Another Massage from Mama

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Amber reached for the steaming towel and laid it gently across the large man’s lap, beginning to clean up the mess he’d just made. His excess weight meant she had to lift up his stomach in order to get it all. She’d needed to push aside mounds of fat to get to his penis in the first place, and now it was quickly retreating and disappearing beneath his fold of skin. She put in the effort to make sure he was thoroughly clean.

Though the man’s size didn’t bother her at all, she could tell how much it upset him. She noticed, through the corner of her eye, the way his jaw clenching repeatedly and she could sense the shame he was dealing with in his head. It wasn’t shame for coming here, or shame at a woman touching him sexually (She’d definitely had clients who experienced that type of regret) What he felt was shame at the effort required to take care of him sexually.

Amber could sympathize with man for feeling that way, so she endeavored to use the time she had left with him to show him affection and acceptance. Tossing aside the soiled towel, she began to caress the man’s massive belly. His skin was surprisingly soft, and the feel of it beneath her palms was not unpleasant. She deliberately stroked the part of his body he hated most, silently assuring him that, in this moment, there was nothing he needed to worry about.

When the time was up, she offered her hand to help pull him into a sitting position. Lifting his massive weight took some real effort but she kept her smile steady so as not to let it show. She was quick to grab his clothes and help him get dressed, especially help with his shoes. When she finally opened the door for him to leave, he looked at her with an earnest and melancholy expression, “Thank you.”

Amber reached up to caress the big man’s forearm, “You’re welcome, Sweetheart. You enjoy the rest of your day.” Silently, she watched the first few waddling steps as he walked away, then she returned to clean up before heading to her break.

The modest room in the back of the massage shop was not unlike the break room at most businesses. One wall contained a stack of metal lockers, another had a refrigerator and a powered water cooler. Between them were several small couches, each large enough for one person comfortably. Amber opened her locker to stow the newest tip she’d earned and retrieve her metal water bottle. Sipping, she gently sat down to relax and let her mind drift.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the only other person in the room, “You’re up.” The woman was easily ten or fifteen years younger than her, sitting in her own padded seat without looking up from the cell phone in her hand. Amber looked at the girl, confused for a moment, then glanced up at the screen on the wall by the door. It was a messaging display that showed the status of each room and employee currently working, so they could easily see when a client was ready for them. The system was monitored by the worker at the front desk, and Amber’s name shouldn’t have come up when there was another girl waiting ahead of her. Sure enough, however, there was her name flashing next to a room number that indicated her client had already been waiting nearly ten minutes. Apparently, someone had asked for her by name, which rarely happened, but she couldn’t think of any other explanation. She thanked the girl, receiving no acknowledgement or response, then hurried down the hall. The happiest smile spread across her face at the sight that greeted her inside.

Amber’s son, Jerrod, was lying on the massage table facing her. Both of his hands were behind his head, allowing him to flex his chest and arms for her. He wore nothing, except for the self-satisfied grin in his face. His legs were crossed to further emphasize his casual-ness and his cock was standing proudly between them. Appropriately, there were three bills placed on the nightstand.

As she surveyed her son, an idea sprang to her mind. she rushed to his side, leaned close and whispered into his ear, “How much more cash have you got?”

Confused, he whispered his reply, “Another forty in my wallet.”

She leaned down to lay the briefest kiss on his soft lips, “Get it out. I’ll be right back.” She left in a flash and went back to the break room, “Hey Starshine, care to join me with a client?” The other woman looked up from her phone, seemingly baffled by the request. “He’s one of my regulars. I think you’ll like him.” Having two women partner on a client wasn’t uncommon, but it wasn’t something Amber usually asked for. Starshine considered the request, and seemed to find no objection, so she shrugged her shoulders, stood up and turned off her phone.

When the two women entered, Jerrod was lying on his back with his hands at his side. His erection, for the moment, wasn’t quite as prominent as it had been. Starshine glanced at the bills then raised an eyebrow at Amber, who said, “It’s all yours. he’s already taken good care of me.” This answer seemed satisfactory, so Starshine bahis siteleri lifted the dress she wore over her head, leaving nothing but a pair of black, lacey boy- short panties. Jerrod’s lower torso clenched as he took in the sight of her bare skin. Beneath her left breast, she had tattoos of stars in a field that swirled down her torso, across her left hip, underneath her panties and down her thigh. The beautiful celestial tail ended just above her knee, and somehow the stars seemed to shimmer slightly as her body moved.

His eyes shifted to his mother’s gorgeous form, removing the silk robe she wore and revealing her cyan blue thong beneath. He inhaled deeply, and felt his jaw clenching as the two lovely ladies approached him and stood on either side. The two pairs of hands moved in unison when they first touched him. Amber’s left and Starshine’s right hand caressed his left and right thigh respectively while their opposite hands began affectionately at his hip and slid up to his chest. A shiver of exhilarated sensation rolled through him.

Their soft palms began to work back and forth across his chest and abdomen, caressing tenderly and moving in tandem. Feeling so many hands on his skin delivered incomparable waves of pleasure. Almost instinctively, his hands reached for the bare thighs standing beside him. Each woman responded with a soft “mmmmmm” that was enough to have his cock dancing, throbbing as hard as he’d ever felt it.

Starshine leaned across him, deliberately placing her breasts above his face. He inclined to meet her there, quick to kiss her dark nipple. His left hand reached up to caress her neck and hold her while he tongued her bare breast. Her right leg lifted up onto the table, the result being that she held herself more comfortably above him and that he now had more access to her. His fingers were quick to find their way to the soft lacy fabric which was quickly growing wet from his attention.

Amber had taken to stroking her son’s bare thighs, massaging the strong muscles of his legs, and watching. She was glad Starshine was so uninhibited. Amber loved seeing the younger woman’s hands all over the chest she’d caressed so often herself. But then, she watched the way Jerrod’s hand so tenderly held her neck, the way his torso flexed reacting to the feel of her soft skin. There was something indescribably sexy about the display she beheld. Standing at his feet, she placed both of her hands on his pubic mound and pressed, sending a pulse through his cock. She leaned even closer, sticking out her tongue and licking from his soft balls, up his hard shaft.

Starshine felt the man’s body suddenly tremble beneath her. She glanced over her shoulder to see Amber’s lips swallowing his swollen cock head. “DAMN GIRL!” She let out with a giggle, noticing Amber wink in response before taking more of that hard cock into her mouth. All of the extra intensity Jerrod was feeling he showed to Starshine. His mouth on her breasts went into overdrive, and she couldn’t keep her mouth from hanging slightly open at the way he was making her feel.

He’d pushed aside the thin fabric and she let him explore her sex with his fingers. She was initially apathetic to the feel of it. She had no real expectations from him, especially not now that he was being taken care of. So, it came as a bit of a surprise when his finger found her clit so elegantly. The shudder that went through her body was quick, but Jerrod was paying attention. He recognized the touch which so clearly electrified her and repeated the gentle motion. Another rapid shudder came, followed by another as her breathing began to require more effort.

Amber licked the shaft of her son’s cock, her eyes glued in fascination to the trembling nude body of the younger woman on top of him. She caressed his balls with one hand while she with the other, she dug the fingers of her other hand into his bare thigh. Her mouth opened and sucked hard on his throbbing head. Both women felt the moment when Jerrod’s body went tense. With her lips wrapped tightly around him, Amber took to stroking his shaft, preparing to receive his hot orgasm. Starshine, by contrast, closed her eyes, preparing herself for disappointment. There was no way he’d be focused on her once she came, but she didn’t want him to stop.

She was at least partially right. In the instant when his body went totally rigid and his cock began to gush into his mother’s mouth, he did not have the focus to move his fingers inside Starshine’s sex. He clutched her to him tightly while the muscles of his torso tensed. However, it took only a few seconds for his composure to return and he resumed his steady rhythm along her clit. Her next shudder was the most intense yet as she was flooded both with the pleasure and the surprise of him continuing now that his own climax was finished.

Amber wanted so badly to place her hands on the younger woman. Something inside of her longed to massage the woman’s back, to pamper canlı bahis siteleri her skin while her son pleasured her. Unfortunately, she had not asked permission to touch her, and she didn’t know how she might react. The last thing Amber wanted was to take Starshine out of the experience, so she contented herself to focus her hands on Jerrod. The pressure in her hands as she pressed down on his mound and lower torso communicated the strength and intensity of her desire.

Starshine’s orgasm came in a series of rapid shudders accompanied by a high pitched moaning almost like a squeaking sound. Jerrod clung to her as she came on his fingers. He reveled in the feeling of every movement of her body with her skin pressed against his own. She let the waves of joy rush through her. When it grew overwhelming, she feebly tapped him on the shoulder. Wisely, he removed his hand and set about just gently caressing her thigh. He cradled her still and for a few moments, she rested on him, feeling his affection.

Eventually, she pushed herself up off of him and slid down to stand beside the massage table. She was smiling down at him as she began to rub his chest once again, “You’re really sweet, Hon. I can see why she likes you so much.” Starshine tilted her head toward Amber, who winked and leaned down to kiss the head of his now softening cock. Jerrod lay on the table calmly and allowed his gaze to drift between these two beautiful, loving women. His time was limited at this point, but he would soak it up for as long as it lasted. Before long, he felt the expected dismissive pat on his shoulder, “You come back and see us again soon, Sweetie.” He nodded up at her and grinned, watching her as retrieved her dress.

“Thanks. Starshine,” Amber said, making no attempt to get her own clothes. The two women exchanged a knowing smile as the younger headed out the door and closed it behind her. Amber hurried to Jerrod’s side and whispered in his ear, “Can you take care of Mama quick, Baby?” He nodded and his grin grew.

She motioned for him to slide higher on the massage table, so his head stuck off the edge. She was quick to straddle his face, raising one knee to rest beside his shoulder on the table, while her other foot supported her on the floor. Jerrod wrapped his arms around the small of her waist, pulling her onto his face, while his tongue found her clit in an instant. A few seconds more, and his hand reached past her sweet butt to the lips of her sex. She was soaking wet already and he felt no resistance as he slid inside of her and began to massage her from the inside.

Amber’s back arched high. She supported herself with her palms on his strong chest and allowed herself to move. Her hips thrust forward and backward as she intensely rode his face. It took effort to keep from screaming aloud. The rapid, almost wild bucking of her hips lasted little more than a minute before she climaxed atop his face. His tongue worked her clit with endless enthusiasm.

Again, he felt the tapping against his skin that confirmed she was done. He let her go then sat up on the table, watching with joyous amusement as she scrambled to put on her robe. He followed her lead, dressing quickly. Once he was ready to go, she grabbed his face in her hands and gave him a hurried but passionate kiss, tasting herself on his lips. “I love you so much!” she whispered, then let him go, allowing her professional demeanor to drape over her, and opened the door.

“Thanks,” Jerrod told her, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his car keys in order to flip them back and forth in his hand.

“You’re welcome, Baby.” She answered in a falsely cheery voice, “See you next time.”


Amber felt the slight jolt as her car came to a stop in the driveway. She engaged the parking brake, turned off the engine, closed her eyes and leaned back so her head rested against her seat. She was tired tonight. Her orgasm had certainly had an impact on the rest of her afternoon. She sat there a few moments then forced her eyes back open. If she didn’t, she was likely to fall asleep in the car, something she’d been known to do before.

She yawned as she trudged to the front door, opened it and found herself greeted by a wonderfully pleasant garlic aroma. “Hey, Mom,” Jerrod called from the kitchen. “Your timing is perfect.” He had two plates of white rice onto which he was scooping out the steaming contents of a metal pan, shrimp and vegetables fried in garlic butter. He sat down and placed one of the plates at her spot.

“My son is positively wonderful,” she leaned over and kissed him on the top of his head. She closed her eyes once again when she tasted her first bite, and released a sound of pleasure he’d grown quite familiar with.

“Soooo… Today was… memorable.”

“Glad you think so.”

“Starshine… that something you were planning?”

Amber shook her head playfully, “No, Baby. Never entered my head until I saw you this afternoon. canlı bahis The opportunity was there, the timing was perfect and I thought… why not?”

“Well… I am really really grateful.”

“You’re welcome, Sweetheart.”

“What was it like… for you?”

“Honestly… it was… way more intense than I would’ve thought it’d be.”

This was a surprise, “Really?”

“Yeah, watching you with her was… beyond sexy. I’ve gotten very familiar lately with the way you feel, the way your hands move, your skin against mine. Baby, I know how wonderful and loving you are, so… I knew exactly what Starshine got to experience today. Somehow, I think knowing the pleasure you were giving her when you focused on her, and being able to watch her made the whole thing just so… exhilarating.”

Jerrod didn’t have a response to that. Cheeks deeply red, he cast his eyes down toward his plate where his fork moved rice back and forth without taking another bite. It was one of countless things he did that Amber found fully adorable, “Watching you with her also made me really proud. Proud of my boy for being so loving and affectionate. You really are quite an amazing man.”

At this, he looked up to meet his mother’s gaze. his expression showed the full depth of his devotion. He spoke barely above a whisper but his words were intense, “I love you, Mom.”

She let the silence hang between them a moment while the two lovers held intimate eye contact, “I love you, too.”

The quiet stretched on a bit longer, then a playfulness returned to Jerrod’s face, “So, is this something you want more of? Watching me with other women?”

She tilted her head, considering, “I am definitely not opposed to that… if the opportunity comes up.”

His grin was filled with satisfaction, “I’ll remember that.”

The conversation during the rest of their meal was much lighter. They asked each other about the rest of their days at work, and talked about nothing in particular. When their plates were empty, Jerrod announced he had something in the freezer for her, then he produced a pint of Ben & Jerry’s S’mores ice cream. Again, Amber’s expression was orgasmic, “Those men know how to please a woman! I’ve really been spoiled today.”

“Glad you feel that way. I was thinking of taking you out to the hot tub when you’re done.”

“That sounds splendid.” The pair had tiny bowls that were the perfect size for a single serving of ice cream. They were also the perfect size for her to stick her tongue in and lick the entire thing. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as possible, sticking her tongue out as far as it would go until she had every last drop. She opened her eyes in time to see the muscles in his jaw clenching as he watched her intently.

Jerrod rose, placing all of the dishes into the washer, then followed his mother into their favorite part of the house. The hot tub room had originally been a patio, but Amber’d had it enclosed several years back so it joined the house. A giant window covered one entire wall and half of the ceiling. Tinted glass and vents near the floor kept the room from getting too hot in the summer while giving them the perfect view of the skies outside. Tonight, the sky was filled with dark clouds and rain fell steadily against the window.

Jerrod was removing his clothes as he stepped through the doorway onto the cool tile. Both he and his mother loved to be naked in the water, though they had always worn swimsuits when they were together, separately they each looked for opportunities when they could be in the house alone and get in the tub naked. Any time Amber knew Jerrod was staying the night at a friend’s, or he knew she’d be working late on a project or out to dinner with someone, they were quick to take advantage. Since the first time they’d made love, neither of them had once bothered with a swimsuit.

Now naked, he faced his mother and placed his hands on her waist. He found the edge of her top and lifted it over her head, then he knelt on the floor and slid both her leggings and her panties down her legs while she unhooked her bra. Grinning, he placed both hands on the sweet soft curves of her butt and kissed her bare tummy.

She spent a moment running her hands through his hair, delighting in the feel of his lips against her skin. Then, she pulled at him slightly to lead him to the water. The pair climbed in and felt the heat envelop their naked bodies.

Jerrod spread his arms out to the side so Amber could relax against him, her head on his chest. They weren’t sitting for very long before her hand found its way to his cock. He throbbed at her touch, her fingers wrapping around his girth. She wasn’t stroking him, just holding his cock in the midst of the water. They sat comfortably and watched the rain falling against the window.

Before he’d started cooking, he’d come out to set the temperature and to turn on music. Speakers built into the wall were transmitting a Playlist of 80’s ballads, which he knew were his mother’s favorites. The soft music fit perfectly with the sound of the heavy raindrops. At one point, he noticed her voice softly humming along.

“Did you ever see Journey in concert?”

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