Another Incredible One Ch. 04

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There’s no way that I can go any farther without mentioning – yea, even devoting a whole chapter to what I consider the most amazing female I have ever had the fortune of laying my hungry eyes on: Rita! I haven’t mentioned yet the first moment I saw her, but I’m here to tell you, it was nothing short of thrilling!

Can you imagine how exciting it is to arrive at someone’s home, and see a real goddess walk out of a bathroom wearing only a pair of white cotton panties, and travel some 20 feet to her bedroom down the hallway? Even though her very nice 34-C set of perfect breasts were away from my view at the time, I could still see them bouncing from side to side throughout that short walk. Her perfectly sexy ass was swaying so wonderfully in those soft panties… Aaaahhhhh! I was totally enamored! It was a sight to behold!

Within a few seconds, Rita emerged from her room wearing a white lacey, see-through sundress which complimented her body very nicely. Short and sweet! That’s how I like ’em! (The dress, that is!) Rita stands about 5’4″, and I would say she weighs all of about 120 lbs. Her still damp, dark brown hair encircled her cute face like something dreams are made of! I don’t want to write this chapter until I have retrieved a photo of her. Here it is:

(Sorry, photo not available!)

I hope this picture is posted for you to see, because without it, your imagination could not do her justice at all. Anyway, from the first time I saw her, I’ve thought of Rita as a perfect 10! She has a great personality, a great sense of humor, and not a bashful hair on her head! At first, as you know, we didn’t know that they played together like my mom and I do. But as soon as that fact came out, Rita wasted no time in shedding the two items she was wearing and spent the rest of the afternoon naked. I was in heaven!

When my bursa escort bayanlar clothing came off, she was right there to stroke my stiff dick, and had her tongue in my mouth before I could yell, “Fire!” Talk about hot! I broke off the kiss because I had to get a better look at her nipples. Wow! A full half-inch in length they were! And hard as little pencil erasers too! As I ran the palms of my hands over them, they felt like steel spikes sticking out of her breasts. I was in awe!

She could see my interest in them, and presented me with one of her breasts. I quickly wrapped my lips around the nipple and sucked it with great vigor and enthusiasm. My hands massaged and gently squeezed her tits making her groan and moan in sexual ecstasy. It was truly wonderful! Her fingers stroked my hard dick, and she whispered in my ear that she could feel it throbbing hard in her hand. She kept whispering that she wanted very much to feel that same throbbing sensation deep inside her very willing pussy… Now, I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but that word, “willing” really puts me away!! When I find a willing tongue, pussy, mouth, asshole, hand or whatever else a girl wants to make available to me, I just go bonkers! I was pumping in and out of her hand like a horny big dog!

It wasn’t long before I was fucking her in the good old-fashioned missionary position. It was so great to feel her body writhing under me. A quick glance around the room revealed to me that my mom was the center of attention as Curtis and his mom were licking and kissing every inch of her body. She was sucking hard on his large dick, and he had three fingers deep inside her pussy. Betty Lou was busy licking my mom’s nipples and was masturbating herself to a frenzy. It was quite a sight!

I couldn’t watch for long bayan sarisin escort bursa as Rita brought my attentions back to her. She gave out a loud groan as she started cumming very hard. I could feel her cunt muscles squeeze my cock with a pulsating motion that was unlike anything I have ever felt before. It literally felt like she was clapping her pussy around my dick. I couldn’t take any more, and came hard sending hot smoldering sperm deep into her pussy. She came again, and the look on her face was worth a million dollars!

I can truthfully say that with Rita there is more between us than just lust. I have found a new level of orgasm which I have never experienced before. It is a level which combines lust in its truest sense with a deep and unconditional love, making that moment ever so much more intense and enjoyable! I truly love her and we have shared that awesome revelation with each other. I can see it in her face when she is in the deep throes of her orgasms that she is indeed feeling what I have described.

She has told me that I have made her cum ever so much harder than she has cum before, and she thinks it’s because of some deep emotional feelings that we share which enhance the overall experience. I know she’s right, but I must say, she came pretty hard when my mom licked and sucked all my sperm out of her pussy after I had worked so hard to get it there that first time! It was so fun to watch!

As soon as my mom had finished cleaning Rita up, I quickly kissed my mom using my tongue to gather up a wad of my own cum that she had not yet swallowed. Before Rita knew what I was up to, I kissed her and deposited the wad into her mouth. Rita was surprised. The act of sharing my sperm with my mom and then her had caused her to shudder through another small orgasm. bursa evi olan eskort She was so grateful that she devoured my dick and sucked me off to another mind-blowing orgasm.

Curtis and Betty Lou were at it in full force at the same time, as he was reaming out her tight asshole with all his might! When my mom saw that Curtis was just about to cum, she yelled, “Spray me!” And he did! That’s when I noticed Betty Lou’s anal ring for the first time. She was on her hands and knees just where she had been when Curtis pulled out of her, and had not yet moved from that position. I could clearly see her ring gaping open with no sign of closing back up as of yet. Without a second thought, I moved in and began licking all around the area there, and stuck my tongue in as far as it could reach up her back door. To my delight, her ring began to close around my tongue, and started to squeeze it gently. I ran three fingers up into Betty Lou’s pussy, and within a short time had her cumming hard!

I asked her to stay in that position for just a short while longer as I wanted to watch her anal ring return back to its normal state. What a sensational setting! There I was, watching one of the most private parts of a person on open display just for me! I was enthralled with her anus, and will be for a long time. It is somehow more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen. More delicate, more precious, more intriguing – just more alluring than I would have ever expected!

I couldn’t believe my dick was hardening as rapidly as it was, and Rita sure didn’t miss it either! While Rita pushed me back onto the floor and jumped on top of me impaling herself on my shaft, Curtis was just finishing up spraying my mom all over, and had enjoyed the full benefit of her tongue bath cleaning him up! I noticed Betty Lou just couldn’t keep her hands and tongue off my mom’s breasts, as mom proudly and willingly presented them to her… There’s that word, “willing” again! Wow!

That set the rest of the afternoon in motion, and we all enjoyed each other for several hours. Rita and I are talking about getting married. Can you imagine being married to that goddess? What a fantastic wife she’d make! Stay tuned…

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