it out and turning around peeing in the urinal. As he turned back some of his pee managed to land on me. He then stuck his cock in my cunt and started to pound away. He used his hands to free my tits and then did his best to abuse them and thrill me. I guess no one in the bar that night was stupid and before Joe could unload there were two more guys in the men’s room with their cocks in their hands.

I waited for Joe to dump his load and then waved one of the guys to my head and pointed to my backside for the other guy. Well the guy who came to my head also had to pee first but he missed the urinal and peed all over the floor. As he moved to put his cock in my mouth he let loose a last stream of piss that went right into my mouth and was pushed down my throat by his hard cock. I was enjoying sucking this foul tasting cock when the guy behind me speared his cock in my ass. I was not expecting that yet, so I opened my mouth, forgetting it was full of man meat and enabled that cock to ram down my throat.

Well he came soon and filled my belly with his cum and as he withdrew yet another man took his place. This guy made no move to use the urinal and just peed on my head. Then stuck his cock in my mouth and finished peeing while I was sucking. God this was starting to be a great night. This went on for a while until everyone in the bar had his fun, if I had to guess I took about twenty five cocks in my various holes that night, maybe some of the guys more then once I was not paying attention. All I knew was I could taste all the cum I swallowed, I could feel cum oozing out of my ass and pussy and when I stood up at the end of the night, gobs of cum dropped on to the piss laden floor. Every guy that night pissed on me somewhere, and wit all the piss on the floor I was kneeling or lying in it al night. As I walked back to the motel that night, my clothes hair and shoes were all drenched in urine. I had another orgasm while I walked just knowing I had a great beginning to the weekend. And I still had Saturday night to look forward to.

As I neared the motel heel, three of the guys from the bar stepped up beside me and followed me right into the room. Once again no pretenses, I tossed my piss-covered cloths and shoes to the floor and lay on the bed with my legs spread. No words were spoken they just pulled their cocks out and used me some more. Together they fucked my pussy, my ass and my face for a couple of hours. I didn’t even know when they had left I was too busy enjoying the magnificent orgasms I was having over and over again.

I woke Saturday morning with cum on my face, between my legs and all over my ass, the shades were open I was naked and there were a couple of guys staring at me. I got up and went to the door opened it and said.

“The guy that gets me coffee can fuck my ass, you others can come and in and heat up my pussy.”

The black guy in the back took off for the coffee I hoped and the other three followed my naked ass into the room. Okay guys who wants me first I said, as I once again lay on the bed with Betturkey Giriş my legs akimbo.

The first guy to jump my bones slid his hard cock into my dirty well-used cunt and pumped away. His cock was a good size and for the first cock of the day he felt pretty good and my body started to heat up. I was just getting into it when one of the other guys puts this fat brown cock against my lips. I opened quickly and did my best to swallow that guys entire package balls and all. His cock was bumping into the back of my throat, not long enough to open my throat this morning and his balls were hitting my chin so I pushed my tongue out under the guys cock and licked his balls as he pummeled my mouth.

The guy in my pussy had done a great job of getting me started before he dumped his load in me and the third guy climbed right on. Who trained these guys, they were great. The guy in my cunt was moving his cock in such a way that I was about ready to blow so I pulled the cock from my mouth to let out a few ‘oh my gods’ as my first orgasm of the day hits me square in the eyes. As my breathing came back to normal I took the cock back in my mouth and the sucked him in tune with the pounding my pussy was getting form guy number three.

Just then the black guy returns with my coffee and I hold out my hand for it and the cock in my mouth deposits a load of creamy white cum. I ripped the lid off the coffee and spit the cum into it and said.

“Should have told you I like cream in my coffee.”

I took a sip or two while the guy finished spewing another load my cunt then I took a few minutes put the cum flavored caffeine in my system. By the time I had finished everyone but coffee man was gone.

“Where’d all my cocks go?”

“Easy sister you have me and I think you’ll find my cock will treat you right, now you did promise me your ass I believe?”

I rolled over and pushed my ass up for his use and awaited my first ass fuck of the day. I felt the tip of his cock pushing its way in me and was quickly aware that this was no ordinary cock. I don’t know how much he had in me when I realized I had a keeper here, he was thick and long, you usually don’t find those and as he split my ass open the pain sent my face to the sheets where I screamed over and over into the piss soaked mattress.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck my ass you bastard fuck it hard”

He plowed that huge slab of meat in me and must have created a new channel. He went on forever and I came three times before he pulled that half cow from my ass and shot a gallon of cum on my back.

“Your pussy ready for a ride slut?”

I nodded and rolled over and spread my legs, I wanted to see the monster that could make me a slave. As he pounded into me again and again I saw stars and lightning all over the room as my body continued to release and shudder it went on forever and my pussy was actually getting sore when I felt his cock jerk inside me and another large deposit erupted from him.

I passed out and woke later that day, someone had locked the door and closed the shades. I got up and felt how well my pussy and ass had been used last night and today. I smiled when I realized I had another night and morning to enjoy yet. I looked over and saw a note on the desk. I ripped it open and read.

“Slut, I see you are the type of girl who likes it dirty and nasty. As much as I enjoyed your ass and pussy today I think you’ll enjoy ‘Red’s Place” over on second avenue. Show up about eleven and I will set you up.”

It was signed coffee man! Wow. I debated about showering, I had a nice build up of piss and cum all over me; my hair looked like it had been bushwhacked. In the end I decided to start fresh and took a shower. Once I found a way to dry off, I took out the Saturday night slut clothes, Fridays would need some serious cleaning before I used them again, oh and I would use them again.

I showed up at the appointed bar and the appointed time in a black micro skirt and a transparent blouse. Yes I was for all intents and purposes naked. Coffee man met me a few feet inside and asked me.

“You want a drink first or do you just want hard cock?”

“Start me with cock and bring Betturkey Güncel Giriş me a drink every now and again.”

He led me to the back of the joint and into the men’s room. This room was different from most of them. It had four hooks in the floor or more like hoops and some matching ones above in the ceiling. Coffee man took my clothes off, no big job there and had me stand under a couple of the rings. He strapped on wrist cuffs, leather about three inches wide to help me take being suspended. He had both on in a few minutes and he looped the ends through the hoops in the ceiling. He pulled my arms up till only the tips of my toes touched the floor. Looked like I wasn’t going to taste any cock in there — boy was I wrong.

It wasn’t a minute later that they rolled in a platform that came right to my shoulders. A man on that platform would easily put his cock in my mouth and fuck it. Once that was in place a group of men came in maybe about 30 or so. One by one they climbed the platform and took out their cocks and pissed down on me. Needless to say a lot of urine ended up in my mouth, my hair was drenched and my entire body was covered in piss. While this only happened at the beginning for the rest of the night anyone coming in could piss on me at any time.

The cocks came after the shower and they were many. I usually had two at a time one in my ass and another in my cunt. While I had a god number in my mouth for the most part my cunt and ass took it all leaving me the ability to curse, swear and moan, as orgasms rolled off me like raindrops in a hurricane.

Sometime towards what I think was the end of the night, coffee man and his almost twin came in and waited till both my holes were free. Well free is a strange term because cum was just falling out of both holes; there was a puddle of white cum at my feet. Once both of my holes were available they tool their two record size cocks and at the same time rammed them in me. My cunt was pierced and so was my ass, my mouth was free so my screams echoed off the walls and only encouraged these two with their horse cocks to pillage my holes. It was like I had not orgasmed in a month when the action got me going. I just started shaking and trembling all over and it went on and on as long as they were both fucking me. But like all good things it eventually ends and with a double whammy of cum filling me up they withdrew.

I told coffee man that I was done in, that my pussy and ass were beat and I need to get off my wrists. They said that was fine that the men were more then pleased, that I had lasted longer then anyone. When they released me they pushed me to the floor and coffee man said.

“Before we can let you go, you need to lick up all that cum you left here. We can’t have the health department close us down. So I laid flat on the floor and licked up all the cum and continued till I was done. Well it wasn’t just cum, there was a lot of pee too, but I did not discriminate I licked the bathroom floor as clean as I could.

When I was done coffee man asked me if I needed my clothes to get to the hotel. I told him that if he escorted me it would be ok to do without. So coffee man and I walked twelve blocks to my hotel. I was stark naked with cum dripping from my ass and cunt and my hair was wet with piss and my face was covered from laying on the bathroom floor licking up all the cum.

I wasn’t ready for another cock now, I was beat and coffee man respected my wishes. In fact on Sunday when I woke I was still too sore to look for more cock, I guess I overdid it this weekend so I headed home.

By Monday morning I was Miss Anna again in the classroom with the kids and no one would ever know what I had done, how low I would sink to find that elusive orgasm. On Tuesday night we had a parent-teacher evening where I met the kids parents for the first time this year. It was uneventful till the very end when a very attractive black couple came in and introduced themselves and one of my nest kids parents. I kept my cool but the father was coffee man from the city.

I was concerned that he would rat me out but then realized that he was probably a bit more concerned about his marriage then I was about my job. When his wife was busy on the other side of the room I went up to a man I now knew as Andrew and said.

“Well Andrew I think that this weekend I want to be in the bathroom with your wife, that’s where you met her isn’t it?”

He nodded and smiled and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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