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Janet waved her hands in front of her face hoping to get some air circulating but it was to no avail. It was hotter than Hades in the apartment. It was the middle of March, as hot as the hottest summer day, and the air condition had stopped working sometime during the night. The windows were all open in hopes a breeze would combat the heat, but there was no breeze. Perspiration made her blouse stick to her skin and a thin film of it made her face shine. Janet heard the refrigerator turn on and walked over to it, opened the freezer door, and stuck her head in. Sighing in pleasure, she closed her eyes and vaguely wondered if she could crawl in.

Janet stayed with her face in the freezer for fifteen minutes and would have stayed longer if the phone didn’t start ringing. She pulled her face back, closed the freezer reluctantly, walked back into the living room, and reached for the phone.

“Hello,” she said sitting at the edge of the flowered sofa.

“Hey, baby. How are you doing today?”

“Nydia,” Janet said with a smile. Even after a year, Nydia’s voice still made her smile. “I’m doing great for someone slowly roasting to death. The air con gave up the ghost last night.”

Soft laughter floated through the line and Janet closed her eyes as it washed over her. “Again? We should really talk about getting it repaired and before summer.”

“We will. So when are you coming home?”

“That’s why I called; I’m not going to be able to start toward home until late Monday night.”

“But I thought you’d be home tonight.”

“I know, I’m sorry, but something came up and we need to fix it before construction can start.”

“Our anniversary is on Sunday,” Janet knew she was sounding like a child at the beginning of a tantrum but she couldn’t help herself; she was hurting.

Nydia felt much the same way so she let the churlish tone pass, “Honey, if I could I’d be there tonight and suffer through the weekend in that heat so I could be close to you.”

“You’re only saying that because you’ll be sleeping in a nice air conditioned room.”

“Exactly why I’m saying it. We’ll celebrate our anniversary when I get home. My treat. Look, Janet I’ve got to go.”

“Okay, I’ll just go back and stick my head in the freezer again.”

“I love you, Janet.”

“I love you, too,” both girls hung up at the same time as was their custom.

Janet looked around the empty apartment, her eyes landing on a picture of Nydia sitting on the coffee table, and slumped down on the couch. Nydia was smiling, Janet couldn’t recall a time when she wasn’t, her straight black hair pulled back from her face so it didn’t obstruct Anadolu Yakası Escort the deep blue of her eyes, her mouth was full and soft, and her body was naturally tanned and lean.

“Great,” Janet mumbled to herself, “Now I’m miserable, lonely, and hot. It was better when I was just hot.” She took the picture from the table and hugged it to her.

Nydia walked into the apartment quietly, closing and locking the door behind her. As she moved through the living room, heat caught her in waves; a thin film of perspiration quickly covered her arms and face. She saw the window open and moved toward it hoping for a slight breeze. Nydia sat down on the chair under the window and removed her boots and socks. She was dead tired. She drove six hours after endless ones stuck in meetings, but she was unwilling to miss her own anniversary. Just thinking of Janet’s face lighted up in surprise was enough to propel her to her feet and walking toward the bedroom door.

She noticed the line of light underneath the door and smiled at Janet’s inability to sleep in the dark by herself. Nydia opened the door and stood leaning on the frame as she drank in the sight of Janet. She was sleeping on top of the covers, on her stomach, and completely naked. Nydia let her gaze wonder over Janet’s body, it gleamed slightly with sweat, her straight back, the small dip at the small of it, her round firm ass, and her long legs. Janet was built like a dancer and tended to move like one when awake, all raw energy, but asleep she was peaceful and quietly beautiful. Her dark brown hair was streaked with lighter tones and cut above her shoulders. Her face was striking, especially in profile as it was now, with high cheekbones, straight nose, and an easy smile which produced dimples at either cheek. But it was her eyes Nydia had fallen in love with first. They were big brown eyes shining with kindness and honesty. You always knew what Janet was feeling; her eyes told you. In sleep, with eyes closed, it was easier to drink in her beauty, long lashes falling on smooth ivory skin. Nydia felt the love slam into her making her catch her breath.

Nydia walked into the room and slowly removed her clothing her eyes never leaving the form sleeping peacefully on the bed. When she was as naked as Janet, she moved to the head of the bed, knelt, and placed a small kiss on her shoulder tasting the sweat and essence that was Janet. She moved her lips and took Janet’s in an awkward kiss because of the angle, and felt as Janet came awake slowly, opening her lips and moving her tongue inside Nydia’s mouth to taste, to explore. Moving back, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Nydia smiled into her dazed eyes.

“Hi,” Nydia whispered.

“Hi, I thought you wouldn’t be home till tomorrow night.”

“I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from you on our anniversary, so I crammed meetings today.”

Janet struggled to her elbows and beamed at her, “You’re naked.”

“It seemed appropriate since you were, too.”

“Cant’ sleep in clothes in this heat.”

“Pretty bad,” Nydia murmured leaning in for another taste of Janet’s lips.

Nydia crawled into the bed with Janet letting her body slide against the slickness of Janet’s. Lying on her back she enjoyed the knowledge and feel that the person she loved was next to her.

Janet, still on her elbows, looked down on Nydia and smiled, “You look exhausted.”

“I’ve been up since five, and the drive seemed longer than ever.”

“My poor baby,” Janet replied as she bent her head and kissed Nydia lightly on the forehead. “Why don’t you just close your eyes,” she whispered as her lips briefly touched Nydia’s eyelids, “and I’ll do all the work. You can just enjoy.”

Nydia smiled her eyes already closed, “If you insist.”

Janet moved her lips down the side of Nydia’s face her tongue darting out to lick and taste. Moving slowly across her jaw, Janet took her lips in a tender kiss. Their tongues met and played with each other. Janet moved her tongue inside of Nydia’s mouth moving it across her teeth, the inside of her cheek, and along Nydia’s tongue. The kiss went on for several minutes as Janet’s hands moved over Nydia’s body, caressing softly, naked skin already wet with sweat.

Janet ended the kiss and trailed her mouth down Nydia’s chin and throat lightly biting then licking Nydia’s neck. Over smooth shoulders and the swell of breasts. Nydia moaned softly as she felt Janet’s mouth close around one of her nipples. She entangled her fingers into Janet’s hair pressing her closer to her breast. Janet took the nipple into her mouth and began to suckle it gently at first then with more pressure. When she heard Nydia moan she bit down on the nipple until Nydia whimpered above her. Janet ran her tongue over the throbbing nipple before moving her head to the other one. Doing the exact same thing to the other nipple, Janet closed her eyes and enjoyed the sounds of Nydia’s soft cries.

Janet moved her mouth over Nydia’s breasts her tongue darting out to taste the underside of them before moving on to traverse flat stomach toward Nydia’s bellybutton. Reaching her destination, Janet paused. Escort Anadolu Yakası She licked the surrounding skin then blew gently on it. Nydia trembled at the sensation. Janet licked Nydia’s bellybutton her tongue delving into it her teeth gently grazing. Nydia’s body moved beneath her begging her with no sound to move lower. Janet obeyed. She moved her head down over Nydia’s abdomen her teeth scraping and her tongue soothing and teasing.

Janet got to right above Nydia’s pussy her mouth over it, her breath tickling the sensitive folds. She moved down and started at her ankles. Kneeling between them, Janet slowly kissed the inside of Nydia’s ankles her tongue stroking the pulse point there. Janet’s hands were slowly sliding over Nydia’s sweat soaked body. Janet moved her mouth up Nydia’s legs alternating between the two, her tongue lapping up the sweat. She would place a small kiss, a slight nibble, and then a thorough lick. Janet spent time exploring the inside of Nydia’s knees before moving further up.

Nydia’s moans now sounded like words, “Please, baby, please, taste me.” Her body moved under Janet’s, her back arching exposing herself more. Janet decided to comply and lowered her open mouth onto Nydia’s wet and aching pussy. Nydia moaned loudly as she felt Janet’s mouth explore her pussy. Janet traced her tongue over Nydia’s lower lips before moving inside. She explored and tasted moving her tongue around inner walls and circling Nydia’s clit. As Janet’s tongue moved on Nydia’s clit, her fingers entered her. She moved three fingers in and out slowly then quicker alternating between the two speeds and everything in between while her mouth sucked on Nydia’s clit her tongue circling it, lapping across it. Nydia pressed Janet’s head closer to her body, grinding it into her pussy. She was mindless with need and pleasure. She could feel the explosive end just beyond.

Janet didn’t mind. She loved the smell and taste of Nydia. She worked her fingers deeper into Nydia’s pussy her mouth insatiable on her clit. She felt Nydia’s body tense moments before her pussy walls convulsed around Janet’s fingers. Nydia’s orgasm seemed to go on forever her breathing was shallow, her body trembled, and her pussy gripped Janet’s fingers tightly. Janet continued to feast on Nydia’s clit through her climax. She slowly removed her fingers from within Nydia’s pussy and moved her mouth up Nydia’s body, tasting and teasing until finally reaching her mouth. The two girls kissed deeply while Janet moved one of her legs between Nydia’s pressing her knee into Nydia’s pussy making the convulsions begin anew. Janet caught Nydia’s moan in her mouth as her tongue moved inside it.

Nydia gradually came back to earth. Her eyes were still glazed with pleasure and she smiled dreamily at Janet. “Thank you.”

Janet smiled back leisurely, “Anytime. Happy Anniversary.”

“Happy Anniversary,” Nydia responded her body satisfied and her mind blissfully blank. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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