Annual Corporate Meetings Day 04

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I pointed to my chin and then pointed at Jennifer. Reaching up, she wiped her finger along her chin and then looked at my cum on her finger. Laughing lightly, she wiped her finger on the bedspread. Rolling over, she got off the bed and walked around to the foot of the bed and started pulling on my leg to get me up.

“Get up! We smell like sex. Let’s get in the shower and clean up.”

Shimmying my way down the bed, I watched her as she walked towards the bathroom. She was tying up her hair in that inexplicable knot that women could do with a few flips of their wrist. It was hard not to stare at her ass as she moved across the room. It was gorgeous.

Following her into the bathroom, I watched as she leaned into the walk in shower and started the water. I keep feel my dick stirring again as I watched her wonderfully full breasts swaying slightly. I could see her nipples hardening from the spray of the shower as she adjusted the temperature. She entered the shower and turned, beckoning me to join her. She had that really cute, sexy grin that got me every time. I entered the shower and closed the door. Jennifer reached out and pulled me into her, gently fastening her lips to mine. We stood there kissing, lightly flicking each others tongues and lips as our hands roamed each others’ bodies.

I have always loved Jen’s ass. Even though Kayseri Escort I try not to stare at women, as such is pretty disrespectful, I will admit that I had at times enjoyed walking behind her when we were at annual conferences. Now, I was lucky enough to actually be running my hands over her ass. I am not sure if she was partial to asses too, but it seemed that way because she was feeling my butt as well. She was pulling on it to bring me closer, and I could feel my dick hardening and raising up so it was touching her lips.

Raising her left leg and placing it on a shelf so her legs were spread, Jennifer grabbed my cock and rubbed it along her pussy lips. I could feel the slickness of her own juices despite the water from the shower. If this was cleaning up, I was never going to get out of the shower.

All this time we continued deeply kiss. I could feel the water pooling between us where her breasts were pressed against my chest. Even though I had cum only twenty minutes earlier, I was already hard again. This girl just got me so charged up.

As I slid my dick back and forth over her lips, Jennifer reached down and started trying to push it up inside her. I was having a little fun at her expense, and holding myself up so that the angle was wrong. She was making little noises of frustration as she more insistently Kayseri Escort Bayan tried.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any more myself. I stopped kissing her and pulled back from her a little. Her mouth was open a little and her eyes were half shut as she rubbed herself along the length of my shaft. Using my hands, I positioned her a little until the tip of my cock was right at her entrance. She paused and opened her eyes a little more. I slowly slid the tip of my cock past the entrance to her pussy. She was really tight, but she was so turned on and producing so much lubrication, that I was able to slide in her.

“Ohhh… fuck…” She closed her eyes and opened her mouth a little as I slowly pulled out of her and then pushed back in — only a couple inches. Leaning her back against the wall of the shower, she reached up to her right breast and started twisting her nipple. I bent my neck down and took her other nipple in my mouth, forcefully swirling my tongue around and around in time with my cock entering and exiting her.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” I’m not sure if she was even conscious of what she was saying. I paused for a few seconds, and then slowly pushed my way all the way in her. She tilted her head back and started moaning with her mouth wide open.

“Oh Jen. I love the way you feel…” Escort Kayseri I was slowly thrusting in and out of her, timing with her own thrusts back to me. My own eyes were half shut as I watched her body undulating with her thrusts.

“Your dick feels…so…good…” She paused between each slow thrust inside of her. Reaching down, I gently circled my thumb around her clit as I fucked her. “oh…oh…oh…go faster…oh…”

I could tell she was getting close, and I was myself. I leaned forward and kissed her hard as I started thrusting harder and deeper. She attacked my mouth, grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me harder inside her. We were just pounding each other — I am not sure how we did not fall over — and both moaning into each others mouths.

“Jen, where do…you want cum?” I managed to get out.

“Inside me…oh…oh…I’m on…the pill.”

“Oh…Jen…I am going to do it…soon…I am going…to…shoot my cum…inside you…”

“I want your cum…in me… I am…” She started quivering, and I could feel her pussy clamping down hard on my dick. “Cum with me. Cum with me.”

I could not take it anymore. With a big groan, I released a huge load inside of her. I felt her cumming too, and the feeling of our mixed fluids made my thrusting cock slide easily inside her.

We gradually slowed down, and gently kissed for a few minutes. Eventually my dick deflated enough the it popped out of her.

“Mmmmm. That was really good Jen. I feel like I could do that for hours.” I said as I reached over and grabbed the soap and started washing her.

“Honey, we will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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